London Olympics 2012

The Olympics, The Giant Baby & The Dark Knight Rises

Or a “Starchild Is Born” .

Well it look likes SUBhuman was bang on the mark with the comment about the sperm and what would be born at the Olympic Opening Ceremony in London last night .

From Let The Games Begin , a few days ago :

“A few weeks ago, ‘SUBhuman’ made the excellent observation that it looked like a sperm . I have discussed DNA and the Bloodline theory ad infinitum, and probably bored everyone to death but if this is correct then we maybe seeing a sperm starting Life but for this to happen, there has to be an egg to be fertilised . And for some reason, it reminds me of this image from the original ‘Alien’ film .”

And, as if Danny Boyle was a regular reader of this blog, what do we see .



A Starchild is Born !

Actually the birth was very dark, and we have to go to the movie ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ to understand the conception . In ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, Rosemary is raped by the Devil who has come up from wherever he lives and conceives a ‘Child of Satan’ . The ‘Dark Satanic Mills’ section of the ceremony was called ‘Pandemonium’ . This is a reference to the capital of Hell in John Milton’s Paradise Lost . From Wiki :

Pandæmonium is the capital of Hell in the epic poem Paradise Lost by the 17th century English poet John Milton.

“Pandæmonium” (American English “Pandemonium”) stems from Greek “παν”, meaning “all” or “every”, and “δαιμόνιον”, meaning “little spirit” or “little angel”, or, as Christians interpreted it, “little daemon”, and later, “demon” (thus roughly translated as “All Demons”); or it can be interpreted as Παν-δαιμον-ειον = “all-demon-place”. It is the name invented by John Milton for the capital of Hell, “the High Capital, of Satan and his Peers”, built by the fallen angels at the suggestion of Mammon at the end of Book I, Paradise Lost (1667). Book II begins with the debate among the “Stygian Council” in the council-chamber of Pandæmonium. The demons built it in about an hour, but it far surpassed all human palaces or dwellings; it may have been small, however, as the demons are described as shrinking from their titanic size in order to fit in.

Note the reference to their size . As we have seen, Giants have been popping up all over the place and with the Giant Baby we have another to add to the collection .

Back to the Opening Ceremony . For this section, the Olympic Stadium symbolically was Hell and the sperm of the Devil/Satan/Saturn rose up from the Volcano/Underworld to fertilise the egg and so Rosemary’s Baby was born – the Starchild  . This was the main intention of the ritual – to conceive and birth the child .

Before, I discuss who or what was born last night I will again point out the connection with the Ceremony and the events in Aurora exactly 7 days previously. I just happened to see the time in Britain that the Egg was fertilised and it was exactly 21:21 – the mirror of 12 dead and the ‘In the Midnight Hour’ of the shooting . But the more obvious link is seen with the inclusion of the Voldemoort Giant in Stratford – ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ . And he did literally, as he rose from the Underworld .


I would also suggest Aurora is also connected by its obvious connotation with ‘The Light’ as symbolised by the Olympic Torch .
And, I observe that Danny Boyle insisted the event should start as ‘The Dark Night Rose’ at 9pm .

Anyway, back to the Giant child . My impression is that the child is a girl and we are seeing the birth of a new Goddess – Queen Isis . The hidden references to Isis were apparent from the start, with the video journey of the Olympic flame along the River Isis from its source to Stratford . As you may have noticed, there were many ‘Queen’ connections :

  • Queen Elizabeth opened the Games . One of the names of Isis is ‘The Female of the Throne’ .
  • She was seen with James Bond in the Skyfall video as she became ‘The Woman who fell to Earth’ .
  • The singing of ‘God Save The Queen’  (‘Long to reign over us’ – not at all hive mind) .
  • Bohemian Rhapsody by ‘Queen’ .
  • ‘God Save The Queen’ by the Sex Pistols .

And just to keep me happy, there were a few Sirius syncs thrown in as well . Firstly, the two Royal Dog Star corgis (Sirius A & B ?) and next the Star,  which the cameras seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time showing during the short David Bowie clip of Star Man . I am reminded of his role in ‘The Man who Fell to Earth’ who of course is Lucifer – see James Bond parachute ‘Skyfall’ .

corgisThe Dog Stars

The next element to the Opening Ceremony was the numerology which was obsessed with 7 and in particular 7/7 . I don’t know a lot about numerology but I can see ‘pattern’ and this is seen firstly, in the date 27/7 which is the 77 energy x 2 . I doubt the date of the Aurora tragedy, with 7 days between the events and a similar date 20/7 was a coincidence . There was a remembrance to the victims of the 7/7 bombings in London and also, the 007 link with James Bond . And if we haven’t seen enough 7s, there were also the 7 giant Towers during Pandemonium and at the end, 7 teenagers lit the Cauldron .

As we knew before, during ‘The Green and Pleasant Land’ section and the ‘Jerusalem’ hymn the Stadium became Zion/Home . I have discussed Zion a lot so I won’t go into great detail but I would suggest it is not of this planet  . The description of Zion as the place of the origin of the physical universe fits in with the Womb/Egg theme and Isis as well, as one of her many names is The Mother of the World . I was also struck by the comment made by Jacques Rogge, the head of the IOC who said : “In a sense, the Olympics are coming Home” . The Olympics or the Olympians ?

Last night’s ceremony could keep me busy for months and there are quite a few lesser factors which I have omitted . If I get the inspiration, I may do another post on these elements and I’m sure there’s plenty I’ve missed as well . A few days ago, I wrote that the Olympic Opening Ceremony would probably be the safest place in the world as nothing was going to be allowed to disrupt the Mass, for want of a better word, and hopefully, now you can see why .

Anyway, the Starchild has now been born and if you thought things were weird up till now, I think it may get even stranger . But look on the bright side, I didn’t see Wenlock or Mandeville and there was no ‘Alien Invasion’ !
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235 thoughts on “The Olympics, The Giant Baby & The Dark Knight Rises

    • Yes Great Post. Look at what is happening in the Persian Gulf right now and around Syria. Chinese Warships have been steaming up the Suez to join Russian ships off Syria for ‘exercises’. US/UK/French ships and Naval equipment have been building up in the Persian Gulf during the last 4 months. WW3 is coming and it will start in the Straight of Hormuz.

      • Aurora and the Opening Ceremony are a means to an end . We’ll have to wait and see whether the agenda can be implemented .

        I’m not sure if WW3 is needed . They only need to pick off a few more countries and they’re there . And China and Russia are involved as well, but like to give the impression occasionally they are independent .

  1. I’ve been reading a lot of you recent blog posts since last night. Great job… I’ve added you to my favorites so I won’t forget the link and can return 🙂 My head is swimming! I’ve even researched things you’ve said… and well,… you’re spot on. I’ve been following these type of theories since this past Superbowl Halftime show when I felt like something didn’t seem right and started to look things up and new about Madonna being the “mother” of Isis and was wondering what was next. I think this all ties into the NWO and I’ve been researching the Illuminati for years and you can’t look at anything with a pyramid on it and not start to wonder (the whole top of the Olympic stadium). I watched the entire opening ceremony and something else had caught my eye during the scene of the “Star child”. If you pay attention to the nurses while the kids are having “nightmares”, they point their index fingers into their palms during their “dance” and in sign language that means medication (note they had children signing in a choir and had a few deaf children amoung them, so I thought that wasn’t just a fluke). Go back to sleep and dream. With this all going on around us… I think people need to start “waking up”. Did you hear the man giving play by plays on the show even call the large baby “creepy” and his woman “”co-anchor”.. whatever you’d call them… pretty much kept him from going any further with that statement. Back to the actual ceremony… they kept talking about dreaming and sleeping… even during the part before with the Industrial bit… the main man in focus, with the top hat (standing on a platform that appeared to be a pentagram), talked about dreaming and witches and then wanted to go back to sleep.

    • Hi Liberty – glad to have you on board . There was so much going on, it was very difficult to pick out the most important parts .Over the next few days, probably more and more will be revealed .

  2. I thought it was slow and never really took off. There wasn’t anything that screamed out to me. I thought the music montage was confusing and could have been done better. And why focus on the guy who invented the WWW? Who cares? .

    I also thought the English History lesson was very dark and dull. They didn’t even show Stonehenge and instead focused on the Industrial Revolution? With all the white men. I mean, at least they noted that it did also bring about suffering..

    and then the Children’s Hospital thing? They didn’t even SHOW Peter pan.. just children in beds and then focused on Nightmares ..? Wtf? Of COURSE JK Rowling had to take center stage…

    I also found it very ironic the way they showed the Olympic Rings. While I LOVE Lord of the Rings.. I found it odd that they showed this huge ring being forged.. “ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL”. Was that a message or what?

    Overall It was a HUGE disappointment. I love Paul McCartney but even his voice was gravely and crackly.

    Just dark and dismal overall. I mean I loved the music.. but seriously.. Tubular bells?? One of the creepiest pieces of music there is… WTF was THAT about? and Come Together? Love the song.. but message for the Olympics?.. I don’t know… They could have had Kate Bush singing.. just so many choices and they wasted them.. Disappointing.

    • W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet, so WWW = 23, 23, 23 …. 23 chromosomes so WWW can signify 3-strand DNA (coming to a world near you). Also, 23+23+23 = 69 …. a taoist-type symbol; satanic “as above, so below.”

      In other words: this world is over. Believe on Jesus. The only way out

  3. I would like to clarify.. A lot of things “screamed” out to me.. just nothing super positive or inspiring. ( Beijings was more beautiful and hopeful than this opening ceremony)

    • Hi Caelidh – unfortunately, it wasn’t for our entertainment . All we were meant to do was participate .

      • Well, I was speaking from more of a passive observer. Usually I have enjoyed watching the opening ceremonies.. they have been inspiring and entertaining. This was was definitely different and very dark. I remember watching the Vancouver opening ceremonies and it was lovely. My mother was in the hospital at the time dying, she was from Canada so they had a special significance. I even felt uplifted from the Beijing ceremonies.. but these… these were definitely dark and strange.. very different (from someone who regularly watching these ceremonies). I could tell they were trying to evoke something.. or invoke something… I just felt icky … and depressed.

        • I’m not surprised you felt depressed – it was depressing . There was a dark purpose to the show and I imagine you picked up on this energy .

      • Oh most definitely.. that is why I commented on it.
        I was out yesterday and I overheard a conversation of some strangers talking about the ceremony, they seemed nonplussed and thought it was ‘incredible”. I wonder how the average unawake individual would “see” it vs someone who is paying attention. I mean, I loved a lot of the music (I love the hymn from Chariots of Fire Jerusalem.. very moving) I love Pink Floyd, the Beatles etc… the music is great… but I thought most of it were odd choices for an opening ceremony.

