The Can Of Worms

In a recent post BBC Stop Jimmy Savile Child Sex Claim Programme, I ended the post saying “Maybe, someone doesn’t want a can of worms opened .” The ‘can of worms’ I was referring to was the ingrained paedophilia within British institutions from the 1960s onwards . My area of research takes in the south of England and I realise it has effected all parts of the British Isles eg North Wales Bryn Esten child care paedophile enquiry, the Kincora boys home in Northern Ireland and the unanswered questions in Scotland regarding Dunblane, Thomas Hamilton and Hollie Greig .

Jimmy Savile is a good place to start, to open the can of worms . Savile was one of the top TV presenters in Britain from the 1960s onwards . During his career, there were suspicions and claims he was a paedophile but due to his profile and money, he was able to quash these allegations . It is only with his death are the victims coming forward and journalists within the BBC gained interviews with three women who said they had unpleasant experiences with Savile when they were teenagers but we do not know what these claims entail, as the BBC hierarchy spiked the programme .


It seems Savile had a penchant for underage teenage girls, and whilst some would say this is pretty low down on the list of paedophile behaviour, it is still upsetting for his victims . But where Savile becomes interesting is his link to Jersey . When the abuse at Haut de la Garenne in Jersey became public, Savile claimed not to have visited the school at Haut de la Garenne but The Sun newspaper then published an old photo of Savile at the school (see above) . Savile’s reaction was to slap an injunction on The Sun who had to withdraw the picture .

Jersey is where the story gets very dark . A politician in Jersey, Senator Stuart Syvret had investigated claims from adults who had been in the care of Jersey Social Services when children and uncovered systematic abuse, both physical and sexual, centred on a state run school Haut de la Garenne . Unknown to him, Jersey police led by Lennie Harper were conducting their own enquiry  and it soon became a big media story . Predictably, the Jersey establishment attempted to limit the damage and accused Syvret of “shafting Jersey internationally” and with the retirement of Harper from the police, the investigation closed for all intents and purposes . Stuart Syvret has just served two months in prison on dubious data protection charges . Nice people in Jersey .

A few individuals were charged but it soon became apparent that the abuse at Jersey was not a private matter . Syvret discovered that Jersey was a centre for paedophiles for Britain’s rich and famous . From correspondence, he received :

“The plot thickens! I wonder who else amongst Jersey’s ever so distinguished government and residence will be exposed for what they really are?

Many, many years ago when aged about 14/15, a well known and convicted Jersey paedophile told me (as he and his sicko friends entrapped me), that he supplied children from HDG and Jersey in general, to well known TV personalities!

The link between Jersey paedophilia and these `celebs’ was the Jersey `Opera House’!”

Reading between the lines, he was given names but for whatever reason did not go public with them but he did out Wilfred Bramble, an actor famous for his role in Steptoe and Son (remade in America as Sanford and Son.) One of the comments on his blog, referred to Jimmy Savile and Edward Heath a former British Prime Minister and it seems Jersey was well known amongst the paedophile world, where you could go for your kicks and it would be supplied .

However, it appears police on the mainland in Britain knew about Jersey during the investigation in the early 1990s, into a paedophile ring which had wormed its way into Islington council in London and preyed on the children in its Care homes . The Islington enquiry into the paedophile ring was a disgrace and Margaret Hodge, later Minister for Children! attempted to close down the investigation . Only four people were disciplined by Islington Council and the police failed to investigate whether there was any link to the murder of Jason Swift who is believed to have lived in Islington council’s Conewood Street .

A journalist, Eileen Fairweather who had investigated the Islington case in the 1990s, disclosed in 2008 the link between Islington council and Jersey and also revealed police suspicions that powerful and wealthy men were involved .

From Mail Online :

I met the frightened policeman at an isolated country restaurant, many miles from his home and station. Detective Constable Peter Cook had finally despaired, and decided to blow the whistle to a reporter.

He was risking his career, so made me scribble my notes into a tiny pad beneath the tablecloth.

He had uncovered a vicious child sex ring, with victims in both Britain and the Channel Islands, and he wanted me to get his information to police abuse specialists in London.

Incredibly, he claimed that his superiors had barred him from alerting them.

He feared a cover-up: many ring members were powerful and wealthy. But I did not think him paranoid: I specialised in exposing child abuse scandals and knew, from separate sources, of men apparently linked to this ring.

