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Oscar Pistorius, Blade Runner And Moviedrome

Back at the beginning of the year, in “James Bond 007, The Oscars And Aleister Crowley”, I commented that I thought the OZcar period might be an interesting period . Since the post Oz, Oscar ( Oscar Diggs in ‘Oz, The Great and Powerful’, and Beyonce at the OZ -O2 ) and ‘Movies’ in general have shown up in the news and I am not surprised that Paralympian Oscar / Ozcar Pistorius has now appeared on the front pages. For those readers who are unaware, Oscar Pistorius has been charged with murder for the shooting of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp in Pretoria, South Africa – click BBC News .

Oscar Pistorius’ nickname is the ‘Blade Runner’ due to the blades he uses for athletics and also its connection with the movie “Blade Runner” . I have noted several recent events which appear to be scripted from movies and Oscar Pistorius fits this pattern and there is the usual connection with Sa, San or Sand with South Africa – SA ( thanks to DDNA ) . His forename, Oscar also connects with the Oscar film awards and its importance to movies .

Below are some of the events and their movie connections .








Chris Dorner cabin





Gurizada Fandangueira


Low Shoulder – ‘Jennifer’s Body’


And in 2012, a similar pattern was seen with Aurora and Jacintha Saldanha .








Jacintha Saldanha


The Omen Nanny – ‘It’s all for you, Damien’


All these movies include a theme of ‘sacrifice’ and “The Cabin in the Woods”, “Jennifer’s Body” and “The Omen” involve satanic sacrifice . I would love to think these connections are a weird metaphysical synchronicity at work but I see a human hand on the tiller . As I said yesterday, who writes the script ?


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  1. How do you mistake your girlfriend for an intruder on Valentine’s day?

    The South African St. Valentine’s Day Sacrifice.


    Damn Bladerunner was good.

  2. First Frank – thank you for continuing to share with us; Merovee one of the “Best Blogs” on the net. *thank you*

    Now as for Oscar here’s an interesting quote:

    “Pistorius, 26, is widely known as the Blade Runner, and has also been dubbed ‘the fastest man on no legs’.

    Also referencing – Reeva Steenkamp: Article states that – Last weekend she reacted to the shocking death of Anene Booysen on February 1, a 17-year-old gang-raped, murdered and mutilated at a construction site in Bredasdorp, a rural town close to Cape Town.

    Reeva quote; “Next to a stark cartoon image of a woman screaming with a hand over her mouth she wrote on her Instagram account: ‘I woke up in a happy safe home this morning. Not everyone did. Speak out against the rape of individuals in SA. RIP Anene Booysen. #rape #crime #sayNO.

    ****Was there a need to get rid of her because she had a growing public platform to speak out against rape, etc.? And too, Oscar may have begun to feel insecure about the relationship, etc………
    Notice* South Africa = SA

    • Thank you DNA – I was going to write that I couldn’t see a Sa / San or Sand and of course, it was staring me in the face . I’ll add an inclusion.

      • Keep in mind that the A and S are two of the most commonly occurring letters.

        We don’t want to make AS-SES of ourselves now, do we? I think apart from the possible link to Valentines, that ‘roid rage will be to blame. Steenkamp is German for stone-cutter – to wit, Mason. Oscar in England means divine spear – another lanza? Who could kill something quite so beautiful except maybe with kindness?

        I think this was no human agency at play – this is the devil’s working.

  3. Interesting Brazil connection here..

    “Apologised after claiming that his rival, Brazilian Alan Oliveira, was wearing blades that were
    too long in the 2012 Paralympics 200m final”

    The town where he lived is called Pretoria which is also known as ‘The Jacaranda City’ due to the thousands of Jacaranda trees planted in its streets which are native especially to Brazil..

    The Tropic of Capricorn literally passes through his town..

    And doesn’t he look like the Goat god Pan with those false legs ?

    Capricorn – Goat

    • WW, that’s an interesting observation of Capricorn. If you check where Venus is today, you might not be that surprised. It’s always worth keeping an eye of Venus, Saturn or Mars when a major sacrifice happens.

      • Well spotted CT.

        Venus is just at the bottom half of Capricon..


        Notice Capricorn doesn’t have legs either (half Aquatic)

        Jesus was said to be a ‘Scape GOAT’
        ~ sacrificed goat..

        Maybe Oscar Pistorius is a symbol of the ‘Negative Elite’ and their reign of sacrificing is nearly over.

