Prince Harry And Cressida Bonas – Royal Incest ?

Here in Britain, the media are reporting on the blossoming relationship between Prince Harry and his new girlfriend, Cressida Bonas – click Mail Online .




‘Bloodline’ is one of the themes I have discussed on ‘Merovee’ and it maybe, we are seeing another inter-linked relationship . The mother of Cressida Bonas is Lady Mary Gaye Curzon, who has had an eventful love life – five children from four divorced husbands . Lady Mary Gaye is a member of an aristocratic British family, Curzon – Howe .

From The :

Lady Mary-Gaye Georgiana Lorna Curzon was born on 21 February 1947. She is the daughter of Edward Richard Assheton Penn Curzon, 6th Earl Howe and Grace Lilian Barker Wakeling. She married, firstly, Kevin Esmond Peter Cooper-Key, son of Major Sir Edmund McNeill Cooper-Key and Hon. Lorna Peggy Vyvyan Harmsworth, on 18 December 1971. She and Kevin Esmond Peter Cooper-Key were divorced in 1976.2 She married, secondly, John Austen Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, son of Sir Richard Hamilton Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, 2nd Bt. and Nancy Moireach Malcolmson, on 27 May 1977 at Kensington Registry Office, Kensington, London, England. She and John Austen Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe were divorced in 1986. She married, thirdly, Jeffrey Bonas, son of Harry Bonas, in 1988. She and Jeffrey Bonas were divorced in 1994. She married, fourthly, Christopher Shaw on 17 December 1996. She and Christopher Shaw were divorced.

From 18 December 1971, her married name became Cooper-Key.From 27 May 1977, her married name became Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe. From 1988, her married name became Bonas. From 17 December 1996, her married name became Shaw. She lived in 2003 at 56 Jubilee Place, London, England.

And surprise, surprise Prince Harry is also a member of the Curzon – Howe family through his mother, Princess Diana .

From Wikipedia – Earl Howe :

“Several other members of the Curzon-Howe family have also gained distinction. The Hon. Frederick Howe (1823–1881), third son of the first Earl, was a Captain in the Royal Navy. The Hon. Ernest George Howe (1828–1885), sixth son of the first Earl, was a Colonel in the British Army. The Hon. Sir Leicester Smyth (1829–1891) (who assumed the surname of Smyth in 1866), seventh son of the first Earl, was a General in the British Army and served as Governor of Gibraltar. The Hon. Montagu Curzon (1846–1907), eighth son of the first Earl (and eldest from his second marriage), was a Colonel in the Rifle Brigade and Member of Parliament. The Hon. Sir Assheton Curzon-Howe, ninth son and youngest child of the first Earl, was a naval commander and served as Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean Fleet from 1908 to 1910. His eldest son Leicester Charles Assheton St John Curzon-Howe (1894–1941) was a Captain in the Royal Navy. Lady Mary Anna Curzon, only daughter of the second marriage of the first Earl, married James Hamilton, 2nd Duke of Abercorn. Their granddaughter Lady Cynthia Hamilton married Albert Spencer, 7th Earl Spencer, and was the grandmother of Diana, Princess of Wales. The aforementioned George Curzon, son of the Hon. Frederick Graham Curzon-Howe, second son of the third Earl, was an actor.

The family seat is Penn House, Penn Street, Buckinghamshire.”

I don’t have the inclination to work out the various permutations of the Curzon – Howe family tree and how close the ‘Bloodline’ relationship is between Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas but it may be a good idea if an expert in genealogy, did so . The resulting children of a too close blood connection can have serious problems . At best, the children may have no chins and sticky out ears, and a penchant for racist gaffes – click Huffington Post and at worst, major physical or mental defects – click ‘The Queen’s Hidden Cousins’ .

Regular readers will not be surprised that there is a ‘red haired Joker’ angle to the relationship, as Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas were first seen together after the premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises” – click . And fitting with the ‘Warrior Prince’ image of Prince Harry, Cressida was a major character in the Trojan Wars – click Cressida Wiki and had a play written about her by William Shakespeare, “Troilus and Cressida” .

