The Adventure Of The Red Headed League

I think someone’s playing a ‘joke’ .

“My Dear Holmes”

From “The Adventure of the Red Headed League” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – Wiki :

Jabez Wilson, a red-haired London pawnbroker, comes to consult Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. He tells them that some weeks before his young assistant, Vincent Spaulding, urged him to respond to a newspaper want-ad offering work to only red-headed male applicants. The next morning, Wilson had waited in a long line of fellow red-headed men, was interviewed and was the only applicant hired, because none of the other applicants had hair to match Wilson’s red locks.

Wilson, whose business mainly operates in evenings, was well-paid, receiving four pounds a week for several weeks (equal to £330 today); the work was obviously useless clerical work in a bare office. Finally one morning, a sign on the locked office door inexplicably announced that “THE RED-HEADED LEAGUE IS DISSOLVED.”

Wilson then went to the landlord, who said that he had never heard of Duncan Ross, the person who managed the league office. The landlord did remember the tenant with scarlet hair and gives him a card which directs Wilson to an artificial knee company. Wilson ends the story with how frustrated he is losing the four-pounds-a-week.

Holmes and Watson laugh a little over the ridiculous situation, but Holmes assures him that by Monday they would have the case solved. After Holmes’ client, Wilson, leaves (having given the detective a description of Spaulding), Holmes decides to go and see Spaulding, whom Holmes notices has dirty trouser knees. Holmes then taps on the pavement in front of the pawnbroker’s shop. With the case solved, he calls Police Inspector Jones and Mr. Merryweather, a director of the bank located next door.

The four secrete themselves in the bank vault and confront the thieves, John Clay, who has a long history of criminal activity already, and his helper Archie. Under the alias of Spaulding and Ross, they had contrived the ‘Red-Headed League’ rigmarole to keep Wilson out of his shop while they dug in the basement, in order to break into the bank vault next door.

Back at Baker Street, Holmes explains to Watson how he solved the case.


And Big Ben, yet again . Tick Tock .

11 thoughts on “The Adventure Of The Red Headed League

  1. The Red Head . . .

    The Great Sphinx at Giza started as a natural outcropping of rock. The ancient Egyptians carved the giant statue into the stone around 2500 B.C.. To make it even taller than the height of the outcrop they chipped out a depression around the base of the statue. The paws were constructed from stone blocks. The entire statue was painted in ancient times: red for the face and body, yellow with blue stripes on the headress. Finally, a temple was built in front of the statue as a place visitors could offer gifts to the “living image” of the creature the Egyptians sometimes referred to as “Horus-in-the-Horizon.”

    • Its always either Horus or Isis . I just found the story strange as well about a man who is duped into doing something, he doesn’t understand .

    • It was a good idea – you can select any one from any point in time and as it was penned by Alan Moore, its inevitable it will have esoteric undertones .

    • Wow, I never knew Prospero was in that series too! Good find. Did y’all notice what year the Tempest was written, 1611? Reminiscent of the Century 16 Cinema sign (116) and 911…though a bit sloppy – shouldn’t he have found a Century 17 Cinema to shoot up to be more accurate? 🙂

      • Good spot . Aurora and the Olympic Opening ceremony are linked . Century 16 is the mirror of 911 – it is part of one long ritual heading to who knows where ?

        I will be looking out for Miranda on Friday 🙂 . There’s bound to be a Goddess figure or two in it .


    Millions of years ago, before what we call ‘modern’ man an ancient race with high intelligence, advanced technology and aerospace capabilities lived on earth. Great earth
    catastrophies wiped out much of this race , mutated some and drove many more underground. While waiting out the effects of what an ancient nucleur war created on the
    surface, man went back to a more natural or should I say ‘simplistic’ culture. By the time they once again surfaced to the earth or even came back from distance planets the
    Age of Man had changed. Knowledge was lost and the old technology was gone. Man had to start over. they had done in previous Ages.

    History of the Red Haired Race

    According to the mythic tales the Tuatha de’ Danann arrived in western Ireland by air. They divided into two social classes: “gods” as teachers of medicine, smithing, communication or druidry, and “non-gods” as farmers or shepherds. Although no one knows for certain what the Tuatha looked like, descriptions, such as of their female war-leader Eriu, indicate tall attractive people with pale skin, high foreheads, long red hair and large blue eyes.

    What we believe is that the government began investigating , no later than 1958, the possibility that the off world race behind the Roswell crash was one ‘parallel’ to our own and ‘connected’ to human life from ‘antiquity’.

    From this same period, NASA was formed for space exploration and the ‘Brookings Report ‘ speculated that our ‘discovery of alien artifacts on Mars and the Moon and Venus was inevitable.

    The Bible describes Satan, commonly called Lucifer, as having had a place in heaven.
    Where in heaven did Satan / Lucifer dwell, and what happened to this being?

    Before the creation of Adam, the civilizations of angels existed on the terrestrial planets. Throughout scripture there is a consistent reference to the first dwelling places of some of the ancient sons of God. These angels created habitations on the Earth, Mars, “Astera” the Fifth Planet, the Moon .

    When Satan and his angels rebelled, God destroyed their literal dwelling places. According to scripture this destruction was swift and decisive. The fifth terrestrial planet which God calls “Rahab” was obliterated.

  3. Very interesting story in relation to this whole thing. And ofc some may know that at least the movie depicted it as such, but there are very masonic connections to the Sherlock Holmes story. Hmmm, ‘duped into doing something, he doesn’t understand.’ Usually those that are most easily ‘duped’ are the ones who are innocent, the cunning don’t usually get duped. While everybody is all ‘up in arms’ with what happened and emotionally fired up, they will look at any ‘facts’ as into what really happened as only ‘conspiracies’ and disrespectful at that, I already saw a comment like that on the Natural News article about it being a cover up. But It was written by a third party, not someone who actually experienced any of the first hand violence, so their comment can just be looked at as more ‘fodder’ to detract from the truth.

    I am referring to this one:

    But just look at that picture of ‘Holmes’ and how he was in Court the first day, just totally drugged, looking confused, ‘out of it.’ How does a person like this seem capable of all that cold-blooded, completely skillful violence? There are some who say, all you have to do is point the gun and shoot… well, I have heard other views from experienced shooters that it is actually not that easy.. look at that quizzical look on his face as if he doesn’t even know what is going on, ’cause he probably doesn’t! He most probably thinks he did something totally different, being under a certain mind control pattern as he probably was..

    Oh, a little off topic, but since somebody mentioned Venus and Mars and other planets just above, I thought I would interject this – the other day, I came across a little girl about the age of ten or so with an older brother or other relative who wanted me to solve a small debate between them. He asked me – ‘Does Pluto exist?’ I of course said ‘Yes.’ And the older one was pleased b/c his argument was proved, but the little girl, for some reason, had really thought that that ‘planet’ did not exist. First, it is relegated to a mere asteroid, but now it is starting to ‘not exist?’ Is that where the ‘thought stream’ is going? I just wonder, because these things do not come out of nowhere.. and if it is that easy to change the thought patterns of people in general, how does one think whole histories of the world start to disappear at one point?! (Much more easily current news stories of the day..). Slowly but surely sometimes is how it goes…

    Oh and btw, it is Friday, July 27th where I am at and even though I feel very calm, there is still this strange unexplainable feeling in the air somehow.. that I can’t quite put my finger on… as if something is on the brink.. but what I do not know… just for the record..

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