The Occult Reason For The Royal Wedding

Large rituals such as the forthcoming Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton are used by the TPTB to increase and cement their control over the great unwashed . Deliberate spiritual and astrological dates are chosen so the ritual will have the maximum effect and this one will be no different .

The Royal Wedding will be used as a massive extraction of our spiritual power and energy to the Royal family and by proxy to the rest of the ruling elite of the world, which the Windsors are part of . Not much has changed since the days of the Pharoahs and I imagine similar rituals were held in Ancient Egypt . Matthew Delooze wrote many fine articles regarding spiritual extraction which he has unfortunately taken down, and believed this spiritual power was transferred from the masses through various rituals, including major sporting and music events to an unseen alien consciousness . I don’t know whether this is true or not but the energy is definitely given to the Royal Family .

Before the days of the mass media, this energy extraction would only consist of the people present at the rituals but in this modern age of global communications, the Royal Wedding will be watched by millions and possibly billions as the woman obsess over the dress and the men envy William . By participating in the wedding, through the passive observance of the event, massive amounts of spiritual energy are given to the the couple and to the Windsors .

The world is a mass of energy transference and our relationships are a continual to and fro of energy . Most relationships flounder when one party decides not to put their energy into the relationship, and disrupts the flow . The energy will be taken from the public in Britain and beyond and transferred to the couple . Unlike in most relationships, the energy will not be reciprocated and is very much a one way affair .

To a certain extent it shows the weakness of the ruling elite that they need continual acceptance from the public in such a huge manner . Most of us get by with energy from our day to day relationships but the elites of the world need energy transferences of massive amounts to keep going . It is not just royal affairs but similar occasions, such as the inaugauration of the President of USA have the same effect . Each country will have its own rituals, but the British royal family seems to hold a special place in the world’s consciousness .

The timing of the Royal Wedding is important to the rituals and this one seems to be no different and I detail the various factors involved in the decision to hold it on 29th April :

As many have observed the date 29/4 adds up to 33, beloved by occultists and Freemasons . 29+4=33 . From the Phoenix Masonry.Org website :

    The symbolism which is derived from numbers was common to the Pythagoreans, the Cabalists, the Gnostics, and all mystical associations.  Of all superstitions, it is the oldest and the most generally diffused.  Allusions are to found to it in all the systems of religion; the Jewish Scriptures, for instance, abound in it, and the Christian shows a share of its influence.  It is not, therefore, surprising that the most predominate of all symbolism in Freemasonry is that of numbers.

    33 is the highest degree in Freemasonry and is a master number . At present, this number is popping up all over the place and the Royal Wedding couldn’t be left out .

      The next detail which caught my attention is that the wedding will be held on the 29th . Hecate is an ancient Greek goddess who continually appears in esoteric research . Each 29th of the month is known as The Moon of Hecate by her followers which was observed by the Romans as her sacred day .

        The wedding will be held on the Friday and the following two days are important pagan dates . ( Please note I am not attacking paganism whose followers are better company than other more mainstream religious adherents I know ) . Saturday 30th April is Walpurgis, which is popular in many European countries and Walpurgisnacht is celebrated as the arrival of Spring on 1st May .

        Sunday will be 1st May – Beltane . Beltane is a major Pagan date connected to fertility and the arrival of summer, and rituals were held to ensure a good harvest in the autumn . In ancient days this was serious business as if the harvests failed, people wouldn’t make it through the winter and tried to keep the Gods on their side . This year, the Beltane festival is preceded by another pagan festival, Easter, the weekend before so I think things could get interesting in these weeks, apart from the planned events .

          Beltane Fire Festival – Edinburgh, Scotland


          The date of the royal wedding will be at a highly charged energetic time of the year . To be honest, I haven’t decided whether the dates are chosen by humans or if there is an unconscious force at work . I have difficulty with the image of an old Merlin type astrologer declaring to the Queen of England when will be the most appropriate time for the wedding but who knows .

          The Royal Wedding between William and Kate Middleton will be a global ritual . The Catholic church refers to the exchange of vows between married partners, Consent and to be blunt if one partakes in the Wedding, even just by watching the event the observer is consenting to the continuation of the ‘rule of kings’ . A lot of attention has been given to the rings involved in the engagement and wedding . Firstly the sapphire engagement ring worn by Kate Middleton and secondly that Prince William doesn’t intend to wear a wedding ring after the marriage . Ellis C Taylor observed that the concept of a wedding ring reminded him of the line from The Lord of the Rings :

          One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them
          One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
          In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie .


          Maybe, Prince William, by not wearing his wedding ring, knows something we don’t !


          Postscript : The phrase occult should be taken as ‘hidden’ . Probably, there will be more interesting esoteric rituals at the wedding which won’t be apparent until the time .


          19 thoughts on “The Occult Reason For The Royal Wedding

          1. Thanks for the article Frank. I’ll link it on the Buzz. Your right about the energy extraction with these ritual goings-on. I’ve been writing about this myself for 14 years now. Matthew awas a regular visitor to my site too. I would like to point out though that 1st of May is not Beltane. I know that lots of people think it is but it was a product of the dark ploy of the Roman calendar. True Beltane – well it’s climax, which is what we are talking about here, is when the sun reaches 15 degrees Taurus which this year is at 20:20 GMT on 5th May. So, it is in order to say that 1st May is a dark, and satanic time to hold any festival to the light because it is a distortion of nature. The reason why the 29th is known as ‘the Moon of Hecate’ is because she was/is a dark moon goddess and 29 celebrates the moon in the darkest moment in its phase – not the ‘month’ of the satanic calendar structure. I’ve written on this wedding somewhere on my site. The ring ceremony is a binding to Saturn – the Darkness. The number 29 always invokes tears and loss so things do not bode well for the future – not necessarily the day, though of course it can do. Ellis

            • Ellis – I had noticed on wiki that true Beltane was a bit later than 1st May but decided to keep with the popular date . I had wondered to reference you with Matthew but decided not to as I was going to refer to you later . Don’t want your head to get too big 🙂

              Interesting numbers for the real Beltane – 20/20 on 5/5 .

