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The Ritual Sacrifice Of Santa Maria And Jennifer’s Body

I would suggest that the rituals for the Brazil 2016 Olympics have begun . Exactly, 6 months after the Olympics Opening Ceremony in London on 27th July 2012, 231 individuals were killed in a horrific fire in a nightclub in the city of Santa Maria in Brazil ,

The fire has the trademark signs that I would expect in a ‘ritual sacrifice’ and below, I will go into detail .



When I heard of the tragedy, my mind turned to the movie Jennifer’s Body starring Megan Fox . In the movie Megan Fox’s character Jennifer Check is sacrificed after a fire is deliberately set by the members of a band, ‘Low Shoulder’ which kills several people in a club . After the fire Megan Fox is sacrificed to Satan for wealth and fame by members of the band .

From Wikipedia – Jennifer’s Body :

“Anita “Needy” Lesnicki (Amanda Seyfried), once an insecure teenager, is now a violent mental inmate who starts the story as a flashback while in solitary confinement. She has been friends with a needy and popular cheerleader, Jennifer Check (Megan Fox), since childhood, despite having little in common. One night, Jennifer takes Needy to a local dive bar to attend a concert by indie rock band Low Shoulder. A suspicious fire engulfs the bar, killing several, and Jennifer agrees to leave with the band despite Needy’s attempts to stop her. Later that evening, Jennifer, covered in blood, appears in Needy’s kitchen and proceeds to eat food from the refrigerator. Unable to digest the matter, she vomits a trail of black, spiny fluid and then leaves in a hurry as Needy calls after her.

A month later, Jennifer is beginning to look pale, and accepts a date with school goth/emo Colin (Kyle Gallner), whom she brutally kills that night. While Needy and her boyfriend, Chip (Johnny Simmons) have sex, Needy senses something dreadful has happened. She leaves in a panic and almost runs over Jennifer, drenched in blood. She rushes home and finds Jennifer in her bedroom, who starts explaining to her what had happened after the fire: Low Shoulder took her into the woods and offered her as a virgin sacrifice to Satan in exchange for fame and fortune.”


From BBC News – Santa Maria :

“Brazil has declared three days of national mourning for 231 people killed in a nightclub fire in the southern city of Santa Maria.

The fire reportedly started after a member of a band playing at the Kiss nightclub lit a flare on stage.”


Santa Maria is named after the Madonna, Mary the virgin mother of Jesus and in the movie Megan Fox is sacrificed as it is believed, in error, that she is a virgin .



“Sacrifice of the Virgin”


To be honest, Jennifer’s Body is not a very good movie but for anyone who has watched it, one scene is memorable – the lesbian kiss between Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried . The fire in Santa Maria occurred at the Kiss club .


meg kiss

The Kiss – Jennifer’s Body



The Kiss – Santa Maria


The name of the band are Gurizada Fandangueira which I am informed by Felipe translates as ‘Dancing Guys’ or ‘Dancing Youth’ . Below is a very creepy picture from the band . Please note, I am not blaming anyone but just pointing out the ‘coincidence ‘ .





With these death rituals, the template is Death & Rebirth + The Goddess . Again, with Santa Maria the connection with The Goddess is through the name of the city, Santa Maria and its link with the Virgin Mary . Other rituals which include the Goddess are Aurora. Colorado – the Goddess of the Dawn – and Princess Diana – the Roman goddess, Diana .

The Moon is associated with The Goddess, in her many guises . On Sunday morning, the Full Moon ( sun and moon ) occurred at 4-40 am (GMT) and the fire is reported to have started at 4 am (GMT) . See also President Obama and his 4 Inaugurations .



At present, the BBC are currently reporting that 231 people died in the fire . In the year of ‘Creation’, 2013 I would expect to see 1,2 & 3 in a similar manner to 2012 with the many 1s and 2s – 21/12/12 etc .

The fire took place exactly 6 months after the Opening Ceremony for the London Olympics on 27th July 2012 .

The Birth part of the ritual connects to the inauguration of President Obama . ‘On the Seventh Day’ after his private inauguration on 20th Jan 2013, the fire in Santa Maria took place on 27th Jan 2013 .

For the London Olympics the Death/Birth ritual was Aurora on 20th July 2012 and the birth of the ‘Giant Baby’ at the Olympic Stadium on 27th July (On the Seventh Day) . With Santa Maria we have a mirror ritual with the birth (Obama’s Inauguration) on 20th Jan and Santa Maria on 27th Jan . I believe the reason for the choice of venues for the Olympics – London and Rio – is a form of ritual connected with the mirror of the northern and southern hemispheres .

