Fake Alien Invasion in 2012 ?

False Flag operations are incidents deliberately created by Governments to persuade their publics to follow a certain policy . Normally, it involves creating a terrorist incident which can then be blamed on their selected ‘ enemy ‘ so that these policies can be enacted with full public support . It is suspected that 9/11, 7/7 bombing in London and the Madrid bombings were false flags which gave the western world the authority to invade foreign countries and also engendered an atmosphere of fear, which allowed the authorities to take draconian powers for themselves .

One of the stranger theories in the ‘ conspiracy ‘ field is the idea of a staged invasion by fake aliens which would then allow the world’s authorities to place the whole world into total lock down as we resist this imaginary enemy . At first glance, this notion seems dotty but in recent years there have been more and more news stories and films concerning this possible scenario . It may be that it is just the manifestation of some deep fear that lies within the human psyche, but there is evidence that it may be worth considering the theory seriously .

According to Dr Carol Rosin, Werner von Braun, the renowned German rocket scientist who was instrumental in the German V2 programme and also the Saturn V rocket which landed men on the moon, told her that there was a three stage programme which would allow some form of totalitarian Government world to take control . The first stage was a terrorist threat, followed by threats to Earth from asteroids and finally a fake alien invasion . Click Asteroid to hit Earth in 2182 to read more . Dr Rosin does not seem to have any ulterior motive in releasing this information and I think it can be taken seriously, especially as the first part is true and we are warned continuously of the dangers of asteroids .

Predictive programming allows governments to prepare their publics for a forthcoming event by a drip-drip release of information, so that when the event occurs the public is already prepared for it . This may use the media, official government pronouncements and respected men and women in their particular field .

In the last year, we have had the Vatican announcing that they now believe it is possible alien life exists elsewhere in the Universe and Stephen Hawking making a declaration that alien life may be malevolent, which should be avoided if at all possible . NASA and the other space agencies have been making non stop announcements concerning new planets that have been discovered, and also discovery of water on Mars and the Moon, which hints at the possibility of some form of basic life being within the water . There have been a plethora of sightings of UFOs across the globe with strange craft being reported over major areas of population .

It would seem to me that we are being prepared for ‘ something ‘ involving Extra-Terrestrial beings and it may just be an official pronouncement that Life has been found somewhere other than Earth – perhaps amoeba being found on Europa or something similar . Yet what I have seen in the media, ie films and television indicates a far bigger proposition and actual official contact with intelligent beings, which may not be a pleasant experience for the human race . In the next year or so, a large number of films will be released which have as the plot line, the invasion of the Earth by aliens . The movies include Monsters, Skyline, Battle : Los Angeles, The Darkest Hour and Battleship . Here is a promotional release for Skyline :

It is not only in movies where this alien theme has been seen . A few years ago, I heard the theory that the 2012 London Olympics may be the site for alien contact and to be honest I was very sceptical about this possible event until I came across this official London 2012 video :

Not only did they release that very strange video, the offical mascots for the main Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, Wenlock and Mandeville also have an alien theme .

This obsession can not only be seen in films but in children’s programmes, as well . Normally, the aliens tend to be cuddly and friendly but in some cases they are anything but . Doctor Who in particular has used an alien invasion theme in many stories where The Daleks, Cybermen et al are extremely malevolent and launch huge UFO fleets to attack the world .

In Conclusion

It may be that this concentration on alien invasion is a deep fear that the human race has within its subconscious . However, I do not discount the theory of a fake alien invasion for the reasons I have given . The world’s governments have shown that virtually nothing is beyond them in their addiction to power and control . A fake alien invasion would be the ultimate threat to the human race and give them the excuse to introduce a totalitarian world government with the pretence that a draconian curtailment of civil liberties is necessary . If threatening UFOs descend on the Earth in the next ten years I, for one, won’t be hiding under the bed clothes .

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23 thoughts on “Fake Alien Invasion in 2012 ?

  1. Strange how they incorporated Stephen Hawking’s words into that trailer fro Skyline.. and also the Olympic video is odd.. it’s like aliens built the Olympics almost is what they’re portraying.. it’s just weird.. as far as the ‘fake alien invasion..’ I’ve read numerous documents on that theory and it does not surprise me at all, especially considering the myriad of alien themed movies and TV shows since the advent of television really, remember all those rash of alien/UFO B science fiction movies in the 50’s alone..? I don’t think the alien themed movies and shows have only been around recently, although they may have become more rampant lately and with a theme especially geared toward hostile aliens. From everything I’ve read, I’m sure this has been in the works for decades, ever since… well.. read up about it those who want to know..!

    • And I have to agree that yes indeed I see that the media in all forms ‘prepares’ the public and ‘seeds’ it in their mind to gear towards what they want them to believe, etc. It’s a double whammy of ‘telling’ us and also gearing us towards what they want to happen. It’s a double edged sword. As they ‘tell’ us what is going to happen, they are brainwashing us also in a way so that when it happens, we are ‘sure’ that it is happening.. it’s part of the matrix.. I read somewhere from one of the esoteric/alternative writers/researchers that ‘they’ the ‘elite’ the ‘ones in power’ get away with what they do or are going to do because they ‘tell’ us, even if it is told once in a quick blurb on the news and never talked about again or else ‘coded’ in stories and movies, which I think is their favorite way .. that way, they ‘morally’ get away with it, because they ‘told’ us.. yeah right..

