Whitney Houston, Madonna And The Queen

On 10th Feb, I wrote :

“So who will be the sacrifice ? The theme for this year appears to be Goddess worship, with Madonna channelling an Egyptian pharaoh at the Super Bowl and the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth on 6th Feb, so I imagine it will be connected to the feminine . It may not even be an individual but will be linked in some way with females . If it is an individual, she will be a big name .”

In this post, I will attempt to explain the occult agenda which culminated with the sacrifice of Whitney Houston . Make no mistake, Whitney Houston’s death was a sacrifice . I don’t know how her death was organised but it was the last act in a triple header of Goddess worship .

Last year, we had a similar period with the Royal Wedding, the beatification of John Paul 11 and the death of Osama bin Laden . This year we have the Goddess worship seen at the Super Bowl, the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth in Britain and the sacrifice to the Goddess of Whitney Houston . Occultists love the ‘it comes in threes’ rituals .

First up was the Madonna Egyptian goddess performance at the Super Bowl on 5th Feb. I won’t go into great detail about this as others have written good stuff but will make my own observations about the Super Bowl . The main aspect of it was the channelling of an Egyptian goddess by Madonna who received the worship from the audience at the Super Bowl and the millions (billions?) watching on their televisions and computers .

When I looked at the images the next day, I was struck by the M logo displayed prominently within a circle divided into four quarters . Madonna, of course will say this is just connected to her initial letter . Readers to this blog have illuminated me with regards to the circle :

From tman :

The upside down “M” or “W” is marked with another symbol – the sacred circle filled with a cross…this is what the top search on google returns for that symbol:

CIRCLE (Quartered): The sacred circle filled with a cross, four equal lines pointing from the center to the spirits of the north, east, south, and west — or to the basic element: earth, water, air (or wind), and fire. In Native American traditions, it forms the basic pattern of the MEDICINE WHEEL and plays a vital part in major spiritual rituals. Many contemporary pagans consider it their main symbol for transmitting the energy of the goddess.

From Information :

The “quartered” circle is also the Annunaki symbol of Nibiru according to the ancient Sumerians(see Zecharia Sitchin’s “The 12th Planet”.

It should also be noted the Mayan Long Count Round Calendar is also a circle cut into four quarters.

M is the 13th Letter of the alphabet as in the Mayan Calendar flipping to the 13th B’aktun on December 21st, 2012.

If it was an accident the circle symbol was used, then I’m the Queen of England 🙂

After the death of Whitney Houston, the M symbol used at the Super Bowl took on a sinister look . From the angle of the audience and cameras, we only see the M symbol but from the performers view it turns into a W with Madonna, jumping and down on the W in knee high leather boots .

The other aspect of the Super Bowl which jumped out at me was the Black and White symbology used . ‘Black and White’ is used to demonstrate the duality of our existence but at the Super Bowl I was struck that all the performers, apart from Madonna, appeared to be black and subservient to the white Snow Queen, Madonna . First, we had the death of the black God, Michael Jackson and now we have the death of the black Goddess, Whitney Houston .

After the Super Bowl, we then had the next act in the Goddess ritual . In Britain, the 6th Feb marked the 60th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth 2 to the throne of England . Actually there were very few public events, which are being saved up for June when the weather is a bit better . The Queen visited a school in Norfolk, England and a 41 gun salute was held at Hyde Park and a 62 gun salute at the Tower of London . Even though it was more subdued than the Super Bowl, the result was the same and again, we had a Goddess receiving the adulation from her minions .

We then move onto the final and to the occultists, most powerful ritual – the sacrifice of Whitney Houston . The Old Testament from the Bible has examples of the sacrifice of the first born son to the masculine God, Jehovah . In the case of Whitney Houston, it is the sacrifice of the daughter to the female Goddess .

The post mortem results released to the public will probably put her death down to drugs and alcohol . As I said previously I dont know how it was done but be assured there is more to the death than mixing prescription drugs and alcohol . From her past history, I would have said her body was used to toxic overload .

So why was Whitney Houston selected ? The deaths of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston have now removed the black God and Goddess but as the saying goes “The King Is Dead – Long Live The King”, they will be replaced by individuals more in tune with the agenda of the occultists . Step forward, perhaps, Jay Z and Beyonce ?

I think her colour was a major factor in the sacrifice . Her name Whitney originally meant White Island and in her early career, she had to deal with criticism for selling out to ‘whitey’ and the domination of the white Madonna at the Super Bowl indicates there is a racial element to the death ritual (I am white, by the way) .

Unfortunately, I think there will be similar events throughout 2012 . I don’t know whether 2012 has any real spiritual significance but it appears to be important to ‘someone’ . I see 2012 divided into two parts – firstly, the run up to the Olympic ritual in London and then onto 21/12/12 .