They included an aristocrat, clerics and a social services chief. Their friends included senior police officers.

Repeatedly, inquiries by junior detectives were closed down, so I, a journalist, was asked to convey confidential information from one police officer to others. It seemed surreal.

We did, however, prove that every home included staff who were paedophiles, child pornographers or pimps. Concerned police secretly confirmed that several Islington workers were believed "networkers", major operators in the supply of children for abuse and pornography.

Some of these were from the Channel Islands or regularly took Islington children there on unofficial visits. In light of the grisly discoveries at Haut de la Garenne, the link now seems significant, but at the time we were so overwhelmed by abuse allegations nearer home that this connection never emerged.

What we did report prompted the sort of vehement official denials that have come to characterise child abuse claims. Margaret Hodge, then council leader, denounced us as Right-wing "gutter journalists" who supposedly bribed children to lie.

Now, this is where some readers will part from me because I’m going into David Icke territory – Satanism – but what the hell, in for a penny in for a pound . One of the names which keeps cropping up is that of former British Prime Minister Edward Heath and not only with reference to Jersey .

From The Biggest Secret :

One of the many unconnected people who have identified Heath as a Satanist was the lady I mentioned earlier in the book …

This lady was the wife of the Head Keeper at Burnham Beeches (in Buckinghamshire near to the British PM’s official residence ‘Chequers’) and they lived on the land. She had been brought up by a Satanic family in Scotland … Her husband was also a Satanist which is why he was given the responsibility of looking after Burnham Beeches, and area of ancient groves and forests managed by the authorities in London …

Late one night in the early 1970’s during Heath’s reign as Prime Minister … she saw some lights. Quietly she moved closer to see what was going on … it was a Satanic ritual and in the circle was the then Prime Minister, Edward Heath …


ed Edward Heath on ‘Morning Cloud’


It’s not the only time, Heath has been outed as a Satanist . A self acclaimed Australian Satanist, Aloysius Fozdyke wrote a post for the Henry Makow website :

Meanwhile in Britain, Bob Boothby and Tom Driberg, apart from being homosexuals, were also active Satanists. Tom’s cover of Anglo-Catholicism kept him out of a lot of bother. Both were involved behind the scenes in organizing for Harold Wilson and Edward Heath to become Prime Ministers of Britain, as Wilson was a high initiate of the left-hand path . Heath, on the other hand, was the highest initiated Satanist in Britain to become Prime Minister.

Even occultists know little, if anything, about Bob or Ted’s visits to the ancient sacrificial Wood in Clapham, Sussex and their association with certain people in the surrounding areas. The Wood holds some serious secrets stretching back in time to before Roman Britain and indeed it still does. From what I’ve been told, one day some of these hidden horrors will be found, but by then those involved will be long dead.

“The association with certain people in the surrounding areas” is a reference to a group who have become known as ‘The Friends of Hecate’ . I would be surprised if this was a real title but became public after a local man, Charles Walker was threatened by a man who claimed to be part of this group and practised their activities in Clapham Woods near Worthing . Charles Walker had researched the disappearance of dogs in the vicinity and after posting an ad in a local paper was contacted by The Friends of Hecate . Click Charles Walker Interview to read more .

On 1/7/2000 a beautiful 8 year old girl, Sarah Payne was abducted and murdered by a very dark individual, Roy Whiting who lived in Littlehampton, West Sussex . I won’t go into the full details in this post but I believe Whiting was connected to this group and the murder was an occult ritual – see a previous post Sarah Payne – Suffer The Little Children . The British public may forgive Jimmy Savile and his attempts at getting underage girls into bed, but they won’t forgive Whiting .

I could go on ad nauseam but hope this indicates the dysfunction within the British establishment . Unfortunately, the full stories very rarely becomes public and as soon as an investigation is started, either pressure from on high disrupts the investigation or a few individuals are thrown to the lions to show justice is being done, but nobody looks any further .

I would hesitate to call it a paedophile ring, as there are too many people involved and it is over a large area but there seems to be some form of psychic force which links it all together . People know people, who know people and those in authority can carry out their deeds with very little fear of being caught . Of course, it helps if you are friends with the Chief Constable or a Cabinet Minister !



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  1. Great job of investigative reporting, Frank! It seems that British celebs, politicians, media, etc are just as perverted and evil as those in the US.

