Julia Gillard – Apocalypse Now

Another Genesis / Revelations, Death / Rebirth scenario . This time from the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard who has announced the 2012 Mayan calendar Apocalypse predictions are correct and the world will end on 21/12/12 . I always wondered who was ‘The Whore of Babylon’ !

“My dear remaining fellow Australians, the end of the world is coming . Whether the final blow comes from flesh-eating zombies, demonic hell-beasts or from the total triumph of K-Pop, if you know one thing about me it is this – I will always fight for you to the very end .”



Even though the alternative media and general public have mainly ignored 21/12/12, the MSM have kept it on the front pages and now the politicians are in on the act as well .

I will be glad when 21/12/12 has passed . 2012 has been one long Death/Rebirth ritual and I believe/hope that this date will be the end of them but don’t be surprised if a ritual happens in the Winter Solstice/Christmas window (not the end of the world) .

And then onto 2013 when I believe we will see the result of the ‘Birth’ .


67 thoughts on “Julia Gillard – Apocalypse Now

  1. Slightly off subject – but I thought I would try and work it in somenow.

    The big fish will not be really exposed untill later….i.e the RCC and the BM. Hopefully, Julia Gillard is speaking of the below linked information; which I somehow doubt – but one can have hope.

    Police investigating the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal have today arrested PR guru Max Clifford on suspicion of sexual offences, it has been reported.

    The 69-year-old is the fifth suspect to be arrested – and sixth person to be questioned – in connection with the Yewtree operation which has already cost around

    I see some guilty but low-level patsy’s like Gary Glitter are also being brought out into the open…including Dave Lee Travis, the former Radio 1 DJ, (left) and comedian Freddie Starr have both been arrested and bailed as part of a national inquiry – YewTree.


    Veteran TV and radio presenter Stuart Hall was last night charged with indecently assaulting three girls.

    The former It’s A Knockout host and BBC Radio 5 Live commentator was arrested by police during a dawn swoop on his £1.5million detached home yesterday.

    The 82-year-old was then taken to a police station where he was questioned for several hours over accusations of indecent assault.

  2. I wonder what the demons are telling these people at the top.
    I saw it tonight on the TV news and was flabbergasted! This is our Prime Minister. Very strange as Ron said, bizarre.
    Then I thought back to what Obama had to say at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner a while back, when he outlined his secret agenda for his second term. He said he was going to win the war ON Christmas and said, I might add, with a stony face. He didn’t say “the war AGAINST Christmas” or “the war WITH Christmas”, but “the war ON Christmas.”
    Not long to find out.

    • VM, I don’t think so. Her face was serious all the way through and she would have been told what to say. This was surely not the free will prank of a sitting Prime Minister of this wonderful country!

    • And I should have added that from the opening ceremony of the London Olympics to this ‘announcement’ was 6+6+6 weeks and 6 days.
      Remember the lady dressed in red who snuck into the front of the Indian team at the Opening Ceremony? Gillard has red hair.
      Gillard’s announcement came 3 days after the official announcement of Kate being pregnant and one day before the Indian nurse supposedly hung herself at KE7th Hospital because of the Aussie radio station prank.

  3. There are numerous blogs, talking about Gillard being the Head of The Satanic Alpha Lodge of Sydney, whose Satanic name is ‘Beastia’.
    I have no idea if this is true, but this woman gives me the heebie geebies!

    Her words are obviously said ‘tongue in cheek’……..but is there a hidden meaning behind the joke. As Frank said, watch out for the Winter Solstice…….something may happen ‘Down Under’ !!!

    • Even though I’ve never believed the end of the world scenario, the numbers 1&2 have been prominent throughout 2012 so it may have some significance .

  4. Well i,d like to hear a little more on the pronouncement of the JJJ that she refers to in the video as her basis for concluding thus before i wade in with a more substantial comment

  5. That’s a strange thing to say for a Prime Minister. She wanted to spread some panic or what? Some people actually believe the world’s going to end, why frighten them further? And the rest will just say she’s crazy. Her way of talking is strange, probably she’s brainwashed. But then, I wonder what’s the true reason behind 21/12/12. It’s not really effective as a ‘threat’, many *(most?) people do not belive it and laugh at it. Still, mass media don’t want us to forget about that date. Well, we’ll see soon.