There is normally a triple aspect to the rituals . First we had Obama and his inauguration on 20/1/13 and then Santa Maria on 27/1/13 – both Sundays . Next Sunday is 2/3/2013 and America holds its annual Super Bowl party . Again ‘On The Seventh Day’ and the numerology of the date fits in with 1,2 & 3 . I just hope Santa Maria was enough .



At present, I do not understand the reason for the significance of Sa / San / Sand in the current run of rituals but with Santa Maria, there is another connection .

Santa Maria

Sandy Hook

Hurricane Sandy

Jacintha Saldanha

Jerry Sandusky

Jimmy Savile



In my opinion, Santa Maria is another sacrificial ritual in a long line of such incidents – Whitney Houston, Aurora, Sandy Hook and others .

We live in Dark times . But if we can see the ‘Shadows’, the Light must be shining .




Related post : Gurizada Fandangueira And Rio Olympics 2016

Over the last few months it has become clear to me that The Olympics Opening Ceremony was a fulcrum for subsequent events . I am not surprised that Firestarter by Prodigy was included ( thanks to Faith ) .



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  1. Very Good!! Thank You, may I just say that as they sacrifice to satan, who actually manifests himself on numerous occasions, then the only alternative light source is Jesus Christ, satans most hated and feared opponent. Why is it so hard for people to see His light?

  2. Santa Maria may be named after the Catholic Madonna, which they worship as a goddess…….but she has nothing to do with Mary mother of Jesus in the Bible.
    And so yes…..the sacrifice was probable made to the evil goddess.

    And yes Bridget……..Jesus Christ, risen Son of God…is The Way, The Truth and The Life.

    • Catholics do not worship Mary. Mary interceded to Jesus to help the wedding party at the Wedding Feast at Cana. Jesus said, “Woman, my time has not yet come.” But, Jesus asked for containers of water to be brought to him. Jesus changed the water to wine. It was the first public miracle that Jesus performed. He did it because His mother asked Him to do it. We ask Mary to intercede to Jesus for us, because she is His mother. Jesus would do anything that His mother asks of Him. Mary is our intercessor,.We do not worship him. Why is it that you can’t understand that.

      Jesus told John as he hung dying on the cross to behold his (John’s) mother & told Mary to behold (john) as her son. Jesus gave Mary to us as Our Mother. I don’t understand why you people can’t understand a Son’s love for His mother. A man (most men) will do anything for his mother. Jesus loves us as His brothers & sisters and wants to share His mother with us. Shame on you for saying Catholics worship Mary. We do not worship her. She is our mother, we love her.

      • I’m very sorry Linda254 but I have to inform you that Mary cannot intercede with Jesus on our or your behalf. We go to the Father through Jesus Christ our Saviour. If we went to court we would not ask to speak with the Judge’s mother to influence him. Jesus is not a child or teenager who obeys his mother. Christ is the Head of the Church. The dead know nothing. Mary is dead. Asking Mary to intercede with her Son Jesus is trying to communicate with the dead which is strictly forbidden.
        The Old Testament term for communicating with the dead is “necromancy.” (Deuteronomy 18:11, also read verse 10) It is forbidden by God: “There shall not be found among you… For whoever does these things is detestable to the Lord” (an “abomination,” KJV).
        Once the soul leaves your body, there is no consciousness ( awareness of ones own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.) For those who have died, this “state of being” lasts until Jesus’ Second Coming,the Final Resurrection- where everyone who has died rises from the grave, and finally Judgement Day.
        This and many other practices carried out by the Roman Church headquartered in the Vatican in Rome are what has caused the huge breakaway by so-called Protestants in the 16th Century.
        I’m sorry but you have been mislead. I implore you to carefully reconsider this most important matter.

  3. Apparently the band consisted of 6 members.

    5 got out safely, but the 6th band member Danilo Jacques died!

  4. Well said Bridget and FAITH.
    Another thought-provoking post Frank.

    In connection to the Rio Olympics I see that they start on August 5th, the day after Obama’s birthday.

    From 27th Jan, 2013 to 5th Aug, 2016 = 1286 days or 3 yrs 6 months and 9 days or
    3 yrs 3+3 months and 3+3+3 days. Single, double and triple 3. Remarkable.

