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Sirius – The Great Architect Of The Universe

First of all, I will get the spiritual ‘stuff’ out of the way . Like a lot of others, my belief is that humanity is caught in a Matrix/Truman Show type of experience . The physical world we appear to live in, is not real . Buddhists call it Maya, an illusory world created by consciousness and we are caught on a treadmill of existence from birth to grave, in which we seem to suffer and chase after illusory objects which are not real .

My conclusion is that this is our choice . We have chosen to separate our Self from our spiritual ‘Home’ and God, whatever God is . It could be this is inevitable in a similar way that teenagers need to rebel against their parents and it could be just a natural stage in the evolution of our spiritual Self . I cannot believe the real ‘God’ would create a world in which death and pain exist so I am led to believe the physical world is a Creation by our collective Mind . In effect, we are the Creator .

At present, there is a ‘spiritual awakening’ taking place . We can all feel it and even those who can’t bring themselves to go as far to believe in it, admit there’s ‘something’ going on . I believe at some level we have decided to ditch the Ego (the part of us which wishes to remain separate from our spiritual reality) and return to our natural state of being . On a personal note, like many others I have experienced a heavy duty awakening (still ongoing) over the last twenty years or so but in my observations of myself and others, I have noticed that willingness is not enough . There is a force or energy which resists this change .

In most people, this resistance is automatic . We call it ‘human nature’ but it is not . It is not natural for the human soul to wish to kill and hurt or to remain unconcerned when others are suffering and I am led to believe it is a computer like consciousness inside the human psyche which is in control of this resistance .

As part of my journey, I have been led into the world of ‘conspiracy’ and have been shown that there is a force or energy which fights the change and keeps us in a mental prison . I have also been shown that it is abetted by individuals and groups . So what or who is this ‘computer mind’ ?

Since the beginning of the year, we have had the sacrifice of Whitney Houston, Kony 2012 and later in the year the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth 2 and the Olympics . Regular readers will know that the common theme involved in all of these events is the ancient Goddess Isis and that I believe these events are a form of extraction of human energy to the star Sirius . In fact, virtually all the major events of the last twenty years or so,including 9/11, involve Isis/Sirius in some way . All the large rituals, television, films and the music industry have this common theme of the “Star of Isis” .

As with previous speculation, I cannot show physical proof but I believe ‘Sirius’ is the computer system which holds everything together . A good place to start, so I can show my reasoning is Freemasonry . The masonic phrase for God is the “Great Architect of The Universe” and many Freemasons equate the GAOTU with the Blazing Star – see image below :

Here are a couple of quotes about the Creator, Sun and The Blazing Star, I found at Masonic Lodge Of Education :

The Creator: The Freemasons on the Continent of Europe, speaking of the symbol, say: “It is no matter whether the figure of which the Masonic Blazing Star forms the center be a square, triangle, or circle, it still represents the sacred name of God, as an universal spirit who enlivens our hearts, who purifies our reason, who increases our knowledge, and who makes us wiser and better men.”

The Sun: “The Blazing Star, or glory in the center, refers us to the sun, which enlightens the earth with its refulgent rays, dispensing its blessings to mankind at large and giving light and life to all things here below.”

Now, I am  not the first to come to this conclusion but my belief is that The Blazing Star i.e. God or “The Grand Architect of the Universe” is not a reference to our Sun but actually our old friend Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky . Some masonic scholars have also come to believe Freemasonry is a stellar religion rather than one based in our solar system .

At the start of the article, I referred to The Matrix and The Truman Show and both of these movies include Sirius . Firstly, The Matrix . In the sequel, Matrix Reloaded we are introduced to The Blazing Star, God or the GAOTU, “The Architect” . Any coincidence with the names is entirely deliberate .

The Architect is the computer programmer who keeps the Matrix running and my conclusion is that ‘Hidden In Plain Sight’ we are being told Sirius is the glue which holds our physical reality together .

The next film is The Truman Show which for personal reasons I try and steer clear of . My surname is Tremayne and some indiviuals who have researched the history of Tremayne have concluded that Truman is an American derivative of Tremayne . When I first watched the film, I wasn’t sure if I was seeing “The Truman Show” or “The Tremayne Show” . A real mindfuck, I can tell you !