    An encouraging opinion from the Activist Post re 2012:

    The elites only have two primary tools, which are well know to anyone that reads the alternative media: secrecy and deception. Their criminal enterprise will end as millions more, if not billions, awaken in 2012.

    Since the 1990s, researcher David Icke has been saying that there would be a point in time when the New World Order agenda is out in the open, exposed for all to see. Fortunately, that is when the agenda is most vulnerable, as many people will “wake-up” and see that humanity and their loved ones are in great danger. That time is now.


    Sapere Aude!


    • Thanks Tazio – “power corrupts – total power, corrupts totally.” Hopefully more and more revelations will be revealed but the point is not to punish but so the dark, underlying energies in the human psyche can be released .

  2. Always suspected that ugly freak Savil; it was the overkill or ‘overskill’ of Jim’ll Fix It with it’s nauseating sentimentality that alerted me. As for “Fat Tory MP” OMG; is the horror compounded by their physical ugliness? Faces to give nightmares. Common link: Talmudic law and associations within their media establshment. Ghastly realisation that these freaks gain power from the adulation of viewers and listeners with highly positive associations whilst continuing to terrorise our young.

    • Hi DaftAida -sorry, I’ve removed the name of the “Fat Tory MP” ( I don’t want the site taken down for libel ) but should narrow it down for readers 🙂 . I’m afraid they gravitate to positions of authority where they can indulge themselves .

    • I still don’t understand the mind set but that’s probably a good thing . But the BBC decision to spike the Savile programme is an example of the typical establishment response to child abuse .

  3. a relative who at that time wasa policeman told me some years back that edward heath was a pervert
    who consorted with others including comedian frankie howard and DJ jimmy saville, known as
    ” mr james” to the boys, used to take parties of boys aged about 12 to the isle if wight aboard a large yacht for what he called “nobbing parties”

  4. Tony Blair’s People:

    Baron Peter Mandelson raised to the peerage by Tony Blair in 2008. Claims to be the “ brains “ behind New Labour he has amassed a fortune estimated at over £20 million from his time in Government. Denounced by Tim Dalyell MP as being part of Blair’s “ Jewish Cabal “. Openly homosexual he was a strong supporter of lowering the age of consent. His private life is subject to several D-Notices.

    Margaret Hodge MP. An East European Jew she has constantly been linked to care home satanic child sex abuse and murder rings of British Children in Islington and Jersey when she was Head of Islington Council and their subsequent cover up. Very close to Jack Straw. To widespread horror Tony Blair made Hodge his Minister for Children in 2003, a job Blair had specially created for Hodge.

    Jack Straw MP an East European Jew he was behind the ineffective investigations in to the Hillsborough disaster and the Jersey child sex abuse and murder scandal. Believed to be a major driving force behind allowing child brides in the UK. He is the Politician behind the phrase “cultural sexual diversity“. In 2009 Jack Straw made it illegal for any child to complain about abuse while in the care system ( The Times and Independent Feb.15th 2009 ). Placed all the Thomas Hamilton ( Dunblane massacre ) papers under a 100 year secrecy law.

    Harriet Harman QC MP. When Legal Officer at the National Council for Civil Liberties ( later Liberty ) she constantly lobbied the Government to legalise child pornography , paedophilia and incest , she repeatedly denied this but recently released Government documents have her signature on them. A niece of Lord Longford she is very close to Margaret Hodge and Patricia Hewitt.

    Lord George Robertson raised to the peerage by Blair in 1999 has been accused in the Scottish Press of using his influence as a Freemason to obtain a firearms license for Thomas Hamilton ( Dunblane massacre ) and of running a Masonic paedophile network for the British Establishment based in Scotland , Islington and Jersey. A
    D-Notice has been put on the press and Lord Robertson is threatening to sue.

    Patricia Hewitt ex MP . From 1974 to 1983 she was General Secretary of the National Council for Civil Liberties ( later Liberty ) when it lobbied the Government to legalise child pornography , incest and paedophilia on behalf of the Paedophile Information Exchange and Paedophile Action for Liberation. Smart enough to let Harriet Harman sign all the documents she has always denied any knowledge of this. Major driving force behind the sex education of very young children she has argued that fathers are not a good influence on children. Kicked out of the Labour Party in 2010 after lobbying for cash scandal.

