Barack Obama – The Joker

medium_obamaposterFrom the Tarot : ” The Fool is the ultimate ‘ Free Spirit ‘-this card represents the self actualized person , free from societal constraints , someone who is able to let go of outmoded beliefs and ideals with the courage to pursue their own special path ” ( by June Kaminski )

2 thoughts on “Barack Obama – The Joker

  1. I like your perspective, how ever I see room for more then one =)
    “The Fool is the Ultimate Free Spirit” sounds alot like “Ignorance is Bliss” to me.
    Witch is true to a degree, how ever if you seek to feel in lighten I would also argue that you musn’t view the world with your eyes closed.

    I would like to share my personal view with you if you would like, how ever if your a supporter of Barack Obama you might find it offensive.

    Collaborating on your statement how ever I would also say that
    knowing we know nothing and we can only assume is great thing but also dangerouse.For knowing that everything is nothing, you could then say you know nothing but everything. witch makes anything and everything possible. This muddy insperational speech is just that, something to get a drive from, but you deacide what you want to do with it, wheather your intentions be to aid or manipulate.

    I believe the “Ultimate free spirit” is not the fool, but those who choose to take the wheel instead of riding shotgun.

  2. Hi – thanks for the comment . I live in Britain and have no feeling about Obama one way or another and the Fool comment was inspired by the image rather than anything Obama has done but it seems somehow appropriate .

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