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Why So Sirius ?

Why 2

“I hear you call my name

And it feels like home .”

Madonna – “Like A Prayer”

Well, we know what your name is . It is ISIS but why does it feel like home ?

A reader, Mhr recently sent me a comment about the numerology of 9/11 and Isis : “Alternately (I’m sure you know this), I is the 9th letter in the alphabet and S is the 19th, reducing to 1. So ISIS is 9191. Close to 911…”  . Even though the letters and numbers don’t quite tally (I’ve been playing around with the numerology to include that the 2nd Tower was hit at 9 am) I feel Mhr is on to something here . In effect, I now believe 9/11 is in fact, code for Isis and that 9/11 was a ritual for Isis .

This would also explain the recent subliminal references to 9/11 that have been spotted in Kony 2012, Iron Sky, Katy Perry video etc – just transfer 9/11 for Isis . I also believe that 2012 itself is another code for Isis but can’t work out why . If anyone can decipher this, I would love to know . All the publicity given to 2012 through films, doomsday predictions, the Olympic logo and the media attention on 2012 is deliberate in my view, to focus on Isis .

So what is the purpose of all this . Why would a 9/11 and Whitney Houston sacrifice to Isis be needed ?

Many researchers such as Matthew Delooze and Ellis Taylor have written about spiritual extraction . Our lives are taken up with energy transfers between different individuals . We all know psychic  vampires who leave us feeling depleted and drained, and at times we play the same role . If you observe large national and global events, you will see the same dynamic at work . Large amounts of energy is transferred to the subject of attention, be it the Royal family, Presidents or sports and pop stars .

Yet it seems, it is not only positive energy that is craved but also extreme negative reactions that are needed . At the 9/11 ritual, the fear and other emotions which were released, were extreme and this energy was transferred to someone or somewhere . In fact, every time 9/11 is triggered in someone’s emotions the same energy transfer takes place but on a lesser scale . By now, you will probably realise that I think the final destination for this energy is Isis .

As one question is answered, that same answer only leads to another question and so it is with Isis . So who or what is Isis ? The easy answer is an ancient Egyptian goddess but I don’t think this tells the whole story . The people behind all these events are not stupid and I find it difficult to think they believe in a real Ra, Horus, Isis or whoever . I would imagine they think they are the Gods anyway  . So where does the energy end up ?

I am now going to veer off into David Icke territory, so be warned . The ancient Egyptians did not only have a wide range of gods to choose from, they were fascinated with astrology and the stars, especially Sirius .

From The Sirius Mystery by Robert Temple :

Sirius was the most important star in the sky to the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptian calendar was based on the rising of Sirius. It is established for certain that Sirius was sometimes identified by the ancient Egyptians with their chief goddess Isis.

The companion of Isis was Osiris, the chief Egyptian god. The ‘companion’ of the constellation of the Great Dog (which includes Sirius) was the constellation of Orion. Since Isis is equated with Sirius, the companion of Isis must be equated, equally, with the companion of Sirius. Osiris is thus equated on occasion with the constellation Orion.


There are many theories about why the ancient Egyptians were so interested in Sirius and in “The Sirius Mystery”, Robert Temple told of the Dogon tribe from Mali who said they were descended from the ancient Egyptians, and believed that visitors from Sirius had visited Earth thousands of years earlier imparting knowledge to the ancient Egyptians . One other story is that the ancient Egyptian pharaohs were actually an alien race from Sirius and that they are still around today in the various elite bloodlines of the world .

Anyway, back to Isis . Sirius was known as the “Star of Isis” and I now wonder if Isis is not code for Sirius, and that the energies released to Isis in events such as 9/11 and through the various individuals who dress up as Isis somehow ends up at Sirius, in a similar fashion to Monsters Inc . At first glance this seems ridiculous, but when you realise the universe is non physical it becomes possible .

In his Moon Matrix theory, David Icke proposed that the Moon was an artificial planetoid from which the emotional state of humanity was controlled and if you see the planets and stars as energy points connected to the consciousness of the Universe, then it is conceivable that the Isis energy is directed to Sirius .

The problem with these offworld theories is that there is no way of proving them, and they remain just theories . However, I am convinced there is more to ‘Isis’ than just ancient Goddesses – “ I hear you call my name, And it feels like home” ?

Postscript : Thanks to Paul . As if to prove a point – Madonna with “Lucky Star” . Nice pentagram earrings 🙂 .



16 thoughts on “Why So Sirius ?

    • Hi Bob – that’s the idea . Whilst I feel pretty sure about the Isis connection and couldn’t say for sure about Sirius, and its me playing with ideas but somewhere in there is a kernel of truth .

  1. I’m so glad my comment re: numerology was useful. I really feel you’re onto something too. Just saw this in the news – another evil portent:

    The churches around me have been noticeably ramping up their Easter hype, which supports your ‘Kony’ observations. They do Easter stuff every year obviously, but I’ve seen way more explicit crucifixion/torture depictions around, which disturbs me. The Christians I know practically start salivating when they talk about the crucifixion. Sickos.
    The PWTB are definitely putting an emphasis on this Easter. Because of this, I am choosing to not participate in Easter at all, not even in a light-hearted, secular way. Going to focus on other things. Don’t wanna contribute my energy to whatever kind of negative bullshit is going on…

    • Your comment was a god send . I wondered how 9/11 and all the subliminals fitted in, and your comment made it clear . But if you could just work out how Isis and 2012 link up … 🙂

      I saw that poster earlier and had intended to show it but wanted to wait to see the new Kony video and see if they connect. I’m always in two minds whether to show these type of images, as I know that is the intention but I don’t think my contribution will make a lot of difference to the overall picture .

