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The Ritual Sacrifice Of Whitney Houston

A few days ago, I posted an articleLondon Olympics 2012 Ritual Sacrifice in which I wrote :

“So who will be the sacrifice ? The theme for this year appears to be Goddess worship, with Madonna channelling an Egyptian pharaoh at the Super Bowl and the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth on 6th Feb, so I imagine it will be connected to the feminine . It may not even be an individual but will be linked in some way with females . If it is an individual, she will be a big name .”


Whitney Houston & Bobbi Brown

From Roman Colosseum : “During sacrifices to the Roman gods the sex of the victim had to correspond to the sex of the god to whom it was offered. White animals were given to the gods of the upper world whereas black victims to the gods of the underworld .”
To be honest, I have just woken up to the news and I will add to the post when I have had time to investigate the death of Whitney Houston but yes, this is linked in with the London Olympics and 2012 in general . The sacrifice of Whitney Houston is the last act in the Madonna Super Bowl and Queen Elizabeth jubilee goddess worship . It’s just come a bit earlier than I had anticipated .

My initial thoughts are that this is the start of similar events and I still think something ‘special’ is planned for the Olympics . And for those sceptics who think ‘The Ritual Sacrifice of Whitney Houston’ is a load of a hooey, just reread the quote above . Once you understand the agenda, it’s not difficult to predict what will happen .


NB: With hindsight it is obvious, the sacrifice of Whitney Houston should come so soon after the Super Bowl and Queen’s Jubilee (there’s always a triple aspect) but for some reason my mind was focussed on the Olympics .


Re Super Bowl : From the perspective of the audience the letter is seen as an M but from the performer’s view, it is a W . So we have Madonna jumping up and down on a ‘W’ in knee high leather boots surrounded by performers dressed up for a Mass . The question is what type of Mass ?

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Whitney Image by Asterio Tecson .


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  1. Frank,

    You are definitely on to something big re the lead up to the London Olympics and I look forward to your future posts on this and related 2012 topics.

    Semper fi!


    • Hi Tazio

      I don’t know whether 2012 has any real spiritual significance but ‘someone’ thinks it is significant, so we can expect a lot more darkness .

  2. We need not just sit and watch all this dark spiritual bull crap. we to can fight back. God taught lucifer the power of numbers. And lucifer taught his evil men followers how do use it to gain advantage over the rest of us. In the old testament there are ocasions, where the people of God used numerology as well to strengthen their rituals (The Fall of Jericho). for those of us who have the Priesthood of God, we must fight the invisible with our strength, faith and aquired powers. the time of invisible war has started. and we too will gain terrain in this war.

    • I believe Amy whinhouse was a ritual death too. I have just been looking at the 27 club and I’m shocked. The year each person was born adds up to the same as the year they died, appart from 1 which is on the bottom !

      7 7
      Brian Jones (1942-1969): Rolling Stones founder and guitarist. Jones was found dead in a swimming pool and was tagged “death by misadventure.”

      3 3
      Robert Johnson (1911-1938): He was a Bluesman who recorded his influential set of 29 songs which inspired musicians after him. He is considered the first of the 27 club.

      Malcolm Hale (1941-1968): Hale was the original member of Spanky and Our Gang who died of carbon monoxide poisoning from a damaged space heater.

      Arlester “Dyke” Christian (1944-1971): Front-man and vocalist of Dyke & The Blazers, he was shot.

      Ron “Pigpen” McKernan (1973-1946): He was the founding member, singer and keyboardist of the Grateful Dead. McKernan died of gastrointestinal hemorrhage associated with alcoholism.

      Dennis Boon (1958-1985): Boon was the lead singer and guitarist of a punk band Minutemen who died when he was lying down in the back of a van which swerved off road and he fell from the vehicle and broke his neck.

      Alexander Bashlachev (1961-1988): He was a Russian rock musician, songwriter and poet who committed suicide by jumping from the window of the ninth floor of his apartment on Kuznetsova Avenue in Leningrad.

      Les Harvey (1944-1972): Harvey was the guitarist of Stone the Crows. He was killed on stage when he was electrocuted by touching a microphone with wet hands.

    • Teach me how to fight them with numbers. It is not common knowledge. I am a light worker. I know the power of good, and never used to believe in the power of darkness. But I have come to see it as a real force. It seems that the people (sheeple) are either blind to it, or feel they are poweless over it. Teach me.

  3. Need we “fight” at all? Darkness and Light cannot occupy the same space! Darkness is powerless to Light. Giving it loving allowance to surface and be bathed in Light is effortless, effective and evolutionary.

    But I could be wrong.

    • Hi Loud Mouth – I agree – to fight does no good . At the ultimate reality, death etc do not exist and we are fighting an illusion .

