The Real House of Anubis

The House of Anubis is a television series made by Nickelodeon which is due to be shown in the USA in January . It will be set in an English Boarding school and shows the adventures of eight teenagers as they struggle to find out the secrets that lie at the heart of the school . From the trailer, it appears that these will involve occult practices and the symbolism involved is the now compulsory All Seeing Eye, etc .

When I saw the trailer, it reminded me of an article on the Ellis C Taylor.com website which describes actual satanic rituals in English Boarding schools . Be warned that the article is not for the faint of heart . Click Satanic Memories to read the article .

The symbolism involved in the series and the subject matter shows that whoever is behind these programmes are not concerned whether we notice or not . This goes beyond ‘ In plain sight ‘ but could more accurately be described as ‘ **** you ‘ . They are saying ‘ this is what we are doing and there’s nothing you can do about it ‘ . From TV programmes to events such as the World Cup and Olympics, the symbolism is overt and no attempts are made to hide the rituals .

Also, I find it interesting that the original programme was produced in Belgium, the home of Marc Dutroux and the country of the Chateau des Amerois aka The Castle of Darkness . It is widely speculated that Dutroux was involved in a far wider paedophile/occult ring and attempts at further investigation have been shut down .

Below is the trailer for The House of Anubis :



Further reading – click Vigilant Citizen .

24 thoughts on “The Real House of Anubis

  1. my crush is ONLY AND ONLY WILL BE FABIAN. he is the cutest out of all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i love house of Anubis and me and my friends even started a club! we found groffeti on our school playground that had the eye of Horus and it also said” read about illuminatin” so we found a book with the eye of Horus! we found a lot of clues so i think that the same thing is happening to us just like it is happening to Nina and everyone.

    • me too! i watch every single episode! i wish i could be in the the next season of house of anubis. i wish i could be a member of the sibuna club.

      • I want to be in the sibuna club to! I just love the series. Ive watched every episode at least 5 or 6 times. I want to be in the show so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. House of anubis is my best friend’s favorite show and I hope that they can find the book of Isis and the book of horus

  4. me and my friend pizza have anubis backround names I am Piper and pizza is Nina ad we talk about it all of the time at my school

  5. i love anubis so much i have so much information
    about anubis and king tut my art teacher said a lot of information

  6. No anybody that thinks that’s happening
    To them it’s not I saw sancarah she marked
    Me with the mask it’s weird it hurts and my
    Cellar/basement it has a tunel I have figured
    It out I found the mask I’m the chosen one
    Oh by the way I live by where they shoot the
    House of Anubis show its awesome I met the
    Hole cast I even have to wear a uniform oh and by the way I’m the new girl in house of anubis

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