The Mind Control of Anna Nicole Smith

When one hears about Mind Control it conjures up visions of hypnosis and altered states with an evil mesmerist giving orders to a victim who then carries out the orders with no memory of their actions . This is seen in films such as the Manchurian Candidate and the CIA have conducted experiments into this form of Mind Control in MK Ultra . Individuals such as Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien have claimed that they were victims of this and that they were used as sex slaves .

Yet there seems to be a far simpler method used in Hollywood and the music industry and that is to ensure the celebrity is heavily addicted to drugs . From Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan they have all been dependent on drugs and this is far from coincidence . It is easier to control them when you supply the drugs to an addict and all these celebrities had enablers who were able to easily find the necessary narcotic .

We are seeing a glimpse of this trick in the trial of two doctors, Dr Sandeep Kapoor and Dr Khristie Eroshevich who are accused of falsely supplying Anna Nicole Smith with ‘ pain killers ‘ . Her ex boyfriend and manager Howard K Stern is also accused . The prosecution have shown evidence of a huge amount of drugs being prescribed including Methadone and Dilaudid, nicknamed Hospital Heroin .

As soon as a star becomes famous the Industry ensures they can control them by getting them hooked on drugs . This is done deliberately to retain their control over them and also because drug addicts are more suggestible and easily manipulated . It appears that Anna Nicole Smith was deliberately kept in a state of  a permanent druggedness and in this state she could be easily controlled .

However when the star begins to rebel against this control, they will find that all sorts of methods will be used to bring them to heel . In the case of Britney Spears her child was taken from her and with Lindsey Lohan there has been a non stop attack from the media and the Law , which has seen her being sent to prison for a short while . Britney is now obeying again and it will be interesting to see whether Lindsey Lohan cracks under the pressure and returns to being what Hollywood wants her to be .

Poor Anna Nicole Smith was never in a position to argue as from videos and photo takens towards the end of her life, she was so obviously drugged up it was amazing she could stand . She never stood a chance .

Update 28/10/10 : Howard Stern and Khristine Eroshevich have been found guilty of supplying Anna Nicole Smith with excessive amounts of prescription drugs . Dr Sandeep Kandoor has been cleared of the charges against him .

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