Obama Is A Vulcan

Thanks to Paul (again !) .

From Wikipedia :Smaller and more regularly shaped is the Winter Triangle (also known as the Great Southern Triangle), an approximately equilateral triangle that shares two vertices (Sirius and Procyon) with the larger asterism . The third vertex is Betelgeuse . These three stars are three of the ten brightest objects, as viewed from Earth, outside the Solar System . Betelgeuse is also particularly easy to locate, being a shoulder of Orion, which assists stargazers in finding the triangle . Once the triangle is located, the larger hexagon may then be found .”

triangle 2

The image above is The Winter Triangle . As can be seen, this is the triangle between the three stars Betelgeuse, Procyon and Sirius . The ancient Egyptians were obsessed with Sirius and the stars close to it and they actually identified the stars with three of their gods and goddesses . Isis with Sirius, Horus with Procyon and Osiris with Betelgeuse .

As I have observed everything at present, and I mean everything, seems to do with Isis, Sirius and the rest and I think here is another example . I am happy to be proved wrong but it makes sense of a lot of current strange headlines, and I believe the V sign is code for the three Egyptian gods, Isis, Horus and Osiris and the three stars .

Here in Britain, the BBC are showing a new TV series The Voice UK, another one of those singing reality shows like the X Factor and Pop Idol . I understand it has been shown in quite a few countries and I would imagine the format is the same everywhere but again there is more to it than on the surface . First we have the choice of name for the programme, The Voice . As I discussed in relation to Whitney Houston, The Voice is code for Isis – “The Lady of the Words of Power” and this is the reason for the choice of title .

We now move onto the V sign which is prominent in this programme . As I said, I think it is a sign for the three gods and goddesses Isis, Horus and Osiris and the Winter Triangle as well . Here is the lay out for the show .


As can be seen it is all about V, from the giant V signs, to the V in the Voice title and to the shape of the desks in front of the celebrity judges (I am suspicious of anything which includes .

Here is another example with judge, Jessi J . Get the picture .




Of course Isis/Sirius  goes to the top and here we have Obama and Lt Uhura flashing their Vs . Obama is a Vulcan, or is it Sirian ?



And in another hot story, Kony 2012, the V sign is prominent  . The second image is a subliminal I found in the original video .






2012 is all about Isis, Sirius et al . I would suggest this is purposeful and we are heading for ‘something’ . What that ‘something’ is, we will just have to wait and see .

Postscript : On tonight’s “Britain’s Got Talent” (Simon Cowell), we are told a “New Dog Star” (Isis/Sirius) is born . Below is the video of “Ashleigh and Pudsey” – watch this space . They are brilliant, though !



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