50 thoughts on “Jimmy Savile And Satanic Ritual Abuse

  1. The Illuminati belief system says that freedom can only be obtained through the entrance of true or pure light (sodomy) and that life is only obtained through death, (sacrifice)
    During their vile act these monsters ‘install ‘ a demonic spirit into the victim called ‘Legion’.
    These sodomy spirits call themselves ‘ I AM ‘ spirits and claim to be God.

    ” For He said unto him, come out of the man, thou unclean spirit.
    And He asked him. What is thy name? And he answered saying, my name
    is Legion: for we are many ” (Mark 5:8,9 KJB)

    The monsters who carry out these vile acts against innocent children and people are
    the devil’s own, and until we have divine intervention, the only way to stop them is by
    bringing their dark deeds to light !!

  2. These evil Satanic Rituals are a direct affront and mockery of God, by the Illuminati dark ones.

    Will I AM
    I AM legend
    Beyonces’ I AM tour
    I AM gangster
    Etc. ……………

    ” And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: Thus shalt thou say unto the children of
    Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you ” ( Exodus 3:14)

    Lucifer has always wanted to be ‘like the most High’ !!

    • Of course he has who wouldn’t but ya gotta know your place and show
      Hi Faith

      Lucifer’s ego will not allow him to be submissive unto God. He had it good, had one of the best spots available right next to The Lord and was still not satisfied….wow what a fool! God probably would have “given” him the world if he had proven worthy.

      Now as far as your first post – where you speak of sodomy. Have you, (and I’m almost certain that you have) noticed just how much emphasis is placed on showing the derriere of women, video’s, movies, print ads? If you notice in Holy Wood, (hollywood) quite a few prominent females entertainers are and have been posing and showing off their ample assets at every available opportunity.

      I read an article where it stated that “we have has morphed into a society that is preoccupied with the derrière.” People through subliminal messages are being programmed to think and worsdhip the derriere – remember all the hoopla in reference to Pippa’s butt, not to exclude Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian ? I read somewhere that she’s famous for her sex tape and it involved her being sodomized…..this was and is her rise to statdom? Good grief!

      Alistair Crowley was very fond of demons and sought them out on many occasions. One technique Crowley used to accomplish this was to sodomize a fellow magician, either man or woman, and then eat the semen or feces after the act took place. Crowley believed that sodomy attracted demons, and by eating these vile things (in a sort of mock communion) he could bring the demons inside himself and gain their powers and knowledge.

      The belief in the occult world is if you could sodomize God, you’d get God’s power. You become as gods through sodomy; that’s the way the Greek gods became gods. It’s said that Alexander the Great was a great sodomizer and his Greek army was the most fierce. Hitler tried to pattern his SS and military after the Greek warriors using sodomy. When you put that all together, the civilizations that God wiped out boiled down to the practice of sodomy.

      Frank is correct in that Greece plays a huge part in much of what’s happening……….in the world.

      *Remember Sodom and Gomorrah….. there were cities in Aegean Islands (Greece). What happened in those cities had now spread across the globe. God wiped them out and She/He will do it again.

      Whew….apologies for getting so long winded!!!

    • And many shall come in My Name, saying “I Am the Christ”.
      And you shall become AS GODS, knowing both the GOOD and the EVIL.
      Black & White, yin and yang, the Kuiver’s Craft, a cover to comfort in parody of the Holy Spirit. For the most part, they know no better, for if they really understood by what they are deceived they would repent, but they are captured by the ha Shatan to serve the serpent within, subordinated to evil, themselves also victims of an unbroken chain of captivity and concupiscence.

      • The EU has been distributing good parenting guides which recommend that babies are sexually massaged to encourage self esteem and bonding. All under the UN umbrella of ‘rights of the child’.

  3. FAITH, I’m sure you would also agree with Ephesians 6:12, King James Version (KJV)

    12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    So it seems to me that prayer to God will be of great benefit in combatting this monstrous evil. Crying out to God in Jesus’ Name will be heard and taken note of. Divine intervention WILL come at some stage so those who contribute in prayer will have had a positive part to play. If anyone knows people involved in this wickedness by all means inform the authorities as Faith suggests but do continue to pray.

    • Totally agree Ken. The best protection against the powers of darkness is Jesus Christ, because….. ‘ at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow ‘. Even demonic forces have no power over Our Lord and Saviour. If you have have the love of Jesus in your heart, the dark ones cant get into your mind!

