London Olympics 2012

James Bond, The Olympics And Lucifer Falling

Further to The Olympics, The Giant Baby And The Dark Knight Rises here is a new post which discusses the other aspects of the Olympic Opening Ceremony which I omitted . The aim of the Ceremony was to birth the Baby, conceived in Hell and to start a new Golden Age for ‘someone’ – Genesis Reloaded . But the majority of the rest of the Ceremony was all ritual ‘hidden in plain sight’, as well .

Firstly, James Bond . At first glance, it would seem to be a humorous stunt which livened up the Opening Ceremony but of course, it was a ritual . In my opinion the Ceremony was Luciferian, rather than Satanic, but this is only a minor point . For James Bond was Lucifer .

From Wiki-Lucifer :

In a modern translation from the original Hebrew, the passage in which the phrase "Lucifer" or "morning star" occurs begins with the statement:

"On the day the Lord gives you relief from your suffering and turmoil and from the harsh labour forced on you, you will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon: How the oppressor has come to an end! How his fury has ended” After describing the death of the king, the taunt continues: "How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to the heavens; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.’

But you are brought down to the realm of the dead, to the depths of the pit. Those who see you stare at you, they ponder your fate: ‘Is this the man who shook the earth and made kingdoms tremble, the man who made the world a wilderness, who overthrew its cities and would not let his captives go home ?’"

 And here we see James Bond/Lucifer falling to Earth .


Olympic Stadium, London, England, UK, 27/07/12 
London 2012 Olympic Games
Opening Ceremony.

James Bond was “The Man who fell to Earth” in his Skyfall and this Lucifer reference was also included  in the short clip of the movie “The Man Who Fell to Earth” starring David Bowie . For those of us nerds interested in this sort of thing, this wasn’t particularly surprising but this time a new twist was added as we also saw a female Lucifer in the shape of Queen Elizabeth 2 coming down as well – The Woman Who Fell to Earth, symbolic of Venus and Isis (The Female of the Throne-see Madonna Super Bowl) . It is really just the archetypical Goddess but for some reason Venus and Isis are the chosen names . On a slight tangent, the day after the Closing Ceremony, August 13th is the Feast Day of another Goddess who frequently pops up, Hecate .

But not only did we have one Goddess falling to Earth, there were a multitude in ‘The Attack of Mary Poppins’ . A swarm of ‘Fallen Angels’ !


Aurora was a prequel to the Opening Ceremony . Before the ceremony, Danny Boyle said it would be smoke and mirrors and with Aurora we have the mirror . As “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora we have the Fallen Angel in London . And as the ceremony began as the Light faded, we have the tragedy in Aurora- the Golden Dawn . So, Aurora is the Morning Star as well .

This was not the only connection between the Olympic Opening Ceremony and Aurora . The alleged culprit, James Holmes is said to have dressed up as ‘The Joker’ and at the Opening Ceremony we saw another Joker, Mr Bean . Coincidence or Synchronicity ? I see a human hand on the tiller, sadly .


I briefly mentioned the numerological link with 7 at the Ceremony but there is no harm in repeating myself . After the date of Aurora, 2×7 and the Opening Ceremony 2×77, I wasn’t surprised to see the memorial to the 7/7 victims as “Abide with Me” was sung, because 7/7 happened the day after the Games were awarded to London . There were also the 7 giant chimneys, 7 teenagers to light the Cauldron and 7 billion bits of paper were dropped from a helicopter . I wonder what was written on them . 007, of course, is James Bond’s code name and for regular readers who have seen the 48&84  link to the Olympics, we have 7 days from when the Ceremony ended after midnight on 28/7 to 4th August .


Another section of the Ceremony which set my spidey senses tingling was the inclusion of Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web or WWW . I am no expert but it is claimed WWW translated from the Kabbalah  is 666 – another Luciferian reference . And I still wonder what was meant by this ? Is it my imagination or do I see a hidden “Isis For Ever” included in the message .