    • #Loudmouth – I know that to be the Truth. But perhaps we are being tested. I have been a healer all my life (I am not young) But never have I seen such obvious images and representations of darkeness. What is happening?

      One thing that I do find highly ironic, is that Madonna’s Superbowl satanic ritual was held in the very place that our entire culture “prays”. Our culture worships football and idolizes football players. Even pious Christians are huge football fans.
      What a perfect venue for Madonna. Sometimes I question if she is truly Satanic or just satirical. I do think she has chosen Satanism as her “religion” because she saw the hypocrisy in Catholocism at an early age. But is she really demonic? Not sure. She is certainly brilliant.

      Nikki Minaj, on the other hand, is just an out and out slut. And if there is some kind of evil hierrarchy, Nikki is just a lowly minion.

  4. The upside down “M” or “W” is marked with another symbol – the sacred circle filled with a cross…this is what the top search on google returns for that symbol:

    CIRCLE (Quartered): The sacred circle filled with a cross, four equal lines pointing from the center to the spirits of the north, east, south, and west — or to the basic element: earth, water, air (or wind), and fire. In Native American traditions, it forms the basic pattern of the MEDICINE WHEEL and plays a vital part in major spiritual rituals. Many contemporary pagans consider it their main symbol for transmitting the energy of the goddess.

  5. By the way those photos are for fashion mag “W” ….and of couse Kate Moss is dressed as The Virgin or if you like Madonna…..

  6. her “handlers” supposedly were brandi and her boyfriend Ray j. Also note the timing it was brandy 33rd bday Whitney died on the 2- 11 -2012 add together equals 9, and this right before the 54th annual Grammy awards….5+4=9 ,
    Whitney hotel room #434….4+3+4=11.. she was left dead in the hotel exactly 9 hrs .. the day she died 11, they kept her in the hotel for 9 hours why??? Lot of 9s and 11s surrounding all of this.

  7. The “quartered” circle is also the Annunaki symbol of Nibiru according to the ancient Sumerians(see Zecharia Sitchin’s “The 12th Planet”.

    It should also be noted the Mayan Long Count Round Calendar is also a circle cut into four quarters.

    M is the 13th Letter of the alphabet as in the Mayan Calendar flipping to the 13th B’aktun on December 21st, 2012.

    • Hi Information – I think these symbols are descended from one original ‘religion’ but the Mayan connection makes sense in 2012 .

  8. Please watch Grammy´s … The DJ for foo fighters has a high mount in the form of a W. Also Nicki Minaj´s perfomance is like wth ¿?

    • Hi Paugt-I’m in Britain and haven’t had the chance to check out the Grammys but am sure the normal symbology was included . Its difficult to know whether the symbology is put in on purpose or just because it is fashionable but I am convinced the Super Bowl symbology was deliberate .

    • Hi- I’m glad you found your way to my site, then . From your e-mail address I assume you are a Moslem . This esoteric stuff is mainly Christian and Jewish but its influence on the world is huge .

  9. i knew she was a sacrifice when i heard her death news. TMZ says that her daughter fell asleep in a tub friday night and her friends tried knocking on her door, yet there was no answer. The called like security to help bobbi kristina out of the tub. Next day her mother died like this? weird huh? You can find this all on tmz.com. But then again, who was she sacrificed for? I just find it disturbing how they still had the grammy party with her dead body was in the hotel. Her body was floors above them, kinda like how they were celebrating the goddesses death with her body “floating above” them so to speak. I wonder who will be the next sacrifice, since it happens in 3s. Perhaps Britney Spears? I feel 2012 will be a year of many more celebrity sacrifices.

  10. her “handlers” supposedly were brandi and her boyfriend Ray j. Also note the timing it was brandy 33rd bday Whitney died on the 2- 11 -2012 add together equals 9, and this right before the 54th annual Grammy awards….5+4=9 ,
    Whitney hotel room #434….4+3+4=11.. she was left dead in the hotel exactly 9 hrs .. the day she died 11, they kept her in the hotel for 9 hours why??? Lot of 9s and 11s surrounding all of this.
    I am going to use the number 9 – women are pregnant for 9 months – if her body was left for 9hrs that means it could not be removed, until the “birthing” of the next female to take Whitney’s place, if the “body” was removed before the 9hrs no birthing would of taken place. Note how Jennifer Hudson was suddenly in “position” to do the tribute – I saw photos of Jennifer, and if you look very close she resembled Whitney – whoever did JH’s makeup had to make sure she would resemble “The Voice being Whitney. Clive Davis who founded Whitney, suddenly started promoting Jennifer and calling her the next “Whitney” – nobody was allowed to look at the body at all. Like I said I am only going on the number 9, she died at the age of 48 i.e. 4+8 = 12 find out what the number 12 means. Jennifer’s birthday adds up to 31, and Whitney’s adds up to 36.

