Barack Obama-For War

Below is an image of a poster for the campaign to re-elect Barack Obama as the President of the United States . As normal, there is the Jesus/Horus/Osiris/Sun God thing going on with Obama . Note the cross arms as they are associated with Osiris . And is it the Sun or our old friend Sirius, shining its benign light on the ‘Chosen Son’ ?

For some reason, I am reminded of the lines at the end of “The Wicker Man” when the sacrifice of the policeman, Sgt . Howie is committed :

Mighty God of the Sun,
 Bountiful Goddess of our orchards,
Accept our sacrifice and make our blossoms fruit.

Instead of ‘Change’ this election, the key word is ‘Forward’ . My immediate reaction when I saw the poster was surprise, as I had initially misread it but the more I think about it, my first impressions may be close to the truth . I have amended the poster to show how I saw it . First the real poster and then my version – “Forward” or “For War” ?

Obama Forward Poster

Subliminal programming or the Universe giving us a glimpse into the mind of Obama ?


38 thoughts on “Barack Obama-For War

  1. Excellent spot…. As I designer. I can say I hate the layout, the typeface is strange.. but it does kind of hide the ‘D’ in that layout…. interesting how much ‘war’ is featured in design…

    • It’s like a silent D, so when I saw the image I thought they’re not even bothering with ‘hidden in plain sight’ any more .

      War and Death are great sellers . I know the likes of Icke say skulls are subliminally put into images to sell products because we are subconsciously attracted to images of death .


    The son Barack Obama for [the] ward

    A ward is: “A division, floor or room of a hospital set aside for a particular class or group of patients, for example a convalescent or psychiatric ward”

    Plus “in law, a ward is someone placed under the protection of a legal guardian”.

    Wards are electing the son Barack Obama to watch their ward.

    These guys have excellent humour.



  3. Holy crap. You’re good. I knew that word signified things beyond the obvious, but would never have gotten that. Dam*, Dam*, Dam*! I did see one person somewhere change it to “Forewarned” but yours is BETTER and probably more accurate. And a cross between the two wordplays is probably even the MOST accurate. Wow. Keep it up.

    (Especially considering this man’s premature Nobel Peace Prize and next to Madonna’s Superbowl “World Peace” lasers, this stuff – their games- just get ”better” by the day.)

  4. @Coincidence:

    Also notice only the letters that are only written “on” Obama: ORWA. RWA=WAR and the design of the letter “O” is very interesting. It is unfished appearing like a disc – or the 2 dimensional representation of a planet (which if inhabitated is referred to as “World”). So basically the slogan FORWARD also tells us where it this movement leads to: WORLD WAR.



    • I read someone’s comment about incomplete Os. In their opinion it represents Saturn which has an unfinished ring. This was in reference to the O in the NASA symbol and the A in the Avengers movie being surrounded by an incomplete O.

      • There probably is symbology within the design but I haven’t had the time to ponder yet . If Saturn is included, I would not be surprised .

    • I watched the original Manchurian Candidate years ago and think the Queen of Diamonds was the trigger to activate the agent .

      It also reminds me of Isis .

      Obama’s past is mysterious and you do wonder why and how he mangaed to climb the greasy pole .

  5. I am not familiar with this film but if someone is being set up as a pawn in a game, it could well be the Queen. She and her family are depicted by many observers as the antichrist and the dragon. But this might be a decoy for the real villians of the piece who would never make it obvious that they are running the show. When everything else is shrouded in mystery, why would that be the one clue that is being offered openly. You might as well point a neon arrow at them. Antichrist this way. Of course I could be wrong.

  6. nice to see it nice and busy here these days 🙂

    We only see what we want to see.

    Advertising guy comment…. The advertising most effective in making you purchase, is that which you don’t remember seeing, or don’t even know you have seen rather.

    Anonymous (and I know how you feel about their anonymity, but I think such an organisation has no choice but to be absolutely anonymous).. claim that they will ‘reveal the truth of the illuminating, Now, I believe this ‘truth’ about mankind will be about 2 things. 1) aliens. or ‘higher beings’ that we are historically and spiritually connected to as a one…. and 2) perception of existence.

    They say (and it’s not an uncommon line of thought), that the idea will be extremely difficult to grasp with our current mind set, and that many will struggle with it, mentally. And I do believe this to the case. But this is a fact about the human existence that will be central to this change, our inability to see things. We are wise, educated people that as a whole, know many great things, but we never see that which is right in front of us, because we don’t realise that seeing is creation of the mind.

    (to be honest I realised I am kind of channeling this right now…..)

    In many ways, all of us here are creating the topics we are posting. The very fact that we are commenting on these topics, means we are contributing to their existence. That’s not to mean that we are making these messages appear ourselves, they are there… but when we talk about, and notice, they become real… if not one person experiences or see’s something, how can it ever be real? We look, we notice, we register, we create, it becomes real.