  6. The Triple J….. that she speaks of, is the Radio Station where she made these comments.
    Triple J……( J =10 ) = 303030

    The Radio Station which made the prank call to Kate Middletons hospital is called…
    Hot 30

    Something weird with all these 30303030 ‘s connected to Australia !!

      • And who’s been in the news recently…….Rolf Harris…Australian!
        His birthdate…….03/30/30 !!!!

    • All these 3’s…. could also have something to do with Zoroastrian beliefs ( closely linked with Kabbalah ) that there are 3,333 demons !!

      • Cellphone transmissions were being interrupted during the storm – probably HAARP in action. There was a USAR exercise being conducted at Whenouapai Air Base nearby, and they quickly set up operations similar to those conducted in NY. This was a live exercise resulting in the death of three hapless workers, crushed under a tilt slab construction. The father of tilt slab in NZ also designed the CTV building where a whole bunch of people were sacrificed. There is footage of a UFO in the sky above the collapse site – I am serious. Tilt slabs will become instant coffins in severe earthquakes.

        I always thought Rolf was a perve – actually most show biz folk are – they are self obsessed, often narcissistic, and self promoters. Showbiz and sex go together like bacon and eggs. A friend of mine once told me, Commitment and involvement is like bacon and eggs, the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed. 0(:->)

      • Ken…no I’m not an Aussie lol ! But this 30 thing is weird.

        Aren’t Kate and William both aged 30 too?

      • Actually 21/12/2012 is 11. Triple J as Ian below says is 10/10/10 or 111. The # 11 is very important because it is possibly the Gateway~ or the twin pillars of Jachin and Boaz with the perfected souls (9) going through (9/11) at the Crossing or Transformation or 13. Perhaps the return of the Krist Kross (for xtians~ Krist ) Any groups of numbers of the same vibration are very powerful 111 222 333 etc. The twin towers 9/11 preceded Bali by 1year 1 month ad 1day (111) . Madrid coming in exactly 911 days after 9/11. Look for the #11 and 22 (double 11 ) or 29 (11). So very many things happen on these days .Start noticing Michael Hutchense on a 22/11. Judy Garland 22/6. Anton laVey 29/10 Norway shooting 22 /7/2011 or 22 ~ 9/11 Heath Ledger 22 /1/ 2008 or 22/11 ~33 JFK 22/11 or 33. Jorg Haider (Austrian political leader ) 11/10/2008/ or 11/11 Natalie Wood (drowns?) 29/11 Governor General Kerr sacks? Whitlam 11/11/1975 or 11/11/22.. David Carradine died 3/6/9/11 2009 or if it is not 11 it might be eg 5 June (60) or 6 May (5) 3rd day 8th month or 8th day 3rd month. This is only talking about 11 . The same happens with numbers 3 / 7 / 9 / 13 /18 / 27 /33. Next time you watch the News watch out for how many times 6 is mentioned EG Sixty minutes flashes 3 times between segments . look at Woolies Logo 666. ///666or 18 , count the number of points on the logo of BP. This is either a computer program matrix we live in or these numbers are being manipulated ????? Could rattle on but I understand that the majority would be bored witless by all this and regard this as the ranting of a ? Thank you for reading . Not long now maybe?

  7. Here’s the speech in text:

    “My dear remaining fellow Australians. The end of the world is coming. It wasn’t Y2K, it wasn’t even the carbon price. It turns out the Mayan calendar was true. While Australia’s best and brightest at the CSI have not been able to confirm this; I’m confident in Triple J’s prediction that the world is about to end. Whether the final blow comes from flesh eating zombies, demonic hell beasts or from the total triumph of K-Pop, if you know one thing about me, it is this, I will always fight for you til the very end. And at least this means I won’t have to do Q&A again. Good luck to you all.”

    The President of Australia talking about flesh eating zombies and demonic hell beasts? Wtf

    • Trible J’s

      Wikipedia: Like a Version is a segment on the Australian radio station Triple J. It was created by Mel Bampton as part of the Mel in the Morning program. Currently the segment occurs every Friday morning on Triple J’s Breakfast show, hosted by Tom Ballard & Alex Dyson. It involves Australian and international artists playing live, acoustic versions of some of their favourite songs. This segment’s popularity has led to, so far, the release of eight compilation CDs.

      It is very much like Irish Today FM’s Even Better Than the Real Thing and has spawned imitations like BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge.