Whitney Houston is just the start .


NB : Decakard666 pointed out the synchronicity of Whitney’s middle name Whitney Elizabeth Houston considering the Queen Elizabeth aspect to the ritual .


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40 thoughts on “Whitney Houston, Madonna And The Queen

  1. GREAT post.

    Hollywood is definitely a sinister place, I can only imagine who will be the next sacrifice. Many people still think Spears is next, and I agree. She commented on Houston’s death a few days ago, her eyes still have that tired look of discomfort. She’s going to marry her handler. She’s working on her 8th album starting this December and it will be released sometime next year. They’re milking her out of every dime she has. Regardless if anyone wants to admit it or not, her performances now are terrible. Then when they’re done with Britney, they’ll kill her off. Most likely due to “drugs”. They’ll just keep spinning the wheel till the next one is taken out of here. 2012 will be the year of shock, hopefully it won’t be. We’re still early in the year, so there could be more sacrifices made. When I heard that Madonna was going to perform at the super bowl, I knew i HAD to watch. No surprise of how ritualistic her performance was. I thought to myself, ” this is a set up for something”, and what made it even shocking is that MIA was with her. I thought she was one of those “anti- hollyweird” type of artists. I guess she’s going to get caught up in the game too. Whitney was a beautiful and talented woman and it’s a shame what happened.

    • Its difficult to know how much the performers are aware of whats going on . It may be that Madonna was offered a large sum of the money and knew nothing about the ritual but knowing her Kabbalah background, I would be surprised if she didn’t ‘get’ that something was going on .

      I’m sure many artists are innocent and just take the money, but unfortunately find themselves in the crosshairs . Just compare the artists at the beginning of their careers to the end .

      Corey Feldman’s experiences are a good example of the darkness within Hollywood and Los Angeles (the city of angels, I don’t think) in general .

      I think Britney has a strong survival streak, so lets keep our fingers crossed for her .

  2. Madonna knows damn well what is going on, she is in on it and though she is a monarch slave, she will continue to serve the illuminati until someone is able to get through to her. She simply doesn’t see that her time will come and it will come quickly, and I think she believes those sick individuals she serves will actually spare her, much like those who serve Satan and believe the lie that Satan can protect them from hell fire.

    And you better believe that there will be more casualties. I was at church and there was a prophecy for all of the churches to pray for Mel Gibson. Satan would do all he could to take him out this year. Not looking at his past or anything, the Lord says he will make a film that reveals who the devil really is and that film will win 75% of this generation to Christ. It won’t be because of what he’s done, it will be b/c of the impact of that film; in other words, what he will do..

    The only good thing in all of this is that I am certain that Whitney’s soul was not lost and she suffers no more. Satan took her out before her time, but he did not win in the end. God bless you, Whitney…now you rest surrounded by the angels.

    • Hi Tutu – thanks for the comment . I’m a generous fellow and like to believe the best in everyone but obviously not being part of it, can only point out the significant factors . I’m also confined by libel laws – I don’t want my blog to disappear over a minor slip up .

      I can’t say what will happen for the rest of the year but expect fireworks .

      I don’t believe in Death so I am sure wherever Whitney is, she’s ok 🙂


    Think about the size and scope of what is about to become public knowledge if this story breaks open and becomes mainstream.

    Think about how meticulously these plans have been followed — literally for centuries — and how this will be the first time that it has ever been exposed on a global level.

    For some in the Order, this exposure will be a tremendous disappointment. However, many other members will be spectacularly relieved — and they are going to need our help and support when this happens.

    The Illuminati seem to have responded to this imminent exposure by staging the most dramatic, blatant, in-your-face public ritual during the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday, February 5th, 2012.

    This was the most-watched show in the history of television.

    Super Bowl Program Most Watched Ever – 111.3M Viewers

    NEW YORK (AP) — For the third consecutive year, the Super Bowl set a record as the most-watched television show in U.S. history.

    The Nielsen Co. said Monday that an estimated 111.3 million people watched the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots on Sunday night. That narrowly beat the 111 million who watched Green Bay’s win over Pittsburgh last year….

    Madonna has some bragging rights, too. Her halftime show was seen by an estimated 114 million people — a higher average than the game itself – and was the most-watched Super Bowl halftime entertainment show on record, Nielsen said.

    Tuam Libera Mentem!


