BBC – Shut Down the Internet

The BBC News website is showing an article which recommends we should shut down the Internet . According to Professor Alan Woodward who is from the Department of Computing at the University of Surrey in England, the cyber-security situation has got so bad we should close it down and start again . This time it should be properly regulated and surprise, surprise he says “global governance” is needed.

From the article :

Last year, the level and ferocity of cyber-attacks on the internet reached such a horrendous level that some are now thinking the unthinkable: to let the internet wither on the vine and start up a new more robust one instead.

While not a popular view, I think that the current internet can only survive if adequate global governance is applied and that single, secure technology is mandated. This is obviously fraught with the much rehashed arguments about control of the internet, free speech, and so on.

Just a few observations .

Firstly, if the BBC has allowed this article on its website, then ‘someone’ is considering shutting the Internet down and that ‘someone’ normally is connected to government, big business and the military . I don’t know anyone who thinks the Internet should be closed down .

Secondly, the phrase ‘global’ is now being used for all sorts of repressive measures . From the austerity measures in Greece and the rest of Europe to Global Law, we are being asked to hand over power and control to organisations far, far away .

Thirdly, because someone has Prof. in front of their name we are meant to bow to his superior intellect which knows whats best for us . In my experience the more titles someone has, the more stupid they are .

The Government Mind hates the Internet and its ultimate goal is not to stop the cyber attacks but to control the free flow of information . Before the Internet, ‘urban myths’ such as Bohemian Grove and the Bilderberg Group were thought to be the theories of crackpot conspiracy loons but the Internet changed that . As it stands, we can say almost what we want and the little secrets which we never used to hear about, now find their way into public knowledge .

The Internet is the Government Mind’s Frankenstein . It has turned on its creator and the creator is feverishly trying to rein it in . Well, it wont work . As the gay saying goes “we’re here, we’re queer – get used to it” . Probably not the best metaphor but you know what I mean .

And in conclusion, another, more childish saying seems appropriate : ” We know what you’re doing ” !


Source : BBC News .


12 thoughts on “BBC – Shut Down the Internet

    • Hi Peter – I thought you were talking about me for a minute πŸ™‚ The Beeb loves profs and phds to do their dirty work .

      By the way, thanks for giving me the heads up about Whitney on sunday .

      Sorry Peter – I have slightly amended your comment . Don’t want to get the blog taken down over two letters πŸ™‚

  1. This is such a load of malarkey!! I mean not your article, which is wonderful, but the fact that they want to do this??!! I read somewhere that originally the internet was actually let out to the public at large and was meant as a massive mind control tool.. but it turned out to be something so totally different.. a mind opening tool! And of course now they realize just how much of a mistake it was… how it got so out of hand.. they can’t control it, although they are trying, but since they can’t, they are trying to destroy it.. oh how quaint!!

    • It’s funny, how the multiple headed dragon of myth and lore is actually in a way the internet and also the Truth spreading like Fire across the World.. as more and more get their Truth on.. the internet was started by hackers anyway, and if they do manage to somehow shut it down or limit it, it will pop up again somehow.. hopefully.. funny, how ‘1984’ and the ‘Ministry of Truth, Security’ and whatever else is so true..! David Icke is right when he says that George Orwell wrote that book not out of merely his imagination, but because he was privy to inside information through some kind of society, I forget which one it was, but the story in that book consists of actual plans that the New World Order’ had in mind a long, long time ago.. only, they probably didn’t anticipate such an outpouring of mass Information and Consciousness.. there is most definitely a War on for our Minds and Souls… I’m sure I forgot to say something else in this reply and may have to reply again, but I get so incensed about this and my Mind on Fire that I just have to say something! Thank you for this forum… πŸ˜‰

      • Hi Riddle-good to hear from you . I don’t think they will be able to control the internet to the extent the control mind would like . I have no trouble with sensible safeguards against child porn, for example and criminality in general but you don’t need a sledgehammer to crack a nut .

        I’m not sure about Orwell knowing the agenda – creatives seem to have the ability to foresee future events . I think he recognised the consciousness which lies at the heart of governments, which wasn’t just confined to the Soviet system which he was warning about .

        I like the use of ‘malarkey’ – lovely word .

        • Oh, ur welcome Frank.. I think I used that word in honor of you Brits.. kind of a British slang word, isn’t it? Anyway, I also appreciate your view on Orwell.. I think that’s true. David Icke digs deeper but even though I may listen to him, I still won’t believe EVERYBODY, even someone as authoritative, knowledgeable, well read and researched as he.. he could be right, and know something, but I still like your interpretation. We always have to listen to our own intuition and reason first. Like the Buddha says – ‘Believe no one, even if it is me’ (paraphrase). So, anyway, thank you….

          • I think its easy to fall into a black and white split, which suits our world view but life is normally more complicated than that . I have read the vast majority of Orwell’s books and essays and can see his journey to ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’, without any sinister overtones .

  2. hey…accidentally found ur blog…interesting though….i myself have a similar blog, i subscribed and u may think my blog is very weak if you visit, but im just starting and i’m very young……….so i wish you good luck…and happy trails until we meet again.. πŸ™‚

  3. Scary stuff. And if they did shut down the internet, what would we do without it? Most people would sign on the new internet and start living out 1984. How would the rest of us function? We don’t remember how to do that. We don’t memorize anything. We don’t know basic things that we have always known, like how to grow food or anything. We are totally dependent on buying things. It’s a system today that you have to participate in or die.

  4. The internet should be shut down. At least for a short time. Perhaps a week. The point being, to remind people that they don’t need it. Sure, it has made revolutions, connected people across the globe, opened our eyes to the world, etc. But, have you ever spent time in the darker areas of the internet? So many places on the internet are filled with people who forget that they’re interacting with human beings or simply don’t care. Spend five minutes on YouTube, reading comments. Not all of the people you see posting comments like “faggot” or “this post/video/picture gave me cancer” are children. A very fair share of them are adults with average lives. ‘The internet hate machine’ is a cliche that isn’t that far off from truth. For every two people working together on the internet to achieve something, there are countless people bickering about nothing. I think the internet should be redone. Humans have a tendency to create technology that they’re not yet mature enough for, i.e. nuclear weapons. The internet is no exception.

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