The Occult Kony 2012 Agenda

Further to my last post Knock Out New York, KO-NY 2012 & 9/11, I thought I would attempt to clarify what it means in practical terms .

The Kony 2012 video is a very dark piece of ‘magic’, for want of a better word . Upon reflection, I doubt if it has anything to do with Uganda or Joseph Kony but for some reason, it has everything to do with his name . In the post, I used ‘Knock Out New York’ as a possibility but it may not have anything to do with New York but the links with Osama bin Laden suggest it may do .

The video is a mechanism to obtain the consent of the world for Kony 2012, whatever Kony 2012 is . My view is that it will be a very large false flag event, and is the culmination of a very long list of events which include the deaths of Diana, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, 7/7, 9/11 and sundry other events, stretching back many decades .

The problem is that we do not fully understand the rules of the game . We think we live in a five sense world where the physical world is stable and governed by laws of nature but in fact our reality is conditioned by our consciousness, and the physical reality emanates from this consciousness .

We believe we are isolated, separate beings but actually we are all connected and this is why the world’s consent to Kony 2012 is required . However, the force behind Kony 2012 doesn’t play fair and use manipulated tactics such as Kony 2012 to gain our consent . The magicians know at a conscious level we will not agree, so have to dupe the subconsious . What they would term agreement, would not stand up in a court of law but in this reality there are no laws .

In the same way, 9/11 has a numerological power I would suggest Kony 2012 is a similar esoteric ‘symbol’, whose meaning will only become clear with hindsight . We can only make an educated guess .

As I said before, the world’s agreement to Kony 2012 is needed and as of today, there have been 74 million hits which may or may not constitute consent . I really don’t know what the criteria are .

Humanity is literally at a fork in the road . Will we still continue on the road of fear, guilt and hate or will we choose the path to our real Home ?


4 thoughts on “The Occult Kony 2012 Agenda

    • Hi T -thanks for that . Uganda maybe part of it but as you can see, I think its purpose is far deeper and darker than just a normal psyops .

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