  4. Great post! And if you did happen to watch the game, #44 ran right down a small opening and landed a touchdown! Oh, let me rephrase…The patriots (Americans) and the Giants (NFL+M) provided a very small birthing canal for #44 (mixed dna – sons of God, daughters of men) to slither right through the hole/opening, turn around like a good fetus being born should, and plop right between the two masonic J & B pillars *cough* goal posts *cough* and score a touchdown. IMO both teams had to be in on this one and it was very clearly communicating that someone/something was being born. Couple that with the nipplegate of prior years and we just might be onto something!

    • Thanks for the compliment – being a sportsman I find it difficult to believe the game was fixed but there have been too many examples of fixed games in all sports, especially where big money is involved .

      The Super Bowl half time extravaganza is choreographed to a T, even the “mistakes” .

      • The game wasn’t fixed. The main factor was the half time ritual setting. The number of people watching and praising this event; not knowing they were giving praise to something or someone.

        Remember, Whitney passed on the night before the Grammy Award Ceremony. The night of the Ceremony a youny woman gave a weird devilish performance, flames and all; for the audience and the individuals watching via TV and other means. She pre-sented a smear of the Pope arm and arm with her at the end of her per- formance. This is choreographed beyond words, confusing.

        • Hi Prin- thanks for the comments . I couldn’t make out the Grammys but was just staggered Clive Davis went ahead with his party – grotesque .

  5. Great post!. I think that all this stuff is made to get energy to start witht all the black God´s blessings ,a huge new war in Iran… (Do not forget where Ishtar, Goddess of war and sex was originally worshipped). Moreover, the place where Madonna wanted to take the Super Bowl audience in her last song was….HOME ( HELL). That means that we are all in trouble…

      • We are not in trouble. Get to know the GOD of all creation, intimatelly. He hails all power. Remember the devil is not an original creator: only copies or tries to steal what the GREAT ONE-GOD has spoken into instance. JESUS came to destroy the works of the devil. He paid the price for us to have this authority and power.

        I read a few minutes before, I saw your post Whitney Houston”s, daughter, Bobbi Kristina fell asleep in the bathtub, in the same Hotel the night the before. Security had to unlock the door, after no response from her. When individuals are close in relationships or friends, sometimes, the demonic spirits shift; from not being able to distinguish between them. Rituals must remove or destroy before they can accomplished intended mission.

        The devil is not an originator of anything, copies. Pray all GOD’s enemies come to repentance. He doesn’t want anyone to fall short of his glory. Much love.

  6. You twisted, sick imbeciles REALLY need to get lives. You are unbelievable – the lot of you.
    God Almighty, get off the computer and do something with your pathetic existences, you nutjobs. 4 years INTENSIVE psychotherapy and as many meds as possible – and that’s just for starters.

    • Hi Todd – a few years ago, I held your opinion but a personal experience changed my mind . If we are so sick how could I anticipate the death ? Coincidence – its happened too many times for that .

      And how do you know we are nutjobs when presumably you have never met me or any of the readers ?

      “Don’t shoot me – I’m just the messenger” and if you don’t like the message, that’s your problem .

    • There is a spiritual world; just as their is a natural world. Everyone is spirit, soul and body.
      Spirit comes from the spirit of GOD. Soul is your mind, emotion will and thinker. They live in a body.

  7. Yeah I agree with you Frank. Todd how can you generalise, just because you can’t see it yet,doesn’t mean its not true. The fact is the music industry along with ALL other industries are run by Satanists. Most of “Hollywood” wears the red kabbalah string, and Kabbalah is the ancient jewish art of conjuring up spirits, which they do through ritual (Madonna’s Superbowl “performance” and they usually come in threes. Madonna, QE2 Diamond Jubilee and then poor Whitney. What also wasn’t reported by the MSM (Mainstream Media, which incidentally is owned by them – Rothschilds own AP & Reuters which supply ALL the news) crucially, is that Whitneys daughter Bobbi Kristina was found in exactly the same place and situation, the day before, which I think means they tried it with her first, but it didn’t work, so they took out Whitney ELIZABETH Houston…… The MSM will put it down to drugs and alcohol, just as they have done in countless other instances (Heath Ledger, MJ etc…) The fact is this was a sacrifice, which the people that carried it out did to gain more occultic power. Their “religion” goes back to the babylonian times, it is called the Babylonian Mystery Religion. They “take out” people who no longer want to be a part of this global conspiracy fact. MJ tried to warn us, by saying we have 4 years to put it right in 2008 (now 2012) in his “This is It” video and Whitney spoke about the Dark forces at work in the music industry in an interview in 2010, entitled “nothing but love tour interview 2010”. These “people” are heavily into numerology and things happen at specific times and dates, at their behest. You have to remember that the people behind this are THE most rich & powerful people in the world and they will stop at nothing to carry this plan out, for Lucifer, who they worship and sacrifice children and adults too. These “bloodlines” are ancient and extremely occult orientated. Also they are related, for instance Madonna is related to Brad Pitt, who is related to GW Bush, who is related to Obama, who is related to our QE2 and so on. Read the Synagogue of Satan, by Andew Hitchcock to start to get the story. This has been carried out through secret societies, in particular Freemasonry, which is based on Kabbalahs magic-practicing arts. It all comes from the same source. This is all about the original great controversy between good and evil, this all comes from Satan/Lucifer/Amun Ra/Devil/Old Nick/Santa Claus, whatever you want to call him. This could not have been co-ordinated on such a worldwide scale and with such precision, without “outside” help…. As Brad Pitt said in fight club “our great war is a spiritual war” and it is…

