666 / Conspiracy

John F Kennedy And Rosemary’s Baby

Was the movie Rosemary’s Baby directed by Roman Polanski an expose, rather than just a work of fiction ?

From a previous post :

In a previous post John F Kennedy 666 I asked the question why John F Kennedy visited Harold MacMillan, the British Prime Minister at his home Birch Grove in Sussex on 30/6/63, a 666 date . The answer maybe connected to a claim made by Malachi Martin that a Satanic ceremony was once held within the Vatican . The date claimed for this ceremony is on or around 29/6/63 when many Satanic ceremonies were held in the USA it is claimed . The papal coronation of Pope Paul V1 took place on 21/6/63 .

From Henry Makow.com contributor “Aloysius Fozdyke” :

For as long as I can remember all American presidents had special needs for which we’ve catered. I was told that Kennedy was basically a whore monger; couldn’t keep his fly zipped. Our British section used Kennedy’s weaknesses when the King of Camelot visited the UK – but that gets me to Dr. Stephen Ward (again).

Snapshots from the dream/rape scene of Rosemary

PDVD_000John F Kennedy 


PDVD_004Jackie Kennedy 


PDVD_003Pope Paul V1 


This maybe a ‘conspiracy theory’ too far for some but JFK seems to have murkier connections than his public persona suggests – click Stephen Ward And Monarch Brainwashing .


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