      • Hi Caelidh, yes, Vancouver’s was amazing. The powerful simplicity of k.d. lang singing “Hallelujah” without all kinds of expensive theatrics…unbeatable. I have to say it makes me cry every time I watch it – and still it is immensely hopeful. Condolences about your mother. The loss of a parent is grueling.

  4. Meanwhile, up in Heaven, Baby Saturn had just been born in a mirror of Revelation 12, a woman gives birth, the moon is at her feet.

    Baby Saturn

  5. I thod it was sperm and the egg was that green ovular hill. Now i am a bit xonfused what was the egg actualy. I think nothing is going to happen durung games. It is kept in secrecy while we discusing this. Somenthing much more secret and dark is lurking nehind the stage;) a lot of music was from band underworld. I get the message;)

    • The child is now born . What will happen next is anyone’s guess but being born from Hades and with Voldemoort at your birth, is probably not a good omen 🙂 .

    • there was a person in a bubble, that was there…i dont think we were meant to see it, but it was a large, clear plastic bubble with a person in a green body leotard, in it….i think that was the egg, it was after the sperm part, before the baby…

  6. The ‘Abide with Me’ ritual was creepy. NBC didn’t air it in the United States – they showed an interview with Ryan Seacrest and Michael Phelps instead. What was it all about, with the little boy and the ‘dark’ man? It grossed me out. Also reminded me of this scene from Mulholland Drive in Club Silencio for some reason – , I guess the whole thing is feeling more like David Lynch than Oh, Danny Boyle to me. I also noticed they played ‘Eclipse’ by Pink Floyd later on – goes right along with the rituals.

    • I think Abide With Me was in remembrance of the 7/7 victims . I’m not sure if it was a tribute or dancing on their graves . Only god knows what the boy and the man was about . The whole thing was very creepy and I only relaxed when they got to the music bit which I enjoyed .

      • Like all Their memorials, I didn’t find it had anything at all to do with the actual victims except to briefly show their pictures. The singing was pretty, but the symbolism of the dance routine was ill-fitting in my opinion! That man was hand-jiving like he was David Bowie in Labyrinth…

      • By all accounts I’m somewhat happy that I did not view the opening satanic party ritual.

        It would seem if if they do not care that people are figuring out what they are ushering in.

        Then again I am reminded by something that david Icke said and that is they are running scared and will do any and everything possibe to continue tricking the mind of mandkind and keep humans minds in bondage.

        • Thera – a very good choice . As I said in the post, the dark part of the show reminded me of the Rosemary’s Baby rape scene if you saw what was happening – not pleasant .

      • I was trying to look to see what formations the dancers were doing. I saw at one point “pillars” and the “infinity” (number 8) symbol.

      • Thera, I’m with you. They say that serial killers and psychopaths OCD on their own output (can’t use the words “creativity” or “creation” here), and that they revisit the scenes of their crime over and over and over again, even stalk people associated with the victims and oogle over every piece of news about their crimes. I think this may be what is happening here. They don’t intend to ”reveal” clues for the masses to read; they are just sickos and have no choice but to ritualize and externalize over and over again their sickness. PURE MEGLOMANIA.

  7. Oh btw, Just before the show started, the symphony orchestra were playing a song to their Lord to set the mood- Title- “Nimrod” Very emotional piece that is quite popular and sucks you in but guess one, i would not be listening to that anymore- knowing who Nimrod is- The Master of all rebellion against the creator- the Tower of Babel

  8. Here’s how the sun (uk) reported it- The audience are waving huge BLUE SHEETS over their heads as a live orchestra plays classic piece Nimrod, by Brit composer Edward Elgar

  9. mhr- i would think the abide with me was a link to the Christian heritage of England. It is a very Classic Hymn but i think it is also sang at funerals especially. One of the reasons why it was not shown in america was given the move to remove God- The Creator from society in Americe, any song or action that would or could revive that fire or past desire would be shut down. America is now a secular state.

    • In the run up to the Games, there has been a lot of connections with the Bull, Taurus and the Bulls Eye and Nimrod is linked with the Bull .

      ‘Abide with Me’ is a well known Anglican hymn . I found it disturbing being linked to 7/7 .

      You are probably right about the hymn in America . NBC were probably worried about someone suing them for discrimination which I find surprising as Americans are far more ‘religious’ than us Brits .

    • WOW Anonymous…………………………. that makes so much sense. But then again I did not view the Ceremony….and am now gald that I did not.

  10. Faul McCartney as the “big surprise” at the end made me guffaw. Faul will appear at the opening of an envelope, big deal. Besides, I’m still not convinced that that wasn’t Angela Lansbury in drag. And what’s up with ‘Hey, Jude’? Julian Lennon must be honored that this song about his parents’ divorce is so beloved by all of humanity. Couldn’t they have chosen something more appropriate?

  11. It was kinda disturbing. During the first part I wouldn’t have been surprised if UFO invasion started. Also notice Sex PISTOLS and red-haired vocalist – another reference to Aurora?
    And the Polish commentary was strange at times, especially when they said that these Olympics might be “the greatest good of our times’.
    I don’t feel any better now that the ceremony’s over. Though there was no attack, I feel uneasy, like some dark energy is hanging in the air.

    • I was wondering about Johnny Rotten and noticed the similarity with James Holmes . One blogger compared Mr Bean with The Joker which I thought was a good link .

      It was hard enough for British audiences so what foreign viewers thought I don’t know but all they were meant to do was watch .

      • So it all points to weird scenario. On the one hand there’s baby/DNA/alien theme, but on the other the threat of attack still remains. I wonder if they could somehow make logical whole or are completely separate. The new-born queen of the New World Order? Arrival of real aliens? Who knows.

        • I think it is the Queen of the hierarchical hive mind . We’ll have to see what transpies over the next few months but 21/12/12 has been so hyped, I imagine they are aiming at this date .

      • Frank on one of the other article/post some one wrote a post which made me go to google and look for red haired people in the Bible. King David was front and foremost. He being a Merovingian King and Princess Diana being of his lenerage made me think about why she was chosen to marry Charles. They are setting the stage for the first born of Diana’s to become the Prince of Peace.

        Red heads for the most part are not looked upon as the nicest of people. Edomite was King david not an Edomite – Edomite’s considered in the Bible not trustworthy. They show one thing then do another .

  12. Well done frank, My eyes nearly popped out when i saw the sperm and seven towers.

    Taking my conspiracy head off for a minute and remembering that the people who produced/directed and took part in the ritual last night almost certainly had no idea what they were doing, then I think they put on a pretty spectacular show and its a shame that these things always have such a dark side, hopefully one day that will change

    • I felt sorry for the poor guy – it was just a wave . Funny , though 🙂 . When I saw the egg, I just laughed and then spent the next four hours or so wondering about the rest of it .

      I can see Aurora is connected but it seems impossible to arrange things so cleverly . I used to run football sides and it was very difficult to get 11 people to turn up at 3pm on a saturday afternoon and that’s why some people wonder about possession/inter-dimensional manipulation etc .

  13. Nothing was gonna happen on opening day with world No1 present-impossible. All the blogs and info over the net have pointed to so may different dates… some say the 3rd day others say the 4 of August, the whistleblower reporter said it would be after the Olympics, the movie “2012” places their strike in the midst of the games- Look for news report that says sothing like “30th Olympics suspended….”, TV series special Spooks 9 places a bomb during a football match, We are praying and pray nothing happened for the sake of the souls present- September 11 however might turn out to be a different kettle of fish.
    The question now is with a lot of their big player having their yachts moored in that vacinity, would they still go ahead, would it be another like another Titanic that got rid of those opposed to the federal reserve such as the Astors?…

    • Most of us believe what we are tod to believe. Those million yachts mean nothing to people who can have another built at the drop of a hat. Just because yacths are there does not always mean that the owners are still there or were ever there. As absurd as it sounds they coukd be clones of the global elite.

  14. Well McCartney is probably a clone or impostor anyway. LOL

    When reading about the Starchild birth I was reminded of Crowley, Parsons and Hubbard when they were attempting to complete the squared circle with Babalion following after the Trinity of Osiris, Isis and Horus. Check some of Rik Clay’s work where he references the Unholy Trinity.

    Beware, this could just be a distraction to keep us away from what is really important but also to make us subliminally accept the establish order or to alternatively ferment hostility.

    • Your comment and stence referencing McCartney …… may be more correct than you know and that may well be the case with the other elites who were suppodesly at the event.

      For the most part people could have been listening too, etc. imposters with exception of the athletes and spectators.

      • Remember, Queenie had a hologram made of her. Wonder when they will roll that out.

    • This is serious-they have been aiming at this for a long time . Now whether the energy they are trying to connect to exists is another matter . Just because somebody believes in something, doesn’t make it real .

  15. great post ! Also wondering about the tree & uprooting of the tree… Presumably ‘tree of life’?

    • Yes – it was The Tree of life being uprooted . There’s a lot going on with Genesis (Tower of Babel, Giants etc) . In the second half of the year, I anticipate Revelations scenarios appearing as it seems to be a birth and death ritual of some sort .

    • Possibly becasue they have that is many of them have been dummed down for decades through the schooling system. And they are unaware of how to think and analyze things on their own. They’ve not had the training on the fact that it’s okay to question or excrise one own brain.

      Hepefully many of them are waking up and sharing the informtion they newly discovered.

      I read somewhere where a blooger stated that Americans or the only ones left who can set things straight ……because for now they still have a bit of freedom and liberty left.

      By the way to those who do not know those freedoms and liberties are fast being taken away.

      The situation is very urgent for them and ultimately us, mass population.

      • not all American’s have been dumbed (not dunmed) down. Hopefully (not hepefully) you realize that is unproductive and irrational to lump such a large and diverse group into one and to assign generalized qualities to the entire group.

        Many American bloggers (not bloggers) has been sharing their information for years now so it is hardly new, but there are few among the entire Internet community who have been as astutue (IMHO) as Frank, whose posts are consistently clear and full of insight.

        Yes, we are in trouble here in the US, but it is not unique – it is the mirror for of the rest if the planet – 7 billion people. That is a lot of souls involved, so much to lose or gain depending on which side you are on.

        • Its world wide . Sometimes, I look at the music from the 1960s and the level of intelligence in the songs was on a different plane to what we hear these days .

          But there are many intelligent people in the world and I hope that if we keep plugging away, we will get to the moment where the world will ‘get it’ .

    • I sympathise with them . If you looked at it from a five sense, non British perspective I’m sure it looked weird but we didn’t have to understand , just participate (including me) .