    • Well worked out Ken…..it’s just unbelievable how these numbers add up all the time.
      It begs the question ……who is it, that’s working all these syncs and numbers out, and using them
      against mankind?

      • Yes thanks and I forgot to also say that as Frank had worked out the 6 month gap from the Opening Ceremony in London we have yet another 3+3 (months) gap between the past event and the nightclub mass deaths in Santa Maria.

        ie 3+3 months since the Opening Ceremony in London, 2012
        3 yrs 3+3 months and 3+3+3 days until the Opening Ceremony in Rio, Brazil, 2016.

      • Hi Frank and yes, we can only but have a good go at deciphering what is happening.
        The Bible warns that the antichrist will perform “lying wonders” so we need to be aware of such and not be deceived.

      • Yes again, and the number of threes in the above list is 8 referring to the ‘8’ of THEIR new beginning!
        And before the fiery deaths is 2 x 3’s ie 6.
        And after the fiery deaths is 6 x 3’s ie 18 or 6+6+6.

      • Ken, I note also that 2016 adds to both 9 (3×3) & 27 (3x3x3), which increases the density of the 3s that you have pointed out.

  5. It could be that kiss is six backwards, for satanists, these things are important. Here’s a para from an article: ‘Before John Lennon was murdered, and after the Beatles break-up, he was still using reverse music methods. “Double Fantasy,” the last record he ever made, recorded that he was going to be murdered. Yoko Ono sang the piece, “Kiss Kiss Kiss.” When played in reverse, you hear a ghostly voice sing, “Satan is Coming….six six six….” and finally the chilling lyrics, “We Shot John Lennon!” ‘

    • I’ve never been able to make my mind up about The Beatles . The music was from another planet but you get the sneaky feeling that there was a puppeteer pulling the strings ,

      • Hi Frank,

        Regarding the beatles there is a very strange and compelling audio documentary out on the net called “The last testament of George Harrison” which makes for an altogether more eye opening history of what the beatles were really all about.

        Here is the link

        • Thanks Peter – it’s quite long so I’ll have a look when I have time . The Beatles seem to fit in with the 50th anniversary theme for 2013 – see JFK, Aldous Huxley and Dr Who .

  6. For a better understanding of the prefix “Sa” may i suggest you read Gary A Davids synchromystic work on the Hopi Red Kachina which he believes will be the Supernova of Betelgeuse..



    ” The ancient Egyptian word sam referred specifically to the plant wormwood, which was used medicinally as a vermifuge (a medicine that expels intestinal worms). However, the word såm meant “darkness” or “rainstorm,” and såms meant “club, cudgel,”

    Having the same prefix, the Egyptian word Sahu referred to the “star-gods in the constellation Orion”

    Sa~crifices to Orion who holds the Olympic Torch where the sun illuminates on the Summer Solstice?

    • I would not be surprised it’s linked to Orion . It would seem Orion,Sirius etc are very important to ‘someone’ . I’m still waiting for why to be revealed .

  7. Nice article! Very interesting!! I’m from Brazil, but not from th region of the incident. The name of the Band is “Gurizada Fandangueira” that is more like an slug from the region and could be translated as “Party youth” or “dancing youth” or “Dancing guys”

  8. Nice article! Very interesting!! I’m from Brazil, but not from th region of the incident. The name of the Band is “Gurizada Fandangueira” that is more like an slug from the region and could be translated as “Party youth” or “dancing youth” or “Dancing guys”

    • Felipe -thanks for that . You’ve got an interesting few years coming up . I’ve just about recovered from the Olympics here in Britain . As the android Ash said in ‘Alien’ : “you have my sympathy” .

      • Yes! I really don’t get it why we gonna have TWO great events (olympics in 2016 and Soccer Cup next year) And in a row!!!! We don’t have structure for that and even though, we had much advance lately, there’s still way toooooo much problems to be solved before planning any type of event of that kind and spend BILLIONS on that!!

        At the same time we’re having a huge growth of christianity in Brazil (protestants) and that fears me A LOT. Those people has NOTHING of real christians, they preach prejudice and intolerance and they are fooling all poors and ignorants here. Sometimes I have the feeling they’re gonna bring (probably in the end of this century, or even earlier) back evil ghosts from the past (Yes, I’m talking about Nazism/Facism). And that’s not gonna be about race, like it was in Europe, it’s gonna be about behavior. There’s a perspective that they are gonna make someone president about 2040. Hope It never happens…

        You know, I’m here, inside of it, and I am seeing the seeds being harvested. It’s interesting keep an eye on what happens around here. I still dont know what is the hole we’re gonna play, but feels like it’s about to arrive on the scene!

