Jim’ll Fix It Jimmy Savile Dead

One of Britain’s most famous TV presenters Sir Jimmy Savile has died at his home in Roundhay, Leeds . Maybe the children of Britain can sleep better tonight .

Jimmy Savile at Haut de la Garenne in Jersey


From Stuart Syvret Blog – You Dirty Old Man :

Many, many years ago when aged about 14/15, a well known and convicted Jersey paedophile told me (as he and his sicko friends entrapped me), that he supplied children from HDG and Jersey in general, to well known TV personalities!

From Sunday Mirror :

THIS is the moment when a normally mild-mannered Nolan sister almost turned nasty.

Coleen Nolan revealed the horror she felt when she was intimately cuddled by TV presenter Jimmy Savile as a young teenager on Top Of The Pops.

Now aged 43 and a panelist on ITV1’s Loose Women, Coleen says Maureen, Anne, Bernie and Linda – performing as The Nolan Sisters – glowered at the then 53-year old Savile as he held Coleen tightly under her right breast. Footage of the incident was shown on a BBC2 documentary We Are Family, which was broadcast on Saturday, December 6.

Coleen, who had been an audience guest on that 1979 edition of TOTP, a year before joining her family’s group, said: “I stood next to Jimmy.

“I was 14, and he was all over me.

“I could see my sisters glaring: ‘You touch her and we’ll kill you!’ “And they would have.”

From Truthseeker  – The Wheel of Fortune by T Stokes :

The DJ Allan ‘Fluff’ Freeman, brought a special blend of quick humour and colour to radio and televised pop music shows. He owned a large corner shop in Lea Bridge Rd. London, and this was the venue for many kinky parties where young boys from several care homes would be brought in by taxis for the night.  Jimmy Saville, Jonathan King, Joe Meeks and on occasion Brian Epstein, all Jewish pop mogul homosexuals would party and ply drugs and alcohol to young boys.

New post 2/10/12 : Jersey Police – Jimmy Savile In Abuse Inquiry

For the bigger picture click The Can Of Worms .

New post 8/1/2012 : click BBC Stop Jimmy Savile Child Sex Claim Programme

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45 thoughts on “Jim’ll Fix It Jimmy Savile Dead

  1. He was a necrophile and a child bender . This has been known in media circles for many years . Watch the truth start to seep out now that he is dead . Good riddance i say

    • Hi Stevie- thanks for the comment . I don’t know for sure but the news stories point that way . A lot of the ‘tributes’ from other media figures seem to be said through gritted teeth .

      • Yeh i bet , there is so much waiting to come out . I worked as a probation worker for 6 years in Leeds . EVERY police officer i worked with had a savile story , mostly about midnight “visits”to the morgue and investigations into child abuse . they never had enough evidence , but victims have been questioned , this is fact

    • this evil is rampant on this planet ….and thats why this place is a hell hole ,,its all by DESIGN!!

  2. like many jews, saville was not his real name and he was not a catholic as he claimed,
    the TV interviewer dennis bardens took a series of signed statements to the leeds MP
    who in turn contacted TV boss Michael Grade ( i think it was him ) and said look find out if these rumours are true, as he is about to sign another TV contract, the TV boss was outraged thata fine jewish lad should be accused of nobbing small boys and sexually interfering with dead bodies, and spoke with Leon Britton and Greville janner and the matter was shelved

    • Thanks for the comment – how long will it be until the MSM go into his extra-curricular activities . It will be interesting to see what form of funeral service he will have .

      I don’t think his Jewishness has anything to do with his actions – see Catholic Church .

    • when you know what you are talking about then commrnt you moron yes saville was not his name it was savile and he was catholic sounds like you know an awfull lot about nobbing small boys are you a closet peado

    • please see above, he was a Roman Catholic and received a Papal Knighthood.
      Do get your facts right before indulging in racist innuendo.

    • For you he might not have been a Catholic, but him, for the Pope, and for everyone else, he most certainly was.

  3. Once again a “Dead” celebrity has been outed as a paedophille, D.Icke has become quite adapt at this, citing “unimpeachable sources” My question would be if you have EVIDENCE that these horendous crimes are being carried out by those you name why not do it when they are alive and able to answer to their aledged crimes! Its easy to slander the dead when they cant answer back, if you or your sources have “evidence” of this crimes you have a moral duty to report it to the Police so action can be taken by the CPS. Otherwise its once again just heresay and gossp with no substance behind it.