        Notice Venus entering the ‘Aquatic’ half of Capricorn and we are entering the Age of Aquarius…

        “And then the man who bears the pitcher will walk forth across an arc of heaven; the sign and signet of the Son of Man will stand forth in the eastern sky. The wise will then lift up their heads and know that the redemption of the earth is near.’”

    • WW, you mention rival competitor Brazilian Alan Oliveira – where the currently retiring pope, Benedict XVI (2005-2013), would correspond to the second last of the papal descriptions, Gloria olivae (the glory of the olive). – taken from Wiki.

      • The Steenkamp crest features a Goat standing atop 3 hillocks.

        Hey White Whale – Christchurch New Zealand is the Eastern gate.

    • Maybe she told him the Brazilian had “longer blades” than him? Could it have been blade (sword) envy? My money is on ‘roid rage and a nasty demon or three….damn she was gorgeous, what a waist, what hips, what….

  4. He was obviously Illuminati controlled hence his success in accessing able-bodied events and his company sponsors. So was he mind controlled also and triggered to do this today. Plus he didnt shoot her once but 4 times, the same excess as shown in other shooting psyops.

    • NITA, good point. I do not know why it did not occur to me that maybe he is ‘mind controlled.’ My thinking was is that she was somehow set up – in someway urged on by her friend to surprise Oscar and enter his home the way she did at that hour.

      And if Oscar is correct which I believe he is – no matter if you do live in a guarded community – the gaurds can be bought off – he probably did think it was an intruder – we will never know what sort of racket she made upon entering, which could have startled him into taking the action he did.

    • ‘roid rage, roid rage, roid rage…..and besides, he was a bloody Boer….they are not like normal people….

  5. Who writes the script indeed. We’re enthralled and entertained by deciphering symbols and words and numbers but it keeps us from asking the right questions and seeing everything in relation to everything else.

    I think the recent uptick in blatant symbolism and synchronism is a ruse, a strawman, a marketing tool designed to keep us busy like a parlor game.

    What’s past is prologue; these events are based on ancient history and prophesy. Who or what has such intricate knowledge, and who has the power/connections/money/fill-in-the-blank, to plan these things and pull them all off with such perfection. The name syncs, the dates and times, the scenarios…

    I often think of Danny Caselero and his “Octopus” which was reportedly related to PROMIS software. I wonder. PROMIS was what was made public, my gut says the octopus he died exposing goes far deeper and stretches far wider, and is still growing in it’s infinite ugliness.

    There’s far more muscle and influence working here besides magicians and “causal engineers”.

    • Hi Toto – I have wondered on the blog whether it’s planned by very clever software . The numerology, names, locations are so exact that it can’t be just a few human minds . But as I said I believe there are human hands at the core .

      • Agreed, maybe the software prompts the syncs, names, dates and other incidental info (what people were wearing, etc), but someone or some group is carrying the events out accordingly, including hiring the participants and silencing (killing or blackmailing perhaps?) those involved.

        Interesting piece on some connections between some past shootings, the military/military bases located nearby, and mental health.

        We can’t exclude Hollyweird either. Wag the Dog was such a telling movie 😉

        Again, congrats on this blog! Only here was I able to find some sense to London Olympics’ meaning and the connections between it and events happening even to this day.

        • Thanks for the compliment about the Olympics . I was surprised at how little detail was given to the overt Olympic ritual by the alternative media . The ceremonies were probably the largest series of mass public rituals (and most expensive) ever seen in the history of the world, and hardly anyone reised an eyebrow !

    • I’ve always wondered why the Google home page keeps showing google storage increasing by the second. The storage seems to be trying to march toward infinity, and often I wonder if WE help it.

      • VENUS –

        To me the internet itself is at the same time the greatest human communication system ever devised and the most dangerous. There’s a reason the intelligence community nicknamed it the “World Wide Wiretap” back when they were developing it.

        By using it we expose ourselves, sometimes our most private thoughts, to these demons out there but on the other hand, how else would people like us be able to find and communicate with each other.

        Neo broke out of the matrix but he had to go back inside and use it to destroy it.

    • Think of the type of mind which can come up with clocks and clockwork – now think who are the most organized people on the planet? Who are the best forward (froward?) planners? Who could plan a war allowing to lose it so that int the next one they will have ironed out the organizational wrinkles. Who can do all this and still have time to have the best economy, tech and most advanced weaponry yada, yada, yada? Who owns the British Auto Industry? Who owns the Crown? Who owns the Papacy? Who owns Israel (Rothschild – Ashkenazim Germans). Who is it put their Gold in the West for safe keeping and now wants it back? What a precept for war to swing the Krauts back to Nazism. Who blamed the Jews last time and then killed millions of them? DON”T FORGET THE GERMANS – and don’t forget that many who helped Hitler were Ashkenazim, as was he too.

