The Stars of Isis

This will probably be the last post showing the influence of Isis in mainstream life unless something happens where I need to show the connection . I am certain I will write more posts about the ‘Sirius Connection’ as I think Sirius is at the heart of 2012 and maybe the history of mankind .

Just so everyone can see who are the modern day ‘Isis’, below I have included images of the respective individuals . I don’t know whether any of them have an idea of the role they play but they are used to direct energy to Sirius, whatever Sirius is . It maybe just be the stars or something more abstract and metaphysical – I don’t know .

The energy is directed to the ‘Stars of Sirius’ by ‘The Stars of Sirius’ as Isis is the ‘Star of Sirius .’ Events such as the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth 2 collect energy which I believe is then sent To ‘Sirius’ through the Isis figures such as these . Even the death of Whitney Houston (Isis) absorbs huge amounts of emotional energy . To read a good article about spiritual extraction for the London Olympics click In The Presence of Hera-Matthew Delooze . I believe the final destination for the energy is Sirius .

Anyway here is Isis, with a brief explanation for each “Star Of Isis” .

“Female of the Throne” – Capo di tutti capi


Scars of Isis 


Mermaid & Scars of Isis 


Robe of Isis 


Robe of Isis


Self explanatory ! 

I can think of a few others but do not want to over egg the pudding, as it were . I would like to think that it’s just a marketing gimmick but I know it’s not . “All Hail Queen Isis – Not” as Borat would say .



11 thoughts on “The Stars of Isis

    • 99% certain, the scientists said . I don’t think it is a coincidence that the new Mars Curiosity Rover will be landing in the middle of the Olympics during the Dog days of August .

  1. I didnt understand any of these references to Isis. I do know that something is happening Biblically and i have been doing some research on that. I came across an article: The mystery of the Golden calf by JR Church which explains that Isis is also Virgo. Further research in regard to the position of the stars has made me realise that Virgo either has or is about to give birth to Saturn. This is important because a few months ago people were saying that Virgo ‘gave birth’ to Venus and that this was Rev 12. The actual Rev 12 is a different date (16th April or 15 May 2012) represented by Venus and Jupiter and Virgo is really Isis ‘giving birth’ to someone else.

    • Thanks for that – I’ll check out your references . On the blog, I’ve been writing about the rebirth of Isis or Isis as mother so links up with your idea .

        • To be honest, it’s a bit over my head but I’m sure others will understand but I get the gist . However, I do detect a theme that ‘something’ is to be born or re-born . Kate and William maybe a part of it but it may go deeper than that .

  2. There is this Character, God, who created Heaven and earth 6000 years ago. He had already made angels and another race of beings. Then he made Man and told his angels and high counsel to bow before man. Satan, very high, refused saying man is inferior to him but God insisted. Satan asked for a chance to prove that man is evil. God agreed to give him some time. And the rest is history.

    Basically now that time is nearly up. God is fed up with the messing around and seeing innocent people suffer so he is going to send someone to redeem mankind. Son of Man, Rev 14 and Daniel 7. Satan has just over three and a half years left to finish proving his point. So he is going to send someone too, only his someone is going to help him win his argument that man is evil. They will both work hard to make people do bad things, like destroy God’s creation, kill etc. We get to choose whose side we are on. If the majority of mankind are bad, Satan may win his argument and not get punished. Bad people will still go to hell.

  3. I guess Madonna didn’t want to hint (“Tale to Tell”) on the most-obvious-yet-no-one-got-it cross again.

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