        (I could spend hours talking about it)

        • I know what you mean – if we had a few days but I think your point about creeping fascism in all areas is correct . It’s the same here in Europe, America, Australia – everywhere . I see it as the controlling mind belief system being forced out so we can all see it .

          At some point, something’s got to give, I feel .

  9. It’s like the reverse of Obama’s slogan……Yes We Can.
    When reversed it sound like …..Thank You satan…..( and it really does, I’ve tried it )

  10. SA…….Sorcerers Apprentice?

    The sorcerers apprentice in the movie is Drake Stone.
    Patrick McGoohan also played Dangerman, alias John Drake

    Are all these wicked events, the work of the SORCERERS APPRENTICE?

  11. hi frank – it’s been a while since I’ve contributed but I’ve been following you ever since early last year. I did a quick etymology on ‘sa’ ‘San’ and ‘sand(y)’ and the results for ‘San’ seemed to resonate with the themes. hope this helps in some way. Notice a couple definitions are ‘sun’ and it seems ultimately that must esoteric /occult rituals can be traced back to sun worship

    Japanese: 3, childbirth /delivery
    North Frisian: Sun
    Rohingya (from Bengali ) moon
    Haitian Creole: 100
    Garifuna: 100
    English;: a letter of the archaic Greek alphabet after pi and before qoppa; sanatorium
    Serbo-Croatian: dream
    Tok Pisin: sun
    Turkish: name reputation
    Spanish/ Italian: shortened version of santo (saint)

    • Hi Scott – good to hear from you . I’ve been thinking along the same lines, as the Sun or Moon are always somehow included .

  12. Always in sync Frank! The name KISS for the nightclub stood out for me…I thought of Beyonce puckering up in her Super Bowl/Pepsi ad:

    Lady Gaga & Rolling Stones in concert together the day after Sandy Hook: “It’s just a KISS away…!” http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2248887/Its-just-kiss-away-Jagger-Gaga-head-head-Gimme-Shelter-The-Rolling-Stones-bow-New-Jersey.html

    This tragic event in between the Inauguration/Super Bowl too…a FIRE element with ROCK and ROLL…either we’re kissing HELLo or goodbye!

    • KISS does jump out . The Super Bowl will be interesting as normal but they are going to have go some to beat Madonna/Whitney Houston .

  13. Was the fire on the 27th ? or was it on the evening of 26th January? because St Agnes eve rituals apparently go on from 20th-26th

    • That was the first thing I checked . It started at about 2-30am Brazilian time which is virtually bang on the timing for the zenith of the Full Moon .

      The dates for the festivals are really only approximations so it maybe part of ‘St Agnes’ . Obama 20th Jan – Santa Maria 27th Jan .

  14. Great connection. I touched on this movie not so long ago. What must be understood is that Jennifer’s Body is an initiatory fable. This “sacrifice” is that of the World-Soul (i.e., Sophia, in the Gnostic mystery-myth) that gives birth to creation (a successful indie rock band). As you say: “Death & Rebirth + The Goddess.” The individual aspirant, Needy, must confront the original Mystery in her path to liberation. Note the repeated references to Needy being crucified like Christ; herein is the key. But “Jennifer Check” is JC and thus is of the nature of a syzygy, the Bride of Christ, who will drink the blood of the Savior as it gushes from his wounds on the cross. Jennifer kills “boys,” i.e. the lower egoic element of the eidolon nature (gun control-castration motif).

    • Hi Eleleth . thanks for the link and interesting post . The movie has a definite underlying message but on a more basic level, I believe it is possible the Santa Maria fire was scripted from ‘Jennifer’s Body’ .

  15. Here’s a ‘ Twisted Fire Starter ‘ at the Olympic opening ceremony…..and it looks like young people dancing in a nightclub

  16. From Rage Against The Machine ‘Sleep Now In the Fire’ lyrics:

    The lie is my expense
    The scope of my desire
    The party blessed me with its future
    And I protect it with fire
    I am the Nina, The Pinta, The Santa Maria
    The noose and the rapist
    The fields overseer
    The agents of orange
    The priests of Hiroshima
    The cost of my desire
    Sleep now in the fire

    Another creepy ‘coincidence’.

    • Wow……that’s a great find. The words are chilling and in a sick perverse way actually give a clue to the evil behind the veil. Very clever and devious too.
      The priests of Hiroshima?