      I”ve read articles were people believed they were being abducted by ‘aliens’ (demons really) and called on Jesus for help. Whatever they were experiencing stopped immediately!

      Why is there an old saying….’Don’t let your heart rule your head’…..it’s because the dark ones know, that if the Spirit of Jesus is in your heart, filling you with love and guidance, then they cannot infect your mind with evil.

      ” For God hath not given us the Spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7 KJB )

      And yes DIVINEDNA the world is turning into Sodom and Gomorrah.!!

      • Reminds me of what many have said: if you don’t fear or show fear they cannot touch you, simply because you/we have not given them permission.

        ****They need permission to take control of you which is why they resort to brainwashing and rituals.

    • Hey Faith, some time back God dropped a revelation bombshell in my life and began to really open up Ephesians. It began in earnest in 2001, when I was on a sabbatical, and one Sunday morning, I got a revelation of Eph 4:13, then walking toward my car, in the motel carpark in Noosa, Q’Land, next to my rental was a car with NSW plates – EPH413. I chuckled and said, “How do you do that?” and heard, “You forget Ian, I Am in EVERYONE!”
      As time went on Ephesians opened up more and more, especially once i was guided to Victor Alexander’s amazing translation of the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures – and oh boy, so Bacon’s revisions of Wycliffe’s work show up in stark contrast to the original work.
      One of the cute things which happened was that I would “hear” harmonizing scriptures as I read the text, sometimes up to three or four would be given. One such was when reading Eph 6:12 – as I read it i heard, “The weapons of our
      warfare are not of the flesh”. Where the twist comes in is in chap 2:1 where it speaks of the Prince of the Power of the Air. This is not in the original. It speaks
      instead of secular governments. In chap 1, Jesus is spoken of as having ALL POWER and ALL PRINCIPALITY and MIGHT, both in heaven and earth, and this and the new man created in righteousness is the core theme of the apostle’s epistle. Why in chap 6 would he suddenly start elevating the devil and his mob to a position of power and authority which he has just been at great pains to describe as belonging to Jesus, and by extension, His Body? (And I do not mean that aberration, that satanic systemic seduction called Church/Circe.)

      10. Therefore, brethren, be strengthened in our Lord and in the instrument of His power. (Of HIS POWER!)
      11. And take on all the armaments of God, so as you may be able to stand against the craftiness of the devil.
      12. Because you wrestle not with flesh and blood, (For the excellence of our work is not through the flesh, except by the power of God, and through it we capture the entrenched conquests), except with the thrones and powers and the subjugation of this world of darkness, and with evil spirits under the sky. (The darkness of this world is in subjugation to the thrones and powers – all authority belongs to Jesus.)
      13. That is why you should take on all the armaments of God, so that you can fight against evil, and as you are destined for everything, you shall rise again.
      14. Rise therefore and gird your back earnestly and put on the armor of holiness,
      15. And stand on your feet by the blessings of His Revelation of peace,
      16. And along with these, consecrate your shield of faith, by which you shall thwart all the flaming arrows of the evil one.
      17. And consecrate the borderline of salvation, and take up the sword of the Spirit that is the Manifestation (Essence or ‘Word’ – Aramaic Milta) of God.

      The martial art is to turn your opponents strength against him or her – this is Satan’s masterwork if you will, the twisting of the spiritual DNA of man into a BEAST and of the Book into a burden rather than a document of freedom and victory over death!
      Prince Charles arrived here last night on the 6th day of the week for a 13 day visit. He arrived at 21:30hrs (6) and on the 10/11/12 (6). His birthday bash in Wellington with 64 (8×8) invited guests whose birthday are also on the day, including the Governor General (initials J M = 1-4) and The PM’s Welsh wife. It is the New Moon and a Solar Eclipse. On the 16th he will attend the Canterbury A&P in Christchurch and present the award for supreme animal in show. God does have a sense of humour, yes? There have been what look to be three syfall incidents, one on Rosh Hashanah and 59 (14) days before Nov 14. The lawyer with Daibetes who mysteriously died at the “end of the road” overlooking Matiu (Salvation) Island in Wellington harbour, died on the 3rd, and was buried 6 days later on the 9th. The place of his funeral service was St Paul’s, Wellington, a church linked to notorious rumours and testimonies of ritual satanic abuse.
      By the way, the German company which owns BOC Gas in turn owned by the Crown, refused to supply Nitrogen to the mine rescuers to prevent a second fire at Pike River – absolutely steadfastly refused – orders from head office. Those miners had to die – I think that there will be another conveniently arranged “quake” to seal the mine, but watch too for another sign to be sent. I cannot say more than that but do watch NZ.

