Siriusly, Is The Sun Sirius ?

Why 2“The world is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine .”


Last night, I caught the end of Britain’s Got Talent ( Simon Cowell) and watched a dog act, “Ashleigh and Pudsey” . The act is brilliant but at the end we were told a new dog star is born, which caught my attention as a slang term for Sirius is the Dog Star . Also, the young girl Ashleigh was wearing a leopard skin outfit which was worn by ancient Egyptian priests and priestesses as a mark of authority – see Jessi J below .


Ashleigh & Pudsey – A Dog Star is born


Jessi J – High Priestess


Previously, on the BBC, we were told that The Voice (Isis) UK  was looking for a new star to be born and I had also seen a headline which said in effect that a new Syria (Sirius) was being reborn . This maybe the same process that when you buy a new car, you start seeing the same model everywhere but I don’t think so .

For this article, I will refer to the force which is behind all this manipulation as the Sirians . My view is that the aim of all the 9/11 and 7/7 rituals, wars and occult symbology we see all over the place is the rebirth of Sirius . We are being told about the birth of a new star, Sirius .

In my view, many individuals caught up in the Mystery schools such as Freemasonry etc are caught up in the same game as the rest of us . Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, and when the terms ‘Illuminati’ and the ‘Light’ are used, they are not spiritual references but refer to Sirius . The Illuminati are not enlightened, it is just another term for Sirius and the same goes for the Light . The lower and middle rank of initiates may believe they are involved in a spiritual journey, when at the top they know it is nothing of the sort .

Many researchers have come to the same conclusion that Sirius is at the heart of the Sirians’ ‘religion’ . So what is it about Sirius and why is a new Sirius being born . In my previous post Genesis Or The Gene Of Isis , I suggested that the origins of humanity, or at least the Sirians on Earth, are found in Sirius and that we or the Sirians are descendants from the Dog Star . This maybe true and it does have a ring of plausibility to it but for me, doesn’t explain the obsession with rebirthing Sirius . Sirius is 8.6 light years away and even though I am sure we have more advanced technology than we are told, I don’t think we have the capability to cross the stars yet, so what is the point of a new Dog Star .

One theory is that our Sun is somehow twinned with Sirius . Most of the Universe (80%) appears to have a binary suns and it has been suggested that Sirius is the binary star for our Sun . However, it is known that Sirius has a white dwarf star twin, so this would mean there were three stars interconnected, if you include our Sun .

My proposal is a bit more radical . I have made a quick search of Google and haven’t found any one else with the same theory for the probably very good reason, they would be locked up in a strait jacket . Some therapists suggest that in healing, one should view the world as a reflection of yourself and I believe there is an element of truth to this . 

I wonder when we look at the night sky and see Sirius, that what we are actually seeing is the reflection of our very own Sun and that the universe is some form of prism, a Hall of Mirrors if you like . When we look at Sirius is it the same process that happens when you point a torch at a mirror in the dark ? If you didn’t know better, you would think there is someone else with a torch .

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and maybe this is the reason . It is known that the pyramids are somehow linked with the alignment of the stars . Maybe if the universe is a prism then this could be inevitable and that the Sun is in alignment with Sirius because it is the same star being reflected back at us . From time to time, many people experience the feeling of being in a Matrix or Truman Show and maybe the universe is a vast Truman Show where nothing is what it seems .

In Freemasonry, you receive different degrees, 3rd degree and 33rd degree etc, the higher up the greasy pole you go but I wonder if these degrees are not connected in some way with the coordinates of the prism and that this knowledge is known to only the highest initiates . When we are told a new Sirius is being born, it actually refers to our own solar system and that it is our Sun which will be reborn as the new Dog Star .

As you are probably thinking, this is entirely speculative and the theory probably deserves to end up in the rubbish bin but the next time you see Sirius on a clear night, just question what it really is you are observing .

Anyway, that is my mad thought for today . No doubt more to come !

NB : Also, I find it odd that the Earth, Sun and the Moon are the only celestial bodies, not given a name but are just statements of fact . Everything else has a title or number attached to it . Maybe something or nothing .

19 thoughts on “Siriusly, Is The Sun Sirius ?

  1. give this a watch…. havent finished it yet,,, but the details of the olympic site are amazing

    • I did listen to it at the time but there were so many ideas I had trouble taking it all in . I would agree we are heading for some event this year . I think it is tied in with Kony 2012 . However as Rik Clay said it is tied in with consciousness and at some level has to have our agreement, so if we don’t agree it doesn’t happen .

      The Olympic site was chosen long, long ago . But to what purpose is the question .