    • Hodge is an Oppenheimer and as such is directly related to City of London/Crown Estates and they ‘do what thou wilt’ but I didn’t realise that the StrawMan made it ‘illegal’ for children to complain whilst in care! It sums up the state of affairs under anarchy and the urgent need to bring Common Law and Justice into sharp focus. It’s also interesting that Mandelson has been made a Baron, as those calling for Common Law reinstatement are insisting this is derived from the Magna Carter which was actually a legal document devised to protect Barons and nothing to do with common people’s right to justice. Harm-men is accurately named. Thanks for this reminder

    • Cig Papers,
      This is a very nice burst from the machine gun of truth and my hat is off to you.
      Perhaps the season has arrived when the walls will come tumbling down regarding these monsters.

  5. Tony Blairs’ Islington People:
    Tony Blair War criminal , bisexual , torturer, liar , psychopath , multiculturalist , control freak, Bilderberg Group member. Believed to have amassed a fortune of between £50million and £250 million since leaving Office. Two convictions for cottaging (1974 &1983) subject to D-Notices. He first came to the attention of MI5 as a potential future Prime Minister after repeatedly being caught importuning young boys in Public toilets around London in the 1970s. A notorious cross dresser, his nickname when he was a lawyer was Miranda. Allegedly some of those caught up in the FBI Operation Avalanche/Ore Child porn investigation in 1999/2003 were : Sir Gerald Kaufman, Gordon Brown, Alan Milburn, John Prescott, and Peter Mandelson. Blair stopped any Police investigations by claiming a threat to National Security and put a D-Notice on the press to stop any reporting on it. It is believed the CIA/FBI used Operation Ore and Jersey/Islington information to blackmail the Labour Party and the BBC in to supporting the Iraq War.

    Lord Levy a multi millionaire Bilderberger bisexual multiculturalist Jew raised to the Peerage by Blair in 1997. Levy started as a music industry accountant then founded Magnet Records in 1973. Famous for his “Showbiz Parties” in the 70s/80s. Due to his close friendship with John Beerling of the BBC (who selected Radio One DJ s between 1967 and 1993 and hired Jimmy Savile in 1969) Magnet Artists received massive airplay and he eventually sold Magnet for £10million to Warner Bros. in 1988.It is believed he used this £10million to fund the hijacking of the Labour Party by Blair’s Islington People. Levy is President of Jewish Care, Jewish Free Schools and Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade. Levy was arrested in connection with the “Cash for Honours” inquiry in 2006. In July 2007 the CPS dropped all charges against him. He has been described by The Jerusalem Post as “undoubtedly the notional leader of British Jewry”.Strong link to Jimmy Savile through Howard Silverman and John Beerling.

    Baron Peter Mandelson a Bilderberger homosexual multiculturalist Jew raised to the peerage by Tony Blair in 2008. Claims to be the brains behind New Labour he has amassed a fortune estimated at over £20 million from his time in Government. Denounced by Tam Dalyell MP as being part of Blair’s “Jewish Cabal”. Mandelson was a strong supporter of lowering the age of consent. His private life is subject to several D-Notices. Incredibly Mandelson is Chief Trustee of the NSPCC and has put his “people” in key positions there including Peter Watt at the NSPCC and Justin Forsyth at Save the Children.

    Jack Straw MP an East European multi millionaire multiculturalist Jew he was behind the cover up of the Dunblane Massacre , Hillsborough disaster and the BBC/Jersey/Islington satanic child sex abuse and murder scandal. Straw was Deputy to Hodge at Islington Council. A major driving force behind Child brides in the UK. Straw is the Politician behind the phrase “cultural sexual diversity”. In 2009 Straw made it illegal for any Child to complain about abuse while in the care system ( The Times and Independent Feb.15th 2009 ). Placed all the Thomas Hamilton ( Dunblane massacre ) papers under a 100 year secrecy law by claiming it was to protect the families‘ feelings. Jack Straw’s brother William has a conviction for a sex attack on a schoolgirl. Straw’s adult son has been arrested for drug dealing. Jack Straw is currently being sued by muslim victims of extraordinary renditions and torture.

    David Miliband MP A multi millionaire Bilderberger bisexual multiculturalist Marxist Jew brought in to the Labour Party by Blair. Described in Labour circles as “Blair’s Boy” he is believed to have been the submissive partner in homosexual relationships with both Blair and Mandelson. David Miliband is said to be leader of the “Primrose Hill Gang”, a secret network of Labour politicians that include Ed Miliband, Douglas Alexander, Pat McFadden, James Purnell, Jim Murphy, Andy Burnham, Matthew Taylor, Geoff Mulgan and Patrick Diamond. The Primrose Hill Gang has been linked to the Rochdale Care Home Child sex abuse scandal through Jack Straw and Labour Councillor/Freemason/School Governor Darren Pedley.