      The title is a parody of “Like a Virgin”.

      “Like A Virgin”

      I made it through the wilderness
      Somehow I made it through
      Didn’t know how lost I wasUntil I found you

      I was beat incomplete
      I’d been had, I was sad and blue
      But you made me feel
      Yeah, you made me feel
      Shiny and new


      Like a virgin
      Touched for the very first time
      Like a virgin
      When your heart beats [after first time, “With your heartbeat”]
      Next to mine

      Gonna give you all my love, boy
      My fear is fading fast
      Been saving it all for you
      ‘Cause only love can last

      You’re so fine and you’re mine
      Make me strong, yeah you make me bold
      Oh your love thawed out
      Yeah, your love thawed out
      What was scared and cold


      Oooh, oooh, oooh

      You’re so fine and you’re mine
      I’ll be yours ’till the end of time
      ‘Cause you made me feel
      Yeah, you made me feel
      I’ve nothing to hide


      Like a virgin, ooh, ooh
      Like a virgin
      Feels so good inside
      When you hold me, and your heart beats, and you love me

      Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
      Ooh, baby
      Can’t you hear my heart beat
      For the very first time?

      *So yes…wtf……….

    • Hi Faith – good spots . I’m sure the date of birth, astrology etc has an influence . I’m keeping optimistic about Rolf . I’ve never got that creepy energy from him that the others have had .

    • Hey, that’s my mum’s birthday too!

      If you add up Gillard’s birthday 29/09/61 – it comes to 99. Include the century and it is 1999. But all that aside, she is a Commie but this too could be a guise to cover for her real religion. Commies are easy game to Luciferians. Remember, Satan is not a name, it is a title – it means the adversary (of God) – to wit, the anti-god. Just as God has a name, actually several names, so does Satan – calling someone a Satanist makes about as much sense as calling me a Godist.

      The Luciferian laughs at Satanism, especially all that twisted schoolkid stuff. IT might be good fro frightening the ignorant but it has no real power – it is after the working of Satan but the real power comes from the useful idiots who do not understand Romans 13 and think that it is a license for the Govt and Jewdiciary to do as they please, and so they yield their kingship and authority to the Beast, hence why the Beast shall be given power over the saints, to sub-jew and to kill them.

  8. All the death/rebirth and long awaited rebirth of some big thing to come talk, it keeps popping in my mind that Prince William & Kate will be giving birth this new year, could this be something? Prince William was born on the spring solstice and they were married on April 29th a huge occult high date of rituals and the same date Hitler killed himself as sacrifice…wonder what their baby means to the elites?? If they claim that she’s 13weeks wouldn’t that put their baby due somewhere in late June (spring solstice)… Just pondering all the dates and birth death rebirth stuff going on…what do you think??

  9. obviously this is a “joke”… but people have a strange sense of humor. From the CDC “joking” about the Zombies , they are catering to the sheeple. Are they doing this just to be “funny”? Or for some more nefarious purpose.. to hide warnings in among “funny” “fake” statements. “Oh, we were just fooling around” … I can understand around Samhain, but now?.

    I am trying not to look at things so seriously and dark. I have enough personal crap in my life that I am stressing about to get all caught up in a bunch of strange propaganda. FEAR Is not on MY agenda. I just want my PERSONAL life to back on track !

    • Dear Lord, how awful…………” she appeared to have killed herself ” ????

      They must think we’re all stupid.The poor woman must have known something or found out something that she shouldn’t have, You wouldn’t take your own life because of a hoax call.

      You’re right DIVINEDNA……….something stinks here !!!

      • For one thing – I think the press and ‘ the puppet masters’ began to realize that most people of today really don’t care about Will and Kate or their offspring. That being so, they want to keep attention focused on those two for however, long and by any means necessary. Focusing on Kate and the well being of that foetus gives “it” vast amounts of energy – all coming from the mass of well wishers.

        Blaming the radio announcer for the death, (suicide, not) of the receptionist makes people think of how awfully bad the DJ’s must be and what damage and heartache they’ve bestowed upon Will and Kate.

        I kid you not, that foetus growing inside of Kate will demand more sacrifices in the coming days and months as will “the monarchy” on Kate’s behalf.

        Like David Icke, I too believe that these “things” masquerading as human people are extremely desperate and will do anything to survive and that means distorting adn twisting the truth.