      It’s too bad that aliens or extra-terrestrials aren’t portrayed as friendly and helpful as much anymore.. I have recently been watching the 20 year or so year old series Alien Nation, which only lasted about one or two seasons, in that series, aliens landed on earth and integrated with the human population and of course dealt with prejudice and other issues, but ultimately became the earth’s and humanity’s friend and comrades.. it is a satisfying show to watch with compelling stories and solid characters. No wonder it didn’t last long, but it is worth looking into..

      • Okay, and other other thing, don’t mean to flood your page with comments, but this is relevant.. speaking of ‘preparing’ minds and movies, etc. and since this post was written on 9/11, I thought it was appropriate. When I saw the two towers being destroyed – I will never forget how unreal it looked, yet real, too real, but I remember seeing it as it was a movie.. and years later, I came across a video, don’t have it now, but will have to find it, that pointed out how a couple years before that, there were movies portraying the towers being destroyed.. coincidence..? I don’t know..

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  3. The fake alien invasion is going to be made to look false when in actual fact it will be real, and made to look staged and a hoax! So joe public does nothing and allows it happen, so that sufficient time passes as to allow a mass takeover to take hold. Then when that time arises and the tipping point occurs, it will almost certainly be too late to do anything. This is the reason for public misinformation release, there is a power struggle going on right now. The public are being prepared for what is to come, stay alert and stay awake!

    • G- thanks for your comment . Sometimes we have to wait for something to happen before we really know the whole story – I’m still sceptical about UFOs and believe they are man made but there is definitely something going on in the skies and we don’t know the whole story .

  4. edgar allan poe was right about life is but a dream within a dream and MR poe wrote all about the elites he knew the dark side well.i think your post is spot on merovee theres way to much seed planting going on with the ETs UFO topics.i read serge monast work on project blue beam and looked at rik clays work on 2012 olympics it all points to london there was a mock photo one of the UK papers showing a nuke going of in the main arena talking about a dirty bomb threat.these banker elites are just way to greedy IMO they have it all but they want it all under one flag.when the show starts and all the elites run into there bunkers we need to seal them in.to see how loose things are run do a search bent spear missing nukes alot of airmen died after this happened.the lunatics are getting braver so i see more carnage ahead if u see an alien threat just roll your eyes 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments – I will be surprised if nothing happens in the run up to the Olympics or during the Games . Stratford was deliberately chosen – during the 1980s I had to drive through Stratford and whilst the rest of London was a building site, this area was left alone and left to rot . Now we know why .

      There’s something major going on in the skies which we are ignorant about . Just don’t take anything at face value .

  5. I read a article once saying that the world elite or the illuminati will stage a fake alien threat that will unite the whole world together and then their new world order(nwo)would be complete that is something i am lookin to see so i do not want to be one people takin by the world elite

    • Ronald Reagan once commented how we would lose our differences if we faced an alien invasion . You can be sure who will be in control though !

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  7. There’s a new scenario based pseudo documentary on the National Geographic channel called “When Aliens Attack.” If this isn’t meant to condition the public, then I don’t know what is. It even hints that many people will die in the process of using nuclear weapons against the aliens. In this alien-induced disaster “no help will ever arrive” (even less help than with hurricane Katrina). I have my own speculations.

    • Hi Robert – Rather strangely, on TV in Britain they showed Mars Attack last night . I feel we’re being led somewhere with aliens . I am not sure whether we are being programmed for an alien attack or to fear aliens .

  8. It seems pretty pbvious to me that this whole ufo/aline thing is shoruded in secrecy and deceit. What the game is and who are the players the players may be questionable but I tend to think that this ufo invasion (be it “real” or faked) would have some connection with te Rapture, i.e in its cover up. Thus the Rapture owuld be the trigger event for disclosure.. and a fake invasion may be part of that disclosure. The intent might be to sow confusion and panic so that the NWO can quickly take over and restore “order”… and new world order at that. The (fake) alien invasion (by fake aliens, aka demons.. plus maybe some spaecial effects trickery) might panic the population and cuase a segment to flee. That (coupled with a bit more trickery like idenity thefts et al) would severely complicate counting noses after the Rapture and thus proving that the Rapture had in fact just occured. Also the alien threat could be the thing that brings in the mark of the beast.. as a security measure against aline imoersonations of humans. I would think that the governments of the world are in part co- conspirators and in part just dupes used by the “aliens” to further their ends of hading the rature and taking over the riegns of government in a more forceful way than current measurers of covert influence.

    • Hi Ron – thanks for your comment .

      The UFO agenda is a real mindf**k . My opinion is that the UFOs are man made but an ‘alien invasion’ does have an obvious appeal for a New World Order agenda . To be honest, I have problems believing it would ever happen but the Olympics video is such an obvious reference to UFOs, I do wonder why .

      There seems to be a point to all the crap we are seeing and nothing would surprise me .

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  10. Ashayana Deane in her book Voyagers talks about holographic inserts. It would be really easy to dupe the world’s population in the ways you describe by using a combination of

    – Holographic inserts (illusory holograms of hostile-looking UFOs projected into the sky over London)
    – Pre-planted explosives at or near the Olympic Stadium eg inside the Blackwall Tunnel. This was recently closed for several nights for a mysterious maintenance operation that unusually finished ahead of schedule.
    – Detonation of said explosives coinciding with the holographic inserts during the London Olympics

    The Polar Clock crop circle seems to indicate 4th August 2012 as being the pre-planned date for such an event.

    • The 4th august was flagged up a little while ago, as a date when ‘something’ could happen . I would be surprised if nothing happens during the Olympics, not necessarily in London .

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