London Olympics 2012

London Olympics Closing Ceremony – On The Seventh Day

Why am I not surprised that the numerology of 7 and 1&2 is attached to the Olympics Closing Ceremony in London . As has been seen at Aurora, Olympics Opening Ceremony and now Tia Sharp, these numbers are integral to the Olympic rituals .

From NASA concerning the Mars Curiosity Rover mission : “The team calls this day SOL 1, which is the first Martian day of operations . Sol 1 began on August 6, 2012.”

So, therefore on SOL 7 – “On the Seventh Day”, the Olympics Closing Ceremony will take place .

From Google Home Page :

And as can be seen there are an awful lots of 1&2s as the Closing Ceremony is being held on 12th August 2012 at 21:00 U.K. time . I also note the use of the new buzz word ‘WOW’ .

And as Sunday is SOL 7, the day of rest for God after he created the Universe, I expect to see references to this celestial body at the Ceremony, in one way or another .

I intend to do a longer post about the Olympics and their rituals but first, I would like to see what we will have for an encore .

33 thoughts on “London Olympics Closing Ceremony – On The Seventh Day

    • Its a busy day – the glorious 12th . About the time of the Royal Wedding I wrote that I believed there was some form of Karmic connection with William, Harry and Kate . It reminds me of King Arthur, Guinevere and Sir Lancelot . I may write a post if and when other things settle down .

  1. Hello, I read your website occasionally – interested in piecing it all together myself. I hope you don’t mind me joining the post. I thought this might be a connection – I noticed on @truthwarrior’s link – “30 BC – Cleopatra VII Philopator, the last ruler of the Egyptian Ptolemaic dynasty, commits suicide allegedly by means of an asp bite.” Also Britney Spears is in the dailmail dressed as Cleopatra (Cleopatra claimed she was the reincarnation of Isis.)

    I would think Prince William won’t be attending the Olympics for a safety precaution? i.e. to prevent an attack on the closing ceremony (for opposition to checkmate the “Game Over”). I thought that the Olympic stadium looks like King Arthur’s Round Table

  2. Maybe some will argue you can find the numbers within anything however –

    As for the this ‘buzzword’ WOW.

    W is the 23rd letter of the Alphabet. 0 is the 15th.

    W 23 (2+3) = 5

    O 15 (1+5) = 6

    W 23 (2+3) = 5

    5+6+5 = 16

    6+1 = 7

    Also Today 12/08/12 is 11 years, 11 Months and 1 day after September 11th……

  3. Correction – 11 years, 1 month and 1 day.


    This is very, very significant. As you say, lets wait and see.

  4. number eleven was highlited in countdown of the final ceremonial. It was only one that was written i think.

  5. playlist for closing ceremony

    hope I’m not the only one who saw the union jack as a bonfire.

  6. Frank let’s not forget the recycling facility in Dagenham, (earlier) where on google it’s described as “Firefighters Tackle one of London’s ‘Biggest Ever Blazes.’

    (Checquers Lane, East London.)

    (Barking and Dagengam)

    Note too that athourities are treating the death of woman of 27 years (death around 1 or so AM) as murder. Her death may not be connected to anything to do with the olymphic – but the fire at the recycling facility is another matter………………especially, in ligh tof your comment: Phoenix from the Ashes.

  7. On a lighter note! Its an overcast monday morning in London and its just another day.
    I’m sure the “powers that be” are well chuffed with their little ritual last night,

    If they waited hundreds of years to put on that performance then they should be pitied

  8. If you saw the NBC coverage they kept cutting away to the Olympic Torch and a shot of the torch looking up from inside the torch and it looked like guess what…. the SUN.

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