And to finish off the Ceremony, we had the compulsory selection of Paul McCartney and “Hey Jude” . ‘Hey Jude’ was supposed to have been written for Julian Lennon when John Lennon divorced his first wife but I have the sneaking suspicion it is actually a hymn to another Lucifer figure, Judas . Another fallen angel or Anti-Christ symbol . So we had the Stadium and TV viewers throughout the world singing a song in praise of Lucifer !

There has been speculation when the New Age or Age of Aquarius would start . Well, last Friday 27/7/2012 with the birth of the Giant Baby, the New Age of Lucifer began for someone and in these more enlightened days, it seems there will be gender equality . What will happen now, we will have to wait and see but I suspect there is an immeasurably more powerful force waiting patiently in the wings, to make its entrance .

And when it does – “Game Over, Boys (and girls)” .

PS : I also noticed the music was selected by “Underworld” and some of the songs selected were Nimrod, Going Underground, God Save The Queen (Sex Pistols) and Fire Starter . As well, the Olympics and UFOs were again connected with the five giant hovering Olympic rings . I still have no idea what it’s about .


68 thoughts on “James Bond, The Olympics And Lucifer Falling

  1. Maybe this is all to keep us confused and disconnected from the source. I think the creator source is sending vibrations this way and they are using everything in their power to distract us from downloading new information. What do you think?

  2. Great foresight Sirius,

    Many people are already aware the HAARP technology is exploiting the sun’s coronal mass ejection (CME) and the new moon to create a “punching effect” onto unsuspecting countries to create earthquake and other weather anomalies.

    So therefore, yes the global elite, (and specifically by performing that Ceremonial Ritual) are doing everything possible to block ‘our higher mind collective’ from receiving and “uploading” information.

    • I think there is an attempt to block any attempt at connecting with the Source but it is a new Genesis for them, and they will have plans for the world . The New World Order starts here and I doubt if they’re going to hang about .

  3. The writer of this article:

    YOU SAY:

    “PS : I also noticed the music was selected by “Underworld” and some of the songs selected were Nimrod, Going Underground, God Save The Queen (Sex Pistols) and Fire Starter . As well, the Olympics and UFOs were again connected with the five giant hovering Olympic rings . I still have no idea what it’s about.”

    For me, I’m not totally convinced that you do not.

    • I wish I did . It’s been a question I’ve been trying to understand since I saw the original London UFO video .

      I know some saw the rings connected to Saturn which maybe the case, but I think it is more practical .

  4. I think the huge baby had to be Saturn, which, as commenters have noted, is being born from Virgo right now. The El-ites have a pretty long history of Saturn worship, but I am just not convinced that Saturn is bad. Saturn is Karma, a force, and a good force for those of us who try to live well. I think they’ve done themselves in by making this huge spectacle of Saturn worship. They’re indeed trying to block us from something, from communicating with Daddy Saturn and telling him how naughty they’ve been while he’s been away…

    • Satan/Saturn is the adversary to God, but as God, for want of a better word, is All There Is there can be no adversary . It’s a form of energy manipulation but not for the benefit of the whole of humanity .

    • Frank, most people don’t seem to be able to distinguish between Lucifer and Satan. It’s very commendable that you can see this. Mhr, I don’t think any of the planets are ‘bad’. God made them for a reason, Gen 1:14. We are to look at the signs, Luke 21:25 but not be terrified of them Jer 10:2. Some people are led by teachings of demons 1Tim 4:1.

      God is a Creator and is very pleased with his creation Job 9:9; Amos 5:8. If you ever have time to look at the colours of the planets you might see why. Also he uses mathematical patterns as in Fibonacci, Golden ratio, fractals. All seeds have a built in program. It’s incredible but not to be worshipped. Everything obeys God’s laws. He also sees things differently, constellations are ‘living creatures’. Land is living and described as a woman. I could go on but this is not the place for that.