In the actual film, the first inkling Truman has that there is something not quite right in his life is when a spotlight falls from the sky which is labelled Sirius 9 (Canis Major) . Canis Major is the Dog star, Sirius A . Again, another instance of ‘hidden in plain sight’ ? I also can’t help noticing the irony of a Tremayne (Truman) discuss this scene from The Truman Show .

Last night, I listened to a radio interview with Matthew Delooze on a New York radio station .
Unfortunately, I can’t find the link to the interview but a listener rang through with an anecdote regarding the American bicentennial celebrations in New York , in 1986 . He was on a boat in the harbour near the Statue of Liberty which included a large contigent of senior staff from two major American banks, Chase Manhattan and JP Morgan if my memory serves me and he remembers that there was a large delay for the passengers as the boat had to be anchored at certain co-ordinates in the harbour . He said it wasn’t in a small defined area but at an exact location . I would suggest the Statue of Liberty is another Isis figure and the boat was caught up in another Sirius ritual .



From our five sense view of the world, the idea that Sirius is a form of computer code seems nonsensical but the world is non physical and I believe the planets and stars are energy receivers and transmitters connected with the consciousness of the universe . Like any good sci fi film such as Logan’s Run or 2001 : A Space Odyssey, the computer software has taken over from its Creator and survives on our emotional energy and continual ‘doing’  (why do we need to work from the age of 5 till 65?) .  But it needs our consent to oil the wheels and the ultimate choice is ours to make .



26 thoughts on “Sirius – The Great Architect Of The Universe

  1. The thing that strikes me, is just how common the ‘isis’ figure is. If you look around at statues and architecture, ‘she’ is everywhere, i believe that whenever we see a female figure, especially with wings, we are seeing isis. (a trip this week to Berlin reminded me of this)

    The ‘sun’ symbol equally as common, even in churches from christian to jewish and even scientology buildings (I will come back to this in a moment).

    Unfortunately I can’t see the escape being as easy as ‘opening a door in the wall’ as in the truman show, but it’s fascinating that the light which fell is representing ‘sirius’. What is also interesting for me is that ‘god woman’ figure, and the very fact it/she is female… I find this curious, also given the fact that there seems to be a shift towards female power.

    Coming back to scientology… It’s always been a bit unclear what exactly the scientology plan is… after all, they exist by syphoning off huge amounts of money from its members, to which end I wonder… the reason I am bringing this up, is that I did make one observation this week, when we went past a scientology headquarters in Berlin and I noticed their logo, which knowing your recent Kony fascination might be coincidental or not, I am not sure, but the similarity to the Kony logo is compelling.

    The pyramid is for Dianetics (Diana?), and there is this quote from wikipedia “Dianetics uses a counseling technique known as auditing, developed by Hubbard to enable conscious recall of traumatic events in an individual’s past.”

    Looking further in to this we can find some interesting parallels between scientology and many of your theories and some of the things going on right now.

    “For a Scientologist, the final test of any knowledge he has gained is, ‘did the data and the use of it in life actually improve conditions or didn’t it?'” – the word ‘data’ is used.

    and this is a particularly interesting paragraph.

    “Scientology beliefs revolve around the thetan, the individualized expression of the cosmic source, or life force, named after the Greek letter theta (θ).[89][90][91] The thetan is the true identity of a person – an intrinsically good, omniscient, non-material core capable of unlimited creativity.[89][90]
    In the primordial past, thetans brought the material universe into being largely for their own pleasure.[89] The universe has no independent reality, but derives its apparent reality from the fact that most thetans agree it exists.[90] Thetans fell from grace when they began to identify with their creation, rather than their original state of spiritual purity.[89] Eventually they lost their memory of their true nature, along with the associated spiritual and creative powers. As a result, thetans came to think of themselves as nothing but embodied beings.”

    … oh and lets not forget that those pyramids are everywhere, from freemasonry to Judaism, from egyptian history to the ‘viva’ music channel.

    … my observation for the day 🙂

    • It was only when I noticed how common ‘Isis’ was did the Sirius connection make sense . ‘She’ is everywhere – TV,films, music,statues,public figures,churches – you name it and you will see her . If not her, Horus (Horus Potter?), Osiris, Ra et al . I don’t believe in gods and goddesses, so what is the reason ?

      The Kony pyramid is exactly the same as the Scientology logo . One reader pointed out that Tom Cruises’ daughters name was Suri . Sound familiar . Strangely enough, the paragraph you quoted is along the same lines as my thinking . However anything started by L Ron Hubbard must be treated with caution . He makes that other conman, Aleister Crowley, look like a beginner .