    • Jennifer’s Birthday adds up to 31, 3 +1=4 Whitney’s Birthday adds up to 36, 3 +6= 9… 9 + 4= 13<— an important number. I find it strange that Jennifer hudson has a weighloss commercial with the old /before her singing and then the new/after her comes in singing and they are both singing Whitney Houston's song… just another "coincidence"

      • Hi – thanks for the comment . There are no coincidences with WH . They are creepy ads but everything connected to WH from the Super Bowl to her actual death is creepy .

        It also reminds me of the phrase used at the funeral “Let the believers believe .”

  11. Adding to my comment:

    If you add Whitney’s age she died (48 i.e. 4.8=12) and then add the Jennifer’s birth total = 31 and then add Whitney’s birth total = 36 (12+31+36 = 79 which will give you the exact age of Clive Davis – no find out how come he is promoting Jennifer Hudson – it will unfold as you dig.

    • hi- thanks for that . I intend to look into the numerology at some point, but I am the first to admit its not in my expertise area .

      • You dnt need to be an expert but its somthing thats even more coincidetal. Amy winehouse is the 27th member of the 27 club, which I believe is ritual. When you add up the dob of the person, you get the same number as the death !!

        I’ve only found 1 that doesnt add up

        (1942) 1+9+4+2=16 =1+6 =7 (1969) 1+9+6+9=25 = 2+5 = 7

        Brian Jones (1942-1969): Rolling Stones founder and guitarist. Jones was found dead in a swimming pool and was tagged “death by misadventure.”

        Robert Johnson (1911-1938): He was a Bluesman who recorded his influential set of 29 songs which inspired musicians after him. He is considered the first of the 27 club.

        Malcolm Hale (1941-1968): Hale was the original member of Spanky and Our Gang who died of carbon monoxide poisoning from a damaged space heater.

        Arlester “Dyke” Christian (1944-1971): Front-man and vocalist of Dyke & The Blazers, he was shot.

        Ron “Pigpen” McKernan (1973-1946): He was the founding member, singer and keyboardist of the Grateful Dead. McKernan died of gastrointestinal hemorrhage associated with alcoholism.

        Dennis Boon (1958-1985): Boon was the lead singer and guitarist of a punk band Minutemen who died when he was lying down in the back of a van which swerved off road and he fell from the vehicle and broke his neck.

        Alexander Bashlachev (1961-1988): He was a Russian rock musician, songwriter and poet who committed suicide by jumping from the window of the ninth floor of his apartment on Kuznetsova Avenue in Leningrad.

        Les Harvey (1944-1972): Harvey was the guitarist of Stone the Crows. He was killed on stage when he was electrocuted by touching a microphone with wet hands.

        • Hi Gemma -thanks for the comment . I only really know about Brian Jones and his death was highly dubious . Numerology isn’t my strong suit but definitely seem to effect events .

    • Are we connecting Darkness to pop music? Through it, Darkness plans to do what: destroy the physical world? On an occult level, this physical world isn’t real anyway, and the illusion of it will not last. Nothing here will have a lasting effect on Eternity.

      We’re attaching a lot of significance to a soul exiting a famous, talented, tortured and transient mortal body, and giving a lot of credence to the relationship of pop divas and the fate of the world. Is it possible that we’ve been distracted by the tragic loss of pop music’s queen and have superimposed it upon everything? There might not be anything more significant about Clive Davis’ promotion of Jennifer Hudson than profit motive. He has become mega-wealthy by promoting great talent.

      The number 9 in numerology signals endings, conflict, war. If that has significance to human birth, can someone help me connect those dots?

      • I don’t know about numerology, but to answer your question I would say that if the number 9 signals endings, conflict, and war, I would relate it to pain. The pain of human birth, which is usually follow by joy. Hopefully, that’s the case.

  12. Whitney Houston was a sacrifice for the Grammys, 2/11/2012 is an occult date.

    The Master of the darkness who is residing in a host human body will be anointed at the olympics through some sort of occult ritual, of course they could have another sacrifice.

    you can get more information at http://adventofdeception.com

  13. Jennifer Hudson isn’t all that “great”. Her American i-dull reject career got quite a boost after her family was killed and her new found superstardom is quite deliberate.

      • After her family died, she was EVERYWHERE. That’s what happens after ritual sacrifice. Why are you on this thread to debunk any opinions related to the theory of the blog post?

        • So sorry, I thought this was a dialogue. I certainly intend to debunk anyone’s opinion. Opinions cannot be debunked; only facts can. While your opinion is valid and I respect it, your facts were incorrect.

  14. Ok so I just got done seeing the clips from the grammys and it occurred to me after reading this post that whitney’s sacrifice was for Adele. Think about it she took home six grammys after only been in music for a short amount of time and this coming the day after whitney’s death and since she’s from great britain would it not make sense for her to be the one they use at the London olympics to showcase her newfound fame and glory.