    • It will be interesting to see future commentary.
      I probably missed a few details but ever since Aurora I have been alert and paying attention and trying to hunt down any clues I can. I am sure most skeptics will say “you are making that up”. but as Mark Passio of What on earth is happening podcast has stated often.. YOU don’t have to BELIEVE in anything that THEY are doing. What THEY do still can affect you. Just saying “I won’t pay attention and it won’t hurt me”…

      One screaming theme to me is the Dawn vs Night . Aurora (the Dawn) was “killed” by the shooter, at the movie “Dark KNight Rising” the Pastoral setting of the first part was supplanted by the DARK very Sauronish industrial revolution . And the Abide by me segment, the SUN was present …

      I do find it interesting that it seemed very overt, like they didn’t care anymore about burying alot of this, either that or more folks understand. I might not have caught all this 5 years ago and just thought it was odd.

    • Hi Moffat . Thanks for the comment . I was wondering about them but it was moving so quick, I couldn’t make sense of them . I may do a further post on all the bits I left out .

  16. Hello sir.. was waiting for your take on this matter… having a bit of a vacation weekend with the family, but caught the ‘show’ on satellite. All in all it was very very weird. To me, I took it not as a history of england, but a celebration of the rise of freemasonry. (the suited guys driving the work force like puppets, and indeed showing the final enslavery by the digital age..

    The scale of the whole ceremony was incredible and it was almost impossible for one to take ones eyes off of it. Which is the true indicator of something that is designed to brain wash.

    There were so many freemasonry connects with the people who were present/celebrated. Especially the queen, and boyle… churchill etc. The ‘space’ tone was subtle, but we had the sun and the rings forming as ufo’s….

    I believe somebody is making a point, what it is I am not sure, but it is certainly a huge display of power and strength……. Now I have just noticed the womens beach volleyball on the TV here in the hotel reception… and my mind was telling me… come on, the olympics is not that bad 🙂 🙂

    Also good to see the participants in Merovee increasing 🙂

    • Hi Paul – hope you and your family well . Speed can be a sign all is not well – if it was slowed down, then people might ask questions . The UFO rings was one of the bits I left out . ET and the Olympics are connected but I don’t know why yet . The Beach volleyball is always good for an hour or so 🙂 .

      The blog has gone a bit mad recently but its all good . I have been heartened with the knowledge that the contributors have and now its just a matter of now getting it out into the public consciousness !

      • Frank I do like the way you think. Especially about saying in so many words FOLKS IT’S WAKE UP TIME!

        • Closer to the truth is ‘Grow up’ . Much of humanity behave like immature teenagers – we are in this together and the only way through is together .

      • Ok –here is something to add, cuz I have been stumbling upon a few things when directed by the Lord in prayer. When I found out about the Aurora shooting, I had strong leading on me that it was significant and that every detail, the name of the town, the numbers involved, etc. were ALL significant and that it was NOT what it appeared 😦 (as just a random nut-job shooting) –it was planned/staged –whatever, how ironic is it that it was “staged” in a “theatre” 😦 I am horrified for the people who experienced it and their families and have prayed constantly for them. I knew it was done to “usher” something in or to “herald” something –i felt it had more to do with “herald”. I have to add what I stumbled upon since then, tho….. I happened to click a random video on You Tube called “2012 the year of our first contact with other alien species” dated for may 4, 2010 (so this is an older video and I dont usually watch such titled videos, but the pic of the mayan looking man caught my attention and i felt i needed to see it), I don’t even remember the rest of the video as it was the very beginning that affected me because I was still concerned about the significance of the Aurora shootings. I watched the video on July 29, 2012. It began with an interview of a very old indian/Aztec/Incan-descent looking man who was being interviewed with an interpreter. Keep in mind that he speaks what sounded like Spanish to me –as I could recognize a few of the words here or there before the interpreter would interpret. He was asked a couple of questions about the legends of his ancestors and he said something about “around the time of the 12 baktun” which refers to the Mayan calendar, that it “would be the return of our ancestors, the return of the men of wisdom” (Let me add here that God has had me turn in my Bible, opening it REPEATEDLY to passages about “wisdom” over the past couple of weeks, and I have been praying for wisdom thinking that was what He meant –now i wonder, cuz I had no idea there was anything about “the men of wisdom” in these legends) then this old Incan looking man says something I couldnt make out in Spanish and the woman interpreter says “let the morning come” (I KNEW Aurora meant morning or dawn –cuz I looked it up Friday night after the shooting was on the news -so that had my jaw dropping) then he says something like this and i was FLOORED “que hora AURORA” and the interpreter says “let the dawn come” you can imagine how that sent me into prayer. I mean, there can be no coincidences there —and I saw where there have been comments that the shooting/victims were referenced as part of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics -like a memorial? Why would they want there to be a connection with that when they would have already had opening ceremonies planned for minute by minute and would have to “change” it to make room for a memorial? Why would they want to have that horrible tragedy referenced in connection with the Olympics occurring another continent away? Yes, respect and sympathies to the families —but there are so many other things that happen and nothing so drastic is done to reference it as a memorial —just seems odd…that’s all.

        I didn’t get to see the Olympics opening ceremonies, but I wish I had now. I’m gonna look for clips, cuz some are already blocked because of copyrights.

        EVERYTHING i see in movies and TV, from “John Carter” (and so many more movies) to the recent Monday Night RAW episode 1001 with the image of the “goatface” displayed thru strategically placed inkblot images speaks things to me that never affected me before –I never noticed such things –and now whether I want to see them or not, they jump out at me and I end up having to go pray for God to help me understand what each thing means (sometimes He shows me, and sometimes not). Regardless, there are SERIOUS things going on, and I am very glad that I am not the only one who can see it. I hope people are choosing sides, cuz this is a huge cosmic war and ur either for God or against Him; and I think it’s about to go down….. and since the book has been written and we already know who wins…. It might be prudent to choose “God’s” side, especially since there is grace, mercy, and love along with a boatload of promises for those of us who fight with Him (regardless of what we may suffer in the temporal). The only promise for those who stand against Him is one of judgment and eternal separation from God –not to mention that lake of fire.

        I hope I have not offended anyone by what I have written, as that is not my intent….. I just think it’s time people wake up and NOT be asleep or remain sleeping and dreaming, like many of the comments said here about the opening ceremonies referencing staying asleep and dreaming –that’s the state of the majority of the world at this time. This whole thing is horrifying to me, but these things must come (it was already written long ago)….. It’s time to get off the fence and join sides, TRULY join sides with all that we have in us—and to choose rightly, before it is too late. There is no neutral ground, because no decision IS a decision for the wrong side —as He would have us burn “hot” for Him, and NOT be “lukewarm” or “cold”—meaning 100% sold out and submitted to Him as Sovereign Lord. Sadly, that doesn’t mean be a church benchwarmer, either 😦 It means to know Him personally —to know Him and seek Him more than you do everyone and everything else, cuz that is NOT an impossibility like many believe. It starts with a little bit of faith (to believe He is what the Word says He is) and the choice to believe and trust in Him and His voice or His leading. He takes care of the rest. That is why the pic of Jesus and the church painted in the Bible is one of a Bride and her Groom –intense closeness and passion for each other, to be together constantly in communion, fellowship, and love; preferring each other above all others and everything else. God help us, open our eyes, and prepare us for what is to come, in Jesus’ name.

    • Freemasonry per se isn’t evil. Some sects have corrupted it however. There is “light” Freemasonry and “Dark” freemasonry.

      Freemasonry ultimately is about “building” the human character to a positive place. “Moral’, upstanding” etc.. However, the practices have been perverted and corroded by some and it has been maligned and misunderstood.

      • If you read my comment what I stated is that yes, some Freemasonry has been corrupted. That does not mean that the practices or teachings are evil unto themselves. As the OCCULT does not =evil but rather “hidden knowledge” so the practice of Freemasonry is not evil. Yet some who use freemasonry will do it for dark manipulative ends. If one can obviously see that not all CHRISTIANITY is bad.. but some people who profess to be Christians ARE bad (such as Roman Catholic Priests who molest children) so can the esoteric practices can be neutral but the practitioner be evil. Do not confuse the two…. that is where we continue the cycle of being unawake!

      • What on Earth is happening with Mark Passio is excellent to get knowledge from.

        Having successfully begun my work as a presenter of the message of spiritual awareness, I am now taking a pro-active approach to the task of spreading this significant information to others. This has resulted in What On Earth Is Happening, a penetrating analysis into the realm of human Consciousness.

        In this empowering presentation, and on this web site, the following concepts and ideas will be deeply explored:

        The components of our own Consciousness
        How to recognize Truth and Deception
        The Emotional Polarities we experience in our lives
        The differences between Magic and Sorcery
        What a healthy or destructive Worldview looks like
        The basic nature of Good and Evil
        The basic nature of the problem we collectively face as a species
        The forces of the Dark Occultism at work in our lives
        The multi-faceted methods by which human consciousness is manipulated on a daily basis
        The underlying agenda of those performing the manipulation
        What Natural Law is and how it contrasts with the law of man
        What Sovereignty and Anarchy really mean
        Grassroots Solutions that anyone can employ to begin to turn the tide and heal the damage that has been done to our ourselves and our world

  17. I am someone that thinks things do warrant more investigation, but on this I think you have let your imagination and paranoia run into madness.
    Firstly the formation of the ring looks nothing like a sperm.
    The rings of the Olympic emblem were decided on before you were born to represent the coming together of the then, five continents in sporting unity!
    Before I go on to debunk all that you have said the Sex Pistols, was not ‘God Save the Queen’, it was ‘Pretty Vacant’.
    Now let us be adults here if you can’t get a simple tune right that in itself casts doubt over all the other rubbish you fill people’s minds with.
    People, stop reading this person drivel and do your own thinking. Stop becoming a sheeple of those that say they spout the truth!

    • Hi Ian – you believe what you want and I will believe what I want .

      Actually, if you can be bothered to watch a re-run of the show, you will see they played ‘God Save The Queen’ by the Sex Pistols at the beginning of the show and ‘Pretty Vacant’ towards the end in the music section .

      I don’t profess to speak any truth or persuade people . It’s my perspective and I reserve the right to say what I want .

      • You go, Frank…… People gotta sit up and take notice of what is going on all around us. Sometimes the pursuit of TRUTH shakes us up –forces us to change our beliefs, personal philosophies, and ideas, which kinda threatens the “me” inside each one of us. Denying things –especially when there is SO much of it there for anyone with an eye to see –does not negate the truth. Soon, whatever people would say won’t matter, because we will ALL be in the middle of it as “it” goes down –whatever it’s gonna be –and God help us.