      Easter is not about Jesus . It is a Horus/Osiris celebration – the masculine god . The blood rituals are disturbing but this is part of it . The bread and wine are meant to be the blood and body of Jesus – don’t worry about it, just get it down you . This is sick stuff !

      We will be moving from the Age of Horus/Osiris into the Age of Isis so it will be interesting to see how the rituals alter .

      If the death of Jesus has meaning, it is in the resurrection . Jesus did not die and neither does anyone . There is no death .

  2. My thought for the morning.

    I believe that Death is a part of all this. But what I cannot figure is this, and it is something that we should not forget as we speculate on ‘something bad’ being cooked up.

    Isis is essential good.

    By many she is considered as mother nature, she was forgiving and gave her ear to many from the rich to the poor and downtrodden.

    The “monsters and men’ music clip which I sent you before, is I believe isis fighting the beast, by becoming one with it. Isis is theoretically our salvation.

    I do not believe Isis is the final destination. My speculation would be that many see isis as our salvation… And that much of what you might interpret as ‘isis’ worship, is actually devil worship. My feeling is that this is all about luciferianism (if that is such a word). My take is that the ‘god’ (true god) in many peoples eyes is actually the ‘devil’ (although that is my least favourite name given to him. Wealth, power etc are forms of devil worship and most leaders and high ranking people in the world have these in excessive amounts).

    It is the Devil who is on his way back (and I know this makes me sound like a radical christian… but as you know I am not at all). Isis, holds the power to defeat him. Isis is the earth and the power to ‘create’and resurrect with word, she is the realisation of inner power.

    Read this article about Pike –

    … Also the subject of the ‘Palladium’ is very interesting to me (a hugh shopping centre has been built in prague with this name)


    What I truly believe is happening, is that there is a game being played out in front of our simple eyes.

    On one side, we have the church of ‘god’, of ‘christ’.. Who’s symbol of worship is their saviour being tortured, bleeding on the cross!!! )and a pope who is said to have been a Nazi….) Which I truly believe is ‘Satan’ pretending to be god. This is the deception. Most literature writes that the devil will return and we will believe him to be christ ‘our saviour’. He will come as a false prophet. The deception is that the Devil is the top man, and this is what most powers believe and we are being fed a lie. The Bad

    On the other side, is obviously those who wish to ‘let the truth out’. This may be in the form of ‘isis’ or not. The Good.

    But one thing is clear, it is not divided by religion. Jewish, Christian whatever, it doesn’t matter, it’s all one form of the lie.

    As I wrote yesterday, the pentagram is two pyramids. One upwards, one downwards. Good & Evil?

    Princess Diana. (diana – another name for Isis) Was and should be remembered as a truly good person. She went against the grain to ACTUALLY be a caring royal. This is part of the reason she was disliked by the establishment.

    Lets not forget about society as a whole. The model of society is much closer to ‘hell’ (subservient, owned by money and the banks, no time for family connection, etc) than it is to ‘heaven’ (freedom, compassion, understanding, community etc)… pop culture (kinky sexy shallow sex etc) is more about devil worship than anything else.

    My point is this. I am not sure ISIS is the evil one here. If we think that she is a threat, isn’t it possible again that it is all about missinformation. Assuming that The Devil is a false profit pretending to be good, then it is fair to assume that the same ‘organisations’ would be keen to have us believe that Good is in fact Evil?? I think that is a fair assumption no?

    • Hi Paul . In my opinion there are no Gods or Goddesses, Satan or Lucifer etc – there is just Life . Isis is not the evil one (she doesn’t exist) but the problem is that this non existent being is used for all sorts of manipulation of humanity . As I said in the post, I think Sirius and Isis are connected . It doesn’t really matter if its true or not, as long as someone believes something, even if it is wrong, it can effect large amounts of humanity – see Nazi fascism and Communism .

      On a metaphysical tangent, the female energy has been suppressed within the consciousness of humanity and I see this growing eg feminism and gay pride and some people refer to this as Goddess energy and have Isis as their term for this energy . In my view this is fine . At the end of the day, it is the motivation of the individual which is important . Jesus has been used to start wars and as an excuse for murder . Do we blame Jesus ?

      At the deepest level it is a choice between two forces – death or life . Death does not exist, and in the end there will be only one winner .

    • That saves me a bit of work . I received an e-mail yesterday referencing this programme and I intended to do have a look for it today and there it was . Thanks .

  3. (and sorry for referring to the pentagram, when I am clearly talking about a ‘hexagram’ 🙂 )

  4. Hi Frank,
    I was thinking that this Isis ‘meme’ all has to do with the Venus Transit/transition of the Sun on the 5th/6th June 2012. Look when QE is going to celebrate her Jubilee, culminating right on the 5th June to link in with all that lovely energy symbolism. And I won’t be surprised if William and Kate announce their first child expectancy soon before or just after that date.

    • Hi Diana

      Great to hear from you . I expect something at the Queens Jubilee and a pregnancy announcement towards the end would be the icing on the cake for the Royals . Wouldn’t it be strange if the conception date was 21/3/12 =21/12/12 birth .

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