      At Hiroshima and Nagasaki……..4 German Jesuit priests walked out from each of the devastated cities
      totally unscathed, and over the years, not a trace of radiation sickness. They claimed that they were saved by praying on their rosaries, and it was called a miracle.
      Many people believe, that they were nuclear scientists, and actually detonated the devices from underground bunkers, whilst the bombs that were dropped were merely Magnesium flash bombs laced with depleted Uranium.
      One of the priests later became Superior General of the Jesuits!

      History books don’t always tell the truth.

      • Hi QM – great find . I thought about looking at Columbus and the the ships in relation to the fire but thought I may leave it for a bit to see if anything else comes to light .

      • Faith, I had never heard that story before. Barry Smith, the now deceased New Zealand preacher made several videos about the NWO and stated categorically that nuclear bombs can only be detonated at certain places on the earth’s surface in relation to the position of the sun. I think he got his information from an NZ mathematician Bruce Cathie. This means that there can be no nuclear war(s) as such. So, if true, that would mean that all the threats of nuclear war was just to put fear into the populations of the world and bring about an outcome to suit the elite manipulators.

      • Ken…….I,ve read that theory about nuclear bombs too, and I wouldn’t be surprised if its true.
        Here’s an old video of one of the Jesuits who walked away unscathed.
        He actually mentions seeing a Magnesium Flash!

      • That’s interesting, I’ve never heard about those priests. However, there was a discussion on David Icke’s forum about atomic bombs. Someone even claimed they’re a complete hoax and while that’s hard to believe, those bombs are probably a part of the manipulation in some way.

  17. It’s not to do with the Olympics, it’s to do with that sport that everyone around the world pours alot of emotional energy into FOOTBALL.

    Brazil hosts the next World Cup 2014.

    The sun lights up Orions torch on the Summer Solstice. Opposite Orion in the heavens is Ophiuchus’s big FOOT. Rio (Brazil) straddles the tropic of Capricorn (Winter Solstice).

    Prince William was born on the summer solstice (Orion) and is the President of the FA (Football Association). Ophiuchus ~ Foot. The ball is the Sun. The Ball is made out of pentagons and hexagons. The Hexagon is the symbol for the Sun, the Pentagon it’s earthly, physical expression. Ah if ye but knew the mystery of the 5 into the 6.

    Brazil’s next game is against England on Feb 6 just in time for Lupercalia. Any wolves reading this should run to the hills.

    The last World Cup was held in “SA” (South Africa) where the beast Therion was subliminaly announced via Charlize THERON and THIERRY HENRY’s controversial handball against the Paddy’s during the Qualifiers. Thierry Henry sounds a lot like Therion. And remember those TRUMPETS everyone was blowing announcing the Last Judgement of the Tarot is near.

  18. Very interesting.
    However, I would like to caution again in replacing one RELIGION for another. Christ Consciousness is one thing, but the RELIGION of Christianity is mind control in itself. If your belief system is helping you to awaken, then fine, but if it is causing you to label anyone NOT of your Religion as SATANIC then be cautious of that path. The Occult only means “hidden knowledge”…. not evil…..

    I would recommend listening to this podcast for more information



    • TRIVIUM68…….Why does knowledge have to be hidden?

      Religions are man made control systems I agree……but true Christianity is simply, a personal Faith in
      Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.

      ” For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest , neither any thing hid, that shall not
      be known and come abroad “. ( Luke 8:17. KJB )

  19. Megan Fox being linked to Brazil:

    “Megan Fox certainly knows how to get the party started.

    The actress whips off her top in an advert for Brazilian beer Brahma screened as part of the build up to the annual carnival.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2269646/Its-carnival-time-Megan-Fox-whips-stars-Brazilian-beer-advert.html#ixzz2JJjrQPGa

    Brahma is very interesting:

    “Brahmā (Sanskrit: ब्रह्मा; IAST:Brahmā) is the Hindu god (deva) of creation”

    Also noted that Fox is 26.

    • Hi EJ – its odd how these things seem to work . Some individuals seem to get caught up innocently and then once they’re finished with, they get thrown on the rubbish tip .

  20. Numerology of the number 127

    12/7/1941 ww2

    1/27 Apollo fire
    Holocaust remembrance day

    7*7*7-6*6*6= 127
    Movie 127 days later

  21. A day before the fire, I wondered when the Rio Olympic rituals would start because of Rosario Dawson – ROSA RIO- Danny Boy-le’s current um…flame. I guess we know now.