        • Hi Nicole – thanks for all the comments . Its always a bit of a shock when we see ‘ the shadow’ for the first time . Even after a few years, I think I must be seeing it all wrong and then something like Aurora and the Olympics happen, and it reinforces it all .

    • Sperm was the serpent in the centre of the stadium and green hill was the egg. If you were not blind you will know this elite plan is here fore century at least. They decided all symbols and rituals long before these games. It is not rubbis what we are write here on feanks blog. It is awakning proces that has to ne made. It is veey important to wake up people so we can be free.

  18. Thanks Frank for the ‘Above as, so below” answer. Does this then mean that they have made the connection to usher in more evil?

    • Thank god, I’m not party to the agenda but I think the idea is to connect with a powerful energy . The new Queen is now born and it will be interesting to see where it leads but I think, there is a more powerful energy at work which will sweep them away .

      • Frank thanks again for the answer. In light of that I will agree with your comment in part all while adding a futher comment an that is. I could be that what they are trying to do is block us, (the populace) from receiving the powerful energy that is being sent to us humans. I said that beccause of something I read once that they are not at all “spititually powerful” but we the populace are. But many people do not know it.

        In other words they have the money power to show us the wow factor. While we have the spititual brain power to subdue and destroy them. So they keep people in fear buy using their collective/money power to block out the energy souce that we need in order to wake up.

    • Peter Pan is one of those books that you feel there is a hidden subtext and the Michael Jackson/Peter Pan link hints at something darker . Not that I think there is anything wrong with it but how it is used and what the characters symbolise .

  19. I have an idea on the rings, it is supposed to represent the five continents, but was only stated one the designer was asked..I believe a ring is symbolic of ownership/slaver, wedding rings/shackles, bulls nose ring, collars etc…so taking each ring as respresentative of a sphere of control I am guessing here..Black=Government/military/education, Yellow=Sun/religion, Red=Energy/money, Green=food/meds, blue=Water/air…Control of those 5 ‘elements’ gives World Control, so the rings are representative of NWO One World Government, 5 rings, 4 intersects make 9, Satan’s job done..when the rings become ‘gold’ to the elite, so to see everyone looking up in wonder at the rings of gold is symbolic of slaves taught to love their slavery..the 4 intersect also are vesica piscis or vagina, so probably have a connection too, maybe 5 as man, 4 as woman, so male domination. I also noticed the 7 torches were handed from white elders to black (corrupted) youth, the Olympic flag likewise passed from 8 white clad bearers plus 1 (Ali- broken warrior) to 8 miltary plus 1, so 9’s again..but symbolic of loss of the flame and control from the light side to the dark/military. The black monk/magician (Jesuit/voldemort/demon entity) controlled the spirits that scared the kids, already separated from parents by meds, then comforted by a ‘surrogate’, Poppins, who is a ‘child expert’ who knows better than the parent, smacks of how Steiner schools operate, who are covert Aryan supremacists. Altogether that smacked of mind control..then the baby as mentioned came from where the demon disintegrated, a ‘Moonchild’ of Crowleys pattern, reminiscent of the Royal mind/control breeding programs designed to birth Nimrod Appolyon, the desired Anti-Christ that involved invoking Demonic presence to fertilise the woman, an experience that is described as completely personality shattering for the woman. Anyone seen the films of UFO that appeared at the firework display? I found the playing of ‘Enola gay’ (plane that dropped the first atomic bomb) then shortly afterwards ‘going underground’ (complete with projections of the london underground) was a suss, given the rumours of nuclear false flag and possible tube attack…also at the end I noticed they flashed ‘Way out’ and Stratford tube station logo..

    • TimKelly very good post. For sure the Spititual Battle for the Soul of Mankind is full on swing. Hence them uprooting a symbolic tree of life. They are very much in fear of mankind find out who and what they truly are. Humankind is far greater and more magnificant than they have been lead to believe.

      I don’t mean the flesh body of humans but the soul/spirit. This body is just a flesh space suit that houses the soul/spirit. In essense I guess one could say that our soul/spirit is locked in a prision cell. Once our soul spirit is released from the body it resides in it sours back to it’s original source…….ever lasting life.

      • That’s right —-God has given me Isaiah42 repeatedly, and in that chapter it says that these are all a people plundered and looted, snared in pits, and hidden in PRISONHOUSES. Then, my husband had asked God to show him our hometown, and God showed him a giant prison, in which there were lots of people in different church buildings that he thought represented different denominations (or beliefs?) which were prison dorms with a demon having keys like a prison guard set over each dorm. None of the people in his vision had a clue about the “guards” set over them or that there were other dorms or other people with different views that were considered to be equally correct to all the others. That is a scary thought —but I believe it is accurate. It made a lot of sense to him as he is a prison deputy in a place where the men are kept in dorms, with a specific guard set over each dorm with keys in a control room. That image really hits home for me –and I thought it had more to do with my own home town and it’s state of existence, than anywhere else (although I realized that other places must be similarly held (spiritually speaking). Seeing your comments, I realize this is HUGE; and almost everyone is inside this “prison” and only a few of us know it.

      • Prisons as we are made to know them are fascinating places. You find many manipulated souls in them, especially in overtly abusive and totalitarian countries that don’t sanitize their abuse. I’m not sure what goes on in the prisons of civilized societies which do well to hide their cancers, but all in all I pray daily that the good everywhere in this small world can overcome the filth.

    • I made a note of the Enola Gay reference and ‘Going Underground’ which seemed to link to the Hell section of the ceremony .

    • I missed the “sperm” (but caught it later)
      What I Noticed is the parallel with the Lord of The Rings and the “one ring to rule them all”. That is exactly what it looked like to me. I thought it was a very’ Neat” way they did that but it was definately meant to allude to that. The idea of “forging” and fire very symbolic. There was nothing really in this ceremony that was not touched by some “hidden” meaning. Although I would argue that they didn’t try and hide much this time.

  20. Watched the ceremony half asleep, also my English is not so great to (know and) understand all the lyrics some mentioned in earlier messages but here are a few things i noticed:

    -Found it strange that they started with Industrial revolution (why not ancient years…middleage..or even robin hood? lol). History of Britain is not 250 years…but then, Industrial revolution (1750 to 1850) – Industry – Workers demand rights (shown) – 1st MAY…1st MAY 1776=FOUNDATION OF ILLUMINATI!! (Happy birthday .
    Also they didnt fully light the iIlluminati all-seing-eye stadium lights but their Pyramid showed up when the 7 young people held the torch in its final stage…a 7-people perfect pyramid shape all the way through the stadium masses with the Olympic light allways on the pyramid TOP!! Noone noticed it in the web so far for what i read!

    -The Hill resembled a lot with pics of tower of BABEL when i saw it (made even more sense when i read here about the song NIMROD (Nimrod is connected to Babel) the band supposibly played before the beggining! AND AT THE TOP OF THE BABEL/HILL STOOD THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE…the purpose of the ancient unholy attempt to reach to God and gain knowledge!!! Yesterday, All nations entering the Stadium had as destination and GATHERING POINT this Babel-Hill…..ANOTHER UNHOLY ATTEMPT READY TO BEGIN? looks like it!

    -The Themes looked not like history of Britain but like Illuminaty ways to acomplish their goal (lots from “elders of Zion”): POLITICAL MOVEMENTS (labor / feminist parties) – MUSIC AND CINEMA CONTROL – WEATHER MANIPULATION (giant cloud+”chemtrais” in “Royal airforce” -is that the way u call them? sorry if name is wrong- in the sky above stadium) – HEALTH SYSTEM (population reduction through illnesses and vaccines..noticed the frightened and NOT HAPPY children in the hospital…? Why fear when they were praising this “Great System”? And why on earth a DEAMON during this theme if not to point what I mentioned?) – and finally ALIENS!! ……….
    What? NO UFO’s?(wrote one on top) What about the 5 metallic Olympic circles VERTICALLY placed as UFO’s raigning FIRE upon Earth?
    Oh, One thing i cant understand about the last…why 4 olympic circles come from the sky and one forged on earth? (The rising from the Earth one could combine with the fake Aliens they could try to show up as a weapon for their WorldGovernment Goal…but what about the other 4? maybe it means nothing of course)

    -definitely the Giant Baby…CREEPY and no sense at all with the whole program (All their efford gave birth – start of Life – start of their PLAN?)
    -The Huge bell – a signal for all to start – as mentioned weighted 23 tonns (mentioned in Greek TV…Number 23 allways present in Zionist actions)
    -and 7 billion tiny papers representing all humans on planet, dust in the wind!

    Pretty sure there were a few more i noticed but i think those were mostly the most important.
    The Lord show Mercy on us all.

    • The Lord will show mercy to all who seek mercy and forgiveness.

      Remember the “meek” shall inherit the Earth. I use to think the word “meek” meant weak. It does not. Jesus lists it has a primary virture of the ones who will be a part of and inherit His Kingdom.

      The controlling people know that they cannot win this Spititual Battle but they will do the very best to convince humankind that they can. It’s a lie and they are afraid of the ones who know the truth which is why they are going to throw everything in the book and stuff that’s not even in the book at us.

      Just hang on the ride is going to get very bumpy but know too that if you ride it through without falling off and into their hands the ride is well worth it.

    • Jesus, Jesus! I am horrified, but I am also weirdly relieved (if you can call it that) that I somehow stumbled onto this site. I was having trouble with so much He has been showing me and not being able to understand it all –and times for things to occur that He would seem to indicate to me that have been put off even tho they feel like a “NOW” thing when He shows them to me. I was very discouraged and being fought in my faith (by the enemy) to continue believing and trusting in His voice, until I read this and all the other comments I have been reading. It is just overwhelming to know that all of it is true….all of it–and that I am NOT the only one being shown or being allowed to truly “see”. I agree with you, Greek, Lord show mercy on us all. May we be counted worthy to escape.

