David Icke and the Moon Matrix

David Icke is publishing a new book “ Human Race – Get Off Your Knees " . In this new book he claims the human race is caught in a Matrix like world organised by extra-terrestrials, who reside inside the Moon, which is actually a manufactured planetoid . He describes this alien manipulation as the ‘ Moon Matrix ‘ .

There is video evidence of these aliens, caught on camera in the 1970s by the BBC . To view the proof of our controllers please watch this You Tube video : ( well worth watching – thanks to Oliver Postgate ) 



I have no financial interest or personal connection to : Human Race – Get Off Your Knees.

9 thoughts on “David Icke and the Moon Matrix

  1. Hey there, no disrespect meant, but is this a joke..? I mean this is like a cartoon, is this meant to poke fun at David Icke..? Judging from your website, it doesn’t seem so, but if the Moon Matrix aliens are considered real, these are certainly not the ones!

    I actually saw David Icke in person, I am not ashamed to say, and he is an amazing speaker and person! He reveals so much Truth to the world that of course he is ridiculed by the mainstream media to make his truths seem less evident.. but despite what anyone thinks about him he truly does speak truth..

    • Rhapsodyinred – to be honest when I first read about the Moon Matrix my monkey mind linked to this old children’s cartoon . The Clangers are a famous children’s programme in Britain . It is not meant to be an attack on David Icke, who if he has read the post will have seen the cartoons when he was young and would appreciate it . I admire David Icke very much and agree on his ‘ earthly ‘ analysis of the world’s problems . I still need to be convinced with regard to the aliens ( I think its a way of blaming something outside of us ) but am open to persuasion and look forward to seeing what his new book is all about . Frank

  2. Either way, this is interesting, the ‘aliens’ in the MOON might as well be like these creatures>>> i like what you say in “Living in the Past.’ Good ideas about the ‘Ghost in the Machine..’

  3. Oh, well, I appreciate your comment and now that I know more about what you do here on your blog.. even more so.. thats fine.. whatever connections anyone gets works.. I really like your blog.. very good posts. I’ve been reading it a lot lately.. yes, I look forward to reading more about the ‘Moon Matrix..’ and hope to see Icke in person talk about it too!

    • Thanks for the comment – from what I’ve read and heard about the Moon Matrix, Icke is going on a hunch . I’m still not convinced though, but it doesn’t negate the other stuff – Frank

      • Yeah, well, I always reserve final judgment for proof.. I believe in stuff, and we can go on ‘faith’ and intuition, but in the end, we need proof.. but I retain an open mind.. always..

        • You’re right . As with any theory, there comes a point where proof is needed . The problem with the Moon Matrix is that there is no way for it to be verified unless NASA comes out with an announcement . Frank .

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