  22. 7/27/2012 opening ceremony + 6 months 1/27/2012 nightclub fire

    8/12/2012 closing ceremony + 6 months 2/12/2012 state of the union

    Feb 16 (216 numerology same as 6*6*6)

    Asteroid flyby. Feb 15

    Allusions to asteroid impact

    Redbull occultic high altitude skydive
    Satan’s fall
    Secret weapon rods from god — see new gi joe trailer

  23. I’m from Brazil. Uncanny! The coincidences just have started popping up for me and you post about this things too. Take a look at this poster the band Gurizada Fandangueira use to display in previous shows:

    Creepy!!! (I also have a blog about brazilian synchromisticism, btw)

  24. Do not forget that on February 8th is the begining of the carnaval party, this is another pagan feast to Satan in the disguise of Baal, do you own research about this topic, and you will find something very interesting; the Lord Jesus Christ, will come soon, but don’t forget that Satan and his evil angels will come first in the disguise of Jesus Christ and his holy angels, DO NOT BE DECEIVED.

  25. Sunday was marked as Septuagesima in my diary, which is something to do with seventy days of Easter, and seventy years ofBabylonian captivity. Don’t know if this is related, maybe it will trigger something in someone else’s mind.

    Rio Grande do Sul. Sul can mean sun. Sul is also the Celtic Goddess of the thermal springs in Bath, UK, a favourite place of the elites. You could say that’s fire heating the springs, as it’s an “extinct” volcano that heats them.

    The Britney spears and Madonnas kiss comes to mind when you mention that movie. Britney Spears makes me think of Britannia with her spear, symbol of the Empire. It’s a symbol that is being rolled out everywhere at the moment disguised as the Disabled symbol. That was part of the London Olympic Agenda, to complete the normalisation of disability. Nothing against disabled people, just the purpose of their agenda. Disabled people are acceptable, but the continuous deliberate creation of them is not. They dont want us to question why there are so many disabled people, due to the horror of wars, drugs, etc.

    Rio Grande is a company that makes games. I clicked on one called Lost Cities. One of the five lost cities is in the Brazilian rain forest.

    It’s in a Duran Duran song too. “Her name is Rio…”

    The Metro today has a headline about Jennifer Lawrence, star of the Hunger Games, about the demise of the US. Wearing a Christian Dior (Christian plus Rio) dress that went wrong. That was on Sunday in LA at an award ceremony.

    Interesting someone mentioned the Nazis and Brazil. Ira Levin wrote Boys From Brazil about cloning Hitler in Brazil. He also wrote Stepford Wives, Rosemary’s Baby, and A Kiss Before Dying (which starts with a murder disguised as suicide, easy way to fob off the police who want the case closed anyway).

    Thereis a restaurant in Atlanta Georgia (Georgia Guide Stones) called Fire of Brazil.

    There are so many connections, it is like there is an echo of the whole thing everywhere you go.

  26. The tab on my screen comes up with “Ritual Sacrifice of Santa”. Can’t see the rest! It reminds me that Santa is also Santa Claus. Sacrificing Santa sounds like a good thing.

  27. A while back, I found an old map of the world. And the Isles of Scilly off Cornwall, we’re marked as Brasil. It looks like the name has morphed over time. If you follow a line across the sea going South Westish, you hit Brazil. The most South Westerly island is St Agnes, and we have just had the week of St Agnes rituals culminating in Brazil.
    It’s getting more and more bizarre by the minute.

  28. Remember back in 2009…….there was a similar nightclub fire at the SANTIKA club in Thailand.

    Notice SATAN embedded in the name.

    66 killed
    222 injured =6

    666 !!!

  29. Remember that, the open worship to Satan will be done in public as it was in the days of Noah, when all the world’s civilizations incluiding the mayans and the egyptians, and all the people of the Empire of Atlantis of the whole world, except for Noah and his family, worshipped the fallen angels and his offspring the demons known as the Nephilim; this kind of rituals are preparing the door for Satan and his angels to manifest physically, and visible to the whole world; do not forget the ecumenic worship that was performed by all the religions on 12.12.12 (december 12th 2012) around the whole world, this was 9 days before december 21st, and this date (december 12th) was a highly significant date in the occult, even more than december 21st; this kind of pagan and occult events like the 2009 MTV VMA’s and the ritual of Maddonna in the Super Bowl 2012 is another sign that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming very soon, but remember always that the masterpiece of all the deceptions is that Satan will counterfeit the Lord Jesus, this occult rituals will increase, more and more, these people are calling for their master Satan, while we the children of God are waiting for our Master the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you. And thanks for the post, Frank, you did a great job.