      There is not much reason for them to hide what they are doing and what their agenda is any longer because it is upon us —the days of Noah. All that’s left is the unveiling of them…..and that can’t happen until the manifestation of the sons of God (as mentioned in Romans8) occurs, if my understanding is correct (and I am not sure that it is correct, because my mind is puny, finite –and I cannot fathom God or His ways and His plans, and I keep misunderstanding the time frame given -I think, that or He keeps adjusting in response to prayer). On that note, my nephew, who is only 14 was given a vision when he asked God when he needed to get out of our hometown (don’t ask, I don’t understand it all enough to explain) and God gave him a vision of a calendar with the “32nd” day highlighted (now, we all know that there is NO 32nd day anywhere on any calendar); but God then told him to read Ezekiel 32 and 33. This was within the last 2 to 3 weeks (any wisdom anyone has from the Lord on this would be appreciated). When he told me the vision, I asked him what he had been praying when he was shown this and that he needed to look for dates because the calendar marked with 32 meant there was a date and it must be in chapter32 since it was on the calendar –I told him this before reading it or knowing what he had prayed. There are 2 dates in chapter32, in NIV Bible, verse 1: “in the twelfth year, in the twelfth month on the first day;” and in verse17, “in the twelfth year on the fifteenth day of the month (same month), the word of the Lord came to me.” There is also a date in the 33rd chapter, verse 21, “in the twelfth year of our exile, in the tenth month on the fifth day, a man who had escaped from Jerusalem came to me and said, ‘the city has fallen.'” The interesting thing about that word “exile” is that God keeps having me open my Bible to places in scripture where the people are taken into exile or are “deported” for the last week or so –any wisdom anyone? One scripture even said the people were carried off and other people, foreigners from other lands, were brought in to replace them —wisdom coming from the counsel of the Lord is highly welcome on this, as like i said, He shows me things and I don’t always understand and have very few people to go to about what He shows -no one wants to hear it or believes it (at least, that is my experience).

      I have never ascribed to the popular belief of the mayan calendar events concerning December 2012, but I do believe whatever I know God is showing –and something is going on and is set by God to occur around that time –and I believe that He has shown me there are other things set to occur before then, and others still, after. I do not know what; but I do understand enough to know that its time for each of us to choose sides, because we are either for God or against Him, and if you’re neutral, then you are still against Him. He is an “all or nothing” God.

  21. Great article. Thank-you. I am from the US and watched bits and pieces on the internet because I don’t have TV anymore. I saw enough to get the darkness esp. the giant baby and my intuition went into overdrive. I was shocked at how blatent, obvious and yes, surreal it all was. And when the fireworks started, a UFO flew in as if on cue. This was the biggest theatre event I have seen and I wasn’t even there. Something Cliff Richard ( the singer from Great Britain ) fans and Cliff himself are wondering about is why he was not asked to perform. When this happened I knew something was up. He is all about love energy and would not have fit in. Peace and Love to you all ! Jennifer

    • Hi Jennifer . When I saw the rings in the air, I wondered if it was the dreaded Alien Invasion but no such luck . Just Paul Mccartney again .

    • Jennifer

      Just a thought, maybe he was not asked to perform because they know that his spirit energy is really about pure “love energy” and their’s is not. Therefore, they wanted no pure love energy to counter balance their message/ritual.

  22. So the olympics are returning to – or reinforcing – their pagan roots.

    • you want us to come to facebook – an NSA/CIA spook spying tool? NO THANKS – and you need to get the hell off of there. you shouldnt be supporting them in any manner – and that means not giving them any info or content, and definitely not trying to get other people to visit it.

      • Well said, chatterbotX. I want to make tshirts to distribute to the snoozers saying, “FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS DO FACEBOOK.” That charade is a disaster waiting to happen. And sheep all over the world lining up by the billions.

  23. Great Work Frank, and it ties in with my research this year, we have had another cross over point. Im working on something else at the min (Aurora/Olympics links), but my next project will be joining a few dots about the Queen Mother.
    As you know Im sure we have been working on Aug 4 as the most likely date for some kind of False Flag, this is my triathlon blog, the Triathlon takes place in Hyde Park on the morning of the 4 Aug.
    The Queen Mother died in the 15th month of the new millennium at 15:15
    The Triathlon begins with a 1500m swim in the SERPENTINE
    she was born on Aug 4 and there are a lot of 4s in her numerology
    There is then a 4km cycle
    It ends with a 10 km run, the number of perfection and completion.
    After her death her coat of arms was put on the fence of Hyde Park. This triathlon will be a mega ritual.

    This is Ellis Taylors excellent work on the Queen Mother. 4 August this year would have been her 112 birthday. I think they are trying to re-incarnate her. The fragmented scull could be a hint that maybe this new Messiah/Goddess will be MK, or even part alien, as it did not look human.

    I have just detailed the main points here, when I find time obviously I will be blogging it as there is a lot more to it.
    Sandra Barr

    • Hi Sandra – I’ve seen lots of 48 & 84s here on this blog . Sometimes, as with the birth at the OC, you only see the plan at the last minute .

        • Hi – I know 🙂 . I was going to put it in the article but decided not to – I wanted to keep to the point .

          Its the Starchild from 2001 : A Space Odyssey which I selected on a whim . At the time, a few years ago, it seemed entirely innocent . But I have come to like it, so it will stay .

      • God is real and we have to believe that he will fight this battle with us trust in Jesus

    • Sandra Barr Hi – while you’re at it join a few dots about the willing particpant Kate as well.

      Also maybe the re-incarnate of the Queen Mom will be conceived and born through Kate.

      Remember they have already changed the rules on who can assend to the throne. Not only that remember too that Diana was with child within the first 3 or 4 months after marriage.

      Will and Kate have been married over a year now and still no announcement…………. of child to come.

      Good luck with your search and don’t forget that Diana nicknames for the royal family members were ‘reptiles and lizards.’

    • and then, if you follow the hyperlinks……

      (from the previous article: “but demands a sacrifice to the goddess Ix Chebel Yax)
      Ixchel or Ix Chel (pronounced [iʃˈtʃel]) is the 16th-century name of the aged jaguar goddess of midwifery “the goddess of making children”.In the Ritual of the Bacabs, Ixchel is once called ‘grandmother’.[4]

      the theme of Childbirth?

      • The Child is now born . You mentioned the Falling Woman – as I read the James bond stunt, we had Lucifer (James Bond) and Isis (Queenie) falling to Earth . they also showeda clip of David Bowie as the Star Man and one of his movies was ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ .

  24. How much more “in your face” do things have to get? Now mind you I admit that I was looking for things during the opening. But my wife wasn’t. She doesn’t follow the signs/flags like me, but even she said something about the sperm. I wish they did hide it better, that way at least one could plead ignorance to all of it. I’m afraid it seems that “WE” just don’t care.

    • HIghly recommend folks get rid of their television sets. Then you and your family won’t be subjected to all this hocus pocus propaganda witchcratt. Just a thought…

      • Cathy I agree in part, but then again one must know his enemy in order to defeat him. Some of us can watch the telly and not succumb to the programming.

        What has me most worried about is the ‘stuff’ we eat and drink that’s being tampered with, not to mention the vacines, etc.

    • blazinriver “WE” care which is why their plan will not work out in the way they hope. However, they will do much damage before they are ultimately defeated.

      • Chosen River I agree. Not to keen on the much damage part but you may be correct. They will kill anyone who gets in their way and they have killed a lot of people already……… and blame it on others. The Aurora incident for instance and many other incidents similar.

    • Hi ‘Blazin River’ – thanks for the comment . I think the mind needs a trigger and each individual is different but it is normally a life experience that draws us down this road . I am wondering whether the world needs a collective life experience so that it becomes clear to everyone .

      • Hi Frank,

        I like the saying I read just recently; “we are having an experience, we are not the experience.”

        To me that means we, (our soul/spirit) is being held hostage by fear. It’s the fear of death that holds us in this rhelm/deminsion and keeps us coming back to this place on earth better known as Hell.

        • Hi Thera – in the Mind of humanity, there is a a part of us which wishes to remain separate from our source and this ‘energy'(fear, guilt etc) blocks out the ‘Sun’, as it were . The current ‘awakening’ is attempting to undo all our misguided ideas about Life and reality and return us to our natural state and Mind . The world is neutral – its what we think about it that matters .

          I believe whatever force is behind all this crap wishes for us to remain in ignorance of who we are . Some call it Satan, the Ego etc and it is really just a belief system but we will return or awaken, as it is inevitable . I believe the decision to return has been made – it’s just a matter of Time .

  25. Frank reading your message gave me goose bumps. Your last paragraph is so true, the decision has been made. As a matter of fact it was made long ago probably during the ‘split.’

    After all mankind was supposedly given the choice of free will. Back in the day many were called heretics and killed because they did not follow a path which they knew was wrong. But I digress here. Anyway “ego” got in the way which could be why many think that this is all there is to life.

    Yes, we will return to our true self we just have to go through Hell to get back.

    There is an old saying: “When going through hell, keep going.”

    People need to realize that God is not some old man in the sky, but is a mind that encompasses the Universe. One overall Consciousness: “US” me, you and the rest of the populace, we are one and we are connected to Greatness.

    • Thera, here we say ”The only way out is through.” Frank, this site is empowering. You allow us all to speak.

      • I’m glad you find it that way . It is difficult to find a suitable avenue for our views, especially official forums which tend to disintegrate into shouting wars or are full of trolls .

      • Yes. You’re doing a fine job. It’s great to see it forming. And your tone is inspiring. I strike out, need to learn not to be so hot headed.

    • Yes, 42mumbles it very well could be and if it is – we’re living, (trapped) in it…for now. But waking up to the fact that all is not right and we are the only ones who can pry the lid off which allows Mamma and Pappa to enter and help get us out.

      God helps those who help themselves: in essense – it means the Lord gives us the means to help ourselves. We must work on the good side for our freedom – when that’s done, you, me and all others who have this desire will truly deserve it and can return home….to Heaven.

      • I feel like the mind is the last (and first) frontier for evil people. It’s like militaries around the world are planning The Occupation. It’s tough to go against the grain, and so many manufactured stories about ”lone wolves” going beserk try to make us believe that thinking and intuit-ing for ourselves is a BAD thing. That’s really the message we are being sent: don’t intuit for yourself. Mistrust yourself. In fact, TPTB exhibit the most ANTI-SOCIAL behaviour I have ever seen.

  26. Well, I kind of a feel energy and what I can say is that everything was fine untill the torchman entered the stadium thus transforming the whole stadium into a temple. Something happened in this moment. A very powerful dark wave almost blew me away. It was activating of energy. I’m now better, only 2 days after the event. But it was huge.

    By the way, am I deadly wrong or the fire was supposed to be lit in this snake-like instalation which I thought is the olympic cauldron: ?

    I was somehow most certain that this is where’s the fire going. I was VERY surprised to see it in the center of the stadium. So what? They’ll keep it there to the end of the games? The stadium is a sport complex, isn’t that fire an obstacle for the athlets and the different sport disciplines?

    • They said on the BBC it will be moved to another part of the stadium . I think the athletics start at the end of the week, so they’ve got a few days . Tt will be interesting to see where it goes . Strange energy in the air tonight or maybe its just me .

    • Hmmm…was the entire stadium the cauldron? Did anyone notice the Jack-In-The-Box (Joker) during the giant baby scenes?