    • According to a comment on this blog and and The Death of a Showman the police had Savile on their radar but for unknown reasons, it never went any further .

      With regards to Haut de la Garenne, he first denied ever visiting the school but when the photo appeared, he immediately slapped an injunction against The Sun .

    • you have the slightest clue ,that these filthy evil scumbags ARE IN HIGH PLACES…INCLUDING THE POLICE …..wake up !!!!!!!!!!

  4. “Once again a “Dead” celebrity has been outed as a … ”

    For sure there are many things unpleasant about all individuals, like, say, myself or even “Ian”, but where is the proof? You cannot have proof because proof mostly resides with interest and interest could be for promotion or demotion. In hypocritical and posturing societies where stupidity and dumbness is the main trait, proof is about being clever and cunning and not being truthful. Only the stupid and the dumb demand proof from the perpertators of crimes, complicity being to remain quiet. This is also why the existence of Divinity lacks proof, not because Divinity is an illusion-cum-delusion but because reality is one’s experience with others’ experience being merely one’s knowledge.

    There is not way for anyone to prove what coclours are to those born blind. If true, where is the proof of colours to those born blind? Stupidity is being over complicated whereas Dumbness is being overly simple, Complexity being meaningless unless it is also Simplicity too. And what in hell’s name is a “celebrity” to those lacking the concept of worship-saviourship, worship being the blind acceptance-of-others/rejection-of-self and saviourship being the blind rejection-of-others/acceptance-of-the-limited-self. Those who realised that reality is one’s experience always employ the limitation/individuality of the experience to limit their guilt. Waiting for their worshippers to shout the bloomingly obvious but mostly impossible. Reality/Truth is that which is real for all, truths like oxygen and heartbeats. Without all being truthful/real, proof is mostly hypocrisy-in-progress. This is the arena where reputations are staked against one another in order that some semblance of truth becomes visible.

  5. i worked in social work for 18 years and the goings on i saw covered up, we had boys with strange marks on bodies several 10 11 and one 13 year old boy with STDs and if you drew attention to it, we were told dont rock your boat because it may sink with you in it, ok saville has been outed but there are many others, dirk bogarde rock hudson , they should just leave the damn kids alone

  6. A girl joined my secondary modern school having been asked to leave grammar school after low grades. Within a few days she told me she was ‘going round’ to this guy’s house for sex on a regular basis. She was 14yrs old, but looked about 12. The guy was a local radio dj, , he said he was 37 yrs old, but looking back, he must have been knocking quite a few years off;everyone in the area knew him. Everyone had a story about him. A couple of weeks later she told me Jimmy Saville had been round there and she had had a threesome with him and the other guy. This was in 1976. I met the other man in various ways, I too was 14yrs old. I now look back and know I was manipulated. I heard him refer to ‘Jimmy’ to my then friend, in front of me. It is a fact. I have wondered about finding my old friend, I know I could, but she may view the past differently. I’m pretty sure she’s not going to ‘out’ Jimmy Saville. The other man recieved a prison sentence in the 1980’s for kidnapping and keeping a 15yr old girl in his house against her will. Will anyone come forward??

    • Thanks for that info – from the description of your friend, its unlikely she’s going to come forward but it does corroborate the other stories about Savile . It maybe we will hear more accounts once the dust has settled .

    • Anonymous posted on the 03/11/2011 – re JS and RT if you are able to get in contact I know exactly what you are talking about .

      • Hi Mark – unfortunately, I don’t have the e-mail address to forward your comment so I think you’ll have to hope Anonymous drops by to re-read the article . Reading between the lines-good luck but unfortunately celebrities are magnets for children and teenagers

  7. VERY STRANGE EVERYBODY KNOWS SOMEBODY where are these somebodys and why havent they come forward seems like a load of hearsay to me. easy to accuse someone when they are dead and cant answer back this man has raised more for charities than anyone else has or will ever brinf out the proof or shut your foul mouths stories are just that stories when people are willing to stand up in court then it could become fact and no one has done that have they

    • Colin, you sound like a typical skeptic. Always defending the pedophile with the excuse “where`s the evidence?” Or “it never happened. The victim`s imagining it. It`s a false memory implanted in them.” How about listening to the evidence of the victims and their stories before you claim that it`s all made up? Many victims can`t come forward with their allegations while the offender is still alive because the offending pedophile is usually rich and powerful with many high up connections in law enforcements, government..etc.. And sometimes the victims and even their family members are threatened by the offender and his high up powerful friends, and thus makes the victims too scared to come forward while the offender is still alive. It`s well known that pedophilia is rampant in the entertainment industry. Think Gary Glitter (who was friends with Saville), Bill Wyman, Michael Jackson, Jonathan King, Jerry Lewis..etc..