  30. I do not believe in an external Jesus! I think if you wait for something external to come and save you, you wait forever. That’s part of the deception. The real battle is within, so is the path to enlightenment. I see Jesus as a state of being. Yes it is your saviour, but you have to work hard to find it within.

  31. Hi, I read this thread with great interest and find it very informative. I am a Muslim but am acutely aware that there are definitely some very dark and sinister forces that run the world’s governments, though they are not omnipotent and many of their various projects have failed. My gut feeling (like millions of others) is that there was definitely a false flag massacre planned for the London Olympics which due to some factors (perhaps the prayers of many for this not to happen, I strongly believe in the power of prayer to God) did not happen.

    Anyway normally I do not post but I had to this time as I wanted to let Frank know of this: http://www.henrymakow.com/illuminati-signaling-superbowl.html

    This article seems to think that Beyonce will be key in the next superbowl.

    • Maybe the ”controversy” of Beyonce not singing (one of the most powerful abilities) at the inauguration but rather lip-syncing….has something too to do with the throat chakra and losing one’s voice in front of millions.

      • GO SH ?

        I expect there to be a reference to Sandy Hook or Santa Maria in the show . I don’t think anything apart from the game and show to happen . These are the new temples and they won’t ruin the ‘Mass’ .

    • PS: And it’s being said that the picture he’s standing beside was one of the posters the band used. I think intresting to say that the image has nothing to do with the style the group played, that was a kind of folk, very far from the “rock’n’roll” of the picture

  32. By the way just to add, often when they plan such things and then certain people pre-empt their planned events by alluding to them in the internet or other non-mainstream (official) media then it seems they have to abort their plans.

    I feel they definitely need an element of mystery and surprise for their ritual massacres/ceremonies.

    Mass consciousness and awareness definitely foils and limits their plans.

    I sincerely believe we are at the beginning of a new period and that these powers are far more “human” (ironic choice of word given how cruel and demonic they are) in that they are liable to errors, failures (not implying that they have any decency) and that their time is coming towards an end.

    Anyway so if everybody was aware that Beyonce would be killed/or do something else in the superbowl, and if that had been the original plan anyway, I doubt it would then be executed.

    • Hi Shakir – thanks for the link . To be honest after last years Super Bowl with Madonna and the death of Whitney Houston, I don’t expect lightning to strike twice . I imagine there will be the normal symbolism, though . I have my eye on the period at the time of the Oscars .

      However the date is interesting 2/3/2013 which fits in with 1,2 & 3 . I’ve added a small addition to the numerology section of the article . I hope it explains how the Super Bowl connects .

      • Shakir/Frank – I note Alicia Keys will be singing the national anthem at the Superbowl. It is interesting she was born in the section of Manhattan known as Hell’s Kitchen. Also, her famous sigle in 2012 was “Girl on Fire”. I am seeing some creepy syncs happening.

  33. Yes, they don’t like predictability and people to be fully aware of what they’re doing so the lightening striking twice makes sense.

    My gut feeling also tells me these “people” are also feeling quite tense and anxious themselves, rather than them having one non-stop party or fest of organizing Satanic rituals, murders and massacres. In their own way they are just like other large corporations who whilst making millions/billions also have their own concerns and worries.

    I think they’re going down, and a part of them knows that too.

  34. Wanna bet that “Patriots” will attack the Super Bowl (of God’s wrath)? Maybe even the El CIA-duh?

    Yesterday, 29:1, a 30yr old (29+1) “German” lady named Britta (means “strength” or “from Britain”) Kappel (G Chapel) who happens to look quite Celtic British, went missing in the Bottle Lake Plantation near Christchurch. She went biking at 11am – 2+9=11.

    “Over 20 Police” (22?) led by search coordinator Tony Tully (TT=22) found the body of the 30yr old on the 30th – at 10:30am. Tomorrow morning, moonset is at 10:30am on the 31:1:13 and moonrise is 10:31pm – a 12hr 1min “moon day” – 12+1=13.

    Last year, on 28/9 (37), a C-17 flew in at 1300 ft at 1:13pm commencing the Antarctic summer season, flying over ChisnallWOOD school. At 11am on the 30th, acting Dean of CHCH, initials LP (37) led a service.