  27. So you never heard of any information that the cauldron will be the Kapoor instalation? I can SWARE that they said that, even my mother heard it on TV. VERY weird!

    • I think Anish Kapoor designed the Tower of Babel thing outside the stadium . The cauldron was designed by Thomas Heatherwick . From memory, it was media speculation that the Tower of Babel would be used for the Cauldron .

  28. Frank you know about the ‘energy source’ and you know too that you have a choice of not giving recognition to this “strange energy” if it make you feel uneasy in any way.

    BTW – where are you? UK?

    • I find it easier to process the energy rather than resist it .

      Yes-I live in England which is interesting at present . I had the Olympic flame pass 200 yards from where I live last week .

      • Frank thanks for your reply. It was rude of me to think/assume just because you feel the energy that you were giving it power. I understand clearly where you’re coming from and what you mean. I hope with all sincerity that you have the positive energy and love to help in getting the world back in balance. Hence, my post and as well as some of my questions to you are sometimes a test.

        As far as a baby for Will and Kate I posted to a post written by Sandra Barr, (above) my take on that issue.

        Stay well Frank………….

        • We all feel the energy as it effects the collective energy field of the world . Its just that with all our ‘busyness’, most people don’t sense it until it comes out .

          Anyway, I’m off to bed now . Lets see what tomorrow brings .

  29. and will Kate have a baby (Starchild) in 9 months time from the ceremony date? I wonder…

  30. 10x Frank.
    And what happend with the Glastonbury Tor? Did somebody saw it? I think we should made a top 10 false media announcements concerning the opening ceremony :))

    • It was there for a few minutes before it was transformed into Hell . I’m sure members of the media must have questions but don’t dare ‘go there’ .

    • Well, each of those “Petals” were part of the Cauldron that holds the Olympic Flame. Actually, it was kind of cool how they engineered that. It was like a big candelabra and the flame ended up lighting every single one and then the “Petals” joined up and made the larger torch.

      As for deeper symbolism.. I don’t know

  31. no question that Aurora was the Oly-prequel

    all major workings are driven by blood-sacrifice (JFK, WWI and II) — it’s the standard method of the goddess/serpent tribes — the sacrifice took place IN Aurora, ie within the body of the goddess (the US, her Homeland, and her dedicated city specifically)

    “Queen Mother” Elizabeth 2 (via Elizard 1 w Dee and Kelly) would be the profane receptacle, w an analog interface of Dame (mother) Holmes whose scapegoat victim was James Holmes (holmes = island in river/sea, olympics = “isles of wonder)

    the book of Revelation explains how the “blood of the saints and prophets” was eventually “found within Queen Babylon” … another name for the “goddess” (a spiritual entity who possesses both the land and the minds)

    i agree about a “birth” taking place at London “Games” and think yr avenue of inquiry is on the right track

    what is coming cant be avoided, trust in God and act righteously, these are yr hopes


    • Ray

      What the global financial elite fear more than terrorism, (terrorism that they themselves created) or any foreign threat, is people armed with truth. We are under attack from so many directions, (food, water, medicine and of course the need for them to control our mind/thoughts) until many can’t see at all or have just given up trying to face and or fight it.

      But as you can see they need rituals and energy from dark sources to accomplish this. These self appointed global elite are not sophisticated and are very transparent. That being said their hope lies in trying to instill enough fear in people which will help them accomplish their end goal.

      Bottom line trust in your God Self and don’t just “act” righteously, but be righteous.

      • Wow, Thera, I have been unable to get online for awhile and am reading (and sometimes replying) through these post-727 posts one by one. We’re in sync. When this blog did a post on the next Olympics with the thematic invocation “Do you have YOG DNA?” all I could think of is are “they” asking “Do you have Your Own God DNA?” Maybe this is an attempt at culling?

  32. i stick to bible mostly, dont consider myself sufficiently informed to freelance much

    bible says that to beat this clock, it takes truth, fearlessness of death, and the “blood of the lamb” ie christ (and others sacrificed)

    i dont worry much about food bomb shelters etc, drains the nrg

    But as you can see they need rituals and energy from dark sources to accomplish this

    the evidence on this is vast, the planetary nrg (and hoarded material wealth) is derived from occult rites, usually “hidden in plain sight” — the blood/libidic rites (sex magick) are mebbe the most obvious and illustrative

    Bottom line trust in your God Self and don’t just “act” righteously, but be righteous.

    yeah be righteous bingo! — but i certainly dont trust in any God Self, there is only one God, and human beings aint him!

    i trust in holy God, my beloved Father… he aint from here lol

    shit if i trusted in my Self the pooch WOULD be scrood!

    thats the original deceit, i forget her name but she went for that too ;O)

    • Hi Ray

      When I said trust in “God Self” I meant trust in the part of God that is in you – in me. That Omnipotent Entity we refer to as God is in all of us if we want it to be.

      • Thera, good. It is true. We are not God but God is in us and we can choose to preference that part of us or another part of us. If it is true that evil/devil/darkness/destruction/destruction/Ego/sin/snake/reptile whatever has infiltrated all of our DNA so much, I for one, don’t believe 10 strands of evil DNA can ultimately stand up to even a whisper of God in us.

    • Hi Ray, like your posts thus far. Don’t just blame ”her.” If ”she” gave birth, chances are she has more compassion than ”he.” Though they are wildly manipulated, don’t think many “she’s” are going to war in this day and age. If you’ve ever stayed home and woken up in the morning and washed clothes by hand, you’d know how time-consuming that activity alone is.

  33. Im a druid and a priestess in fellowship of Isis, and what i saw was a satanic chaos ritual taking place to raise the dark forces upon mankind and enslave the earth for the nwo. You had the maypoles of pagan ritual representing fertility and renewal and rebirth, these replaced when the illuinati turn up in the shape of the mill owners and I K Brunell, brunell stands upon glastonbury tor in the stadium, the hill under which king arthur and his knights are said to sleep until Albion is in danger again, atop the mock tor is the oak /world tree ( truth against the world) replacing the tower on the real tor… the tree lifts from its roots to open up a cavern to the underworld, for the roots of the world tree lead to the underworld of the dead.. and from the cavern arose hordes of slaves, the sleep walkers, the enslaved servants of the illuminati.. bound in spiritual bondage. these slaves then went into the circle, where the 7 pillers of the masons, arose from the ground, spewing smoke like the 7 crowns of the monster in revelations, also representing the 7 sisters that align with the great pyramids, in this circle of chaos magic the sperm of alchemy forms from a river of fire and earth air and water, the bringer of life and transmutation, tended by its captives.. this then leads to the forming of the rings to rule over all, and the birth of the starchild from a vibration of alchemy and fear, the children were real hospital patients ( one wonders if they are cancer patients etc) and some of the nurses real nurses.. this then leads to the dark lord rising, and the child snatchers and the dancing demons… the NHS just been sold into corporate hands and people already dieing due to the welfare system each week…the sacrifices to the new born child from the beast who marks all. The company on the lanyards and who sponsor the event, atos, are run by members of the rothschilds empires.. so all this ties in. The cyclists with wings, represented the winged demons and fay, the beatles music contains druidic bardery as lennon was a bard and spent his childhood at the caulderstones stone circle near his home, and his number was 9, and he lived near druid avenue on main ley in liverpool, They used pink floyds eclispse from dark side of the moon, which had very dark connectations to the illuminati again,, and the flame travelled up the river of isis by boat, to be taken by 7 servants with 7 flames, to light the many headed caludrom in the circle, the flame today, on the eves of lughnasha was extinguished and the cauldron moved to the alter to be relit…

    • Thanks for that Jacky – I was hoping someone with a pagan background might pop by . As you know there are two paths and I would suggest whoever is behind all this, is on a different path to the rest . We’ll just have to see what the Birth symbolises .

  34. It’s all enough to make a person sick with fear if one didn’t know the ultimate outcome of all of this/their madness. I really have pity for them. By all accounts they are a bunch of inbred misfits who cannot pass on to a higher dimension and therefore, expect too “try” and keep as many people as possible in bondage to continue serving them.

    They do not want you to know this but ultimately it will be a fight to death………theirs!

    By “they” I mean the ones who have sold and or given their souls too their leader, Lucifer. They cannot move out of this realm and that is a major weakness for them. So they try to scare people and yes will kill you.

    However, when you/we side with and go with truth – they know the are doomed.

    Therefore, do not be afraid of what you witnessed at that ceremony.

    *Nothing and no one can hurt you when you are protected by and wear the shield of TRUTH!

    • Amen! He trains my hands for war…. and Behold, he cometh with 10 thousands of His saints to execute judgment upon all. (book of Jude, who quotes Enoch, 7th from Adam, who was and then was not, because the Lord came and took him away). You are right; it will be a fight to the death –and we are close, so close.

      • Interesting….PM singing “Hey Jude, don’t be a fool” seemed weird and out of place to me, even though he is a beetle and a knighted one at that. The man himself is celebrated mediocrity. Why that song in particular? And the Naah-naa-naah Nananana starts to remind me of Rhianna’s “Hey Nana, what’s your name, what’s your name.” Blah blah blah.

  35. So many interesting comments here, that’s great! More and more people see that something’s going on, however…
    I still can’t get all those False Flag clues out of my mind. It’s not that someone randomly puts images of devastated Olympic stadium here and there, there must be some reason. And whenever I visit youtube videos about possible attack, I see some people laughing that nothing has happened during the ceremony. Yes, for them all this ritual is still nothing.
    One person I know resists all the signs, for her pyramid is pyramid, eye is eye and so on. Probably even in case of bombing attack she would believe that’s terrorist work.
    What I’m trying to say is that maybe all the False Flag clues were used just to discredit us, make us look like some freaks. For every awakened person there are some ignorant ‘logical thinkers’, boasting how they know everything about ‘real life’.
    The other thing is that whatever ‘they’ are planning, they’ll have to somehow reveal themselves after they complete the preparations. And if they’re really desperate and in hurry, that moment might be soon.
    It seems that the next suspicious date is 4.08, some say also 1.08 (as a date somehow important for satanists, I don’t know any details). And I still feel the tension in the air, yesterday it was somehow better, but today it returned.

    • I don’t discount the false flag theory – I just didn’t expect anything at the Opening Ceremony which I must admit met a new standard in public overt rituals – WTF .

      As we’ve seen on the blog there have been so many syncs related to the Olympics and some disaster, they’re impossible to ignore . To be honest, I don’t think they really care what we say or think – there is an agenda and by hook or by crook, they’re determinded to succeed .

      My initial thoughts are we saw the birth of their new age (not ours) at the Opening Ceremony and now its a matter of constructing the new Atlantis . But I am heartened by the number of normal people who are able to see through the manipulation .