    • There will be new goddesses . I just hope they don’t share the same fate as Whitney .

      The London Olympics opening ceremony will be very interesting .

  15. I would like to know what role does Jennifer Hudson plays in all of this, moreso Clive Davis – much will unfold. Someone mentioned that LL said to Adele “welcome home” (paraphasing)

    • If I were any of those girls, I would get on the next plane to a very isolated part of the world and stay there for the next two years .

  16. There might be “new” but they wont be in the enormity that Whitney was in, and it is going to frustrate many, for whoever they have been grooming in secret, will never be in the league as Whitney – I stand corrected, but that is what I have been sensing for days – much frustrations are going to take place 🙂

    • I agree to a large extent .None of the other girls have the same talent apart from maybe Adele but to be frank, doesn’t have the looks to carry it off on a mega scale .

      Also, she doesn’t have the same Diva personality as Whitney .

      They may try and convert Katy Perry but we’ll see .

      As you say, the grooming is in place so someone will be put forward but it will be difficult to carry off on the scale of Whitney.

      • Adele has just recently stated she is planning to take a few years off from the music industry to “focus on her relationship”. That seems plenty of time to groom her to become whatever they need of her

  17. Will comment later :)….but one thing I can say is that they will realise they got “rid” of Whitney before time lol..there will be round table meetings that will take place.

  18. Just saw a headline online that reads “WHY ARE SOME HOLLYWOOD STARS THROWING WHITNEY HOUSTON UNDER THE BUS ABOUT DEATH AND DRUGS?” there will be many, they were not brave enough to do it whilst she was alive, and now they have the guts to do so. She is no longer a threat to them in the music industry.

  19. WAS GOD FOREWARNING WHITNEY HOUSTON? DAUGHTER BOBBI KRISTINA HAD FAMILIAR INCIDENT NIGHT BEFORE (article I just saw)……the day Whitney died, I was watching Youtube clippings upon clippings of the late Princess Diana’s death, throughout Saturday until about 11:45pm. I kept saying to God “when Princess Diana died, her death and funeral brought the world to a standstill, why am I watching this, is there going to be a death that will bring the world to a standstill”. I kept praying for people that I knew that are prominent. At about 11:45pm as I got into bed, I felt pain on the right side of my head, as though I had been hit by something, I jumped out of my bed and began praying again, as I felt I did not pray enough, but still had it deep within me, that someone’s death will shake the world. Two days before her death I saw articles of her, looked at her photos and said “should you decide to arise your comeback will cause eruptions in the music industry like never before” When news of her death broke I thought it was a joke. The country I live in is 8hrs ahead in time, so the time I got into bed, was the time she was either found or dead. God did give a warning, cause I believe the article was in the media of the daughter falling to sleep, I only read about it the day of Whitney’s death. But the “powers” that be must of blocked off people to either pray and wage war against death. Questions (1) why would Bobbi be in the same hotel (2) why would she fall asleep in the bath (3) why would the same that happened to Bobbi then manifest in her mother’s room the exact way the day before in the same hotel on the same floor, note Bobbi was found asleep in the bath, security was called (4) Whitney was found asleep in the bath, security was called (5) Bobbi survives, and Whitney does not (5) Ray J receives several miss calls from Whitney, but does not answer, yet rushes to the hotel, when he hears of her death (6) police do not want anyone near Whitney’s body, WHY????? (7) her aunt said she laid the dress out on the bed Whitney was going to wear that night, and walked out the room (7) did someone perhaps “commit suicide” on that floor before (8) water running, a man says that water was dripping from ceiling into his room, when he went to investigate he realised it was coming from Whitney’s room, how would he know this if he did not enter the bathroom, as she was still laying in it. (8) she pushed drugs, how is it the police keep saying she died of drugs, then say little water was found in her lungs, she was not murdered, the story of how she died keeps changing (9) articles said, she was found with her head immersed in water, why???????….I am acting like a detective with all these questions, that do not have any answers to them. And lastly, what if there was someone in the room that nobody knew was there, who actually knows EXACTLY what took place. Whitney was in the same hotel FEbruary 12, 2011 and a year almost to date she dies in the hotel.

    • I read that about Bobbi being in the bath but my suspicious mind wondered whether there was something in the bathroom, water or plumbing system which caused them to pass out .

      Everyone has ‘predictive’ powers within them and am not surprised by your experience . I think what happens is that our Mind (with a capital M) sees the future events and this is relayed to our conscious mind (with a small m) but because it has no terms of reference, does not get the full picture but realises something is going to happen . An example could be that when driving a car, you suddenly slow down approaching a bend and you discover an accident in the road on the other side of the bend . I find its always worth exploring intuitive experiences .

      Its in the police’s nature to look for the simple answer (most of the time they’re right) so don’t expect any surprises from that quarter .