  2. Ok. let’s look a little closer still. (probably a huge tangent)


    probably from the Greek ‘Theta’

    Theta ‘θ’ has a value of.. guess… 9

    Apart from being similar to many other ‘icons’. also an eye etc, It was used as a symbol for the ‘earth’, for the ‘sun’ and for the ‘soul’ – oh and death.

    have a gander at wikipedia

    But… There exists a belief called Therianthropy
    who’s logo is…×0/1/5/155b0-weresymbol_1_.jpg

    a theta with a pyramid.

    • I was wondering about the 9 in the Jim Carrey image as well . I didn’t know what to say, so said nothing .

      I have seen Sirius referred to to as the Eye in the Sky which fits in with the Theta symbol. On a more spiritual level could be read as the ‘I in the sky’ i.e Ego .

  3. When you say “hidden in plain sight” I immediately thought about your previous post where we briefly discussed the Dogon Tribe. They mentioned that there is a Sirius C which has yet to be discovered. I laughed and thought wouldn’t it be the joke of the century if Sirius C was actually our moon? This correlates with David Icke who constantly affirms that our reality is being manipulated from the moon. He claims there are ancient texts which speak of a time before the moon arrived. What do you think?

    • When I first saw his moon theory, I was sceptical . However the theory that stars,planets and moons are a form of energy transfer is certainly possible . The Sun and Moon both effect the Earth .

      It really wouldn’t surprise me if the Moon is connected in some way with Sirius . Sirius is the central point of the secret societies but why?

    • It looks like some form of Isis initiation/baptism . After the death of WH, if I was a singer I wouldn’t go within a hundred miles of the Grammys .

  4. Another thought I had.

    This time regarding women.

    In the Thetan belief
    “In the primordial past, thetans brought the material universe into being largely for their own pleasure.[89] The universe has no independent reality, but derives its apparent reality from the fact that most thetans agree it exists.[90] Thetans fell from grace when they began to identify with their creation, rather than their original state of spiritual purity.[89] Eventually they lost their memory of their true nature, along with the associated spiritual and creative powers. As a result, thetans came to think of themselves as nothing but embodied beings”

    I wonder if this is somehow related to the female figure. The whole idea of man falling from grace and giving in to temptation ‘Adam and Eve’. Could it be that if they ‘created’ women, you know, that perfect figure of temptation beauty grace and sex, that we fell in love with that creation so much, that this is the reason ‘they/we’ forgot our real selves?

    This idea does support many ‘conspiracy’ ideas, it explains isis and the idea of woman worship and all the symbolism we see around us. It kind of explains Adam and eve. It’s true that as a race we are obsessed with women (and we as men are more obsessed with women than they with us) and we idolise them, and not the earth. It would certainly support the idea of ‘god’ being a woman, not in the physical sense but that we came about through the existence or creation of woman.

    For me, it’s a thought I am definitely going to let brew in my mind.

      • I read ‘woman’ as the womb of man . Actually, I think the different sexes are a symbol of the separation from ‘god’ or fall from heaven but it does seem there is some sort of genuine female renaissance but that all this Isis, Sirius, 9/11 and WH sacrifice is an attempt to hijack it .

        According to Wiki T’Zion is the spiritual point from which reality emerges – womb, Big Bang etc . Again I think Zion is code for Sirius (maybe i’m obsessed) .

        Don’t know about 11 but the Jim Carrey image would suggest there is a reason why 11 was added on for 9/11 . 11 could be seen as the Twin Towers or Joachim and Boaz, from Freemasonry .

  5. Great post. Just watched the Pink/Isis baptism linking to the water meme and mermaid symbology picked up here.

    In the Zoroastrian religion, Sirius is a maker of rain and great waters. Elsewhere the star is associated with large bodies of water and, as others have pointed out, the heliacal rising of Sirius coincides with the start of the annual Nile floods.

    All these recent posts are converging somehow. I can’t help recalling one blogger’s reference to KONY in reverse as YNOK, or Enoch. According to Wikipedia Enoch was an ancestor of Noah and the seventh of the ten pre-deluge patriarchs. Water again.