        *Focusing on Will and Kate’s pregancy and well being also takes people mind off just how close the Savile pedophile investigation was getting to them.

  10. As an aside . It feels really good to know that I am not the only one who can feel and see what is going on. and on more than the physical plane, With the cabalistic numbering system etc Sometimes I feel so alone. If i mention any thing to most people they look at me and I can feel what they are thinking ~ so I rarely say any thing any more . I thought years ago that what I had found out through investigation and intuition ,the people would welcome. that was so far off beam~ i lost many friends when I spoke to them and the thing was I could show them and prove what I said was the truth ~ even if it did seem weird . They wouldn’t even let me do that.. I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago ,and he said, Fred, how can you explain numbers to these people ( and even he finds it hard ~ but he puts up with me when I prattle on ) when it’s not possible to explain the fraudulent Banking System to them. Some times I feel sad for them and at the other side of the spectrum I feel glad . The time seems to be going really quickly now. Sometimes it feels I live amongst zombies~ and I cannot help

    • Hi Fred I think you would be and are welcome here on the Blog of Merovee.

      It’s a great outlet allowing you to let it flow. I know it tough – it is for me at times – but I just have to let the naysayers go – you/we are here to open their thought pattern, so don’t worry about getting them to listen and stay focused.

      I’m not sure but I think Frank would agree when I say you’re welcome to share with us at anythime. Sharing here makes you stronger out there.

  11. Poor woman named as……Jacintha Saldanha
    How sad… thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

  12. What with Gillard, and these two idiot DJ’s……..there’s some evil ‘Jokers’ at work right now !!!

  13. That’s a tragedy, she had 2 children. Doesn’t add up. My thoughts drift to film the Omen when the nannie publicly hangs herself. Whatever the reason its pretty disturbing

  14. Fred

    Fred says: your post of
    07/12/2012 at 3:06 pm

    PLEASE do not sell yourself short – by thinking as you say: “that the majority would be bored witless by all this and regard this as the ranting of a ?”

    *Whereas as some may as you sugest become bored, etc. many others will not, certainly not the majority. ….trust me. In reference to the numbers and matching dates with you appear to have a talent – share it.

  15. @ Ken’s comment:
    ‘From The Australian newspaper,June 26, 2010, “Julia Gillard comes from a village called Cwmgwrach, which means ‘The Valley of the Witch’ “.’

    Thanks for the link.
    I did a google and check out this “Welcome to the Valley of the Witch” road sign. It looks straight out of the Wizard of Oz.

    Apparently Julia was born while the family lived on “Queen St.”

    I’ve been thinking about that Derren Brown “Apocalypse” zombie inception/hoax posted in another thread. Gillard’s hoax could be straight out of it….so I’m thinking inception…Also Brown has said that it was a Wizard of Oz analogy & Oz symbolism was incorporated into it…

  16. EJ,
    Wikipedia says she was born in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, so I don’t know what The Australian is on about saying she comes from Cwmgwrach. I think the Queen St referred to in that article is in Barry.
    Barry apparently means ‘hill’.

    • Hi Ken,

      Yes, to be clear it refers to her “Welsch roots” – her family is from Cwmgwrach and many relatives still live there.

  17. Has anyone noticed that there has been surprisingly little mass media fallout from this particular video?
    Almost seems to me that mainstream rebroadcasters are leaving it well alone like the bubonic plague.
    I wonder why that is?

  18. The nurse Saldhana would never top herself over something as trivial as the phone hoax.
    A woman with two young children of her own would always think of them first.
    A place like the Edward 7th would have established telephone protocols that MUST be observed for such occasions and it is inconceivable that having worked there for FOUR years she was unaware of this.
    My best guess is that she was a secret supplicant having gradually been drawn into the bizarre practices that must play a role in the activities in such a place she played along with them until she became the butt of whatever the occultists were getting on with at the time. Namely ritualistic murder although they would no doubt call it “sacrifice” to focus the emotional outpouring that would doubtless follow from around the world as a psychic charge energizing the unborn foetus in a baptism of purest evil.
    A massive cross between Damian and the Joker

    • Peter for more than one reason, I think you’re correct. I said something along the same lines on a previous post. I also think they may change the story to say Jacinthia was murdered and did not commit suicide…they may even look for a patsy, but not before they have milked the current situation with the DJ’s for all it’s worth.

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