      All the dodgy philosophies from Luther, Boehme, Marx, Hegel, Weishaupt etc. have shaped Western thought and culture. I am convinced that “The Wealth of Nations” was ghost written by Rothschild and or agents thereof, as was “Das Kapital”. Only an idiot would think a drop-kick like Karl Marx could write Das Kapital and Adam Smith never amounted to anything after “his” master-work thesis.

      Still, Don McLean only had one decent album…and it was a classic…and people do win Lotto, despite the fantastic odds against such a coincidence…and accidents do happen, as do coincidences…or do they? Is everything planned out from the beginning? Only and omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent God who was and is in all things and in everyone could do that – in other words LIFE! As in I Am the Way and Truth and the Life.

  6. TOTO – wonderful post.

    My guess as to who/what is behind and or in charge/manipulating of all of this is: “Those who from the sky came”, centuries ago.

    • Turkson’s crest sported a saucer-shaped object at the top, I still swear that’s what it was LOL!
      But to your point I agree, especially thinking of Satan’s fallen angels. So much of what’s happening is occultish,ritualistic, and Luciferian in nature and the fact it’s all being done by extremely powerful and influential people is rather telling.

      But it’s the high intelligence behind the planning that makes you wonder doesn’t it.

      Plus as you look back through history you can see that the same goal has somehow always been there. ugh.

      • TOTO, DDNA, A couple of years ago I remember seeing a TV News report that showed all the TOP IT Bosses (Microsoft, Google etc etc) all gathering together to decide in what direction the world was to be taken. I did a search on the net and could find NOTHING about it at all. Maybe I missed it. But I was quite surprised by such a blatant news report. So I would say that, yes, THEY are deciding what happens and are using their vast resouces to bring it about.
        However, if they are not in Jesus Christ, then they are doing Satan’s work and that is what manifests itself in our daily news bulletins.
        Remember, we fight NOT against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places.
        I must also point out that any entity considered to be alien or such is actually a demonic spirit. It is of utmost importance NOT to be deceived.

      • It fits in with all the falling man symbology. Probaly set up before the Olympics but that’s just my opinion. Bargain and betrayel if you get my drift.

  7. Etymological connections..

    ‘Oscar’ can mean ‘Deer Friend’

    And today in the paper a police officer SHOOTS 2 deers apart after getting tangled (he didn’t hurt them apparently) so he was a ‘deer friend’

    The given name Oscar is not to be confused with the Old English Ōsgār, which is of an entirely different origin (from two Old English elements meaning “god” and “spear”).

    God Spear ~ Excalibur?

    One version of the King Arthur legend has Arthur dress up as a ‘King Stag’ during a fertility rite at Beltane where he then conceives with Morgan..

      • Hi VenusMars

        Between the two, meaning NRA and O – destiny rules. Unfortunate for us because we are caught in the middle of it all. As for O, he’s a puppet and must do as he has been programmed to do. NRA and those who will not comply to a new law, etc. – will have a stash of whatever they want: all provided by the ‘underground street market.’


      Companies like NIKE – set ’em up and tear ’em down.

      Now here’s a story about another “bullet.”

      Take a look at this: A bullet signed by former Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle has been auctioned for $24,000, eight days after he was shot dead.

      “Those who from the sky came,(entity in control of the ‘evil force’) and their human side kicks are mad; mad I tell you!! Psychopaths’, the lot of them.

      • DDNA –

        Wow! How bizarre!

        Even stranger is this bit “Money given to charity which helps women during unplanned pregnancies”….which is code for ABORTIONS.

        Looks like Kyle is continuing to kill from beyond the grave.

      • DDNA-

        Almost forgot…Lance Amrstrong, he was also sponsored by Nike. 2013 isn’t being kind to them, 2 big stars, in 2 months.

      • “Companies like NIKE – set ‘em up and tear ‘em down”. Truly, within hours of the incident – roadside advertising banners reflecting Oscar were being torn down in South Africa

  8. February 13th to February 15th…….Ancient Roman Feast of Lupercalia.
    Amongst other things this feast was in honour of the She- Wolf goddess Lupa…who, according to myth
    suckled Romulus and Remus, who founded the city of Rome. Was this latest killing a sacrifice to Rome and a possible South African Pope!