  2. You should watch it… I think that it talks about many topics you are playing with…. and actually offers a viable explanation (for me)

    • I watched it a few hours ago . He was definitely on the right track . Where I would agree especially with him is that there is more going on beyond our five sense view of the world which we are not aware of, consciously anyway . I don’t know whether this is trans-dimensional beings – see David Icke – or is somehow linked in with our belief system . A kind of unconscious matrix which keeps us within this range of consciousness .

  3. ok. so he goes on to conclude this.
    the new world order. is not anything to do with government. But it means ‘new world order of the ages’. that it’s about bringing in a one world religion. And that religion with be a spiritual one. based on chakra etc.

    And while most people would consider this to be a good thing (we can imagine a world based on that belief system), he continues to say that this is in actual fact the ‘trick’, or trap if you like.. we are being forced to cycle in to a new religious period and that holding any belief is exactly how we are being tricked. Our freeing form the ‘shackles’ of modern religion based around the story of christ, in to a sense of liberation, is just the same lie with a new system of belief to buy in to.

    I’ll go on to add this….

    Everyone says the ‘devil’ will return in the form of christ, that the world will accept him as christ and welcome him. Not knowing him as the devil. This sounds a bit like a ‘spiritual religion’ and how people might accept this new belief.

    What i think is, Christ represents religion, and the Devil represents no religion. That is the lie of the ages. The truth is, there really is nothing. We just are, that’s it.

    Religion, is just something that has happened, been developed over 1,000’000’s of years of evolution, of going mad asking ourselves the question ‘where do we come from’. However, what that doesn’t answer is what, or who is perpetuating this? Is it just universal coincidence? is it some old blood line with a vested interest in perpetrating this state of mind? or is it all just coincidence? If we think about it for a while, there are very very very few people who have absolutely no belief system, and many of those would be considered ‘strange’. Even the freemasons is a way to get those people who don’t buy in to the idea of organised religion, to buy in to an organised religion.

    The ONLY trick is religion itself. Or ‘belief’, as the belief in religion is ‘the matrix’ the place we are trapped. Some religions believe that we you meet your god, you are only free if you deny his existence. We are only truly free when we believe in nothing.

    For me, this explains the Kony Video. What this was, was this. It was a film basically (as we can ignore the ‘functional reason for the film) designed to connect people, to show collective conscious. So many people around the world saw this fiction, but it doesn’t matter, we all become connected for that moment. 100’s of 1,000,000’s of people. It was designed to create a spiritual connection. A man who’s heart is so pure, without motivation, only for the love of children, pure, right. ‘Chist’, good. and his consequential break down, shouting about the ‘devil’, a reminder of the existence of both forces.

    But the only truth is our path through space, and its inevitable cycle. Lets face it, most religions can be proved to be talking about the stars and planets and the cycle of the seasons. And this is the ultimate truth. It’s hidden in plain sight… they always said it would be.

    All those years of evolution looking up at the stars. Never changing, always constant, and we have gone a little mad interpreting their meaning, and the ‘gods’ behind them. They might have begun as a story his father told to his child, many thousands of years ago… “daddy, what are they”…. “that one is a brave warrior etc…”, who knows, but it’s easy to understand why we are fascinated by them, as we are stuck for eternity on this rock flying through space.

    But if we stop and think… sun symbols, star goddesses and gods, it is actually only that. A sun or a star. end of story.

    I guess this might not make much sense, probably as such an idea is in itself against our belief system.

    There does remain one problem here. The Catch 22. The alternative. A society completely without any belief at all. It would not work, there would be outright anarchy. we would probably kill each other very quickly, if we don’t just ‘give up’. So, isn’t it absolutely necessary that whoever/whatever manifests this belief needs to? Because isn’t physical existence based on a fake existence better that no existence at all?

    • My beliefs are that we are part of the whole which is eternal . However, there is a part of us which wants to remain separate from Life/God etc . As long as this wish is part of the mind of humanity, then we can change as many systems as we want and nothing will improve .

      Even at death, if this Mind set is retained we will still remain on the wheel of Samsara, as the Buddhists call it . We are in a mental prison and we can leave anytime we want but are confined by our subconscious belief system which keeps us trapped . The problem is this belief system is so ingrained we cannot remove it consciously and that is why we are going through this violent awakening . It is similar to computer software being rewired .

      I would say there is a force which is resisting this change of mind and has its own agenda and needs to be brought to the light, as it were which I am hoping to aid through the blog . As you say, there are no Gods or Goddesses but they are an attempt to explain the world and in my view are just reflections of the psyche .

      I have no good views on Kony, I’m afraid . I see it as a dark piece of manipulation (Saturn, inverted pyramids, false 9/11 headlines, subliminal commands) . We may have connected but for what ?

