Suicide Twin Wrote to Columbine Survivor

One of the Australian twins who committed suicide near Denver, USA  last week wrote to a survivor of the Columbine shooting just after the massacre at the High School in 1999 . Kristin Hermerler sent two letters to Brooks Brown expressing sympathy for the two killers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold after Brooks Brown had not condemned Harris and Klebold .

It seems the suicide attempts were directly connected to the Columbine Massacre as the shooting range was only 20 miles from Columbine High School and a photocopy of a Time article titled The Monsters Next Door / What Made them Do It was found in their belongings . Kristin Hermerler empathised with the murderers in her letter :

As someone who has been rejected, victimized and ostracized in their life, I would like to thank you for giving Eric that chance .

It appears the twins saw themselves as outsiders, similar to Harris and Klebold and it makes one wonder whether they were planning someting similar to Columbine but decided in the end to commit suicide . Candice Hermerler survived and she may explain their actions .

Sabina Eriksson

The story is similar to that of Swedish twins, Ursula and Sabina Eriksson whose strange story was documented in the BBC programme Madness in the Fast Lane . After being stopped by the police after hitchhiking along the M6 motorway in England they both attempted to commit suicide by running into fast moving traffic and miraculously, they both survived . They seemed extremely agitated and paranoid the police wanted to steal organs from their bodies .

Ursula Eriksson was severly injured and was kept in hosptal for a long period but her sister Sabina was released from hospital the next day . After befriending Glenn Hollinshead in Stoke on Trent, who kindly offered her a room for the night, Sabina attacked Glenn Hollinshead with a hammer and killed him .

At the subsequent trial, it appeared that Ursula Eriksson had experienced mental health problems but Sabina had led a blameless life and psychiatrists hypothesized that Sabina was somehow infected by her twin sister . Sabina cannot or won’t give an explanation for her actions .

It maybe that the stronger twin takes over the Mind, like The Manson Family or Brady and Hindley in England where the warped personality controls the weaker Mind, and makes it commit crimes the other twin otherwise would not do but I think that’s for the psychiatrists .



16 thoughts on “Suicide Twin Wrote to Columbine Survivor

  1. Glenn Hollinshead was NOT attacked with a hammer; he was stabbed in the chest 5 times and died within a couple of minutes in the arms of his neighbour as he staggered from his back door into his garden saying ” she stabbed me”, he then sadly died. Sabina ran off and ended up jumping from a flyover bridge onto a major road where she shattered both ankles and received a head injury.

  2. Whatever happened to these twins? This site also leaves more questions than answers: …. 12160.info/profiles/blogs/sabina-eriksson-wall-of-silence-cover-up-latest-update-19-3-12 It is particularly interesting in relation to the James Holmes case in the US…

    • Its a strange one for sure . I still don’t understand how one could be hit by the lorry and still get up . Interesting article – thanks .

  3. A Madness Shared by Two is the true story that exposes the police cover-up involved in the Sabina and Ursula Eriksson case and the murder of Glenn Hollinshead – To be released on the 28 October 2012 in eBook and paperback.
    A Madness Shared by Two, is not only the true untold story about the lives of Sabina and Ursula Eriksson, alongside the murder of Glenn Hollinshead, based on a critique re-examination of the BBC’s Madness in the Fast Lane documentary that had 7 million viewers [with a conservative estimate of around a further 15 million people having since watched this film via the internet and on websites such as YouTube], glued to their TV screens watching the twin sisters propelling themselves into the fast lane of the oncoming traffic on the UK’s-M6 motorway, as Ursula manages to throw herself under the wheels of a 40ft articulated lorry travelling at 60mph, that seems to swallow her up and spit her lifeless looking body back out of its rear end. It is also the result of a thorough investigation into what might have really happened on those fateful days that led up to this tragic slaying of an innocent man. We challenge the “Official Storyline” and expose what really occurred just hours before M6 dash, for it is here for the first time we reveal the Eriksson sisters were “arrested” under the Mental Health Act, though this vital caught on film evidence was edited out of the original BBC films. This will come as a great surprise to many people who questioned; ‘…how was it possible Sabina could have been released from hospital after only five hours’ following their ‘suicide attempt’ on the M6?’ We also reveal that the coroner’s report shows that the injuries inflicted on Glenn, was done so by ‘two’ weapons. It’s always been believed “Sabina” used one, and that therefore it’s highly likely more than one person killed Glenn and that Sabina could be totally innocent. Yet this obvious evidence seems to have been brushed under the carpet, or at the very least, it was never challenged. We explain how these twins were very likely embroiled in some kind of major drugs smuggling ring and that they had been under “Obbo” [police observation] prior to the M6 incident and probably so for quite some period of time. As a result of our findings, legal action is now being sought and brought against the police and other related authoritative bodies by the Hollinshead family.