  9. According to that Daily Mail article……he gives the impression of being paranoid about his own safety.
    If things were that bad……And he felt so afraid…….he certainly had the money to move to a safer place or even another country! Something just doesn’t ring true with this story!

    • Hi Faith –

      Like Lohan and Spears and countless others in the public arena – they too, have money but can’t do with it what they want. We know not who was/is in control of him. If he is a famous as I now begin to see he is: then he has a “handler.” Moving to another area, county does not guarantee you safety.

      Then too, who is to say that he was not in the near future – planning to move?

      • DiVINEDNA……..I remember not long ago, the actor Randy Quaid and his wife, fleeing to Canada in fear of their lives…….stating that the Hollywood celebrity whackers were after them!


    “With the Oscars ceremony screening at the end of February, M-Net Movies will premiere a classic or recent Oscar-winning movie, every day of February.

    To celebrate the occasion, they’ve enlisted the services of their own life-size Oscar as a brand ambassador in the form of multiple medal winning Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorious.

    Take a look at their hilarious new campaign ad featuring Oscar”


    Pistorius pops out of a ‘body bag’ past 50 seconds in

    • BRILLANT FIND! This is soooo beautiful.And straight in our faces.

      Th 5 pointed star is the sign for the Duat – the realm of the dead – which is THE WORLD. Our world. Because we are dead (soulless, animals) by law. Well our God is “Osiris” and he’s the ruler of the Dead. When Osiris is reborn “in matter” as Horus he falls from the Heavens (a star burning as it were a lamp …) and the makes a run right to the Throne of the World. On his “Feet of Iron”. Of course he is the A-MEN or AMEN or AMON (RA) … the “Horus of the two Horizons”. “Amen” is nothing more than a salute to “Horus”. Also note there was a Stargate opening or a birth of the star at the very beginning. See the reflexion of the star in his eye on the Throne. The “Starchild” character from KISS portrayed by Paul Stanley. He’s the one announced in “2001”.



    • Nike and MNet are both pulling their ads. I can’t find a working link to this video now so I didn’t see it. Meroveans are making some amazing connections here. The shooting star connections are spooky, freaky, whatever you want to call it. Oscar as shooting star, he then shot his girlfriend, who presumably as a model had some *star* or celebrity status herself, close to when a shooting star hits. Also I googled “When will blade runner be released” with an accidental space and the “news for” highlight was about this shooting. I wonder if and how this may affect the *shooting* of the film Bladerunner. There’s also said to be a Bladerunner Curse because corporations with prominent product placements in the film either suffered a downturn or failed entirely afterwards.

  11. I’ve found a connection between Christopher Dorner and Oscar Pistorius and it’s in the form of the Asteroid 2012 DA14 that has a slim chance of hitting us TOMORROW !!!!!

    “2012 DA14 will take two hours to travel between the constellations of Leo and the Plough (Ursa Major)”

    The Plough is the Big Bear (Ursa Major) connection to Dorner..

    And the Leo connection to Pistorius is that his middle name is LEOnard and he’s from South Africa ~ where LIONS (LEO) are

    “Sky watchers will have the chance to see an asteroid big enough to destroy London narrowly miss the Earth on Friday.”

    There’s probably more to it…….

    • This will make you laugh Frank..

      Guess who the Gaurdian quoted in their asteroid article????

      Dr Dan Brown 14th paragraph down..

      “Astronomer and asteroid expert Dr Dan Brown, from Nottingham Trent University, said: “There are loads of them but you’re talking about a very big area. It would be very unlucky if a satellite was hit. The asteroid is more likely to hit some space junk, but most of this is only about a centimetre across and the impact won’t even be noticed.”

    • That is so interesting. Asteroid 2012 DA14 was discovered on 23rd February 2012 by the OAM Observatory in La SAgra, Spain (note the SA).

      ‘The 2013 close approach to Earth will reduce the orbital period of 2012 DA14 from 368 days to 317 days. The close approach to Earth will perturb the asteroid from the Apollo class to the Aten class of near-Earth asteroids. The next notable close approach to Earth will be on 15 February 2046.’ (33 years later).

      Apollo = Greek sun-god and god of light (one of many gods)

      Aten = the disc of the sun in Eygptian methology and supreme god promoted over all others by Pharaoh Akhenaten, 18th dynasty of Eygpt.