      • Frank, I do not know if you have connected the dots yet. But if there is to be a male sacifise this year then it is william. all the signs are there from his birth to his wedding.

        • Hi Tom – It would not surprise me if there was a male ‘sacrifice’ this year to balance the energies . I knew someone was for the chop with OBL and Whitney Houston but didn’t know who but in hindsight it was the logical choice, from their insane view . Do not be surprised if its someone who you haven’t considered but afterwards it couldn’t be anyone else .

  20. And I know it might have been said somewhere in the comments or even in the article, but I just have to say.. an ‘M’ is an upside down ‘W!’ Hmmm!

    If this Triple Headed Goddess Worship ala Hekate… has anything to do with the culmination of some type of event at the Olympics.. which I think will have to do with some sort of fake ‘alien invasion’ which will ‘usher in the New Word Order..’ those kinds of story lines are even in Dr. Who, check out the 2005 version, which is fun, sci-fi to watch anyway.. I think you may have written something about Dr. Who at some point.. but anyway.. if this is all part of the ‘Ritual’ then it might be a doozy then… I don’t envy those who will be at the Olympics.. I want no part of it now. But, anyway, aka ‘David Icke’ and the aliens.. perhaps ‘they’ whoever they are, demand a sacrifice (they do, ofc) and this is all working up to it….. I have read as such in esoteric documents.. but it is ofc all hard to prove something like that, but fun to peruse nonetheless.. I heard btw, that there were EXPLICIT INSTRUCTIONS to NEVER LEAVE WHITNEY ALONE!! Especially if she was taking a bath… Yet, she was left alone that night.. all it takes is a bit of neglect, doesn’t even have to be a ‘ritual killing’ or something… one of her caretakers must have been lured away somehow or another one got switched or whatever.. who knows. Or that could even be hearsay, disinformation.. whatever it is, we know it’s rather strange.. and sad.. and unneccessary that this happened.

      • I think the Hecate aspect is linked . I was thinking of including it in the posts but didn’t want to over complicate everything .

        I grew up with Doctor Who but since its return, it has story lines which mirror many conspiracy theories . It may just be artistic licence .

        The M & W sent shivers down my spine . I thought something was up when I watched Psycho on the television on Saturday night which shows a woman being murdered in the bathroom . I didn’t want to watch it but something inside me did . It made a strange sort of sense when I woke up on Sunday morning to the news .

  21. I met someone last night who was declared criminally insane in NY. She was talking about all of this and no one believed her. I looked in to it on my own and it all makes sense! i even found a video of a classified government meeting discussing all of the future plans and killing methods of hundreds of people. I guess they just don’t want people to believe her. I knew she was smart! I had NO IDEA that all of this was going on. She even has the demonic and secret society tattoos on her. She felt so scared that she felt like she had to join or they would harm her because she knew too much. This is too damn scary.

      • ‘they’ pressure those who have large influence on the world either by fame money or power to join infact most are threatened or brainwashed, as ‘they’ can use this to manipulate the once innocent person to using their ability to influence to their own personal advantage. A ‘nobody’ so to speak like me or you would have apply, attend meetings then be judged by others whether we would be appropriate for the ‘brotherhood’

  22. Do any of you think Whitney knew she was going to be sacrificed? What was in that note she passed to Brandy? A goodbye note? I wonder if high profile stars make some kind of deal for extreme fame and have to pay with their lives. Just a thought.

  23. This is all so sad to know and see a ritual preformed publicly on stage while her body lay in the same building. I’m a young female from England and know all to well mainstream news is an illusion, her death was shown on our teles as if the body was taken straight away, but due to the shocking news that detail was misinterpreted by the viewer by the way they showed it. That aside the ritual is just a sneak peek of what the highest (i’m talking undergoverment leaders) ‘they’ have to do to get to where they are. Targeting bobbi kristina the night before whitneys death it just doesnt add up to make me believe she wasnt murdered. An interesting detail The Bodygaurd – whitney (rachel) stays at beverly hilton hotel in there too, and is almost killed on her big night, blurred and smurred with romance to keep us away from the actual plot for the movie.and her life. Such a loss, God bless her for having strong belief in good. May she rest in peace.

  24. Sorry to go on, it may shock us all that the shobiz industry is all but a money machine and an illusion, Whitney says herself in dionnes interview 2002 she doesnt enjoy music anymore, she loves singing but the music industry is all about money, you can see from all her interviews she nevers says what she’s actuslly thinking. She held her head high to those who worked within the industry around her though when a fresh faced innocent fan appeared she always showed her true humble side. This illuminati have laid their foundations for too many years highly intelligent ‘architects of the world’ we are too set in our daily lives to even think of creating a good force to fight back and raise awareness to others with. A new revolution could lay right here with like minded people starting a new force just as the first men of freemasonary.