  4. Please excuse me and my last messages, there has been a slight change of plan and why I’m having to post the following message: We would like to apologise for the delaying of the launch of the book A Madness Shared by Two, for there has been a couple of developments, that really could alter the outcome of our conclusion and what it is we believe has really happened. One of the reasons is due to a legality problem and the other is due to new evidence that has been discovered.

    Hold tight the documentary and the book shall duly soon arrive and hopefully simultaneously. You can still reserve copies if you wish. Do contact us if you have any enquires or information you’d like to share with us.

    Thank you
    Deep Productions

  5. Hi Frank; the book has now been released, here’s what we’ve been sending out:

    Incriminating new evidence exposes and challenges the “official version” of what really happened in the 2008 Eriksson case; the truth about their lives, arrest, the stabbing of Glenn Hollinshead and the subsequent ‘cover-ups’ within the police, health authorities and other judicial bodies, is to be revealed in the forthcoming book; A Madness Shared by Two, by David Cann and Sharon Mackellar, released 12-12-12.

    It reveals previously unseen footage, edited out of the original BBC documentary ‘Madness in the Fast lane’; proving the twins were first arrested under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act. Yet Sabina was released from hospital only after 5hrs after the M6 incident.

    It blows holes in Sabina’s conviction and the police’s version of events. It shows a miscarriage of justice may have taken place; and highlights serious flaws in the coroner’s reports, which reveals ‘two’ weapons were used, indicating the potential of another ‘killer’ or ‘killers’.

    It further exposes and proves that prior to their motorway dash, the Eriksson twins pleaded for help at St Anne Street Police Station, Liverpool. Sabina reported her children had been “Kidnapped” by her partner, yet the police said in the BBC documentary; ‘…they had no idea why they were in the UK or going to London.’

    The above three major points; that puts this whole story in a completely new realm; ‘were never reveled’ to the media back in 2008/9/10, and it’s not until now these findings will be made public.

    Starting from the twin’s early lives, to date; it goes on to reveal that their journey to the UK could not have happened as it was portrayed. It provides balanced explanations and reasons, as to why, Sabina was really released from hospital so early, and treated so leniently in Fenton Magistrates Court. It details facts about drug gangs and undercover police operations; one involving 3.5bn worth of cutting agent, and examines the possibility of a link with the Eriksson twins. Working on a tip-off and personal experience, the author believes the twins had been under “Obbo” [police observation] at the time and up until the murder of Glenn Hollinshead; and explains why this could account for the cover-ups.

    As a direct result of these new facts, the Independent Police Complaints Commission [IPCC] have been asked to re examine this case. As a consequence of the book’s findings; the Hollinshead family seeking to take legal action against the Staffordshire Police and the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, they’re also calling for a reinvestigation and inquiry. Stoke-on-Trent MP, Rob Flello called for an inquiry to be held back in 2008, and now after examining the author’s evidence, he has since promised the Hollinshead family, including Glenn’s 85 year old mother Mary, that he will raise this matter in the House of Commons in the very near future in the hope an inquiry could be held.

    On the 6th December 2012, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Home Office and the Attorney General, among many other establishments, have been informed on the forthcoming book and furnished with the authors evidence and findings, they are yet to reply and act on what is being asked from them; ‘an inquiry to be held’.
    Author says Glenn Hollinshead’s killer is ‘still on loose’ http://www.thisisstaffordshire.co.uk/Author-says-Glenn-Hollinshead-s-killer-loose/story-17512401-detail/story.html
    [Original documentary]

    [Previously unseen, 136 footage]

    Book available as of: 12/12/12 from http://www.amadnesssharedbytwo.com
    Contact: amadenessharedbytwo@yahoo.com

    Journalist Sharon Mackellar missmackellar@yahoo.co.uk

    • Hi Dave – good luck with the book . At the very least the family deserve answers as to why Sabina was released after incidents which to most people would suggest there was something not quite right with the twins .

      The psychiatric experts claim that they were ‘mad’ was just an easy answer and showed the inadequacy of their evaluations . Everyone does something for a reason .

      And lastly what weere they doing in England anyway ? But don’t expect answers any day soon .

      • Thank you Frank, you’ve been doing some great posts, wow that Sandy Hook – Batman film lark is ‘beyond’ belief!!

        • Hi Dave – I’ve been aware of Batman and The Joker since Aurora and it seems others are catching on . There’s a lot of dark crap going on at present .

          I may do an article on The Twins in the next few days . I’m a bit undecided at present, as it’s a bit far out there and may just confuse matters .

  6. It’s getting more in our faces than ever before, blatant without doubt, hardly done discreetly i.e. Aurora – Sandy Hook etc. I won’t even mention 9/11!! Do as you please with my piece, as an when as they say…who “they” are, I’m not quite sure!! Have a merry jingle and happy new year Franky!!

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