      • Hi Not The Queen, I’m certainly intrigued but your last paragraph – I wish you would go on, in the sense that I’m deeply interested in what else it is you have to say on this issue/situation.

      • Hi Thera, If you want to learn about Dinosaurs, Goddess Worship, Giants and Solomon’s Key, look them up here:
        If you want to know about Orion, you can try Starscream’s channel on Youtube. I’m trying to learn about the Mazzaroth but cant find anything which I feel is right.

    • I thought Saturn rings were supposed to be composed of the remains of ”junk planets.” We focus on the rings, they are stunning and unique indeed but perhaps a lesson?

  5. I keep wondering if the winning of silver in the equestrian eventing isnt tied up with not being the right time for gold to be won.
    It sounds crazy i know but but Zara Philips dwells beyond the Knowledge horizon for the bigger picture and lets face it the fence that got knocked looked kind of deliberate and especially so for the level of ability possessed by her horse (and her)

    Tonight one of the front pages of the Newspapers carries a very telling photograph of the (Red) rail falling from the fence that she struck. I would like to know who is the original owner of that picture.
    Honestly whats the chances of someone setting up their camera in just that position to capture that shot?
    Smells like a real set up to me and btw who among the accredited cameramen and journalists are allowed to just set up cameras around the arena willy nilly?

    Also breaking today on the TV London deserted like never before. – Strange?
    Guess theres a lot of people who dont fancy being vaporized – Just a Thought

    • Hi Peter – strange about London . I suppose if they keep telling people to keep away, they shouldn’t be surprised when they do and I think people are nervous .

    • Peter

      Maybe it’s deserted because most of the Londoner’s know some of what’s going on and do not want to subject themselves to the “programming and negative energy” floating around in the city of fog.

  6. Talking about Saturn and fences, for the cross country course the sixth fence was Saturn. Seventh fence was a crescent moon. First fence was the Diamond Jubilee. Defo some kind of ritual going on there.

  7. Hi again Frank – in light of your last post about ‘keep calm…etc’, I see what you mean. Seems almost like their “chant” to us repeated over and over.

    • Hi Thera – we’re having a lot of odd things like this in Britain . This summer with the QDJ and Olympics has been very weird .

      • Hi Frank

        Yes, I know it’s been somewhat weird. I’ve been watching the “Q” since the death of Diana, which by the way started me watching reading about the Monarchy – the more I read the deeper it went. Finally, discoved David Icke and his take on the Game Planner, (the Queen) and her family….which then lead to a whole discovery of many other things from various other sources – which I’m sure in some way lead me to this site – you, and some of this sites participants.

        It’s a wonderful ride/drive through if ones “steady the course” and keep their wits about them…… (don’t want to use the “stay calm” phrase) 🙂

        • Yes – its a strange journey . My primary purpose was a spiritual path and didn’t really touch conspiracy – it was one of the subjects that didn’t seem to resonate with me . And then I had an experience which altered my thinking .

          Most people are led into spirituality via conspiracy – I went vice versa .

    • Maybe he’s remembering his ancestry/heritage, (in video – reference to commentator mentioning that he says his third eye is open) the African Lion or Lion King…. thing. At least I’m hoping it’s as innocent as that.

      However, if he “sold” his soul for fame and fortune, he would then be lost to us as a “lightworker.”

    • Maybe we’re moving from Sirius energy to Leo energy . You do feel, though, there is more than meets the eye with these odd happenings .

      • Good question and the answer is “Absolutely”

        Pure Leo energy is… (copied from website)

        * an instinctive feel for creating drama
        * being the center of attention
        * very self expressive
        * a natural feel for being in positions of authority
        * warmly affectionate
        * can be generous
        * a lot of pride
        * a strong will
        * not backing down from a particular stance

        Energy Signatures Of Aquarius. (Age of Aquarius) *also -copied from website)

        Just like the aura of a person, each age has its own energy signature along with an accompanying theme or lesson. The energy signature of Aquarius is one that promotes Divine Order, truthfulness and all that is in the best interests of humanity. This is why the current, worldwide political corruption will come to an end soon.