      Akhenaten started the (forgotten until the 19th century) Amarna Period, which is also associated with a serious outbreak of a pandemic (suspected influenza). Unfortuately, this reminds me of a comment I left on Frank’s last post:

      “The other syncy news story, although related to ‘Batman’ and all that entails, is the new outbreak of SARS, which is closely related to a bat virus:

      This SARS virus, originating in the Middle East, is a new coronavirus (sun virus?) most closely related to a bat virus and causes severe respiratory problems. The initial symptoms are influenza-like.

      SARS – there’s that SA again!

  12. OMG my head is spinning LOL! You guys are amazing, the connections here are unbelievable.

    Valentine’s day, the day of chocolate, red roses, and teddy bears! Interesting tidbit: For the first time ever, the famous Salem, MA is hosting a Valentine’s Day “Special”. To date it’s only real claim to fame has been Halloween. Jussayin’ 🙂

    • Toto – I agree 100% the connections here are amazing!!! Even though I’ve never met Frank or anyone on this site I feel like my day isn’t complete until I read everyone’s posts 🙂 kinda like an extended family! I feel blessed to have found this site by mere chance looking up something last year and found for the first time, upon my waking up, so many others that shared the same thoughts about stuff going on in the world!!! My head was spinning reading this one today!!

      • SMASHLEEWEB, I couldn’t have said it better. I too, read everyone’s post – if I didn’t – I would feel that a peice of the puzzel was missing. Extended family…you bet. We are members of the “Merovee Mensa Club.” MMC

      • That’s really funny. Well I refuse to be no 2, 13, 7, 33, 66, 666, 23 or 77. While we’re at it I think I’ll refuse to be any number just to be on the safe side.

  13. Kinda off the subject but wanted to ask if you had seen the Jesse Ventura “Brain Invaders”? It’s all about mind control MK Ultra, psy ops, and all the thousands of people “TI’s” (targeted individuals) that this is happening too.. There’s a girl on YouTube I watch that is awake to it all and posts things all the time and that’s how I learned about it bc ever since she spoke out she has been having this happen. And several doctors have said they have numerous patients with the symptoms too. They are using the GWEN towers they originally put up during the Cold War to emit these ELF’s and try to control TI’s and make them literally kill themselves or tell them to kill others like walking zombies doing what they say. Dr. Robert Duncan is one of the doctors who created this technology and he has since wrote a book about how they are using this (voice of gods-as they call it) to control the masses. He also said its called Phoenix Project/program and there are numerous people that this is happening to, Dr. Duncan said if people speak out against a high political figure they will target them and mentally harass them to make them look crazy so they are less creditable. And he said this is what they use to control “patsy’s” to do what they need to do. If you haven’t looked into this you need to, it’s not just a few TI’s out there but thousands all over the USA and esp heavily concentrated around these GWEN towers!! You can YouTube the Jesse Ventura episode but also go online to Dr. Duncan’s website as well…I wanted to see what you thought about it…

    • With the state that the world is currently in I would be more surprised if something like this WERE NOT true.
      The technological lead enjoyed by the americans will not last forever in these fields of human behaviour control. A bit like the arms race its a use it or lose it situation well I think we see here many examples of its use.

      • so so true!!! listening to Dr. Robert Duncan he feels horrible for all mankind that he was one of the doctors hired right out of MIT to create this machine and siad he was naive that they were going to turn and use it for the bad of the people..

  14. OSCAR AND NUMBER 8 – ????
    What was with the Google ferris wheel yesterday (besides the obvious/stated) and the number 8. Is it a stretch to consider the game theme (with the number 8) was not another mere coincidence.
    This (not mine) was written a while back, and is chilling with all the synchronizations …

    “Oscar Pistorius was born on 11.22.1986.

    The 22 Day of Birth is a double digit ‘Master Number’ bringing great intensity to his life. 22/4 describes someone who builds his or her empire step by step and ultimately embodies the Architect of Peace.

    Oscar is very creative and well-spoken, qualities derived from his 30/3 Life Purpose (sum of his full birthday). This makes him a wonderful and magnetic spokesperson for his mission.

    Pistorius is born in the 86th year of the century assuring contact with media-related matters. 86 adds up to 14, the Media Number.

    His birth name resonates to a perfect number for him – 116 – which reduces to 8. Many great athletes and leaders have 8s in their birth blueprint. 8 imbues survival, persistence, great energy reserves and the ability to gain strength by overcoming obstacles.

    8 is the infinity sign – leaving behind a legacy.” Source:

      • A few years ago, I wrote that the police should knock on the doors of The Vatican . I don’t think (hope) that even the Italian govt would give immunity against child abuse charges .

