David Icke-The Truth Vibrations

David Icke is one of the most original figures of the last thirty years . He has, stubbornly, continued to preach his message across to a world, which doesn’t seem to want to know . Over the years, he has gained a large following mainly due to the fact that what he said would happen, has happened .

To those of us who have been caught in the middle of ‘ The Truth Vibrations ‘ he has been a source of reassurance, when everything seemed to be going down the pan .

I recently reread The Biggest Secret, published in 1999 . Below, I have selected quotes from the book – look familiar !

We have followed the connection between changes in the resonance from the centre of the galaxy, to changes in the Sun, to changes in the Earth . It goes on from there to the human heart, then the brain and to every cell in the body . The more you open your heart the more powerful this flow and the quicker you will synchronise with the rising vibrations and transform into a higher state of consciousness .

The Universe, like the whole of the physical world is a hologram – beams of light colliding to create the appearance of three dimensional form . It is like throwing stones into a pond and watching the waves collide and create patterns . According to two scientists in the United States , Terrance and Dennis McKenna say that the speed of change has gone on doubling in a smaller time frame, manifesting as the leaps in technological development in this century . Projecting forward they say that this will continue to the transformation year of 2012 when in a period of 384 days there will be more transformations of consciousness than in all the previous cycles put together .

The Brotherhood have technology to mess with the weather and they use it, no doubt . But the phenomena I have described in this chapter are the real reason for the dramatic changes in global weather patterns which are becoming more extreme by the month . We have seen nothing yet . ( this was written in 1999, pre Tsunami and Snowarmegeddon ) .

As I said, amid great public ridicule in Britain in the early 1990s, enormous changes in climate patterns and extremes in weather are likely in this period, along with geological effects as the Earth restructures itself and prepares her body for the shift in the same way humans are having to do . We and the Earth are being challenged to synchronise our consciousnesss and its physical expression with the rapidly accelerating frequencies now bathing the planet . The Brotherhood are seeking desperately to to hide these facts by blaming the weather effects on the ‘ Greenhouse Effect ‘ or ‘ El Nino ‘ .

This is real, folks !

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