        **Ultimately that is why it’s very important not to focus too much on the energy, (dark and negative) that they are sending out to the Universe, because that’s the only energy that’s feeding them at this point in time.

      • And the Pres of Ethiopia (the other Zion via Queen of Sheba who slept with Solomon and gave birth to a Rastalion) may now well be dead. Interesting.

        • Ethiopia does seem to have secrets, relating to the Bible . And there are the Rastafarians as well . These sort of things don’t happen without a reason .


    Out of that list I’m sure you’re at times can display all of the traits listed for Leo – but in agood way. Correct?

    • My guess is alot of corporates love status and privilege (in all its emptiness) but not the possibility of having their heads blown off.

      • Attacks are staged, planned and excuted by those involved with the olympics – nothing was going to happen on Lizzy watch. It was all a psychologial game to occupy the mind of the masses.

  9. First of all, Happy Birthday to You, Frank!

    On a bit off-topic part, I noticed that music section of the ceremony completely omitted metal bands. I know that in general opinion the aren’t exactly well suited for such events, but such British bands as Black Sabbath and Judas Priest invented classic heavy metal – an important impact on history of music. They also have some more radio-friendly and recognisable songs, so that would be no problem… Besides, wouldn’t Black Sabbath go well with this ritual?

    I’m interested in Illuminati connections with music business and there’s awful lot of symbolism, but usually in popular music – just look at all those triangles and eyes. Metal bands were always associated with dark themes, but that was obvious and they did not hide it. As for popular music, Illuminati symbols remain generally unnoticed for unaware listener. I’m a big rock/metal fan and I’m just curious what’s the part of those artists in all this. Add to this the fact that some of them oppose New World Order in their lyrics and it gets confusing.

    But come to think of it, if they had played ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ or ‘The Number of the Beast’ during the ceremony, I think I would have totally freaked out 😀

    • Also, I think it was an attempt at subtlety though obvious to a lot . Ozzy, at the end instead of Paul McCartney would have certainly made it more interesting .

  10. Also, the lyrics of the Pink Floyd Song is about the dark.

    and what the deal with TUBULAR BELLS? The most creepiest music around that was played for the movie the EXORCIST?..

    of all the British musicians and songwriters etc.. their choices were very overtly dark!

  11. Here is the lyrics for ECLYPSE by PINK FLOYD

    All that you touch
    All that you see
    All that you taste
    All you feel.
    All that you love
    All that you hate
    All you distrust
    All you save.
    All that you give
    All that you deal
    All that you buy,
    beg, borrow or steal.
    All you create
    All you destroy
    All that you do
    All that you say.
    All that you eat
    And everyone you meet
    All that you slight
    And everyone you fight.
    All that is now
    All that is gone
    All that’s to come
    and everything under the sun is in tune
    but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.

    “There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it’s all dark.”


    Talk about a Ritual chant.

    • Enola Gay was also included and there was also a non British inclusion of ‘Planet of the Apes’ as a film clip which I’m trying to get my head round .

    • Have you noticed the photos of Pink Floyd album 1972 the dark side of the moon? it was pyramids! it is another clear sign!

  12. James Bond = James “Fiery” Holmes, who was in a type of bondage in Aurora, and another type of bondage now

    it’s pretty funny, apparently, to someone

    the “man who fell to earth” clip was a deception, false lead (scapegoat)

    the NWO is just the same old Ma-tricks, at the Oly the fallen angels (demons) are all female, only here to Help — like the first degree tracing board’s “heavenly stairway” from Venus (=Aurora, dawn goddess)

    torch girl on london eye is Lady Libertas (w/torch) — global time is standardized at london, zero degree

    Isis is for Ever(yone) — good catch! it’s definitely there

    the Lisbon (ISBOA) Treaty in port-u-gal also occulted a welcome to Isis

    Hey Jude was a personal message, that much is correct, and certainly not to julian lennon

    They say it’s your birthday what good does it do ya?

    looks like it did you some good cheers

    • Hi Ray- I had a good birthday, thank you . Nice take on recent events . IMO, Aurora was a prequel to the Olympics and I wonder if there is a sequel as well .