  8. Were you there? No.
    Do you have photographs, recordings, first-hand testimony, or ANY kind of proof AT ALL? No.
    You have the usual ‘I know a guy who…’, ‘This bloke told me a story about…’, ‘A ‘friend’ of mine once said…’
    Anecdotal, baseless, hollow STORIES. Anyone can make this crap up. Funny how people only start spouting this kind of garbage publicly once the person in question is dead, and unable to sue for slander/libel. How about producing even one scrap of evidence to back up your claims?
    Why don’t you all grow up and find something a bit more productive to do with your time, rather than gossiping like teenage girls?

    • In the 1980s I had a friend who nearly got involved with Savile in a business venture but pulled out when he was supplied with evidence of an unsavoury nature .

      With regards libel, when the Haut de la Garenne abuse scandal came to light, Savile denied ever being there . When photographic evidence was shown with him and children at the school, he then slapped an injunction on The Sun .

  9. Yep Peb……these sickos who diss Sir Jimmy now that he’s dead are probably the pedoes. Pure projection, the guilty always try to pin their filth on someone else…. * he said and she said, and I knew a guy who * all crap.

    There is no bloody evidence, because Jimmy was a good guy.

    to the bloody clown who mentioned Dirk Bogarde!! He was gay you idiot, he wasn’t a pedo, he was in a long term relationship. I’m going to pass on your comment to his family, who I happen to know. Watch your letterbox.

  10. my name is david hanson if anyone wants to send me hate mail, and i worked for a childrens charity for some years, it is well known that Dirk Bogarde liked teeenage boys, i wont name any here but some while back the studios who employed bogarde made a generous donation for a play centre in exchange for dropping charges, when ever i spoke with bogarde he was always pleasant and never was there any threats like jimmy savile.
    maybe colin should get out more, why does he not put his name on his comments, ?
    a closet pedo maybe ?

  11. I think that its about time these evil people were outed, but there are men in high places and you would proably end up dead if you got any where near them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hi Frank,

    Are you Jewish or do you have any jewish relatives or spouse?


    Paul D

    • No and what’s that got to do with Jimmy Savile . I’m sorry if you’re looking for a secret agenda, you won’t find it because I don’t have one apart from bringing the crap to the surface .

      • Hi Frank,

        Sorry i didnt mean to cause any offense i was just wondering.

        My senses tell me you are 100% genuine in your quest for the truth.


        Paul D

  13. PS Frank,

    You wrote: ” how long will it be until the MSM go into his extra-curricular activities ? “,


    it will be the same amount of time that they said nothing whilst he was alive , the MSM are part of the cover-up so nothing regarding this will be said or done.



    • The BBC produced a programme interviewing girls who had been abused by Savile, whilst young but the head brass at the BBC spiked the programme and showed an hour long review in praise of Savile .

  14. Hi Frank,

    RE:- “BBC produced a programme interviewing girls who had” – You have proved my point exactly, that being that the MSM are covering the abuse up.

    The BBC is a jewish run corporation, fact.

    Frank, you must understand if you think anyone will get anything acheived via the MSM, especially the BBC, they are very misunderstood.

    People need to stop paying the criminal BBC licence fee and wake up.

    Paul D

    • I don’t expect anything from the MSM but I live in hope 🙂 . Actually, I think at some point, if the crap is going to come to the surface there will have to be a major story which no one can ignore but for the time being, the likes of me will have to do . God help the world !

  15. I don’t particularly wish to refute anything but tbh, I don’t see a resemblance between Saville and the man in the pnoto seated on the ground. Just saying. If he was in disguise, how do you explain the relatively small nose?

  16. It has been well kept secret that Jimmy Saville is a pedo and necrophiliac . I was told by a showbiz friend that knew the editor of a tabloid newspaper that was silenced. This is back in 1985. I remember telling my friends in school and they all scoffed and laughed. The same whistle blower also told me George Micheal was gay and it was being suppressed. I remember telling girls in my class but they wouldn’t believe it. Im telling you all now Jimmy Saville also interfered with dead bodies . The man was a complete monster and it has been suppressed by the media for over 40 years. Ohh personal friend of Prince Phillip by the way old pedo Jimmy was.

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