    This is not just a matter of fiction, it is proven by physics itself. Quantum physics notes that matter which is observed behaves differently from matter which is not. How is this possible without the mind being the creator it its own right?…….

    Writing this, I even find it hard to accept myself… and I know that the many times I try to focus on being more spiritual (walk the streets projecting light from your being, think of and only project love… this can bring about a beautiful powerful feeling that tingles through the body is you really believe it), I soon forget my efforts and within weeks I find myself again with my bad habits and my addictions, be they alcohol, sex, my family, or other….. It is extremely difficult to remain focused with all that we have to deal with…. This is well known by the establishment… IF 9/11 were indeed an ‘inside job’ (although I doubt it was it the real sense of inside job… the government didn’t do it, that’s for sure) they did not have to be concerned… sure there will be speculation and questions will be asked… but, after a short period of time, it will all blow over and nobody will give a shit anymore, there will also certainly be something new to replace that mind space.

    We are a distracted species.. but I don’t think that is our fault… I believe that time is behaving strangely recently… I don’t think it’s speeding up or whatever, it is erratic.

    (My daughter is not sleeping upstairs with my wife and I am not sleepy, so I will continue this flow of thought…..)

    When I was younger, I went to art college… now all you expect that entails, it did… We experimented… no, ‘utilised’ many recreational drugs, not least marihuana. Any smoker will tell you that the experiences of the early years smoking M are much more vivid and lucid than the later years, the effect is never quite the same. Now, I am not sure if this is to do with age, that at a younger age our minds are more open to more experiences (able to accept) than a later age, and if that effect is simply governed by the younger mind. But at that time I had some truly vivid experiences regarding time, that I believe went beyond being ‘stoned’.

    There was a time when I experienced absolutely lucid ‘time-shifting’. I will try and describe, and please don’t take me at all as a stoner, I am a functioning and thoughtful member of society… 🙂 (regardless) I remember being somewhere, i.e. home.. with friends, doing whatever we were doing. The very next moment, I was in the middle of another experience at some later time in the evening somewhere absolutely different. Completely in that moment and not simply an observer, then in some short time, I would be back. I somehow felt out of control of those moments…. I remember being scared of them happening, as I felt I had no control and I didn’t know where I would arrive too. But it was now, looking back, a way of viewing time… I was somehow ‘off the rails’… and skipping between them.. not far, but enough to be significant.

    Distraction comes from this I believe… as time is becoming more and more erratic, we are unable to keep track in a way. Imagine again 9/11 and how it does not feel like an event in the past, even though it is a long time again, but it feels like it could have been last year. We are less aware, and I do not think again that this is simply a matter of age.

    The point I am trying to make, is that I believe the fabric of our existence is changing. We think of 2000 years ago, when ‘he’ was around, as being a ridiculous amount of time ago.. but it’s really only about 30 lifetimes ago when put end to end (assuming an average age of 80)… that’s not many really… And to assume there are still egyptian bloodlines, is not a wild stretch of the imagination. On the one hand 2000 years… LONG, on the other hand it’s simply a tiny fraction of time itself. It is not long at all… it is our perception.

    It is this percept which is being challenged, and indeed actively blocked by these kinds of message… they are not there as signs perhaps, but ways to consume our subconscious with that which is not important to us at all, thus distracting us the the real question.

    What is existence?

    And frank… your topics and observations really do help me in thinking about this question, and finding some direction to head in…. at the very least.


    • Hi Paul

      I’m glad I’m helping in some way . Your point that our existence is changing is correct . I have a very simple view of existence – life is life and thats all there is to it . For Ever .

      Acceptance is the key – of ourselves and others . To be honest, my initial ‘awakening’ (still ongoing) was purely spiritual and I’m surprised I’ve gone down this route but it seems that bringing the crap to the surface is necessary .

      If we keep going forward one step at a time, we will get to wherever we are heading .

  7. The light also forms a hexagon in the back – notice how it’s angled at the ends of the rays. Saturn – FOR WAR?

    • At the begining of the year I wrote that 2012 would be divided into two . Firstly up to the Olympics and then onto 21/12/12 and nothing has changed my mind .

      I try and not worry about the future and in ‘New Age’ speak live in the Now, but Mars does look as if it will be somehow included as the Mars Curiosity rover is landing during the Olympics .

      From what I can understand, the elite are tring to connect with something this year . What that something is, I’m not sure but it does appear to be off world .