  13. Great work Frank, we seem to be going down the same path. In my latest video I joined many dots with the 007 and Aurora. 007 was the sigil used by John Dee. This is my latest offering connecting the Olympics and Aurora, I will add a link to this blog now.
    Also I do not know if you have seen my series on the Zion Olympics, which is a 3 vid presentation, but the number 7 and bridges came up repeatedly.

    • Hi Sandra – thanks for the link . I’ve seen both videos as readers have linked to them in the comments .

      7 & 77 seems to be the number for these Games . Aurora was the prequel – we can only guess why it happened but from my observations it seems a number of rituals need to take place for it all to work .

  14. Thankyou for noticing some things I didnt. For me 2012 is about the world volcano Meru rising – dear Merovee. For the Judes that would be Zion, (for the Greeks the original Olympus or Ida) for the New Age world its Atlantis. Its all one. The seven symbolism would be associated with Orion ( the cross and the Seven Creator Gods of the Maya are all connected to the Seven main stars of Orion and then the Pleiades also a seven… both up at the Galactic Anti Centre associated with the gods and an earlier alignment of the Earth before the Fall – “How Art Thou Fallen…” Isaiah 14 refers to the volcanic pillar that was ENORMOUS and fell 12,500 years ago in a great conflagration (Phaethon in his chariot-ratha-Meru) flattening the nations and causing great evil on Earth and the Great(est) Flood ever ( as the Galactic Centre was at the Summer Solstice) and as recorded in Giza and at Angkor Wat. But also since then there are six descending ages in the Great Year and the Seventh brings the Return at the Wnter Solstice of the Great Year as we enter the Galactic Age of Saturn ( Capricorn the mountain goat) and the Vernal Age of Saturn (Aquarius) as well. This is the beginning of the Great Year Winter in the Northern Hemisphere but also the beginning of a Golden Age when the New Earth rises near the equator and in south. This is knowledge of 7 is in the I Ching ( Fu Xi also associated the solstices of the Great Year alignment witha polar reversal) – hexagram FU is the Return in the yearly cycle and when the Galactic Centre aligns with it – as now – it is the Great Year Midnight and the time when the Bridegroom – the volcanic Underworld Sun – Osiris – Shamash – the Fiery Flying Serpent – The Plumed Serpent – – God Shiva – Go-Sh – will return. It is the beginning rise of the Yang principle of the gods associated with Orion-Sah – Osiris- Kukulkan – Quetzalcoatl- Jesus- Christ – The Son of Man… the son of Perdition – for the falling away must come first before the serpent can be raised up again in the Great Year cycle… mixed blessings – in the long term great but a difficult fiery birth…FIRE WILL RISE ! … anyway thats what I think after 8 years of intense research into this year – all the best…

    • Hi Seymour . I think humanity will eventually make the breakthrough but there is resistance .

      I intend to go to Stonehenge for the Winter solstice this year . Having said that, its nice and warm at the moment and I may have second thoughts in December 🙂 .

  15. There is only one Power, One Source and it is inherent within each of us. and there can be no Real power outside of that One …. unless we confer it … usually through such emotions as fear. Of course we need to make the “human footsteps”. But this is a time when we would all do well and form a connected consciousness by remembering AND acknowledging our own individual inherent connection to the One Source which is Self maintaining and Self sustaining and…. outside of which, there is no power.

  16. I wonder if there is a sequel as well

    theyll have their sequel, the lord will have his

    enjoy those burfdays, boss! while the days last ;O)




  18. all i can say is REPENT as the times being shortened godbless all in yahweh! sent from the annointed one! godbless

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