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West Wycombe

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Just over a month ago, David Icke posted an enigmatic article on his website in which he insinuated there were rituals taking place at St Lawrence’s Church, West Wycombe in England which is built directly above the infamous caves of the Hellfire Club . Click David to read the post .

At the same time, a friend discovered a strange symbol in her house called the Swastika Pelta . Her house was built sometime in in the 1600s in the south of England and we have managed to date the symbol back to to the early 1700s . Another friend mentioned that the Swastika Pelta is also depicted in the caves of the Hellfire Club and by coincidence when browsing in the local library I came across a history of the Hellfire Club by Daniel P Mannix in his book called unsurprisingly enough, The Hellfire Club .

The Hellfire Club was founded by Sir Francis Dashwood in the 1740s . Sir Francis Dashwood, like other occultists such as Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey, was disillusioned with the christianity of his day and the moral suffocation which he experienced . The 1700s were a hedonistic age with many rich young gentlemen with a lot of spare time on their hands and money to spend .

The club was originally called The Friars of St Francis of Wycombe, but over time the term The Hellfire Club stuck . After a short period frequenting the cellar of a pub called The George and Vulture the group moved their ‘ meetings ‘ to a ruined abbey called Medmenham . There were originally twelve members named after the twelve apostles, and Sir Francis played Jesus .

At the meetings the group worshipped Satan and Black Masses were held . Sir Francis Dashwood had the abbey redecorated to his tastes with pornographic fresoes and stained glass windows were made which showed the original twelve members in indecent poses . At the entrance to the abbey, there was an inscription which read Fay ce que voudras – do what thou wilt – a term which Aleister Crowley borrowed nearly 200 years later . There are no real details of the Black Masses but what is known is that the chapel was draped in black and crude parodies of the scriptures were used . To be fair to the group there were not any rumours of sacrifice or paedophilia .

Sir Francis Dashwood by William Hogarth

After the mass the Abbots felt it was time to play and young girls mostly prostitutes were waiting for them in the Roman Room where  the girls would be dressed as nuns and wore masks to retain anonymity . Then an orgy would normally take place between the Abbots and the Nuns with everybody getting drunk and indulging themselves in their fancies .

Within a short time, the club membership had grown and included some of the most influential men in England, which at the time ruled a large empire including India and North America . As well as Sir Francis Dashwood the members included The Earl of Sandwich, who the sandwich is named after, The Earl of Bute, and Thomas Potter the son of the Archbishop of Canterbury . Another notable member was William Hogarth, the famous painter and also John Wilkes who was to become a great supporter of the colonists in North America . Prince Fritz, the Prince of Wales also took part in the orgies, even though it is not mentioned whether he was a full member .

When George 111 beccame King of England , he immediately made the Earl of Bute his Prime Minister and the Earl of Sandwich, First Lord of the Admiralty with Sir Francis Dashwood being made Chancellor of the Exchequer and hence the Hellfire Club were in charge of about a quarter of the world . Even though it is believed that Benjamin Franklin, one of the founders of the American Republic was not a member of the club it is known that he was a good friend of Sir Francis Dashwood and it is widely believed he took part in some of the rituals and orgies.

Map of caves at West Wycombe

Unfortunately, rumours of the club had become public and people would wait by the Abbeyof Medmenham for the Abbots to appear and shout at them and it was decided to move . Sir Francis set to work installing suitable premises at his country estate West Wycombe Park in the 1750s, by building an intricate system of caves where the Black Mass and orgy could take place in private over which he built the church mentioned above, St Lawrences . Nobody knows why a satanist would build a church and it could be it was just a front .

In the caves at West Wycombe the Hellfire Club was able to hold its rituals and orgies without interference but over time the club membership began to dwindle as the members died and as age took its toll on their libidos . Sir Francis Dashwood died on 11th Dec 1781 at his mansion in West Wycombe by which time the club had stopped functioning .

David Icke has maintained that the world is controlled by a group of Satanists who peform strange rituals and Black Masses and that their piousness is a front for darker beliefs . If this is so , then it wouldn’t be the first time .

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