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The Olympic Torch Relay Of Freemasonry

Here in Britain, there is a campaign to persuade people to apply to be a Torch Bearer of the Olympic flame in 2012 . The idea is for the flame to be taken around Britain from May 19th until 27th July when the Games start in London .

From the Coca-Cola website, where you can apply to be a “Future Flame” :


The flame carried by Olympic Torchbearers is the most iconic symbol of the Olympic Games . This flame will be carried by thousands of Olympic Torchbearers in its journey to the Opening Ceremony in London .

The London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay will travel 70 days across the United Kingdom, passing through hundreds of communities before arriving in London to kick off the Olympic Games . The entire world will be watching as Olympic Torchbearers selected by Coca-Cola join sporting heroes and celebrities in carrying the Olympic flame .

You, or someone you know, could be one of them .

Perfectly innocent one may think, but the London Olympics will be a massive esoteric ritual . The Olympic torch is actually a Masonic symbol representative of the Eternal Flame . This Eternal Flame is also known as the Light within Freemasonry and the Olympic flame symbolises this Light .

Lucifer Lucifer


From :

The day and generation in which we live pulsates with power, the world is held in place by dynamic appositions, the universe is vibrant with force and man is a part of the Divine energy.  The greatest thing in God’s created universe is man.  In him, according to the teachings of Freemasonry, is the Eternal Flame, the indestructible image of the living God.  The power of man cannot be defined, cannot be fenced in, because it transcends all finite standards of measurement.

The Torchbearers referred to by Coca-Cola is not the correct title, and should read Light Bearers which leads onto a major esoteric figure . For the original Light Bearer was Lucifer and this means every man, woman or child who carries the Olympic Torch will symbolise Lucifer . In its original Latin, Lucifer translates as Light Bearer and was originally the title of the planet Venus, the Morning Star but has also been referred to as Satan .

Whoever Lucifer is, the Olympic Torch relay is an esoteric ritual, dressed up as a sporting tradition, in praise of the Light . Freemasonry likes to perform some of its rituals ‘In Plain Sight’ i.e. the ritual is performed in public, even though 99-9% of observers have no idea a ritual is taking place .

I anticipate the 2012 London Olympics will be full of strange rituals and the torch relay will be a precursor for the main event . I have no problems with individuals worshipping who or what they want but occult, as in hidden, symbols and rituals I find distasteful and if the Light Bearers, aka Lucifer, understood the truth it is unlikely anyone would carry the Olympic Torch .



3 thoughts on “The Olympic Torch Relay Of Freemasonry

  1. Very, very interesting… This is the stuff we need 2 know. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY but the education I receive here is really opening my eyes. Needed that perspective. Thank you, Frank. Good insight. Maybe now only 96%.

    • Hi Bill – hope things OK with you . Up until the Internet, very few really understood any of this stuff . I know this may sound a bit strange but I find it oddly reassuring the world is more mysterious than we were told .

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