The phrase ‘Kissing Cousins’ comes to mind .


NB : Interesting address for the family seat of the Curzon-Howes – Penn House, Penn St . See ‘All Presidents, bar one are descended from British King’ .

Related post : Prince William and Kate Middleton are Cousins .


49 thoughts on “Prince Harry And Cressida Bonas – Royal Incest ?

  1. Very interesting. I was particularly alerted by the Penn link as I was up that way only last week (first visit in 30 years) nosing around William Penn’s grave in the Quaker village of Jordans, which is a limited company. My family come from there, and 2 grandparents are buried in same graveyard, so I know it quite well. Penn St seems to have a postcode of PS which means its of some importance. Wessex Water has WW, British Gas has BG, there are several like that, Buckingham Palace is AA, watch out for those!
    Penn founded Pennsylvania (Penn.sylvania a bt like Tran.sylvania), which has a Pennsylvania House of Representatives. At the time, Penn was the richest private landowner in the world. In my view this is at complete odds with professed Quaker values.
    Jordans seems to be heavily connected with the founding fathers of America, and the Mayflower Barn is supposedly built from the timbers of the Mayflower ship, and attracts US visitors. At the moment it is all fenced off and the site has been sold for development of some sort. Very strange for a historical site.
    This wiki link about the Penn Curzon Howe dynasty mentions another Elm under the sports section!,_Buckinghamshire
    It also mentions the date 1919 which is when the village of Jordans was built. In 2005, Jordans started a New Jordans programme. (to program people presumably). Anything labelled New J seems to have a New Jerusalem undertone. Just south of Jordans is a tiny crossroads called Egypt. And up the M40 to Oxford takes you to a place called Jericho just outside the Oxford city walls. Jordans, Jericho and Egypt in England. Just like New Jerusalem!
    All these places are very handy for Chequers and the still practising rituals around West Wycombe and High Wycombe (Wyc is Wic, Wicca), Burnham Beeches being a particular favourite spot. The Rothschild seat of Waddesdon Manor is also very close by.
    Buckinghamshire has the same name as Buckingham Palace.

      • Oh yeah! Just seen that Pennsylvania Avenue US goes North West away from the Capitol Building. I think the A40,M40 route from London, the capital, is about North West towards Penn House area. So you could call the A40 M40 corridor Pennsylvania Avenue, UK. Wonder if there is a direct alignment to Buckingham Palace? I wonder if the distance matches the US counterpart too? Will do a bit of digging.

      • Here in eastern Pennsylvania where I live, we have a Buckingham Township, which has ties to the Buckingham in England. I mention it because of the on going scandal of Penn St. University and Jerry Sandusky, and because Buckingham Pa. is known for its gravity hill, which is essentially an “optical illusion”.

  2. I initially read the young woman’s name as ‘Bones’ not ‘Bonas’ – it could be the font, a|e.

    For me, the name ‘Cressida’ conjures this woman

    The Met’s shoot to kill policy was called Operation Kratos at the time of the de Menezes shooting in 2005

    In Greek mythology Kratos (“might”) and his siblings—Nike (“victory”), Bia (“force”), and Zelus (“zeal”)—are the winged enforcers (sky tides) of the Olympian God Zeus, according to Wiki.

    I found this interesting, especially the text from Prometheus Bound’. How like a state employee, just following orders, Kratos sounds.

  3. Some say the boys are related to the Rothschilds (also through Di) and you know those Rothschilds – they keep it all in the family. The forefathers of the current crew had no qualms about marrying double first cousins so that they didn’t have to loose even a penny of their wealth. Hoarders.

    • Some people say we are reincarnations of our ancestors. This then makes sense of the inheritance laws, which are obviously set up for the aristocratic families. They make sure they get their own wealth back again down the line, and that’s one reason why the lines are controlled

      • I can’t imagine the need to hoard to that degree. In many ways, it must be very painful. One of the Rothschilds – ‘golden’ dude named Oscar- was set to inherit the Austrian side of the stash but instead committed suicide after his father deceived him, with cash and trinkets of course. Oscar wanted to marry the love of his life – a commoner who was perceived as a threat to the family riches- so poppa also gave her cash to marry someone else. Sad lives if you ask me.