      I noticed the energy changing last night and today I feel crap .

      • When you feel your energy being drained…..Stop, (because you know something is not right. Re-focus. You have power of your conscious mind as well as your sub-conscious mind.

        You and only you can tell it and or instruct it on how to proceed. Not an easy task but it can be done. Good luck.

        • The energy I seem connected to is bringing up all my crap so it does have a purpose . Its been going on for 20 years, so I’m used to it now but still not easy, as you say .

      • Oh yes, this ritual was as subtle as punch in the face. It makes sense, they’ve got the plan and they execute it no matter what.

        What might this new Atlantis be? Something symbolic or rather completely new land? I’ve heard that the old Atlantis was somehow connected to the aliens. Current events go well with this theory for sure.

        You mention energy from time to time, how do you sense it? The same way as psionics do? I know some basics of energy manipulation but I’m not sure how to sense it consciously.

        • The energy is mainly physical . I worked for 10 years around semi precious stones and it seems to have set something off in me .

          I have an idea about Atlantis which I may write in the next few days . I need to flesh it out a bit more in my head .

  36. The standard theory is “Misery loves company” and these people who called upon the darkest of spirits are certainly miserable. They know their existing days are numbered.

    This Olympic Ceremony was about glorifying the ghoulish and dissing the dead.
    The promoters and willing participants of this fe’ass’co are bodies in caskets. Let us not allow the cancer that rotted her inside out, do the same to America. It’s your choice America.

    Many people world wide looked at this Ritual like it was a Benny Hill meets Monty Python staged play which it was in many ways. For the ones who approved and allowed this to happen the way in which it did, were calling on a specific dark source of energy to help them with their agenda. The goal to frighten the boys and girls, i.e human beings into submission.

    The ceremony was grotesque. A hodge-podge of multi-culti claptrap, lost identity, and voluntary victimization, wrapped up in a wholesale failure of the human spirit.

    Keep your heart pure and stop hating and killing each other, less you become like them and lose your soul for eternity.

    *What The World Needs Now is Love….. it’s the only thing…..

    • We were only meant to participate . The majority of the scenarios were nothing more than an excuse for the underlying occult ritual .

      Fortunately, our soul cannot be killed or harmed in any way so there’s a light in the dark 🙂 .

      • I dont think we were meant to participate, (we took no part in this event) we were meant to view it and be awe inspired. Some people were don’t you think?

        • According to the media coverage , yes . But I think the the normal man in the street’s reaction was bewilderment – WTF 🙂 .

    • My gosh, imagine if “Prince” William had to actually walk in the streets without security, cook his meals, wash his clothes now after decades of being brainwashed that he is among the chosen. Dude would melt in 3 days, guaranteed. Such a soft marshmellow. The only thing the royals and others have going for them is the fear of the masses. Wiz of Oz type fear.

  37. When I said trust in “God Self” I meant trust in the part of God that is in you – in me. That Omnipotent Entity we refer to as God is in all of us if we want it to be.

    thera– no argument there, thanks for clarifying yr meaning

  38. DNA –The ceremony was grotesque. A hodge-podge of multi-culti claptrap, lost identity, and voluntary victimization, wrapped up in a wholesale failure of the human spirit.

    yeah, perceptive

    even “mainstream” commenters (largely on the political right) noticed the ideo-political and ritual overtness of the opening cerealmoany — thats unusual, typically their minds are concerned with money, immigration, jobs etc— concretist/practical things

    vast majority of the Peeps dont grok the subterra of that rite, like many commenting here, but they DO understand the visceral promotion of multikulti, feminism/goddess-grovelling, etc

    the fact that the rite does have magickal objectives should not occlude the parallel intentions: “voluntary victimization” is spot-on

    masonic rites have PRACTICAL, real-world objectives; mass manipulation of human psycho-spirituality is intended to steer populations and nations into SPECIFIC conditions and states

    america, and most of the west, is controlled by making many groups “special victims” who are then empowered legally, socially, and psychologically over the “non-victim” groups

    human nature what it is, v few can resist accepting their “special status” and wielding it in interactions w/others

    it’s divide/conquer, and the u.s. long ago was conquered by this strategy, which is covered-up with superficial (and loud!) calls for “peeece” and “ekwallity” and “world unity” etc barf etc

    the nature of this “unity” demands continued “special classes” and continued and increased scapegoating/persecution of the “out groups” (of course, all this is not ony “acceptable” but indeed considered good, but the fundamental plank, and lure, of “progressiveness”)

    it’s a trap w/o an exit, such divisiveness and selfishness will certainly go thru the roof as global conditions (economic, environmental, etc) quickly deteriorate in the future

    that “what the world needs now is love” song often runs thru my noggin also — all the other “solutions” are just vanity and deception


    • Many viewers world wide were left scratching their head while watching that satanic ritual and thinking what on earth has this got to do with sports?

      For instance that demonic awful ringing of the bell, this stunt has been used for centuries in spell crafting. The ringing of a bell supposedly unleashes vibrations which have powerful effects. Which they made sure rung as loudly as possible for three minutes. In some rituals these are used for removing unwanted or negative energies as well as calling in spirits.

      They called in spirits alright. Spirits that benefit only them. If, one does not understand how these ancient bloodlines use the power of symbols and ritual to hypnotize the uninitiated, then they very well could become lost in a state of bewilderment as to the sheer bluntness how certain “bloodline ritual” masqueraded this off as a sporting event.

      What they did at this ceremony is absolute proof as to who and what they worship.

      They are dangerous as well as a bit retarted.

    • Ray, I also saw the “voluntary victimization” thing in the fawning interviews and commentaries that happened after the OC. It is so disturbing. What doesn’t come through clearly in your posts yet is your view of women – the “shes” in these billions.

      • Does anyone know what the women -the suffragees- stand for in all of it? I had a little spark rev up in me over it as i was reading the comments just now–cuz I know that He keeps telling me that He is doing a new thing (Isaiah43:19), do I not perceive it –that a WOMAN shall compass or surround a man (thats Jeremiah31:22) —surround in interpretations means “defend, protect, pursue” etc —weren’t the women marching in protest to something –I didn’t see the original and have only seen clips here and there. Just a thought…..

  39. To the poster by the username: Question Mark.

    Here is my best at attempting to answer your question.

    Everything in this world is composed of energy. (It get’s extremely scientific)

    There are many kinds of energy. There is healing energy, there is a defensive or protective energy, that can repel other energies. The energy can move from any active chakra. The palms of the hands are commonly used for healing, but the heart chakra is probably the most powerful, at least in me. Sometimes the umbilic or third eye chakra can be used as well.

    Energy either feels good or bad to you. Sometimes it isn’t so much negative and positive as different. Some people feel different than others. This difference feels like electric shock or heat or oppression when you get close to them, but they aren’t necessarily bad, nor do they necessarily have something bad it’s just different. One has to differentiate between uncomfortable and harmful. There are harmful energies though, and those energies usually do more harm to their host than anyone else.

    In my experience energy is produced by all people, in some form or other. Most energy is produced by the emotions of people. It surround them, like a cloud. This energy is undirected, and uncontrolled in most people, and it can be either harmful or helpful.

    If a person keeps the same emotion, especially a negative emotion for a long time the energy can develop a sort of “mind of it’s own” especially if it is exposed to a lot of different people with the same emotion over years. It gradually changes from a weak energy field to a sort of combined force connecting to all the energies of all the people it met with that emotion and similar energy field. It forms a kind of network, of unified energy fields, which can actually become a force in society if unchecked and eventually it may even become sentient on some level, at least enough to try to perpetuate that mood in more and more people. (The Olympic Ceremony ritual sent out a lot of negative energy on a global scale)

    What they sent out can be dispelled, perhaps even destroyed, if the energy caught early enough, but it do not just die of natural causes like people do. It grows stronger when they are fed the emotion they perpetuate, and weaker when ignored, or deserted, or when people refuse to feel the emotion any more, but they don’t’ just go away for no reason.

    You can also see energy as well. When I see pure energy it appears in my vision as a variety of little white flickering sparkles akin to “snow” on a television. Guru’s and other trained healers can see a person aura and various colors of the light spectrum…..which I think make a person aura colorful. I see mostly white, but within the white there are sometimes a hint reds, blues, greens, and yellows…..jut just faintly. I’m still a beginner.

    When trying to explain it, it all seems so contradictory.

    • And hence “Cancer” a crab with a weak shell that uses its pinchers to sting and frighten like hell and walks sideways when meeting a perceived threat/obstacle. Or cancer, the terrifying disease now destroying the best of us.

  40. By paying attention to this stuff, you yourself are in a cult. This is all madeup bs, to have you all follow along as if it is real, and it’s not. And just as those who you call “asleep” are, so are you still. As long as they have your energy focusing on their fairy tales, it will get more and more pronounced because you are actually bringing it all to fruition because you are focusing on it all. Stop letting these demented people take your power away, go out and enjoy life, and stop buying their crap. If everyone paid no attention, they could not play their games on you all. Geez, common sense people, and logic.

    • this is partially true, but trust when i say, they would be going through all of this without us watching them and following what they are really up too.

      the people who are awake are still far outnumbered by the amount of slave sheeple who still support the system.

      sucks its like a catch 22, and us awakee are helpless all we can do is watch society downfall right before our eyes because no one wants to come together and put an absolute halt to the system.

      • It may “feel” helpless” but I think there are things we CAN do.

        I listen to a podcast called WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING with Mark Passio. I HIGHLY recommend it . for the past 3? Years he has been discussing all this stuff. Consciousness, how we can overcome the manipulators. It starts by each of us becoming conscious and then TAKING that knowledge and sharing it with people… That is action..