    Ed Miliband MP Multi millionaire Bilderberger multiculturalist Marxist Jew he has been Leader of the Labour Party since 25 Sept 2010. He worked on the Chanel 4 show A Week in Politics from 1992 until he left in 1993 to work for Harriet Harman. In 1994 he started working for Gordon Brown. Gordon Brown is considered a “father figure” to Ed Miliband.

    Phillip Lyon A multi millionaire multiculturalist convicted paedophile Jew. Blair’s closest political confidante and neighbour in Islington he was jailed for a year in 2003 for child pornography found on his PC by a Civil Servant at work. The Police were stopped from searching Lyon’s home after Blair claimed a threat to National Security. Interestingly Lyon had started his career at Islington Council.

    Margaret Hodge MP nee Oppenheimer. A multi millionaire multiculturalist German Jew. Hodge’s family made an estimated £300 million during WW2 collaborating with the Nazis. She has constantly been linked to Care Home satanic Child sex abuse and murder rings of British Children in the BBC/Islington/Jersey when she was Head of Islington Council and their subsequent cover up. Hodge described reporters who broke the Islington Child sex abuse story as “the gutter press” and the victims as “mentally unstable and extremely disturbed”. To widespread horror Tony Blair made Hodge his Minister for Children in 2003. Chillingly Hodge went on TV in 2003 and invited any Children in Care with complaints to write to her directly. Very close to Straw and Harriet Harman.

    Cherie Booth QC wife of Tony Blair since 1980.Multi millionaire multiculturalist and Satanist she has been dubbed “The Wicked Witch” by the press. Cherie Booth was the founder of Matrix Barristers Chambers in 2000 – not too clear where the financing came from, possibly Lord Levy. The name Matrix came from a film about mass deception, mind control and human enslavement. Matrix Chambers have been involved in numerous cases against British People resisting multicultural genocide , one example being when they sent a QC to obtain a lifetime ASBO against battling British Pensioner Margaret Walker for daring to write to Politicians complaining about muslim paedophile gangs raping and murdering British Children. Matrix Chambers are also believed to have given the legal go ahead to take Children of Nationalists in to State Care, one example being Toni McLeod and her serving Soldier boyfriend who have been told their child will be taken at Birth due to Toni’s previous membership of the EDL. Laughably Matrix are Human Rights Lawyers. Cherie Booth’s fourth child Leo born in 2000 is believed to not be Tony Blair’s , photos of the Blair Family would seem to support this. Strangely both Blairs have given rather graphic accounts of the conception of Leo to the mass media, but not of their other Children.

    Stephen Twigg MP Multi millionaire he was Deputy Leader of Islington Council in the 1990s. Twigg is an openly gay multiculturalist. Twigg was attacked by an Islington Child sex abuse survivor in a gay nightclub in London in 2005 who accused him of being involved in the BBC/Islington/Jersey Child sex abuse, pornography and murder ring. Currently Shadow Secretary of State for Education. Very close to Hodge.

    Harriet Harman QC MP. Multi millionaire multiculturalist Labour Party Deputy Leader. When Legal Officer at the National Council for Civil Liberties ( later Liberty) 1978 to 1982 she constantly lobbied the Government to legalise Child pornography , paedophilia and incest , she has repeatedly denied this but recently released Government documents have her signature on them. A niece of Lord Longford she is very close to Hodge and Hewitt. Married to Jack Dromey MP.

    Lord George Robertson Multi millionaire multiculturalist raised to the peerage by Blair in 1999 has been accused in the Scottish Press of using his Masonic influence to get Thomas Hamilton a gun license despite repeated Police objections ( Dunblane massacre ) and of running a Masonic paedophile network involving Hamilton for the BBC based in Scotland , Islington and Jersey. A D-Notice has been put on the press and Lord Robertson is threatening to sue, although so far he hasn‘t.

