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Tia Sharp – 33 Days Later

On 10/7/2009, I wrote in “Madeleine and the Day of Completion” :

“The 2012 London Olympics are a large part of this change or point of completion . The main parts of London that are going to be used for the Olympics are Stratford and Greenwich . Both of these places are bang on the Prime Meridian which is 0 degree longitude and which Greenwich Mean Time is linked to . This is the time that the world has used for the last few hundred years . It seems entirely approriate to me that the End Time would include a ritual at the Prime Meridian .” (New Addington is on the Prime Meridian) .

A few weeks back, I made a comment that I suspected something would happen on certain date . I was referring to the funeral of Tia Sharp which was held today but somehow, it didn’t feel right to make the claim at that time .

“And if I only could,
I’d make a deal with God .”

In the aftermath of the Olympics Closing Ceremony, I wrote a few posts about the ‘Running Up That Hill’ segment of the show, in which the 303 white brick pyramid was prominent . The 303 number was deliberately chosen for its connection with the favoured number of occultists, 33 . Upon reflection, it made sense to me that ‘something’ would occur 33 days later and in my mind, the funeral of Tia Sharp was the most likely occurrence .

It was also 9 days from her death on 3/8 to the Closing Ceremony on 12/8 and 9 is important as it is 3×3 . Her death occurred on the day of the Full Moon and her funeral took place, the day before the Dark Moon – see Hecate .

I have also commented that Friday was important to Tia Sharp as her disappearance and presumably death occurred on Friday 3rd August, and her body was found on Friday 10th . Her funeral was arranged for Friday 14/9 which fits the pattern . I also observed that that her disappearance and the announcement of the discovery of her body took place at noon but I have been unable to find out whether noon was significant at the funeral .

Commiserations to the friends and family of Tia Sharp .

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27 thoughts on “Tia Sharp – 33 Days Later

  1. Frank, Hi

    I found this.

    References to ‘high noon’ burial … maybe the significance of burial at noon is to correspond to the sun at it’s ‘zenith’.

    In ancient symbolism, the number twelve denoted completion. This sign arose from the twelve signs of the Zodiac being a complete circle and the twelve edges of the cube being a symbol of the earth. The number twelve denoted fulfillment of a deed, and was therefore an emblem of human life.

    High Twelve corresponds to noon, with the sun at its zenith, while Low Twelve denotes midnight, the blackest time of the night.

    I don’t usually exhale and make the ‘sigh’ sound to often but on this one, I just had too. I had no idea that she had not been buried already. These/those people are nuts.

    • The pathologists were trying to find a cause of death which they haven’t discovered and makes a prosecution more difficult . But I think the funeral was to take place 33 days after the Closing Ceremony for the ritual to be complete .

  2. Did you notice that the last song played at the Paralympics Closing ceremony was about Tia Sharp? The lyrics were “Every tear is a waterfall”. Aka “Every TIA is a waterfall.”. The public thought they were singing about tears from an eye, they weren’t, they were singing about Tia Sharp. To further prove the point, at the very last lyric they sing “Every Tia Sharp is a waterfall”. They sing the “Sharp” bit very quickly, so you might think they just made a mistake, but no. Watch it back again, it’s deliberate, it sounds a bit like “Teacher”, but it’s not. It’s Tia Sharp said very quickly. Hidden in plain sight yet again!

    But what does the waterfall mean? Are they saying every girl they kidnap and sacrifice is a “waterfall”. Waterfall must be a metaphor for something.

    The Illuminati love their word puns, and the Olympic stadium was shaped like an eye, Tia Sharp must have been the “Tear/Tia” in the eye of the Olympic stadium.

    • In my opinion, her death was definitely connected to the Olympics . As I said in the post, I anticipated something like this on the Prime Meridian for the Olympics three years ago which I think is a good indication that it was organised . I’m no Nostradamus !

      The ‘Tia’ lyric is interesting . I’ll rewatch the section when I get a chance .

    • I can hear it, ‘Sharp’ is really quick but it’s there. I compared it with studio version and there’s no such thing. It’s interesting whether the band just got the instructions or are they deeper in all this. Anyway it’s ugly to make all those people unwittingly participate in such ritual by singing along.

      • Hi DD and QM – the hearts do look similar . Its all a bit sick but who knows .

        I can’t hear the ‘Tear Sharp’ reference in the song . Does anyone have a timing ?

      • Hi Frank, I hear it after 3:20 mark in the video you posted above, the singer repeats ‘every tear’ two times and then at 3:24 he sings something which could be ‘Tia Sharp’. Just like Anonymous wrote, it’s really quick and sounds like ‘teacher’.

        • At 3-24 I hear Tear Drop, but I do find the Tear/Tia link disturbing . It reminds me of the ‘Angel Sharp’ (Angel’s Harp) at the Closing Ceremony .

      • Is it a coincidence that the Mail On Line headline on the day of her burial would read exactly as you see below?

        Why “Tears for Tia”? and not something like Tia Sharpe laid to rest today, Little Girl Lost Laid to Rest, etc. etc.?

        But no…… a big bold headlines was used:

        Tears for Tia: Bailed grandmother whose boyfriend was charged with 12-year-old’s murder joins horse-drawn funeral procession.

        Anyway and all in all it probably was not even the actuall body of Tia. A sad deed was done.

        • I do wonder about the body . To miss it three times in a small house is either enormous negligence or deliberate . That is if the body was there, the times they searched the house .