    • Hi Unknown – thanks for your comments . Even though I understand what you are saying, you are not a ‘nobody’ but are just as important as anyone else in the whole of creation 🙂

  25. Here’s another interesting comment from a poster that is shedding light on who will be next.

    Its just something small, but do you think that there is a chance of it being anymore:

    I was thinking of the three big musician deaths that have end up being drug related the past 3 years—Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston.

    Lets just say hypothetically there is a secret society(i am kind of in between on whether that is true or not)

    Do you think there is a connection with this:

    Michael Jackson(Muslim)—Remember he converted before he died?
    Amy Winehouse(Jewish)
    Whitney Houston(Christian)

    “From the age of 11, Gaga – who was raised Catholic – attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart, a private all-girls Roman Catholic school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.”

    Lady Gaga – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Didn’t a poster state earlier that Lady Gaga was looking totally afraid when Nicki performed?

    I changed my guess from Madonna to Gaga because like the previous poster on the previous page said she is technically jewish. Even if Madonna was raised Roman Catholic, it still does not matter because at the MOMENT she is under Kabballah/ Judaism.

    Just like Michael still was apart of the puzzle as a “Muslim” even though he was raised as a Jehovas Witness.

    Since Michael, Amy, and Whitney all died LESS THAN 5 years apart…….if the “mystery” Catholic is indeed Gaga, i do not see there being some huge gap before she dies.

    Because it would be weird if Michael died in 2009, Amy died in 2011, and Whitney died in 2012 and Gaga just didnt’ complete the puzzle until like 2020 or something.

    It just seems that the next person is going to be VERY soon because of how close together the previous three(Michael, Amy, Whitney) were.

    But would they really get rid of Gaga so early in her career?

    You know something funny that i just thought about guys. Alot of times people joke around and strongly criticize artists that they believe are going to overdose on some hardcore illegal drug like Meth, Cocaine, or Heroin…..

    But seriously can any of us remember the last time that a BIG NAME( I am not talking about someone barely anyone knows) musician/celeb dying of an illegal drug….

    It seems that in the past years it has been PRESCRIPTION PRESCRIPTION PRESCRIPTION

    Even propofol is considered legal.

    It has been legal drugs.

    2007—Anna Nicole Smith—-prescription pills
    2008—Heath Ledger—-prescription pills
    2009—Michael Jackson—-propofol(legal)
    2011—Amy Winehouse—–alcohol(a heavily taxed and legal drug)
    2012—-Whitney Houston—–YES i know everything is pending and we do not 100 percent know for sure yet but with what we have been learning it seems that its a mixture of prescription pills with alcohol.

    Whether it is Angelina Jolie( tea threads on her and Ted Casablanca both have hinted that she still takes heroin) or Gaga it seems that eventually we are going to have some big name celebrity actually overdose on one of the hardcore drugs and die.

    Or maybe that “A plus plus” rapper that CDAN spoke about months ago was addicted to heroin.

    EDIT: I REMEMBER MONTHS AGO i read a story on another website where someone was comparing the deaths of Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse and some similarities that they had.

    He talked about how both were scheduled to make big comebacks. And how both died in the summer when the “news cycle is slower than usual”(his actual words) .

    He also talked about how BOTH of them died at their ACTUAL HOUSES in their beds.

    ^So that time months ago when i read his take on it i was really intrigued by it.

    And i actually guessed to myself that there would be a HUGE musician death in 2012 that had VERY SIMILAR circumstances.

    Which i was right about..

    Except for one thing…

    I was surprised it happened in February.

    I kept saying to myself that it was probably going to happen in the summer again.

    But now i am thinking that since it happened SO EARLY we may get multiple deaths.

    I have a feeling(you can quote me from now if you want) that a musician/celeb(that is not as big as Whitney) is going to die from drugs in a couple weeks.

    Like how Janis Joplin died weeks after Jimi Hendrix.

    But even Whitney died earlier, some slight comparisons still match up. Like Michael and Amy she was also trying to make a comeback and even though she did not die in her own home she also died ALONE while resting

    • Hi Prudent – I know it sounds morbid but unfortunately, reading the runes I do anticipate another big name during the year .

      I don’t think it matters what the drug is . Once you’re addicted, you’re in trouble .

        • Hi Kala – nothing surprises me any more and yes, it is very creepy Obama is staying at the same hotel .

          I live in England and have seen the Area 52 episode inside the pyramid of Giza – there is something going on with ancient Egypt but only god knows what .

          Lindsay Lohan , Britney Spears and the rest should just give up their careers tomorrow . It will save them a lot of grief .