    Patricia Hewitt ex MP . Multi millionaire multiculturalist .From 1974 to 1983 she was General Secretary of the National Council for Civil Liberties (later Liberty) when it lobbied the Government to legalise child pornography, incest and paedophilia on behalf of the Paedophile Information Exchange and Paedophile Action for Liberation. Harriet Harman signed all the documents and Hewitt has always denied any knowledge of this. Major driving force behind the sex education of very young Children, she has argued that fathers are not a good influence on Children. Member of the Gay Liberation Front in the 70s when it was affiliated to P.I.E. and P.A.L. and ran Islington Care Homes. Kicked out of the Labour Party in 2010 after cash for lobbying scandal. In September 2009 her adult son, Nicholas Hewitt Birtles, was arrested for cocaine possession.

    Peter Tatchell an openly gay multiculturalist Australian he fled Australia in 1971 to avoid National Service. Tatchell claims that after meeting members of the Gay Liberation Front while importuning young boys in London toilets he joined , however “Founding Members” photos of the GLF show Tatchell. He became a leading member of GLF when it ran Islington Care Homes in the 1970s. Ran as the Labour Parliamentary Candidate in Bermondsey in 1983 ( and lost ). Infamously Tatchell said “Not all sex involving children is unwanted ,abusive or harmful”. For some reason Tatchell has a 3 inch thick steel door on his flat. Tatchell has claimed many of his friends had sexual relationships with adults when they were 9 to 13 years old with no harmful effects. Widely believed to have been a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange when it was affiliated to GLF in the 1970s , however the Metropolitan Police claim they destroyed all membership records of P.I.E. in 1983.

    Ed Balls MP Multi millionaire Bilderberger multiculturalist. Although not strictly part of Blairs’ Islington People he is worth a mention. While he was studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Keble College, Oxford he was a member of the University Conservative Association and in 1986 appeared at a University Ball dressed as a Nazi. At the Treasury it was Balls’s idea to sell off British gold reserves and buy Euros. Balls was also put in charge of the deregulation of the City by Brown , which helped lead to the financial collapse. When Gordon Brown became Prime Minister in 2007, Balls was promoted to Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families and he immediately tried to introduce compulsory sex education for all Schoolchildren from the age of 5 including simulating masturbation with sex toys. Even within Labour Party circles he is seen as a bit weird.

    In the UK the original D-Notice system was introduced in 1912 and run as a voluntary system by a joint committee headed by an Assistant Secretary of the War Office and a representative of the Press Association.In 1993, the notices were renamed DA-Notices.
    Any D-Notices or DA-notices are advisory requests so are not legally enforceable and hence news editors can, in theory, choose not to abide by them. However, they are generally complied with by the media. In 1971, all existing D-Notices were cancelled and replaced by standing D-Notices that gave general guidance on what could be published and what could not, and what would require further advice from the secretary of the Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee (DPBAC).
    The 1992 analysis by Stephen Green (The Sexual Dead End, Broad View) indicates that in the UK a homosexual male is 23 times more likely to commit a sex offence against an under 16 than a heterosexual male. It does not follow that all, or even the majority, of homosexual persons are drawn to sexually abusing children , but would you use one as a babysitter?