    • hi Paul – that about sums it up . I also find the BB accident in the bath suspicious and am sure there is a connection to WH death .

  8. From the beginniing I kept sensing something demonic was sent in advance, before Whitney Houston’s death. I asked GOD to show me. A short while ago, i came upon your ritual information directed toward her. It was stated years ago, demonic rituals had been done to get her fame and gift. People have no idea the demonic world is harmful to them.
    Let them choose as they will.

  9. I posted something on Lipstick Alley and I would also like to post it here. I was looking at some pics this morning and I found it strange that certain costumes Whitney wore in the “Body Guard” were similar to the costumes worn at the super bowl and the robe Nicki Minaj wore on Grammy night, Whitney also wore a robe in the Body Guard. Okay. It will not allow me to post the pictures but you can check them out on this link:

    Please tell me what you think because I don’t know what to make of this. Thanking you in advance.

    • Thanks Prudent – that is very creepy . If its ok with you I’d like to add a post to see what readers views are .

      I saw there was a lot of interest over at Lipstick Alley which is not my normal readership ! But am really glad that even if Lipstick Alley readers dont believe all this stuff, they are at least prepared to discuss it .

  10. They are deluded, nothing they do can give them equal power to Yah. They face eternal damnation and there is NO escaping it

  11. Hi, I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet but there was a egyptian statue mummy outside of the baptist church whitney houstons service was held at. The mother and daughter walked right by it and didn’t seem to be phased like it was something normal to see a egyptian mummy statue outside a baptist church. hmmm i wonder what that statue represents.

  12. Daughter,
    I can’t find anything to back up your observation. Can you post pix or video. If that is in fact true, I may have a reasoning to your query

  13. And to add I thought it was outside the church but it was outside the funeral home, there are pictures of the church with it and I thought the statue was outside it but it was outside the funeral home.Nevertheless it coincides with the madonna and niki minja egyptian theme.

    • Hi Aedriyuna-to be honest I don’t know . However given her fragile state at the time of death, I don’t think it would have taken much .

  14. Interesting, I wonder if the fact that she was a believer in The Lord Jesus Christ and would not recant that, had anything to do with her being sacrifced, that would mean she was a martyr as well.

    • Strange how it works – I had a similar thought last night re her and other Isis’ stars . I intend to have a look over the next few days .

  15. Clive Davis should be looked at very closely. I was recently watching the Life story of another one of the sacrafice Victims Phyliss Hyman. She was a great singer and was one of Clive Davis’s first artist under his CONTROLL. Shortly after she began to lose Star power he brought on Aretha Franklin and Dionne Warrick to be her Label Mates. Shortly after Phyliss Hyman was Dropped off the Label. Then he Signed a young talented Singer Named Whitney Houston who was also the cousin of dionne Warrick and Aretha Franklin’s God Daughter. HMMMMM something very fishy about that.. I dont have to tell you what happend to Phyliss Hyman but if dont know . Well she was found dead in a Hotel room overdoced on Pills. HMMMM something very fishy about that.

  16. Hi, Its true… I have a symbol appeared on middle of forehead diamond shape with a cross in the middle.. noticed 2 weeks ago light shines sometimes my sister and daughter seen it. I unbderstand Whitney houston died on my birthday in feb 11th 2012… fabulous beautiful woman excellent singer don’t understand what it is or what’s going on but its strange.. Goddess things are powerful.. madonna knows its real or she wouldn’t be doing that…..I need that symbol checked out by an expert its in the spot where baptised when was a kid… spiritual something going husband eyes attraced to the glow btwn the forhead but I think he also confused of it all…must just be some sort of goddess mythology…..

  17. After all that is said above: I hope may of your remember that one of the last songs Whitney was recorded as singing was: “Jesus Loves Me.”

    She knew in her heart and soul that something evil was lurking about.

    A poster, (above) wrote something to the affect of them being concerned about Britney Spears….yes, she is in trouble…….poor girl……..she’s cooperating again as you can see. Now they are back to working on Lindsey Lohan and Rihanna.

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