  26. Hi Frank, thank you for correcting, Yes we all have a purpose on earth.

    Is it too much of a coincidence that itv are airing ‘death becomes her’ just before Whitneys funeral or just harsh?! I remember the movie vaguely, though there’s a part which two characters are plotting a plan to kill meryl streeps character by covering her drinking glass with a alcoholic tranquilizer to then kill her. After which it doesnt go to plan meryl shoots goldie hawn character who is shown dead in the small pool. the movie seems to have a lot of egyptian ‘mytholgy’ and symbolism too. not seen the entire movie though i remember bruces character refusing to take the potion and falls from a height landing through the ‘creation of adam’ and he lives without being a ‘sell out’ to add meryls character is taken to beverly hills hostpital too :/ maybe read to much into it? i dunno…certainly reminded me of a certain unfortuante event!

    • I live in Britain and caught a quick glimpse of Meryl Streep in the film . For me, the Universe’s ‘coincidences’ show how inter-connected everything is .

    • Hi Diamond Pearl – Some readers have commented on King Tut – it maybe something or it may not . Its easy to get caught up in the details and get distracted away from the big picture .

      • To be honest, I don’t know what the Egyptian significance is but it does seem to be a part of it . Over the last few years we have had all sorts of strange ancient egyptian symboblogy such as Anubis floating down the rivers Hudson and Thames .

    • I would not be at all surprised . I have thought for sometime that someone must be keeping records which the concerned individuals are not aware of .

    • Its difficult to know what the whole picture is . What I do know is that her death was no accident .

      I wonder what your spiritual leaders would say to your interest in this 🙂 I believe we are given free will by god/universe/life (whatever your term) so do what you want .

  27. Haha, they wouldn’t be too happy. I was born into a religion, though I am not a devote (my parents and many around me are), I am also entering a career which goes against my parents beliefs and principles, though it is a choice I have made. I do believe in a God and good and evil. I too have strong belief in free will, and also aim to explore all religions as I believe they have a purpose for existing. Life is for learning 🙂

  28. Im worried something with happen on or around feb 25 2012 in san francisco/west coast usa. Big quake tsunami.Whitney just made ‘sparkle’ in 2011. Aaliyah was supposed to be in it……they were originally going to film it back in 01. aaliyah died a few days before 9/11 on august 25. This ties in with medusa/rome. look at cover of ‘medusa touch’ with plane flying into tower and exploding. aaliyah was to be in houston’s last movie in 2011. cancelled after her 2001 death, then made last yr. movie made before aaliyah died was ‘queen of damned’ she played medusa. look up medusa myth. madonna as athena? ancient roman medusa head on display in legionofHonorSF nov til feb 19 (WH burial). bay bridge closed PrezDayWknd, during WH burial. WH medusa punished for affair with sea (bath) by athena (madge). sf is New J, olympic myth derives from hebrews. golden gate bridge sf ties to golden gate in jerusalem. that disaster as well as 9/11 have connections to medusa and the death of whitney/aaliyah (sacrificed before 9/11.) Notice that kate moss pic someone posted above, yes…..shes dressed as a nun and also, that is actually her as medusa in the first one with the red eyes. Look up pictures of medusa holding a sword between her legs too. I could say so much about this but i dont have time to make all the connections here but it’s all about the medusa starting with 9/11 and ive heard so few people connect this but it needs to be. Nicki minaj with huge Versace medusa on her dress while she walked around red carpet with pope. The head of the medusa was on display in SF from nov til feb 19, the day of whitney’s burial. Also the day the cornerstone was laid (feb 19 1921) for the greek hilltop museum it was displayed in (SF as new Jerusalem…same layout). Temple mount ties in with mount Olympus directly, even accoding to jews. The museum (California palace of the legion of honor) is also built over a huge graveyard. City of SF bought the graves at the end of the american rd in 1867. graves are under the legion of honor museum, designed after athena’s temple. area purchased by sf in 1867 (s.1867 ndaa, civil war). originally known as Golden Gate Cemetery under the medusa head museum. overlooks the golden gat bridge. 1st rd across America (Lincoln h-way.. obama is lincoln? ndaa/civil war tie) rd goes from Times Sq across usa up sf hill to museum. street name changes before reaching museum to ‘way of the sea.’ he signed that bill on nye; timessquare to 1867

  29. Frank, after reading this i ran across the Volkswagen logo. Your thoughts..
    Illuminate are slick hiding symbols in plain sight.
    V over W inside a circle.

    • Hi there- thanks for your comment . I have come to believe the triangle or pyramid shape, either upard or inverted is connected to the triangle of Sirius, Procyon and Horus . Now I haven’t been able to work out yet exactly why but there is a link with mirrors or twins so I see VW as three x V . I’m not a numerologist but there will be a reason for it .

      If my memory serves me correctly the V in the Kabbalah is = 6, so some say it is 666 but again, I think this is linked to Sirius, etc .

      The circle is the symbol for the Goddess . It was seen very clearly at the Super Bowl with the M in the circle .