    Labour Party Paedophile Scandal 1
    Harriet Ruth Harman MP QC (born 1950) She was the interim Leader of the Labour Party, and Leader of the Opposition, from 11 May to 25 September 2010. Harman is currently Deputy Leader for the Labour Party. After qualifying as a lawyer, Harriet Harman worked for Brent Law Centre in London. Her husband is Jack Dromey MP. She is the niece of Lord Longford.
    Between 1978 and 1982, Harriet Harman was employed as the Legal Officer for the National Council for Civil Liberties which later became Liberty.
    At the time the National Council for Civil Liberties was officially affiliated to two organisations, the Paedophile Information Exchange and the Paedophile Action for Liberation, whose members argued openly for the abolition of the age of consent.
    When Harriet Harman first entered politics this matter was brought up, but a friendly media and other politicians accepted her claims that the NCCL no longer had any connection with P.I.E./P.A.L. when she was Legal Officer between 1978 and 1982 . However it later transpired that P.I.E./P.A.L. had been officially affiliated with the NCCL until 1982, when Harman left and P.I.E./P.A.L. went underground.
    She has since repeatedly veered between denying any connection with P.I.E. and P.A.L., and claiming that as a Legal Officer for the NCCL she had no choice in who she represented. Patricia Hewitt ex MP was General Secretary of the National Council for Civil Liberties from 1974 to 1983.
    As with a lot of liars Harman has different versions of events for different audiences.
    Let’s look at the first lie that she was never connected or in contact with P.I.E. or P.A.L. in any way:
    Documents now in the Public Domain show a NCCL letter signed by Harriet Harman objecting in the strongest terms to any laws against child pornography, unless it could be proved by the prosecution that the child was harmed. The NCCL also submitted a response to the Government arguing for lowering the age of consent and stating “ Childhood sexual experiences , willingly engaged in , with an adult result in no identifiable damage.” When the Government moved to crack down on child pornography , the NCCL’s response, again signed by Harriet Harman , claimed the new law could lead to “ absurd prosecutions and increased censorship”. As Legal Officer for the NCCL she also argued to abolish incest laws. Jack Dromey served on the NCCL Executive Committee from 1970 to 1979. There are allegations that Lord Longford was part of this lobbying but no documentary evidence has emerged yet.
    So having nailed the lie that she was never involved in P.I.E. or P.A.L. let’s have a look at the lie that she had no choice but to represent paedophile groups as Legal Officer for NCCL. Well this is also obviously not true as visiting the NCCL/Liberty website will show that NCCL/Liberty state :
    “ Liberty receives thousands of requests for legal advice and assistance each year. Because we’re a small organisation with limited resources, our lawyers are unable to take up all of these cases actively.”
    So clearly NCCL/Liberty don’t have to take up every case they are approached with.
    P.I.E. went underground in 1982, but resurfaced in June 2012 mounting a demo in support of muslim paedophiles outside Liverpool Crown Court led by Labour Party Councillor Louise Baldock and Labour Party Activists Bob Sutton , Maev McDaid , Phil Dickens and Nikki McDonough.
    For more Labour Party paedophile scandals google “ Labour25” .

    Labour Party Paedophile Scandal 2
    In the London Borough of Islington, all of Islington’s 12 children’s homes were run by paedophiles from the 70’s up until the early 90’s and protected by Islington Council and the National Government. Victims vigorously pursued justice and appealed to all levels of government for help but were blocked at every turn.
    While government authorities continually refused to investigate despite undeniable evidence, The Evening Standard newspaper did investigate and found that many of the children’s homes managers were part of an international ring that supplied children for abuse and pornography after the Care Home system had been infiltrated by the Gay Liberation Front, who had insisted no background checks were made on care workers.. The abuse in Islington was connected to the abuse and murder ring in Jersey and other locations and children were exchanged between facilities. Police in the UK and Jersey were given full details but would not investigate.
    The Jersey investigation was hampered at every turn by the authorities in Jersey and Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper, who headed up the investigation, faced sustained obstruction from fellow policemen as well as threats from members of Jersey’s government and prominent citizens. He had to bring in police from the UK to assist in the investigation due to the lack of cooperation from local police and government officials. Jack Straw MP was the Labour Home Secretary at the time.
    Harper retired under death threats in 2008 and has been the repeated target of efforts to discredit him and the investigation he courageously led. The Jersey government even went so far as to issue an arrest warrant for Harper after he left the Island, claiming that he was under investigation for falsifying evidence.
    One of the people instrumental in the cover up was Margaret Hodge. She started her political career in 1973 as an Islington councillor and was Council Leader from 1982 through 1992. During her reign, the children’s homes were engaging in wholesale abuse of children and she did all she could to protect the operations.
    Not all Islington Council employees were involved in the abuse of children. Social workers Liz Davies and David Cofie resigned their jobs so they could report the abuse to authorities and demand that Scotland Yard investigate. Liz Davies had refused to deliver a 7 year old girl to a known paedophile. Other Islington social workers wanted to testify but were afraid for their jobs.
    The exposure of the paedophile ring resulted in the conviction of only Roy Caterer, who spent 7 1/2 years in prison for sexually abusing seven boys and two girls.
    Scotland Yard refused to investigate further despite overwhelming evidence and persistent pleas by the former social workers and victims.
    It wasn’t until The Evening Standard started covering the story that the public outcry forced Margaret Hodge to resign her position as Council Leader after describing the journalists as “ gutter press “ and the victims as “ extremely disturbed and mentally unstable“. But British Children weren’t safe for long.
    In 2003, fully aware of Hodge’s avid support of child abuse, British Prime Minister Tony Blair made Hodge his Minister for Children . The position was created just for Hodge. Such a blatantly defiant act by Tony Blair shows unconditional support for paedophiles at the highest levels of British government and the ruling class.
    Hodge was further rewarded on 27 June 2007 when she was appointed Minister of State at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport by the new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. Hodge is Jewish and married to another politician, Sir Henry Hodge, who was made a high court judge in 2004.
    Margaret Hodge was a key component of Tony Blair’s “ Islington Set “ and lived a few doors away from him.
    For more Labour Party paedophile scandals please google “ Labour25”