      • ur right 😦 But for those He has made watchmen, that is our call —even when we dont like it or understand it —to watch, to be a witness of His sovereignty. When we speak what He is revealing or allowing us to see, then we are fulfilling the call of the watchman. From what I can tell on this forum from the comments…. ALL of us are trying to inform others or otherwise “wake” them up before it is too late. That is all we can do, and it makes me wanna cry and travail for so many who refuse to see the truth; but the Word says that they will be destroyed because they did not love the truth –did not want it. He isn’t waiting much longer for others to make a choice cuz the cup of wrath, the fullness of the evil of those who have oppressed us all has very nearly reached it max, and He is about to dump it out. As long-suffering and merciful as He is, there has to be some point that becomes the cut-off point. That’s why it says to seek Him while He may be found. I hate it –I have family members and close friends who refuse to see all of this; and it is so grievous to me. The millions of people who refuse to ask Him to open their eyes that they might see whatever He wants to reveal, because they love themselves, their own lives and their own ways more than the truth —even tho all of that is fading fast. God help us, cuz there IS power in unity, just as you say. They have no idea what’s coming….. and maybe ignorance is bliss, I dunno. I think I would rather know, and am thankful for this awareness, even tho it is hard to deal with at times. I am even more thankful to have found a group of people who are not blind to what is happening, who see the crazy crap I see and keep trying to wrap my mind around. Sometimes, that’s easily done; but at other times, it’s like u wanna say –nope, can’t none of this possibly be true or right, I’m just gonna live a normal life, cuz there is nothing else but just your simply daily walk with God and living the best you know how…… but then more stuff is revealed and it makes it a lot harder to deny –until there is no way you can deny it…ever… way to walk away and become otherwise spiritually “un-awakened.” For me, at least, there IS no “un-doing” it. It’s all or nothing. I sure hope nothing happens at this olympics –I have been praying hard that they not be allowed to do anything –if that has even been a plan…. I just get bad feeling that we gonna see the headline news stories, if not witness it during live broadcast. I pray, God, we don’t see that happen. Maybe all of us in agreement –in unity, coming together as “yoda” said can put a halt to the system –at least in this instance –it is worth a shot. Let’s all pray that no harm be allowed to befall the countless thousands in attendance in and around the London 2012 Olympics from start to finish –even through the take-down and clean-up afterwards.

    • Misty

      In order to defuse a time sensitive bomb, sometimes one must have discussions on what the components consist of. When you understand what the parts are and how they work it’s easier to dismantle.

      By talking about and having discussions about something like this does not necessarily give it power it helps us find a way to neutralize what’s been and being done. Change your mind thought and think positive.

      • Frank, love the group on this site. You have found a way for us all to meet.

  41. at 52:00 there is a bit about population reduction. The reasoning behind it at 53:35 was chilling: “This Bloody Sacrifice is the critical point of the World Ceremony of the Crowned and Conquering Child, as lord of the Aeon.” – Aleister Crowley. A child was born the other night, this child. Thanks for your work here.

    • Crowley does seem to be a figure always in the background . Even though he was a bit of a fraud, unfortunately a lot of people take him seriously .

  42. also july 20 the day of colorado murders was the offical start of ramadan…..crazy how “in your face” the horror of all this reality is now…

  43. Great post Frank! Wow what a surge of comments…will need more time to go through it all. I don’t know if anyone mentioned Century 16 theater in Aurora…another 7. But mainly, this could be a prelude to who the Queen will be and what her agenda is about?

    Not to crowd up this post but remember her other songs: ‘Halo’, ‘Single Ladies’ (Put a Ring on it), ‘Best Thing I Never Had’, duet with Lady Gaga ‘Telephone’ (ring!)…very strange!!

    Keep’em coming!

    • Thanks John – I wrote about Century 16 in a post about Aurora at the time of the shooting – the prequel, as it were .

  44. The number 8 was the focus of the Beijing Games and the London torch is covered in 8’s as wwell as the stadium. The light towers are 7’s as well as the other things you mentioned. 8 stands for a new beginning in the Bible. 7 is God’s seal (perfection, completeness) in the Bible. These wicked ones seem to have stolen their idea from the Bible. Perhaps they have started a countdown. 7 days from 27/7 is 3/8. God is still in control. Time to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour as there is not much time left.

      • Albert Einstein:
        Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.

      • Frank, Satan is after your soul – are you goging to give it away on a plate? ray below has explained the situation you face. Soon will come the great deception and all who do not accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour will be required to worship a person indwelt by satan. Worshipping satan will qualify you for the Mark enabling you to continue to buy and sell. This is a spiritual problem. Only faith in Jesus Christ will save you. It is YOUR choice.

        • Hi Phil – I am glad you’re concerned for my soul but don’t worry I’m OK and we’re all OK .

          I am always safe and always saved . I don’t quite see where I am worshipping Satan anyway . I was just pointing out what went on, not in agreement with it !

  45. Very well stated Frank

    nupe, not only is time (as currently understood) not infinite, but the opportunity to turn away from this world, and to God, is now v short indeed

    time will contine thru Christ’s millennium, after which it will cease to function, and what is eternal will remain eternal


    • This is true. 😦 Because when that door I was talking about earlier in other posts clicks closed, there will be no more opportunity to choose Him until choosing between God and the mark occurs. This is not about embracing “church” or mainstream “christianity” –it’s about knowing Him, truly knowing Him —which can only come thru one on one time with Him in communion and fellowship with Him and in His word. You are a “light-bringer” Frank, and whether you realize it or not, all light, all revelation, all Truth, comes from Him —and what you are doing is mandated by Him for such a time as this, even if you don’t acknowledge Him as the Savior of the World (and I do not know if you do or not –you don’t say much here that I have seen to indicate either way –you can see how He used King Cyrus and the mandate He gave him in Isaiah 45 although he did not acknowledge Him). I hope you do know Him, and not just about Him, but truly know Him -apart from all religion and church denomination and tradition –and belong to Him, choosing to serve Him as Lord and Savior. I don’t presume to know your heart –or the heart of anyone else who may comment in this forum; but I do know that all revelation comes from Him –and if you’ve got revelation, then He is with you waiting for you –any of you –including myself– to become consecrated wholly to Him. BTW, I don’t see where you are worshipping satan in any way either—but not choosing God/Jesus as Lord and Savior will still put you in the same boat with those that do worship satan in the end (being neutral is riding the fence, which is still a choice not to stand with Jesus). Even apostle paul said that he wanted to make sure that after he had fulfilled the mandate that God gave him to preach the gospel that he would not be disqualified later. I guess the key to that is continually seeking God and walking in humility. I know u have the humility part down, and I am praying that Jesus resides in you and that you are growing closer to him each day. Cuz we are all in His hands –and none of us can know Him except as the Spirit of God draws us. God bless you!

      • Nicole

        You’re truly a ‘lightworker’, bless you now and always. And thank you too for seeing and understanding so much of what millions of others see and realize. It’s a great time to be alive and fight in this battle against Lucifer and his followers. We will get some bumps and brusies and when that final day comes we will have won the battle, ( it will not be easy but well worth the effort) and what a glorious day, (eternity) it will be.

        Be Blessed!

  46. Not forgetting JKR, she was in her element all the muggles oblivious to the unfolding horror. Irony is not a strong enough word.

    • Hi Ron – there were a few things I left out . JKR is pushed so much, you do wonder about her .

      I find it difficult to believe JKR, Danny Boyle etc would consciously get involved with these type of rituals but the results speak for themselves .

      • I think we should start believing that many earthly ”successful” people DO get involved in and belive in ”these types” of things. That’s why they are so “successful.” It’s like “$1000 Dollars for Every Mind/Soul” kind of thingy….

  47. It’s true – don’t know enough about either of them. To be frank (forgive me) I don’t understand why any conscious person would involve themselves in this stuff

  48. The writer of the blog has made many astute observations and I thank him for making us aware of what was going on at the opening ceremony. I have also been reading the commentary on the London Olympics at The Open Scroll where Bob Schlenker has given his expert opinion.
    Have a look at Parts 31, 32 and 33, the latter of which is to be found on the RH side of the page under “Blog Archive – July”.

  49. I found your blog typing in Giant baby, Olympics. I found the image very disturbing. A lot of people do not seem to realise that the creator of Rosemary’s Baby, Ira Levin, wrote a sequel:
    Son of Rosemary . If you look at the sequel it makes more sense.

    First off Aurora is a name for Sleeping Beauty. In the sequel Rosemary has been in a coma since 1973. She has been ASLEEP. It has been 39 years since 1973 and ALL of the reliable reports state that the first calls came at 12:39 or 00:39 & place the shootings at that time. The MOTHER of the alleged shooter has a middle name of ROSEMARY. Finally the book reports that the antichrist has 12 apostles/assistants – the same number as the victims.

  50. this shit is more common then having a cup of tea!!

    we talk bout it every where!!but nothings been done so far?

  51. Saw it slightly differently – the Isis – Osiris – Horus mythos is integral to masonic thinking – hence, Isis (the nurses), raising Osiris (lord of the Underworld), just sufficiently long to make a baby – giant baby Horus. In the myth, Isis nurses Horus, hence the moon (Isis) right next to the giant baby. The eye of Horus completely fundamental to the Illuminati, hence the cauldron at the end forming into an eye – like the eye on the US dollar…

    • Luckily for us we’re not involved in the planning, so we can only made educated guesses . I expected the Isis etc connection but was surprised by the Luciferian theme as well . Normally, they are not together .

      Anyway, ‘something’ was birthed in Stratford . I am awaiting the physical manifestation for the birth .

      • I agree with what Bob Schlenker said from the Open Scroll, that the world isn’t the same place following the Opening Ceremony; many people can feel it and it’s not just the excitement of the sports. Goodness knows what they really did (what they unlocked – We(u)nlock ManDevil(le)) – or what they’ve got planned – but seeing as they’re Luciferists and pay no heed to compassion nor common spiritual values, and are ritual abusers, it doesn’t bode well…

  52. The shooting in Aurora happened on 20/8 exactly 7 days before the Opening Ceremony in London.on 27/7. Oak Creek Sikh shooting happened on 5/8 exactly 7 days before the Closing Ceremony in London on 12/8. Adding those day dates = 64 or 8 x 8. The last Olympics in London was in 1948 or 64 years ago = 8 x 8. The London Olympic torch is saturated with the number 8.
    There is another connection between Aurora, Oak Creek and the London Games. In the Opening Ceremony they showed Glastonbury Tor which is 119 miles from the stadium in London. There were also 119 animals in the opening scene. In Aurora, Holmes car had the registration plate “119…”. In Oak Creek the nearby General Mitchell airport has a spur road numbered 119.
    119 miles is 192 kilometres. 192 = 8(8+8+8).
    We fight not against flesh and blood but aginst spiritual wickedness in high places.
    Accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord now while there is still time.

  53. I wonder if the baby refers to Prince William because he just turned 30 on June 21 summer equinox related to Ra or Sol the sun God aka son of God (the age when Jesus started his ministry ) and the Olympics are officially the Games of the XXX Olympiad. There’s blue lighting over the baby symbolic of a male child, and I thought the actual stadium itself is similar to King Arthur’s Round Table Also Duke and Duchess is similar to “dutch” related to the Jews. And both William and Kate married on April 29 – the date Adolf Hitler married/committed suicide the next day. Hitler of course is responsible for the holocaust and genocide of millions of Jews. Also Peter Pan in the Olympic opening ceremony (Neverland) is like Netherland (Dutch). I think Batman is related to Shabbat.

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