    I watched on TV the captain of the C-17 explaining how the Loadmaster drops “loads” out the back and as he was talking, realized that what he was saying was that a “load” was dropped off the coast. Combining these facts and theories and feelings along with a particular dream our soon to be daughter in law had, I think that the plan is to set of a Tsunami, as well as EQ’s, to depopulate CHCH and the Canterbury Coast.

    There has been a pattern of sacrifices in this country as well as in others of the White Five. Please keep this information Frank – if it happens I want a record of it!

    Also, we are leading the world (yet again) in sanctifying homosexual marriage in Law. It is expected that this legislation will be passed by June this year. Wellington has a prophecy of June for destruction from a retired Anglican Priest of Maori blood. There is a Super Moon too. And I think the royal sprog will be born 07:07:13 or 16:07:13, the latter being 9th of Av – the date historically when bad shit happens to the Jewish peoples….

    In 2005 I had a word from heaven of 7 waves for seven years and it would be toward the end of each year that something would happen to bring major changes and that each wave would actually be a wave of the Spirit. I thought that this meant ending 2102. Silly me. I realize now that the seven years or waves started Rosh Hashanah 2008 when GOD slam-dunked the Dow and gave America and the world their last warning, and will climax late 2015, probably around Sukkot – blood moon and darkened Sun at noon etc. Now this is not the tribulation per se, but more the preparation thereof. I think that the great collapse is due then and this will be when the Germans attack Britain and destroy much of London and the City with a thermo-nuclear device but that the Jews will be blamed. Always blame the Jews, yes? But Rothschild is a GERMAN NAME – and so is GUELF or WELF – never forget the Germans – and if you are Anglo Saxon or Norman, never forget that you are a German. Family! Who can figure them out already! Study it out guys, you were “conquered” by the Germans in the late 18th and early 19thC – you country has been run by Quislings ever since. Germany did not lose WW2 – it was all planned – the Masonic bozozs who plan all this are not of any nation nor any nationality – they are their own nation – it is the nation of Mammon and Masonry.

    To give you an example of this, just consider who the two most influential scientific minds of the 20thC were – and chances are, unless you are an academic or extremely nosy like me, that you will never have heard of them. Vannevar Bush and Claude Shannon. Between them they pretty much determined the way the world works. Bush was father or Raytheon, The World Wide Web and The Manhattan Project. Shannon was the father of Information Theory, and died a dribbling mess of Alzheimers at 84, the same age as his mentor Bush.

    Raytheon means “Light from the Gods” – where do you think they got the knowledge from? The Angel of Light himself of course. Speaking of witch, have you seen the little creep who is the head of the Anglican Circe? They will all be Catholics again soon – a one world religion to go with the one world govt and one world mammon system. Game over? Not quite – for God is not mocked….idiots…who can oppose God? They must be just so dumb it beggars belief – I mean, imagine Jimmy’s surprise when he found himself in Gehenna? Did you note the day he was born and died?

    B – 31:10:26. D – 29:10:11 – or 11:01:11.
    Age 84 yrs., 11 mths., 29 days 0r 31,044 days – compare duration with birth date and age at death. 3+1=4 or 13 mirrored, 2+6=8, died at 84 in his 85yr (13). 31044=12, 8+4=12. 31:10:26 = 13.

  35. Frank! Wow! The RAVENS (never more, never more) are playing the 49’ers (13’ers) in the Super Bowl (of wrath).

    In the 2002 movie, The Sum Of All Fears, an Austrian neo-Nazi blows up a stadium in BALTIMORE. New Orleans has already been attacked with Katrina, now to finish the job? (By the way Frank, I KNOW how Katrina was manufactured – Man being the operative word. I will send you my Katrina story – it is a humdinger – if I have already done so, blame premature Alzheimer’s – oh crap, he was a German too!).

    The Jewish community of New Orleans earned the wrath of the Zionists by telling them to politely piss off and by accepting Blacks as equals (Zionist HATE Blacks) and by rejecting modern Israel as a Zionist construct, as do most true Jewish believers in God.

    A while back I saw a computer game with a nuclear terror attack on the Super Bowl. Who is making all this stuff? Are we all living in Disneyland? This is why I avoid TV – except when Cricket is on! 0(:->)

  36. Excuse me but I have the seal, J,C ll says repent for the trumpet has been blown, Listen to what I say ……Pray For Peace People Everywhere……..

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