      • I’ve been watching NZ for quite a while now due mostly to what’s happened in Christchurch over the past several years. Stay well Ian and keep vigilance.

      • Gosh, didn’t know he was over there – have you checked out Greg Hallet’s work? Last I heard he was over here (UK) had to do a runner for his life. Wellington would be highly significant as nearly 100 years ago (June 21st 1813) Wellington defeated Napoleon and Rothschild’s gained control over Britian’s Royal family and the British economy by lying about the victory, claiming defeat by doing a ‘run’ on the stock market. As soon as Rothschild gave the order to sell, a frenzy of selling commenced. Then, as the victory news caught up with the market, he had bought everything at rock bottom price. So these miners are being sacrificed in celebration?

  4. It’s astonishing how easy it is to manipulate people (not everyone, thankfully). Expose them to mass media, popular culture and education system since their early years and they become programmed. Tell them about satanic rituals, they’ll tell you it’s fiction.

    Just look at those atrocious modern ‘horror’ movies like Saw. By showing mindless violence they desensitise viewers. After all, torture and abuse is just a fiction, right? Wrong.

    And here’s the music video I’ve seen today:

    I’m already used to symbols in music industry, but here we have awful lot of them, even blinking (subliminal?) inverted crosses. Thankfully many people notice something’s wrong and there’s a lot of ‘Illuminati’ comments below the video.

    • That video is probably the most blatant example I’ve ever seen. So blatant that I’d be inclined to dismiss it as a parody were it not for the fact (as you point out) that the joke would be lost on its target audience. How much more can they possibly reveal without coming right out and just saying it?

    • She sounds like she’s singing with a mouth filled with helium.

      I make no apologies and I know I do not have too to you – but this video is, although filled with illuminati symbols/imagery, is poorly done, (looks rushed – everything is crammed in) it’s laughable and looks cartoonish.

      For me there is nothing mesmerizing about this video and it does not hold my interest enough to view it in it’s entirety – for that I’m glad but for many others they’ll get caught up in the beat of the music allowing themselves to be subliminally programmed so much so that they will begin to believe that there’s nothing wrong with dying young.

      I see this video as a call to and for the young to think and believe that it’s okay to take up arms and kill.

      *On that note they did not even need her in the video – just do the music and the symbols.

      WTF is the ‘music occult industry’ pushing onto society? A mass kill off……… by any mean necessary to them.

      But then I recognize that they are not trying to control people like us who see through the BS, they want the vulnerable and the very young.

      • Yes and the children are the future. I’ve watched a load of hollywood illuminati videos and this one strikes me for the pace ..- there’s no more ‘build up’ pauses or preamble. The seduction phase is over – it’s now pure hard hitting rape. The voice tone is high and fast and young and hey, ain’t it FUN to get shot to pieces by sharp-shooting sexy cops like some kind of Bonny by Mr Hyde?

    • This is why we must protect our children from these disgusting demonic videos, films video games etc. My children are grown up now, but it must be so hard to stop children today, being exposed to this evil onslaught. I’m reminded of a poem I read a while ago called……’ I WANT YOUR CHILDREN ‘

      I have come to visit your children
      And I’m pleased with what I see
      They abuse all kinds of drugs
      And are getting drunk with me

      They live as in Gomorrah and Sodom
      Their minds perverse and blown
      I will claim their souls any time now
      You shouldn’t have left them alone

      I am glad you worked long hours
      I am glad you were busy a lot
      It would’ve been harder to sway them
      If you had not

      At your schools I’ve been at work
      Making sex an acceptable game
      You slept..while I fought to keep prayer out
      To add to your neglectful shame

      You don’t seem to notice the witchcraft
      I broadcast on your own TV
      ” its just an innocent programme”
      Twitch your nose, as they follow me

      Add a couple of violent sitcoms
      Its funny when heads blow in two
      Now you little Tommy has his own gun
      And there’s nothing you can do

      You’ve been a tremendous help though
      I couldn’t have done it alone
      If you hadn’t forsaken your prayer life
      These seeds I could never have sown

      So stay away from the Bibles teachings
      Don’t listen to what God has to say
      Your children are no longer your problem
      A price they’l eternally pay

      Without Christ they are mine to devour
      Without God there’s nought you can do
      Today I will take your children
      Tomorrow I’m coming for you

      Yours Satan

  5. Here’s a David Icke book the Biggest Secret, chapter 15 Satan’s Children. I’ve not read it yet so I dont know if it mentions Savile. If you dont think it’s appropriate to put this here, please delete this Frank.

