Prince William And The Eye Of Revelation

Thanks to ‘Not the Queen’, who I think may like this one .

Do I think the British Royal Family are shape-shifting Reptiles, who originate from the stars ? I would be very surprised if they were – I don’t think my mind is capable of making that leap and need Prince Philip to transform into a Komodo Dragon before I could believe but when I see the likes of Prince William given “The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle”, I do wonder .

Star, X, Thistle and Ruby


From David Icke – “The Biggest Secret” :

“The Thule Society was named Ultima Thule which is claimed to be the mythical city on Hyperborea, the first continent settled by the extra-terrestrial Aryan race from Aldebaran, they believed . Some say this was long before Atlantis and Lemuria. Others say Hyperborea was Atlantis or even the inner-earth .”


From Wikipedia :


“Astrologically, Aldebaran is a fortunate star, portending riches and honor . This star, named “Tascheter” by the Persians, is one of the four “royal stars” of the Persians from around 3000 BC . These stars were chosen in such way that they were approximately 6 hours apart in right ascension.

To medieval astrologers, Aldebaran was one of fifteen Behenian Stars, associated with Rubies, milk Thistles and the kabbalistic sign X (see above ‘Order of the Thistle’ image) .”

From Royal Honor.com :

Aldebaran, (a Tau / a Tauri / Alpha Tauri), is the brightest star in the constellation Taurus and one of the brightest stars in the nightime sky. Because of its location in the head of Taurus, it has historically been called the Bull’s Eye.

As the Eye of the Bull, Aldebaran is called the Eye of Revelation. It is referred to by astronomers and cosmologists as the Eastern Royal Star, one of the four Royal Stars considered the sentinels watching over other stars. It is also known as the Buddha ‘s star, the Star of Illumination, and God’s Eye. This magnificent star has been used for centuries in navigation.

The unmanned Pioneer 10 spacecraft was last reported to have been heading toward Aldebaran. Assuming the spacecraft avoids some form of collision, the spacecraft will arrive at Aldebaran in 2 million years.


Note to myself – there are no reptiles, there are no reptiles !

Source : BBC News

20 thoughts on “Prince William And The Eye Of Revelation

  1. Hello Frank, first of all, my main language is spanish, so, sorry for mistakes…… from what I’ve learned from “the antichrist dajjal will be a reptilian shapeshifter” , these reptilian beings are no aliens they are djinns (demons) who possess the body of the world elite (royal families, celebrities, presidents etc..) through a freemasonic ritual wich involves sexual abuse and other stuff.
    Creepy and hard to believe, I know, but the series explains it very well,among other very interesting subjects,too bad its has like a million episodes…

    • Hi Bob – I was struck by the connection between William and Revelation(s) . A lot of this stuff is so far out there, it is difficult to believe but the evidence seems to point to there being something to it .

  2. This all brings me back to Prometheus. Aryan Titans giving birth to reptiles. I’m starting to think that all of this is indeed possible.

    • IMO, the Order of the Thistle shows that the Royal Family and presumably other members of the ‘elite’ look to the stars for their power . Whether they are ‘alien’, I still need convincing but there is logic to it .

  3. As usual,a very well written, thought provoking, well researched, informative and entertaining article. However, I don’t think this proves that the queen, recently seen with a red eye is from a distant planet. David Icke, to my knowledge has never in the last 20 years provided any evidence that the Royals are reptiles; hearsay does not count. How could you possibly fit a 7 foot lizard in those tiny frames? Surely someone is having a larf. I do accept that someone is keeping a close watch on the movement of the stars and planets, possibly even mimicking them. Maybe it’s some sort of worship rather than homesickness? I think the mystery continues for now.

    I shall be looking for more info about the Eye of Revelation; there has been a lot of interest in Taurus, at least since as far back as Moses’ time, so it should be interesting. I was reading a little about the Hyades, that make up Taurus’ face, which is where Venus is moving into. Sisters of the Pleiades. Very complex family, would easily give Eastenders a run for their money.

    By the way, I did enjoy the article. Really great. I dont think you have said much about Orion recently but I have a feeling he will be on the scene soon as well.

    • I’m not claiming the Royal Family are reptilian but IMO, the theory has gone from ‘Bollocks’ to a possibility . But I think it shows they look to the ‘stars’ for power and that these ‘innocent’ customs are very purposeful .

      If you see the stars and planets as energy transmitters, then it makes a certain sort of sense .

      The Eye of Revelation is a new one on me and the ‘Revelation’ bit caught my attention as it reminded me of ‘Prince William the Antichrist’ and End Times/Apocalypse scenario .

      • You are right about the customs. I try not to think about the sinister side of things but there is something very unwholesome going on with the sacrificial rites. As for Revelation, it will be clear within a few weeks whether this is actually the End Times. Either way it could be a bit of a shock.

  4. I don’t know why this popped in my head but Jay Z is always claiming he a blue blood. “Saturn..no not the car but everywhere we are”

  5. yes Bob thats what i think is ,they worship there master (satan) and are open and inviting a demonic posesion for power.

    Thank’s Frank
    great article

  6. I think you may have stumbled onto something very important with Aldebaran, aka the Star of Illumination and Aleph, ‘I am the Alpha and Omega’. And with Venus/Lucifer heading towards there, according to NASA on 9th July will be 1 degree of separation, it has got to be significant. http://www.crystalinks.com/aldebaran.html

    • Interesting link – thanks . For some reason, yesterday I was thinking about Alpha and Omega . I also see its linked with Orion and Sirius .

    • I actually quite like Enya, if I’m in that sort of mood . Eagles –“Hotel California” and Led Zep –“Stairway to Heaven” are obvious esoteric songs . You do wonder if they have ‘to pay the piper’ .

  7. Hello Frank and everyone,
    Please look at the link below. It covers the significance of July 4th, the constellation taurus and shares some of the same symbolism as the Order of the Thistle. This guy’s theory maintains that ancient star maps all across the world tell the same story. Please ignore the Dan Brown reference; he’s merely emphasizing that Dan Brown claims to have revealed hidden secrets, but didn’t actually reveal much.


    Think there is any connection?

    • A lot of Wayne Herschel’s research fits in with mine, in that we agree there’s something important up in the skies, we don’t know about . And the link between Aldebaran and The Order of the Thistle indicates the ‘elite’ think so as well .

      • MJ’s article and the Great Gig in the Sky are both full of really amazing info. If anyone understands how the Star of David is made in the sky, please share.

        I have been trying to work out if the ‘triangle’ on the 15th is in any way related to the pyramid on the dollar bill; not sure if Hyades could possibly be the 10 stars on the seal as shown in the article, the other 3 stars remain outside. Worth watching to see if anything happens.

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