      • God says it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to heaven.

  4. Kevin PRINCE Boateng scored in the Champions league for Italian side AC Milan in midweek (BOAteng / Boa ~ snake / Year of the snake)

    Champions league theme music ~ same music played for British Kings during coronation

    Zenit St. ‘PETER’sburg also won last night ~ their manager formerly of ‘ROMA’ (Rome)

    And there was a football linesman called ‘William Conquer’ during a Champions League match mid~week

    • Got another footy on for ya Franky boy !

      (Prince) ‘Harry’ Redknapp manages ‘Queens’ Park Rangers

      and his initials ‘H R’ are like ‘His Royal Highness’ and QPR are a sure thing to go down this season !! Could be a nice omen that !!

      • Success with your blog, White Whale! It looks very interesting. Anything coming up with Scorpio?

      • Thanks VenusMars funny you should ask that ~ Saturn is at the same degree Scorpio (Tropical) as my birth at the minute so i’m going through my Saturn return at the minute..

        Probably why i decided to start the blog ~ it’s the reaping season for me !

        On a sidereal note ~ Jupiter is back with the Eye of the Bull Aldabaran on the HOT date March 22nd which is opposing the Heart of the Scorpion Antares who are both Royal Stars of antiquity East and West respectively (i don’t know what that entails yet) ~ i’ll be doing a post about March 22nd soon..

        but if you have a specific astrological question i’ll do my best to answer.

      • Thanks, WW. Though curious, I have no clue about astronomy/astrology except when I’m in places where I can actually see the heavens at night. So I wouldn’t know what to ask without showing my ignorance. I asked about Scorpio because like I said before, I’m for some reason anticipating the ‘real’ Sandy Hook.

  5. Harry and Cressida are not close relatives and they can always undergo genetic testing for any possible medical incompatibilities. But at this degree, they don’t have much more chances to run into a genetic problem than totally unrelated people

  6. For the Windsors, Cressida represents mainly a risk of divorce. She is not used to a normal and stable family life like the Middletons. She may have no idea about how to deal with a relationship problem other than a break-up. She seems to have the same kind fo background as Diana: good origins, poor family skills.

  7. “the children may have no chins and sticky out ears” You are making this up. This is not a sign of any genetic defect but a sign of impaired growth : lack of growth hormone due to poor food intake or high exposure to chronic stress during childhood. It comes with long ears and feet (meant to be appended to a longer face and body), short fingers but a long palm and a stature that is shorter than genetically predictable.

  8. The Darkness hides the cousins of the Dark Knights. They are hidden because Trojans, and cousins kissing is 999; a Conspiracy of the Knights Templars.

  9. Greetings from across the pond. I’ve a keen interest in genaeology and I’ve worked out the relationship for you.

    Harry and Cressida are third cousins twice removed. The common ancestor is Richard Curzon-Howe, who married Georgiana Spencer-Churchill in 1883. Richard is Harry’s great-great-great-grandfather, as well as Cressida’s great-great grandfather.

    • Hi Sedra – I like the name 🙂 . Thanks for that and is very interesting . I’m not a genealogist or doctor but would like to know whether it would be safe, if Harry and Cressida had children . Your research indicates they’re pretty close, bloodline wise !

      • Hi, Frank. Sorry was so hasty yesterday; it tiurns out that they are actually fifth cousins. (I got tripped up by the fact that the first three Earls Howe all had the same first name.) So, actually, the common ancestors are the 1st Earl Howe and Anne Gore, who married in 1845 and are the great-great -great-great-grandparents of both young lovers.

        BTW, Sedra is my given first name and I live in Yonkers, New York. When I post to U.S. websites, I usually post under greetingsfromyonkers. Catch me on Perez Hiltonranting about Kim Kardashian LOL.

        • I thought you may come from Yonkers . My brother lives in Rye in Westchester, up the road a little bit from you . I’ll pass on Kim Kardashian 🙂 .

