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Occult Symbology Of The Monk-ees

We’re just trying to be friendly
So come and Hey, hey, we’re the Monk-ees
And people say we monkey around,
But we’re too busy singing
To put anybody down.


With the recent death of Davy Jones, I thought it might be interesting to see whether The Monkees had any occult/esoteric links in a similar vein to articles from Vigilant Citizen and others . The Monkees were the first properly manufactured pop band and if anybody from the 1960s were going to be used for occult shenanigans, it would be The Monkees and I was not disappointed .

Below is a video of The Monkees intro :


I will assume the reader has knowledge of the symbology, so I won’t go into great detail of the meanings .

I will start with the esoteric symbology contained within the video .

First up is the pentagram . Any respectable occult pop video should have a pentagram !

Here is the M logo on their fronts . Below is the M from the Madonna Super Bowl :

And lastly we have the Monkees logo . What jumped out at me here was the S at the end and if I didn’t know better, was in reality, a snake or dragon symbol . From Wikipedia :

“In religion, mythology, and literature, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin through moulting, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. The ouroboros is a symbol of eternity and continual renewal of life.

In the Abrahamic religions, the serpent represents sexual desire. According to the Rabbinical tradition, in the Garden of Eden, the serpent represents sexual passion. In Hinduism, Kundalini is a coiled serpent, the residual power of pure desire.”

Here is another symbol from an episode of the Monkees . The ‘skull and bones’ have become infamous in recent years as George W Bush, the former US President belongs to a secret Yale University society known as the Skull and Bones .

One of the claims made by Vigilant Citizen, etc is that Monarch programming is used in the videos and viewers are triggered by distinctives themes . It is alleged both “Alice in Wonderland” and Leopard Print memes are used and it seems The Monkees were ahead of their time . Firstly, the White Rabbit and then the caveman Leopard prints .

Numerologists may be interested to know the first episode of The Monkees was aired on 12th Sept 1966 – 12/9/66 or 9/12/66 depending if you live in America or elsewhere .

I was disappointed that I couldn’t find a clip of the ‘All Seeing Eye’ but the video is only 54 seconds from a full length film, so I’m sure it will be in there somewhere .

If this video is anything to go by, it would appear the inclusion of esoteric/occult symbology has been used for a very long time in the music industry . The Monkees were aimed directly at the 7-12 age group (a kind of friendly, drugs free Beatles for the kids) and I assume the symbols were included for the children as well .

It’s a different God to the one we know, folks !


NB : I have noted some comments by people worried that the inclusion of esoteric symbols in articles similar to this one may be aiding the ‘agenda’ . I have given this thought but consider the knowledge is better out in the open and as well, The Monkees demonstrate how long it has been going on for .

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8 thoughts on “Occult Symbology Of The Monk-ees

  1. Hello;

    Just so you know – that’s not one of the original Monkees movies and those aren’t the actual members of the Monkees. It was a made for tv movie produced in 2000.

    I do think there may have been some symbology in the show and *definitely* in their movie, “Head.”

    • I have amended the post just to include the original series .

      Thanks for that Lynn – you’re right . It looks like them though . I thought Micky Dolenz looked a bit strange but the rest are spot on . I’ll have to try and find some older footage . Mind you it shows the blatant symbology .

      I have included an original which is virtually the same, so I’ll leave the copy . I cant find footage with the high priestess but as the movie seems to be a virtual copy of the original Monkees, I feel safe in assuming they were in the original .

      I did watch ‘Head’ years ago and if I get the inspiration, I’ll try to find a new copy .

  2. Thanks for the post- you nailed the symbols used very well. We can never forget that anyone who ever reaches that much fame has signed a spiritual contract with the devil. Here’s a great link on Davy- cia asset.

    Also- these darksiders love their special evil numbers and are predictable. So on dates with 11, 13, 22, 33, 66 = these are frequently dates that ritual murders are done (ie 2-11 whitney and 2+29 = 2 11 Davy.

    • Hi Sky- the date was also a leap day . They are also into ‘Time’ in a big way, so the leap day is an indication something’s not quite right .

  3. Hi Frank, hope you are well

    Don’t know if you noticed these threads RE Houston.

    I like the analysis here, especially the runes and the link to the 7th rune used in the logo and the ‘Whitney Umbrella’, I find this to be highly interesting.

    Not only that, but in an unrelated post, the link fact the W.H. had Egyptian Sarcophagus’s placed at her funeral.



    If I were to go in to this further, I also had a strange experience today, when I was explaining this to a friend of mine and I 4 times, without my control, said ‘Wedding’ instead of ‘Funeral’…. even when I was aware that I made the mistake the first time, which I found bizarre.

    • Hi Paul – good to hear from you . There’s so much going on with Whitney Houston that its difficult to take it all in but I think even sceptics are now asking whats going on .

  4. wait, i am not quite sure i understand what you are saying… i just came uppon this site, because i had really typed in “where the Monkee’s believers in Alester Crawling?” i being a kid who loves the Monkee’s in this generation is a rarity, and i would like to make sure that i am not watching or listening to people who are involved in Crawling-ism, if you know any information about this topic, please send me a reply!

    • Hi Lydia – this site has nothing to do with Crowley . What I am saying is that the people behind The Monkees may have shared the same beliefs as Crowley .

      Please don’t let it lessen your enjoyment of the music of the Monkees, as it was great . Compare ‘The Monkees’ to ‘One Direction’ and there is no comparison .

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