    The Biggest Secret

    • Hi – thanks for the link . I amended it so the link goes direct to the book . The Rumour Mill link led to an article which showed McAlpine, which may not be the wisest move at present

    • When it’s relevant . I’ve written a number of posts on the subject over the years which can be found under ‘666’ category on the main page .

      • WE tend to misread that 666 thing – it is the NUMBER OF A MAN – or the is the ultimate man – homo superior!
        To truly understand “the children of Satan” it is requisite to grasp what Eashoa/Jesus meant when He said “You are of your father, the devil, he was a liar from the beginning”. The human is captured by satan, the inner nature of sin, the antichrist spirit, the serpent self, the Kundalini energy of the lower nature and its connection the the reptilian sub-brain – hence He called them a brood of snakes.
        To be freed from this our will needs to be set free to serve God – it is not a free will we need but a FREED WILL – and the only truly FREED WILL is that of the Saviour, and we partake of that blessing by recalling ourselves and returning from our Prodigality, being prepared to be as a servant we are received as a Beloved Son.
        To be free requires the circumcision of the heart, to reckon the old man dead. I know one such person. He is amazing. He was crushed beyond any hope by a car and then experienced a full re-creative miracle right in hospital – the doctors were freaked out and hushed it up, but he was a client of mine. Just being in his presence you felt at once unmasked and unclean – yet his humility was absolute.
        There are two “NEW MEN” coming – the New man created in righteousness and the HU-MAN crafted in the way of good and evil. This is how the world shall be divided – two opposing spiritual forces – one LIGHT, one DARK. I have seen something of what is to come very soon and it is daunting. Be prepared to lose the Internet. I think God will force the antichrist’s hand and make him move before he is really ready. The big question is, what is the sacrifice the Guelf and Rothschild have in store to celebrate Charle’s 64th? Funny how it is on World Diabetes Day – God told me a few years ago that wherever alcohol is king, destruction would reign.

    • While reading the links table of contents – I saw CHINA LAKE which I had completely forgotton about.

      It almost to much to remember – the world is saturated with this filth – HOWEVER, until the children are free – we can’t get to where we need to be and all we can do is dig and expose what we find. The populace has got to pick up on it and comes to terms with it – because in the past all they’ve wanted to do is sweep it under the rug.

      Part of our mission is to continue keeping this stuff in the headlines as best we can.

      How Children Are Transported To A Major Programming Site – such as China Lake


  6. There’s also that old castle in Belgium……..Chateau des Amerois (aka Mother of Darkness).
    It’s supposedly used for mind control programming……. and child sacrifices are allegedly performed during the ‘ Pink Ballet ‘ in honour of their Satanic goddess ‘Lillith ‘

    The castle was built for Philippe of Saxe – Cobourg Gotha ( the real name of our Royal family ).

    • I was reading Britain, The Key to World History by Wm Comyns Beaumont (obtainable from whale link above) about the Belgae (Belguim named by them) the Saxons and The Goths as being all the one people (as were the Israelites) just given different names in different languages by different tribes. They were described as cold, fierce, bloodthirsty, cruel, savage. So there it all is in the Saxe-Gotha but I don’t know about the Cobourg bit. Britain translates as ‘the people of the covenant’ – the Israelites.

  7. Headline may read “real story” – I wait for the day when I read headlines that say “all of the story” *won’t happen though because most of them control all forms of the media.

    How the BBC nailed the wrong man and the REAL story behind the care home child abuse scandal


    Instinct tells me that theyre trying to white wash this situation -wiggle out of digging to deep – although they say they want to get to the bottom of things.

  8. Oh Frank and all – apologies for the double post. Please if you will, delete the 4:10 PM post.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Rather than create another blog, which would be more enjoyable, I decided to go among the people at the trashiest end of mainstream (Yahoo! email ‘news’) to wake them up. Most never get out of the box to type their questions, confusions and opinions into a search engine and find out for themselves. There are a few of us doing the same, taking the flack from the shills, the racists, the bigots and the blind. The clues were all there with the Sir Savvy exposure and yet, it’s very hard to break the circular thinking which a diet of TV/trash mainstream programmes into them. Like a stonewall – it takes so much repetition to break through. Then it’s forgotton after their next fix and off they go again!