    • The song actually says, every tear ‘drop’ is a waterfall. If you listen you can hear it quite clear.

  3. Frank,
    A little typo up there in your third para as 12/8 was the CLOSING Ceremony of course and not the Opening Ceremony.
    So, from the Closing Ceremony to Tia Sharp’s funeral was 33 days matching the 303 blocks that were used to build that white pyramid during the Closing Ceremony. Good work.
    Also, from the date Tia went missing on 3/8 to the day of the funeral is 42 days or 6 x 7 days or 6 weeks (3+3 weeks). This also equates to 1 month and 11 days forming a 111 which also seems to be quite a common number around the place too from time to time.

    In light of these wicked events it is important for me to point out that the ONLY way to protect yourself is faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Accept Him now as time is rapidly running out.

    • Hi Ken – thanks for noticing the Closing/Opening ceremony slip up -I’ve amended the article. They all merge onto one after a bit .

      I didn’t know about day 216 – that fits in with the rest . On a practical level, I’m still waiting for the police to give an adequate explanation why it took them four searches to find the body in a small house .

        • Its as clear as mud at present . The witness who said he saw Tia leave the house was arrested on suspicion of making a false statement but has been released without charge . So was she in the house ? There was the failure to find the body until the fourth search of a small house and now, the police have said they can’t ascertain a cause of death .

          From my own personal perspective, I anticipated that something like this would happen during the Olympics on the Prime Meridian three years ago and I anticipated her funeral 33 days after the Closing Ceremony . So that’s enough for me .

  4. Poor Tia, may she RIP. All these numbers though, I was just looking at another prediction for the Rapture (which I dont believe in) for Rosh Hashanah:
    Last time I posted one of these you said, by the law of averages they must get it right eventually. The next holiday will be Hannukah, I am sure there will be a prediction for that too.

    • The same numbers repeat themselves in these types of scenario which is something I look out for, if something is a normal event or a bit darker .

      I think after 2012, there wil be less doomsday predictions . But as I said before ‘shit happens’ .

  5. @Frank re: “I do wonder about the body. To miss it three times in a small house is either enormous negligence or deliberate. That is if the body was there, the times they searched the house.”

    Media reports explain the advanced state of decomposition as the product of the body being stored in her grandmother’s “sweltering loft”. This could be mere speculation on the media’s part, but it seems to me that moving a body in that state would be a deeply unpleasant and messy task – see

  6. The BBC’s TV news report of Tia’s funeral mentioned that Rhianna was her favourite music. Why on earth would the BBC mention that unless they wanted to draw a link between Tia and the Paralympics closing ceremony? Since when did the BBC ever mention someone’s favourite music in news reports?

    When you combine that with the butterflies and the heart symbols (also present at the ceremony) and Coldplay sneakily singing “Tia Sharp” in their lyrics, the evidence is condemning.

    Also, Coldplay had an Oxfam logo on their clothing at the ceremony. Oxfam didn’t have an official advertising contract with the Olympics, so according to the strict rules the Oxfam logo shouldn’t have been shown. Coldplay must have done a deal with the Iluminati where they were allowed to use the Oxfam logo as long as they inserted Tia Sharp’s name into the end of their song.

  7. hello there, i am one of the people who read your posts regularly but never comment, i am today because i dont understand exactly whats going on in the world but i want to learn more and this place seems like a safe haven to talk about topics not normally discussed in an open forum without trolls and rude people shutting opinions down. i am currently 6 months pregnant and my husband and i did not want to find out the gender of baby preferring to “be surprised” at the birth,anyway as i did not know the gender i have been looking at baby names for boys and girls i looked through so many but i stumbled upon the name “tia” and it stuck with me. this was a good month before this young girl went missing,i became literally obsessed with this name i just loved it i searched for the meaning which i found to be “princess” which made me love the name even more i said to my husband i am sure this means were having a girl this will be her name i was not even contemplating anything else,well obviously with all that went on,also i live just a few tram stops away from new addington i was shocked and thought “thats weird” as tia is not an overly common name my family know how totally sold i was on that name. now i claim no type of psychic or special ability just telling you guys as i do think about it,as it turns out i decided after to find out the gender and i am definately carrying a son he wasnt shy during the scan and there was no doubting his gender lol, however i keep thinking of the name (toby/tobias) and i am not keen to get obsessed over this name so not really doing any reasearch and i hope no one goes missing with these names but wanted to let you know, i feel i must. take care everyone all the best for the future.

    • Hi Sam

      Luckily enough I’ve never had many trolls here and long may it last .

      Your story about Tia and your ‘obsession’ with the name doesn’t surprise me . I think there are two mechanisms at work . Firstly, everyone seems to be having more and more psychic episodes, so somewhere you picked up on the Tia story . There was a part of you that could see the future event and living close to the area would effect you more than others who live further away .

      Secondly, I think pregnancy increases a woman’s sensitivity so this probably played a part as well . Synchronicity, psychic precognition etc – they’re all real and more and more people will open up to this side of themselves in the coming years . But it will take a long time for it to be accepted . I’m used to it now and see it how the universe works . My advice is not to be scared of it but don’t let it become an obsession, either . It’s just the way of the world .

      I would be surprised if your choice of Toby was an indication of anything (famous last words). I’ve noticed lightning doesn’t strike twice with similar events, I’ve experienced . I don’t live too far away either, in Reigate and it does seem the closer you are, the more intense these type of events are .

      Anyway, all the best with the birth . At least, you now know what clothes to buy 🙂 .

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