      • Thanks for that link. I’m also reading through Annett’s book @ I found it interesting that when they moved the Pope’s Ash Wednesday rites from the traditional church of Santa Sabina to St. Peter’s to offer more room for people to attend, that also meant that the Pope would not be a part of the Walk of Penitence. The penitential walk is a procession of Pope and cardinals from Santa Anselmo to Santa Sabina on Aventine Hill where the Pope then conducts the rites of Ash Wedneday. Originally the tradition came from the Pope visiting the churches of the station in Rome during lent, formalized in the 6th century. In the middle ages the Pope sometimes made this journey barefoot and wearing sackcloth to symbolize humility and penitence. So not only has a Pope resigned for the first time in 600 years, as far as I can tell it was the first time since possibly the 6th century that the Pope did not make this traditional Walk of Penitence. I found mention that some American Seminarians enacted the walk this year, but not the Pope, nor apparently his cardinals. So your link was very interesting. They’re saying they announced an unnamed country is issuing a warrant for the Pope’s arrest, six days later the Pope resigned (and the country will still be seeking his arrest even in retirement) and now he’s requesting immunity from arrest from the Italian government. I guess that tells us why he skipped the public walk of penitence.

  15. Lord knows what goes on down in the Vatican catacombs !! I shudder to think.

    I,ve just heard a reporter who was in the courtroom, say that Pistorius looked dazed and vacant, and broke down sobbing.
    Didn’t, they say the same thing about Mark Bridger…….these are classic signs of being given the
    ‘ Liquid Cosh ‘ to keep them in a mind controlled stupor .

    Has he been set up…..or was there a trigger event that forced him to kill.
    Was Reeva his controller, and he just decided he’d had enough !
    Will we ever learn the truth ….. I doubt it.

    • Definately mk’d. He’s put up no fight, no denial. For an Olympian and all his inner strength he has capitulated to easily straight away to the offense so it seems. Who was his handler?

      Frank – did you ever research the Tiger Woods debacle?

    • In recent years an unholy alliance has been established between the prosecuting authority, the judiciary and the mental health state appointees to demonstrate incriminating behaviour in cases where little or none would otherwise exist this includes but is not limited to the intense use of mind altering neuroleptic drugs on suspects shortly prior to court appearances to make them clearly “not all there” this in the feeble minds of many being a surefire way to bring about a conviction.
      We have seen this technique recently in the case of the joker from Aurora Colorado and Mark Bridger in the case of the missing little girl. After the comments made in open court by Bridger’s defense barrister a fair hearing is COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE. The Judge should immediately order a retrial but that is unlikely to happen in this case as it hasnt been authorised by the Bondmasons. The suspect in the Aurora trial must be wondering whats going on since the whole massacre was ENTIRELY INVENTED. This issue has loud echoes to the Ian Huntley case and how he was successfully stitched up by the combined efforts of the aforementioned agencies so much so that most people think he did the murders.
      Study this link:
      and see what you’ve been missing.

      • PG, yes I read that article about Ian Huntley by Joe Vialls at the time. Interesting that the dreadful murder of these two young schoolgirls was on 4/8/2002, the birthday of the then virtually unknown Barack Hussein Obama. This very same birthday which, ten years later, would be at the centre of the London Olympic Games. This birthday date usually being day #216 or 6x6x6 except on Leap Years which 2012 was. And 4/8/2012 was sandwiched between Tia Sharp’s murder on 3/8/2012 and the Oak Creek Sikh Temple shooting on 5/8/2012.

  16. So the asteroid 2012 DA*14* that everyone was tracking was actually referencing the events of February *14*th.

    DA14 ~ (D=4/A=1 ~ 14) 7+7 = 14 so we have the 77 definately there twice.

    Oz is 77 in Hebrew Gematria and has the value of Pan. Aleister Crowley wrote Liber 77/Oz and the Hymn to Pan..

    So not only do we have OZcar Pistorius, he is also Pan (Goat legs) and he lives at the Tropic of Capricorn ~ Goat..

    Orion (who is OZiris) is mentioned at the end of ‘Bladerunner’ AND SAhu is another verion of Orion (Pistorius from SA)…

    So that meteor crashed in Russia whose symbol is the Bear..

    Pistorius had Boer (sounds like Bear) ancestry..