      Anyway, that’s my opinion for what it’s worth .

  30. God gives those who is searching with good intentions parts of the puzzel so we all can figure it out or work or come togeather mystery babylon has been in exsitence for a long time nothing here is new there is so many angles and roades that all lead to mystery babylon the octerpus has many legs in my opinion its all demon whorship luminati voodoo witchcraft all serving there hateful master. Yes God is in controll but people who dont believe are like sheep to the slaughter without a sheperd i come from a people that does wierd things and say there saved that made me to start looking into things the bible says in the last days God will pour out his spirit upon all flesh and people will have visions and dreams knowlege will be increased just like the stuff we are discussing who would of imagined sacrificing people for aliens or godesses basically falling angel whorship i know that the statue of liberty reps a godess given by the masons prob diana shes also in the bible acts chapter 17 18 19 revelations talks about what is happening now not only revelations but Jerimiah and ezekiel and Daniel are in depths to the secrets of the illuminatis Satanic deceptions the world is undersiege and has been dooped by secret occultist working hard for thiere master whaterver you call him or how ever you dress him up Lucifer is the highest of thier gods all the rest in my opinion are falling angels who want to be whorshiped Imm here in seattle and i have exspirienced alot of demonic things but i have seen the power of God fighting them off also Prayer is the key but not baby prayer you got to put in time fasting reading equipting and strenthining your spirit the bible says in the last days the wicked will get worse and continue to do so and the rightous will shine brite like you all are shining with the truth and knowledge to help all mankind yes i believe God will continue to protect us right up to the ushering in of the Antichrist god man and then the Rapture theyll say the bad people are removed and then they will freely openly whorship devils like there doing now trust God and his word its real everything that we are exspiriencing is in there i saw alot of evil forces at work here in Seattle much prayer is needed Gods angels are being dispatched in droves all over the world because more people are waking up everybody will not be the frog in the pot boiling and only realizing it to late. they sacrifice to try to stop what God is going to do war and things gang member shootings are the cause of witches and warlocs wizards using demons to put out spells to get satans quata there has to be blood shed to get more power and to please there demon gods. It all in the book of JERIMIAH AND EZIKIEL . God loves us people sell out for alot of reasons usually fame and fortune the devil tells them they have gifts and he can help them develop them like he did EVE he took her birth rite and gave her his. thats what he does to everybody and then tell them the bible isnt real it was written by man but yes it was but inspired by the Holy spirit . all those demonic doctrin papers and books were written by me to the illuminati books mason books witch books other religion books were too . The bible is the word of God it is super powerful full of everthing we need to know about what is going on now read psalms 91 thats powerful use it in your prayer against the forces of evil and the lords prayer and 23 psalms isaiah 41 v 10 God will help those that seek and trust and believe i felt whitney was my sister i cant believe what happened to her i ask God y i had my exspirience with her also the night she died i was at a friends it was a big moon i remember looking at it he asked me if i had whitney or michael j on my i pod i said no he wasnt sappose to have company i had to hide because the owner was comming a beer can was in the middle of the room floor where i was hiding before the owner came to look in the room i rolled it under the bed or he would be kicked out then they left i waited for and hour and went home i wanted to here some gospel so i had a tape player under my bed i pulled it out to put in a gospel tape the tape that was in there was WHITNEY i took it out to play the gospel it wouldnt play so i went to bed the next evening i got out of bed went in the kitchen to eat i saw my family watching the news i saw it was about whitney i asked y is she on the news they said she died i was so sad and shocked i told them i just took her tape out of my player before i went to sleep it tripped me out it made me pray more and seek God more the illuminaty are no joke they are servants for evil angels but read revelations 17 through 19 God has a plan for themm i love God he is so beautiful and i love you guys also everybody thank you all for talking about this

  31. The Pharaoh sarcophagus seen at the church Whitney grew up in were actually the property of the funeral home. Try to pay attention to detail. Remember the owner (of funeral home) in a press conference inside her building attacking accusations directed to her employees that a photo had leaked out of Whitney in her casket. There were sarcophagus’ behind her as part of the egyptian decor. Beware of sertain fanatics who started this “errie” detail on Youtube. The are the same groups who have tried to “demonize” the USA and her citizens. Whitney was sacrificed and water was the most prominent element to be used. I believe they kept her in water during the hours her body was left at the Hotel… Listen to the song she sang “I look to You”, she knew she was going to be sacrificed… That song for written for her more that 15 yrs ago by R Kelly. She felt back then it was not time to sing it. God gave Whitney an angellic voice to bring good people messages. Hark the Her… Angels Sing for God. “I Look to You”, was Whitney’s gift to GOD as she knew whe was going to see him soon. Her angelic dress and love assured her an escorted path to our Fathers Kingdom. She was ready to go home.

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