    Enoch is also “viewed as having founded an exceptionally righteous city, named Zion, in the midst of an otherwise wicked world…”

    • The Secret Sun has written quite a few posts about Isis and Sirius . I think eventually we all end up at the same place and go why ? He is averse to conspiracy theory but I am afraid I conclude these rituals are purposeful and not in the best interests of humanity .

  6. I dont know if you saw this article:, it mentions the black and white goddess. Sirius seems to be the eye of the pyramid as well. I know that the Bible refers to various objects falling from the sky and I keep thinking this is related. The song Viva la vica and the Lucifer in Isaiah, how art thou fallen, etc both keep ringing in my head. I think there is a connection, Sirius announced/caused the flooding of the Nile, caused the seas to rise in the song. Something is going to fall from the sky and cause a lot of damage, this is shown over and over. I think it will be this year, probably before the end of July.

  7. I have just discovered there is a novel called Dogsbody which is about ‘Sirius, the dog star, is accused of killing a fellow star, and as punishment is sent to earth to try to retrieve a “Zoi”, the powerful object which killed the star.’

  8. Truman or True Man: the subliminal messaging is in plain view!
    Essentially, it all boils down to this: the false paradigm of all opposition is a three dimensional, holographic, double helix hoax!

  9. Wow..all of the above posts are utterly fantastic. I am still on my jouney of finding and learning. Thanks to all of you. I often wondered why the female stautes and read on the Freemasonry and their belief system and all but one president was a 33rd degree Mason. So much to read and learn. Nothing is what it seems. Brought up Catholic and it never resonated with me except when old enough to undue the fear program. That was difficult on my own and not even realizing anything other than I did not approve. Went to church all the time out of fear. I do believe in a Universal energy/God/whatever to call it. Life Force, etc. I do not know any people who talk this language and have this knowledge or at least are trying to figure it out.:))

    • Very glad you are getting something out of this site DMDRYDEN … and I too have wondered about all but one President being a 33rd degree Mason, however, I heard from a student of esoteric and occult lore that that is not true. Also, I looked it up and only some were Masons… although, I can’t fully believe that, perhaps those were only the ones that admitted to it, there must be many more ‘hidden’ Masons… just for the record… and remember, never do anything out of fear, I think you are on the right track now…. congratulations…!

  10. Again, this article was in my ‘read/comment’ later archives on a computer I don’t use all the time so I didn’t get to it for a while, but anyway, very interesting article still, remember that the human brain has been likened to a computer, better than any that has ever been built by man…. second, DNA has been likened to a code, perhaps a computer like/programming code which probably CAN be programmed and that these elites and ones ‘in the know’ have probably been doing that all along with various ways and means… too many to mention all here… but there is that. Some theories are that our previous twelve string DNA code is being reactivated during these times we are living in and that would mean a whole new expansion of consciousness which means we would ‘wake up’ and see the Matrix for what it really is, which means all those ‘in the know’ would lose their secret power. So perhaps they have to do everything they can to hijack our minds and consciousness yet still retain the energy so they have to divert it somehow to point to wherever they need it to keep whatever going… all without us knowing of course… ’cause that was break the whole system down…. The whole theme of this site and others like it is about that, mind control, harvesting of energy, etc. etc.. one of the main themes running through it anyway.,. also, I know it has probably been mentioned before, but ISIS sounds so similar to JESUS… doesn’t it?! Don’t know if there is a direct connection. Very interesting what Jason H. Smith commented on a couple strings right before mine… a ‘double helix hoax!’ DNA again…. I know I might think of something else later that I forgot to mention, there is just so much rich knowledge on this site that always inspires me, thanks for keeping it up Frank! We all much appreciate it… and now to the more current articles … 😉

    • Ahhh, I knew it, I knew I would forget something! I usually only remember AFTER I post another comment… anyway, all this Sirius computer reminds me also of that sci-fi story that became an underground cult favorite… and was made into a movie… can’t recall the name, but it’s very well know ofc, but it has the giant computer in it called ‘NOT 42′ remember… the oldest computer in the known universe that runs the whole universe basically…. what is the significance of ’42?’ I wonder…. oops, there it is: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

      And if you’d like to look it up a bit:'s_Guide_to_the_Galaxy

      • Riddle in a Ryme: You make the kind of sense that resonates with me; just wonering what life is all about. I know I have heard the ususal: training grounds; here to learn; has to be more. Just don’t know what it is…Life is weird. For now. Learning is great. Reading such as your take on life or whatever: is great.

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