  4. “Under the moonlight, the serious/Sirius moonlight…” sang David Bowie in Let’s Dance. Maybe we do live under the Sirius moonlight and our sun is the reflection, the moon-like mirror to Sirius’s incredible brightness. The echo of our true home. And on earth we are literally caught in the prism, in rainbows, in a trick of the sun/moonlight. All an illusion. I think you’re approaching a truth of some kind here. Your ideas in this post also reminded me of the movie ‘Another Earth’ from last year.

    • Hi – I think somewhere in the article is a glimmer of truth and even if we could see the truth, I’m not sure we would understand it .

      Thanks for the Bowie link to Sirius – that makes sense . I think he made the record when he was going through one of his ‘spiritual’ periods but it does seem in order to achieve real success in the music industry, you have to be somehow involved in this occult stuff .

      Thanks for the Another Earth link . I hadn’t heard or seen that film – looks very interesting .

    • I notice a doctor says foul play shouldn’t be ruled out due to the heat of the bath but it is no one’s interest to look too closely .

      Having a bit of a ‘thick’ day and didn’t spot the 9/11 reference . Thanks .

  5. Sirius anagram – “is Suri” (Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes progeny)

    Also watch the Jonathan ross interview with David Walliams & Simon Cowell (name is cow god)
    and all the ‘dog’ ‘bits’ on there:

    • Hi Stefanie – Suri is probably connected to Sirius . You get the feeling the likes of Cowell and Tom Cruise know whats going on .

      If I am right about Sirius, then I think we will see a lot more of Ashleigh and Pudsey .

      Watching the video, I feel like I’ve woken up in an alternate reality where the likes of mediocre talents such as Jonathan Ross and Cowell are important . It’s so bizarre .

  6. Did anyone notice the headline to the Whitney Post above!

    11 false teeth and 9 drugs.

    I would also suggest that this article makes no sense. ‘A spoon with cocaine’ ? Well, the only reason it would be on a spoon is if she were cooking it for injection. Given that she only had 1 needle mark on her (?) this is unlikely, also, should this have been the case, it would more likely have been ‘crack cocaine’. The linked article also go to length to explain “Spoons, mirrors and rolled-up paper are all items used by coke takers” but not spoons and paper together. These are two different uses.

    Also, it is unlikely that she was able to get in such a hot bath, even high on Cocaine. Things like that just don’t happen. It doesn’t affect your body enough to do this.

    It is also very suspect that the bath was still hot 6 hours later! please.
    but, it gave them an opportunity to write “66°C when she climbed into the tub. Six hours after her death”… 666

    False teeth are unusual for american people, especially celebrities ? erm, no.

    It feels like this is an unnecessary attack on a woman who is adding to the pile of celebrities who all die ‘because of drugs’ or excessive lifestyles.

    Too much from one article.
    Maybe I should look at the Sun web site more often for ‘inspiration’ 🙂

  7. I’ll amend my last comment. 3 minutes surfing the sun had an adverse affect on my IQ. 🙂

    • I was going to suggest that The Sun wouldn’t be very good for the longevity of your brain cells .

      I suspect the 9/11 link was the reason why Purplelight posted the comment but I didn’t see the connection . So thanks to Purplelight . I notice, in the article the nine and eleven are higlighted .

      My view is that 9/11 is code for Isis . The problem is that I find it difficult to believe the headline writers would deliberately put 9/11 into a story but it does seem to be purposeful . I would like to think it is the universe acting out but I don’t think so . Maybe they are under orders to include 9/11 at every possibility .

      As far as WH is concerned, I think you know my opinion . There has been a campaign to make her look like a coke head (which she may have been) but I think they ‘protest too much’ . There was a leak to TMZ who are normally pretty reliable that no cocaine was found and now it has suddenly appeared . It doesn’t add up .

  8. A little more pop culture for good measure. 🙂

    A reference to Sirius and mirrors can be found in Harry Potter Order of The Phoenix where Harry’s godfather Sirius Black (son of Orion Black) gives Harry a two-way mirror. It is one of a pair of mirrors which are magically connected, allowing the holders to communicate with one another between locations.

    Perhaps, amongst other things, a reference to our metaphysical state: our physical existence (earth and matter) and our spiritual state (light and consciousness). As above, so below.

    Which leads us to a scene in the movie The Truman Show which I know you’ve mentioned here and in previous posts. As Truman heads to work one day we see a spotlight falling from the sky and almost hitting him. The spotlight represents the light of a star in Truman’s “reality TV” world, and the label on the spotlight identifies it as “Sirius”.

    According to the Secret Arcana blog, “Truman’s encounter with Sirius gives him a glimpse of true knowledge and prompts his quest for truth. Sirius is therefore the ‘star of initiation’. It caused Truman to realise the limitations of his studio world (our material world) and lead him to freedom (spiritual emancipation).”

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