          2. hello,

            did you steal your energy extraction information and links to ancient egyptian rituals from matthew delooze?

            sure as hell looks like it buddy.


            • If you read the article I have mentioned Matthew who I have had agreeable contact with in the past and a lot of the info in the article comes from the likes of Matthew and Ellis Taylor . Unfortunately, Matthew is not online at the moment and if he had written a similar post, I would not have written mine . Hope this puts your mind at rest .
              If Matthew happens to read this comment, and would like to add anything, I would be happy to add his insights to the article .

          3. Good article Merovee, and thanks. Was very interested to read it as I did a short piece on the same a few days ago at my own site. Keep up the good work. And warmest regards, Diana.

            p.s. As I don’t have a t.v. even the radio will be off for that day. I need my energy for myself, not for this humongous energy sapping world ritual that will tie people into who knows what for who knows how long. Won’t be surprised if we have some massive earthquake, or some such tragedy to bathe this ritual in, just days before the actual wedding day.

            • Hi Diana – hope things well with you . I read your article – Good observation about Oedipus and Diana but Kate Middleton seemed genuinely happy to wear it . All astrologers and numerologists who have commented on the date of the wedding come to the same conclusion that it is not a good day .

              It has the same feel as the announcement of the London Olympics – the next day was 7/7 . I expect there to be something major as well .

          4. An interesting coincidence about Prince William’s wedding date is that Hitler was also married on April 29. I’ve been doing some web searches as to whether there’s an occult connection with that date, and found this article. It’s also interesting that they would pick that date when the number 29 is unlucky.

            • Thanks for the comment – Everybody’s saying 29 is not a good number – didn’t do Hitler any good as he immediately committed suicide .

          5. he will marry an english forrest, on the next new moon. actually the english goddess. to ensure fortune for the monarchy. sometime after the mortal wedding,

          6. 29 also adds up to 11. Many people see that as the Antichrist’s number. The 11th horn, that comes out of the 10 horns, in Book of Revelation. Hitler was definitely operating through the spirit of antichrist, as have many National,a nd World dictators, historically, and at present. These people really are German, also. Many people believe William is a candidate for the return of the mythical king Arthur, as well as ”the” Antichrist. on re thing is for sure. These people are deeply Masonically influenced, generationally. (satanically?) And they do really adhere to the doctrine of, the Divine Right of Kings. And the Masonic doctrine of British Israelism in various forms. Well the Divine right of King’s was supposedly abolished200 or more years ago. I guess someone forgot to tell the main stream media? There is no doubt, “something” is up with this whole Monarchy, and the rest of the Black Nobility connected families of the Earth. Black, for multiple reasons, I believe. Including Sorcery.

            • Battlebow – thanks for the comment . In a strange way I feel sorry for the couple – they have to perform someone else’s script . How far they get sucked into the’darkness’ you referred to is up to them .

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            • Hi Constance – I’m afraid people have been raised to fear any non material energies, but of course the people who tell us to fear these energies use them for their own ends . It is deliberate to stop us using the power for ourselves .

          8. What nonsense,

            (13 characters, including the comma of course.
            Removing the comma it’s 12 letters: 12+1 = 13)


            It’ s unbelievable the level of unsubstatiated speculations that gets passed as insight

            (=76 characters, including the full stop and apostrophe of course = 7+6= 13.
            Removing the full-stop and postrophe = 74 : 7+4 = 11



            Not into basic math I take it – otherwise you will soon realize that a hypothesis needs a bit more than a bit of number manipulation of words or dates which one can demonstrably pull out of one’s backside , so numerous are the possible permuations when there are no rules.

            • A few years ago I would have said the same . Its when you see the same patterns repeating themselves over and over again do you realise the significance but then one’s belief system is threatened .

          9. That I responded to the title of the article and read it may have told you ‘something’ I would have hoped, about the strength of my own beliefs.

            What i said does not mean that I rubbish numerological symbolism or occult purposefullness behind some events – but even so, this is simply a human, occult-inspired contrivance that, really, is not particularly amazing. Not EVERYTHING is occult though.

            And alas, in this instance I found no substance whatsoever provided by your particular argument.

            My point is that mere number contortions can be made to show anything. Hence, they are exceedingly unimpressive.

            My ad-hoc criticism of your numeric ‘evidence’ should not be taken personally, nor do knee-jerk defensive retorts (like insinuating that my responses is due to my belief system being threatened) contribute much to help paint a picture of maturity or wisdom on your part.

            I respectfully suggest that somewhere in amongst your truth-seeking you do not dispense with reason and critical analysis altogether, nor the desire to present solid arguments – for what you will then be left with will be mere superstitions and conjectures.


            • Victor – I am grateful for all comments . I am past taking other people’s opinions personally . If you don’t agree, thats fine with me 🙂 . All I would ask is when similar rituals take place just keep an eye on the numerology – you may be surprised how many repeat themselves .

              There is a danger with numerology in that it can be arranged to fit almost any theory . I try and concentrate on repeating patterns .

              With regard to belief systems, it is always worth a bit of self investigation to see whether one holds the belief or it is just a part of the mind, which needs that belief . The comment wasn’t meant as an insult but a genuine question .


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