    And we’ve just had CHRISTopher DORNer at Big Bear in California whose name can mean ‘Christ’s Thorn’ (Dorn ~ German for Thorn) which is referring to the ‘Crown Star’ (Polaris) which is currently in the ‘Little Bear’..

    Oscar can mean ‘Divine Spear’ which can certainly be interpreted as a meteor striking the earth…

    Just wanted to summarise that for now…

    • We also had the ‘Holy Lance’ with Adam Lanza / Lancer . Not that what happened was holy but I think the connection is valid .

  17. And on the OZ theme again …….YELLOW keeps coming to mind.

    The YELLOW Brick Rd

    At the Olympic ceremonies……Coldplay sang ….YELLOW
    There was a YELLOW submarine suspended in the air
    There was a YELLOW van exploded
    Bradley Wiggins wore his YELLOW vest to ring the opening bell.

    Then we have a fish called the YELLOW OSCAR
    OSCARS Park is on YELLOW River Montana
    OSCAR YELLOW WOLF was in a 1920′ Documentary about Comanche and Kiowa Indians in YELLOWStone

    Oscar Pistorius attended Pretoria High School for Boys…..another of its famous pupils was Dr. Max Theiler
    who won a Nobel Prize for producing a vaccine against YELLOW Fever.

    YELLOWSTONE PARK is described as a ‘ticking time bomb ‘ because of an underground Super Volcano.

    Could be all just co- incidence ……..or something more sinister that the evil ones are planning!

    • Good Day Faith, that brings to mind:


      “We All Live In A Yellow Submarine”

      In the town where I was born
      Lived a man who sailed to sea
      And he told us of his life
      In the land of submarines
      So we sailed up to the sun
      Till we found a sea of green
      And we lived beneath the waves
      In our yellow submarine

      We all live in a yellow submarine
      Yellow submarine, yellow submarine
      We all live in a yellow submarine
      Yellow submarine, yellow submarine

      And our friends are all aboard
      Many more of them live next door
      And the band begins to play

      We all live in a yellow submarine
      Yellow submarine, yellow submarine
      We all live in a yellow submarine
      Yellow submarine, yellow submarine

      (Full speed ahead Mr. Boatswain, full speed ahead
      Full speed ahead it is, Sergeant.
      Cut the cable, drop the cable
      Aye, Sir, aye
      Captain, captain)

      As we live a life of ease
      Every one of us has all we need
      Sky of blue and sea of green
      In our yellow submarine


  18. So now we’ve firmly established Ozcar Pistorius as Pan the Goat..

    Now to look at Pan/Baphomet on the Devil tarot who holds a ‘lit torch’ (Olympic Torch) upside down which perfectly fits with the inverted Pentagram (Pistorius ~ shooting Star)~ the destructive/katabolic (entropic) energy of Mars

    Rio de Janeiro which host the next Olympics straddling the Tropic of Capricorn. Inverted Pentagram ~ Winter Solstice / Upright Pentagram ~ Summer Solstice symbolising the ‘Earthy Solar energy’..

    The Devil is the 26th Path from Tiphareth (Sun) to Hod (Mercury) ~ Pistorius is 26 years old..

    So i went back in time and looked at what happened the last time the Sun was conjunct Mercury which was the 16th/17th January 2013..

    On the 16th Boeing 787 aircraft are grounded worldwide ~ so a 77 and an air connection (remember yesterday meteor impact) AND the helicopter crash in London which was right next to the MI6 building ala James Bond ‘SKYFALL’ ~ 007 (Double ‘0’ 7 ~ 77)

    So both are connected to ‘Air’ / ‘Impact’

    Also ~ “an apartment block collapses in the Egyptian city of Alexandria, killing at least 25 people” so a ‘falling’ theme again AND Russian mafia boss Aslan Usoyan is killed in Moscow ~ Russia connection (meteor hit Russia yesterday)

    The Ozcars are coming up whose symbol is the ‘Golden Man’..

    The next conjunction of the Sun and Mercury will be on 3/3/13 which is shortly after Easter Sunday when ‘Golden Man’ Jesus was resurrected age 33 (3/3 2013)

    And as someone else mentioned the ‘Asteroid’ maybe referencing ‘Ashtar’ ~ Easter but there so many things going on at the minute it’s impossible to predict anything yet..

    • I notice the comet Panstarrs in the last picture. Pan and star. What does this mean for poor mind controlled Oscar? Or the rest of us?