    Sir Jimmy Savile’s Funeral Mystery
    There does seem to be a bit of a shroud of mystery over who attended Jimmy Savile’s funeral and who sent tributes as no official guest list has been released , but this is what I have:

    So who attended Sir Jimmy Savile’s funeral?
    Monsignor Kieran Heskin, Father Martin Kelly and Reverend Arthur Roche officiated.
    John Beerling – not a well known character but is well worth considering as he was in charge of recruiting all the DJ s at Radio One from 1967 to 1993 and hired Savile in 1969.
    Howard Silverman Savile’s best friend ( worth a very good look at ).
    Frank Bruno
    DJ Mike Read
    DJ Tony Prince ( who made a strange Satanic/Illuminati hand signal at the funeral ).
    DJ Dave Eager
    DJ Dave Lee Travis
    DJ Tony Blackburn
    DJ David “Diddy” Hamilton.
    Not sure about Esther Rancid as there is no photo of her there.

    So who sent tributes?
    The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall led the tributes to him.
    The Bee Gees sent cards and flowers – Michael Jackson has previously stated that Robin Gibb “ also liked sleeping with Children “.
    Cameron/Clegg/Miliband all sent tributes and/or flowers.
    Most mass media outlets sent tributes/flowers/cards/representatives.

    So who couldn’t make it?
    Claire McAlpine ( killed herself at age 15 in 1971 after naming Savile and other BBC Staff for sexually abusing and raping her – the authorities all dismissed her as a fantasist).
    Any of the children still missing and presumed dead from the BBC/Islington/Jersey Child rape , torture , pornography and murder ring.
    His nephew, Guy Marsden, who claims he attended BBC “Showbiz Parties “ as a Child where Children as young as 9 were taken from London Care Homes and sexually abused , tortured and raped – he hasn’t identified any other paedophiles yet.
    Coleen Nolan ( Nolan Sisters ) who claims he tried to get her back to his hotel room when she was 14 to sexually abuse her.
    His not so close friend Freddie Starr who claims he met Savile only briefly twice and never visited the BBC Studios. However footage from 1974 shows him on the BBC with Savile and Karin Ward, the woman who claims he abused her. Currently residing in Studley , Warwickshire.
    His close friend Peter Sutcliffe (murderer of 13 women) currently residing in Broadmoor High Security Mental Hospital.
    His close friend Ted Heath the Bilderberger Child rapist/torturer/murderer currently residing in Hell.

  6. Over 13 months since the last comment here, I note that not 1 single politician has been arrested since the JS scandal broke. Just a few predictable has-been celebrities, nothing more. In the absence of anything else happening, can we now conclude that the matter has finally been put to bed to the P.’s T. B.’s satisfaction?

    • Hi Paul – it’s about two years since I wrote the article and the only biggish name I can think of is Stuart Hall and that’s about it. No politicians, policeman, judges etc. But I remain hopeful. It maybe like the Catholic abuse scandal. Once a big ball starts rolling, it’s difficult to stop.

  7. In all of these cases there are rumours of the involvement of MPs and high ranking police officers and yet nothing is ever done. Am I correct in thinking that certain investigations surrounding the death of Jason Swift were abandoned because of the involvement of high ranking officials? We are constantly bombarded now with what a monster JS is and the coverage of other minor celebs and yet disturbing truths about the late MP Cyril Smith are passed over and people remain very quiet. Or am I missing something?

  8. I get so angry about it all. I don’t live far from Wrexham and reading reports of the abuse that went on at Bryn Estyn and the subsequent Jillings report makes my blood boil. How can we help get justice for these people? There are so many people suffering and yet very little is being done.

    • Fred, I know it sounds hard, but, relatively speaking, just the fact that these things are coming out at all is something. The Jillings Report that you mentioned was allegedly lost for years until somebody revealed that there was a copy after all, in an archive somewhere. I believe that even this has been redacted/censored before it was made public, but at least something is moving and these sort of things take an age before all is known, if indeed it ever is. I hope that this does not put you off trying to find out the truth of these matters, and I wish you luck in any searches you may be making.

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