  8. Hi, I was guided here because my blog had been posted, interesting observation on the Obama poster. I wrote the “False Flag August 4 2012 Olympics” blog, one of the reasons we pin pointed aug 4, is because its Obamas 51st birthday. This morning I was sent this link, I will be adding it to my blog, on Oct 1, 2007 a huge Egyptian Anubis (God of death), was floated up the Thames from the O2 Dome, it was brought to Trafalgar sq. The Dome is we think the primary target for a FF, it is londons most feminine symbol, and Nelsons column in Trafalgar Sq is Londons most phallic male symbol. I will be writing an analyses of this and adding it to the blog. I would appreciate other thoughts about the Anubis.
    Sandra Barr
    PS, hope you dont mind, I think i will add your Obama observations to my FF blog

    • Hi Sandra

      I was meaning to contact you as we are working along the same lines . No problem about Obama .

      Anubis floated down both the Thames and Hudson . Its all part of the ongoing ritual connected to Isis/Horus/Osiris etc . It is also symbolic of Sirius, the Dog Star, which I think is at the centre of all this .

      I think Nelsons Column is a reference to the Sea Captain from the Hiram Abiff story in Freemasonry . Trafalgar Square has played a major part in the Olympics .

      One gets the impression there has been an awful lot of money and effort just for the Olympics, so I do expect something to happen . What that something is, I don’t know .

  9. I reckon this somehow ties in as well. The fake sun in Trafalgar square was on January 23, 112 days later is May 14, 112 crops up everywhere in my Olympic research, I wonder will they pull anything that day.
    I think the Anubis has been on a bit of a tour, it was also in Atlanta. I think that might be a blog on its own. What are they telling us? the Egyptian God of death in 3 major cities!

    • “Brighter Morning” = “Morning Star”= “Lucifer” .

      1&2 seem to be the numbers for this year : click Whitney Houston Death-Spooky Numerology for an explanation from numerologists, not me . Also 21/12/12 .

      They’re going to town with the Egyptian symbology . I’m interested in how much will be included in the QDJ and the Olympics .

  10. I still have a hunch they’re going to try to use the Thames, maybe purposely let it flood London. Not sure why I’ve felt this, just a hunch. One of Egypt’s biggest obsessions is the changing ”mood” of the Nile and seeing as ‘we’re’ going all-out Egypt and recreating the fantasies of the Pharoahs….

  11. I thought that too Venus, I had examined a few possibilities. Auldwych Station is disused and has loads of tunnels, it was once somehow connected to the flood prevention system in London. Also we had been looking at the O2 as a target, and its site was originally marsh land, it is still considered high risk for floods.

  12. That makes sense. And the Thames is London’s most feminine symbol ahead of the 02 🙂 . I’ll take a look at your research about Auldwych. It would be a perfect opportunity for them to install martial law and quarantine neighborhoods to divide the masses; and who could argue with that if it was presented as a ”natural disaster”? I guess if they are ”birthing” something, they’ll need a lot of water and a womb, lol.

    If I recall the WTC in NYC had a subway station stop that was in disuse/”under renovation” ahead of 911. Who knows what preliminaries went on in there.

    • I’ve posted this somewhere else on this blog along with a vid by Katie Melua and Cheryl Cole. 3 songs about floods released in a short space of time. Memes Galore!

      Poignant symbolism again maybe?!

      • I find it interesting on two points . Firstly, the video shows them on the same route as The Gloriana at the QDJ and the storm reference at the end – reminds me of The Tempest .

  13. The Tempest forms part of the opening theme of the Olympics the interior of the stadium is black and white the colours of duality in freemasonry and of saturn.

    All this points to a huge ritual taking place there soon.

    The comments of coincidence relate to the Fractal nature of the Universe and our experience of reality and how we can change it.


    for more on this

    • Hi Peter – I would be surprised if something doesn’t happen during the Olympics . So much effort has gone into them . All Olympic games are a ritual but there’s so much weirdness around the London games and also the choice of venue, point to something bigger than a normal Olympics .

        • Not as far as I know but Michelle is leading the American delegation to the Olympics . I don’t think he’s very high up the pecking order yet but give him time .

  14. Last post was May 5th – however, I’ve just recently discovered this site.

    If “forward” = “for war”. What then was: “change”? Would that have been meant to be seen sublimely as; “Charge.” Let’s not forget “hope.” What should that work be change into….to mean something else?

    My point is so much blame is put on Obama. YOU ALL miss the fact that Obama is not in charge. He’s the clerk minding the store. The owners of that “store” set the rules. Don’t blame Obama…. look behind the curtain for the owners. That being said; the agenda would be the same if someone else had been elected to office.

    You’re all supposedly smart people – now prove that you are.

    No one can change anything for the greater good – unless you/they know the truth and then face it.


    • Hi – I think we all know Obama is not in charge . But he is a smart man and is open to criticism as much as George Bush, Tony Blair etc .

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