      • I’m working on that at the minute, that comet (Panstarrs) and ISON also pass very close to Polaris and Pan Starrs has an interesting conjunction with the Moon and Uranus on 13/3/13

    • Is the Vatican readying itself to prepare the way for the new saviour? The golden man who will arrive from the sky. In the new Oz film, the wizard arrives in Oz in a balloon, from the sky, to save Emerald City. It appears they were expecting him. Just wondering!

  19. Another major Oz piece of news – Israeli sources have admitted that an Australian citizen, Ben Zygier, died in one of their prisons. THEY say he committed suicide. His lawyer says no way! Why is this intriguing? Because it happened two years ago!!!

    It has been suggested that he was about to expose the facts about to expose the facts about how the Israelis were acquiring Aussie Passports etc.

    • And so the killings continue – when will the ‘evil force’ be banished as to where it never retruns again?

  20. Regarding the meteor explosion in Russia on 15/2/2013, from Obama’s birthday at the centre of the London Olympics on 4/8/2012 is 15 x 13 days. Fifteen thirteens. Or 5 x(13+13+13).

    18 weeks (6+6+6) after 15/2/2013 is the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere on 21/6/2013.

    • Psychopathic maggots – yes, they love being in control of this ’hunter game’ they’ve created.

  21. Hi Frank, I was browsing through your archives and came across Frank radio. Would you consider doing an occasional podcast again?

  22. Steenkamp must be a very common name in South Africa….or something very sinister is going on!

    February 1st 2010……Dr. Francois Steenkamp, shot and murdered in Newlands Retirement Village,Pretoria.

    April 6th 2012….. Deon, Christelle, and Martha Steenkamp, shot dead at their farmhouse near Bloemfontein

    February 14th 2013……Reeva Steenkamp, shot dead.

  23. I found this photo of a magazine cover that is very ‘Illuminati’ – prominent ’33’, the pose with the hands and a ‘SA’ just for Frank.

  24. Darn, can’t find the spot where I wanted to post this (previous person inquired whether the Oscar event was performed for publicity for Nike) and I followed his/her link which I copy here….

    Scroll the the bottom photos.
    Now, shouldn’t we have been alarmed even then to see a campaign celebrating the docility of a leopard teethered to a rainbow leash?

    So I think we have a ram/goat, a ‘big bear’ and now a leopard in the mix at the moment. Big bear = Russia? Leopard = Asia/Africa/Generally the ”3rd World”. We had the Lion and the UK at the Olympics last year. And then? What does Revelations say about these ‘beasts’?

  25. Red and Yellow with OZ, Vatican and Oscar
    The Flag of the Vatican City
    The Papal States covered large parts of the centre of Italy, and where lands under the direct control of the Papacy. The first flag in use was a simple square, made up of two stripes, red, and yellow.

    Oscar (Man Overboard) – navy flag

    OZ In the movie of “The Wizard of Oz”, the beginning of the Yellow Brick Road is entwined with the beginning of a Red Brick Road

  26. This may be a long shot but for some reason I’m starting to make an Atlantis connection on top of everything else. Plato described red, black and white brick but no yellow. It was shaped like an O and was sunk. Think of an Ankh with red, white and black lines with a yellow circle leading to OZiris. It may be a reference to Opening the (3rd) Eye which is associated with the pineal gland. Note

    The name for Italy is linked to Bulls or Cattle, which probably means Zeus or Jupiter.
    Ju-Piter could relate to St Patricks. Bulls were sacred in Atlantis and we also have the bull on Wall Street. Could Wall Street and the entire economic system relate to both Atlantis and Oz and it is that which is going to die and be reborn in the 13th year within the Ourborous.

    We may have to avoid the archetype of the Scorpion first or maybe it is inevitable and all that we can do is ‘to endure’ as the hanged man. i.e. to keep our mindfulness and positivity in the face of chaos and destruction.

    • Gany – good one. There seems to be social engineering – or social re-engineering underpinning all these factors – bull markets & red flags etc.. dominating

  27. Hi GANY

    The ‘evil force’ is going for a gold. With all faith I know that they know they cannot win this battle – knowing that, they will do everything in their power to destroy as many humans as they can.

    And we are, at least those of us who are not taking part in their reality must as you stated must: “keep our mindfulness and positivity in the face of chaos and destruction”, until their destruction takes place.

  28. Anyone know how one can obtain a visiting permit? It would be great to see him in prison. There’s so many questions I’d like to ask him regarding the following…. 1. Trans-humanism 2. What sacrifices he had to make to get a Nike sponsorship. 3. MK Ultra – was he a mind control subject?

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