    Yet, it has to be done. They are nowhere ready for SRA – but when ‘we’ bump into eachother as those in the know, we expand as much as we can and support eachother – helping eachother out to fight of the demonic ones, the pedos and masons which infest these threads. I dunno, it’s exhausting and pointless. But they have to be made aware that we have a choice, for our children’s sake. And they are all ‘our’ children.

    • Follow your intuition to how you think you can help best . We can all feel something’s happening and I think the ‘darkness’ is being revealed, but we should remember the purpose is not vengeance but to remove the ‘ consciousness’ from the psyche of humanity .

    • pavlovsbitch

      I was sharing with FAITH on another post about how, we, you are ‘light workers’.

      (I read in another blog where we are akin to ‘snow plows’ – we clear the path/road making it easier for those who don’t know their way.)

      Think on it – at the end of the snow season what does the plow on a snow truck look like. The plow is bent, bruised – paint chipped off – rusty from the salt applied to the roads, groves missing, etc. etc. Of course it is tough, of course we get tired.

      We are allowed to rest, but we must also complete our mission!

      Why us?

      Because some of us wanted to come on this mission, for the others, like you, the All Mighty Figure Head/She/He knew you were made of the right stuff and could persevere through it all.

      (I look for and read every comment you post – you know your stuff. You’re very knowledgeable/powerful/strong spiritually and mentally.)

      “One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of pure love and reverence for all of life will counterbalance the negativity of 750,000 individuals who calibrate at the lower weakening levels.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

      We CAN do this!

  10. Slime keeps on surfacing – seems as if it’s everywhere.

    1. Voice of Elmo on leave from Sesame Street after he was accused of having ‘sexual relationship with underage boy’


    2. Revealed: The double life of the law man who led the fight against child pornography while collecting 150 images of ‘extreme child abuse’ on his home computer


    Savile’s former producer, 73, released on bail after becoming third arrest over abuse inquiry


  11. !!??

    Ok, I admit, until today I never believed in Satanism. But I came across an article about jimmy savile in MSM and if they admit he was a satanist than I realised satanism/illuminati must be real.
    It never really surprised by seeing that 9/11 was a conspiracy and sandy hoax etc. It is beyond contemptible what they did but not surprising. This is really surprising to me… It doesn’t make sense! ok, satanists must by default be jews as buddhism etc don’t really have satan. And jews should be Christians as Jesus Christ obviously fulfilled all the prophecies. And Jesus has already saved us. Jesus Christ is more powerful than satan. He has defeated him. So why would people worship satan? It isn’t logical.
    How many satanists/illuminati are there in the world?
    How can we recognise them? it is bad enough to be wary of cia informers and shills but now satanists….
    How do I know if my church is secretly satanist? I am Roman Catholic – does this mean I should convert to Eastern Orthodox? Is the pope evil? Is the vatican corrupt? Is Putin evil? Is satanism in Russia? In china? cuba?
    I am in canada – can you please tell me anything you know about conspiracy theories in canada?
    I heard that david ike is mostly true except for the stuff about the reptile. But if satanism and illuminati are true than it is not a huge leap for aliens to be true.
    And what’s up with the moon and mars ufo sightings??

    I am going to have to read the rest of your blog, but I am really upset. I’ve been crying for 3 hours.

    I have been a bit of a lapsed catholic… I believe in the morals and the message of the new testament but have been agnostic…. But lately, things have been happening.
    How can you tell if things have been done to you? I have 2 unexplained scar/lumps on the back of my thighs. What should I do to make sure I am not like…. possessed or something?

    Thanks so much for any information. This is really disturbing.

    • SAPERE,

      As you are from Canada might I suggest you read some of Henry Makow’s blog as he is from Canada. He has several articles about really bad stuff going on in Canada.

      I would also suggest you keep your faith but look around for a good Protestant church and have a long chat with the pastor. Beware of anything ecumenical (bringing all the churches together). As you are so upset you really need to be in a supportive group (Church).

      Aliens are demonic entities. It is most likely they will be used to convince the global population of the need to comply with the global government’s requirements.

      Keep the faith!

  12. I am aware of the nature, circumstances, and existence of evil power, and all it’s crimes against humanity. I acknowledge that I am partly to blame for causing severe darkness and contemptible violence, to individuals consenting to highly illegal organized crime activities, for their involvement in the physical abuse my father took years ago in Canada. They want apologies? never, for I serve a pure presence of wickedness unbroken. They shall bow; on one knee. For I am the divine intervention, worthy to lead a legion of destruction causing a black future of death.

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