          Anyway, thanks for the info . Actually, I think if it gets serious the genetic closeness should be taken into account but Royals like to keep it in the family, as it were .

  10. I am a professionally trained genealogist and a very distant cousin of HRH Prince Harry and Cressida. They are actually half – fifth cousins through their mothers, who both descend from Richard Curzon-Howe, 1st Earl Howe via two different wives – Cressida from 1st wife and Harry from 2nd wife. They also both descend from the Spencer-Churchills, Dukes of Marlborough. However, their relationship isn’t as close as that of HM Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, who both descend from Victoria and Albert and the Kings of Denmark, making them 2nd cousins, once removed and third cousins! Royals and aristocrats are always marrying their cousins. Even Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were 1st cousins. There’s no law against it.

    • Hi Scarlett Rose – I’ve nothing against the relationship . My concern is with any future children – would a close blood relationship such as this cause any physical or mental problems for the children ? I’m not a doctor so don’t have the answer . Just asking questions which I think are valid 🙂 .

      • Just been reading something about Sophie Wessex eldest child being not quite right. Maybe that is caused by interbreeding?
        The interesting thing about the interbreeding is not the legality, but why they want to pure breed themselves like racehorses, and Crufts style dogs, all carefully controlled.

  11. Hi, Frank. The question was are/were Prince Harry and Cressida committing “Royal incest”. As it’s not against the law to marry even your own 1st cousin (the closest cousin relationship to yourself), Harry and Cressida would not be in an incestuous relationship. As for abnormalities, disabilities and deformities, et cetera, your children are just as likely to be affected, if you marry a stranger as there’s no telling what is hidden in their unknown family trees. At least with famous families like the Royals and the aristocracy, there is some record in history of what they died of or suffered from. Most of them are unaffected and I have no record of any of them being born with two heads or as co-joined twins, et cetera. As far as I’m aware, Queen Victoria’s parents were not closely related, but Victoria carried the gene that causes haemophilia in males. One of her sons, Prince Leopold (I believe) was affected and a few daughters also carried the defective gene, which was passed down to some of Victoria’s grandchildren and into various European Royal Families. However, most if not all European Royals are unaffected today, so it seems to have sorted itself out in the end. There is no history of haemophilia in the Royal Family before Queen Victoria and they only discovered Prince Leopold had a problem when he was circumcised. As Victoria and Albert had nine children, it was lucky more sons were not affected. As both Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip descend from Victoria and as none of their children are affected (despite the doubling up of Victoria’s genes), it is no longer a threat or a problem, although haemophilia was known as “the Royal curse” for three or four generations. Don’t be worried about what the Royals do, worry about yourself. Royals and aristocrats have been intermarrying (or inbreeding) for centuries and birth defects don’t worry them in the slightest or they wouldn’t keep doing it. My 2 x great grandparents were married cousins and their youngest child of eight ( my great grandfather) was an inventor by the age of 37years, so it didn’t do him any harm. It is the only example of cousin marriages within six generations of myself on my family tree and I’m okay with it. I didn’t know they were married cousins, until I researched my ancestry, so you never know what might be lurking in your own family tree. I used to write to someone, over 13 years ago, a former policeman whose relative married his own niece! An uncle-and-niece marriage and they both had the same surname (didn’t the registrar suspect?) and that is incest! They’re no relation to me, thankfully. The ex-policeman compared it to cousin marriages, but you would think he’d know better. A policeman who doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong – who would have thought?

    • I sometimes wonder if we end up marrying people we are related to anyway. Because people are often attracted to a certain type. And you almost can’t quite define what makes one person attractive and another not attractive. As if the attractive thing is something slightly hidden. And maybe if we traced back the ancestry really really far, it would actually start to show signs of being almost the same. In which case we could all be acting subliminally like the Royals. Just a thought !
      I personally find I learn quite a lot from observing the Royals, and the characters they play. I can put it to good use to work out what goes on in my own small world. But then again, I could probably work it all out without them too.

  12. Hi, Suliwebster. In response to your latest posting, you’re right! We all have a type and we are attracted to our own kind, although some people are perhaps misguided or are being led astray. As Supreme Governor of the Church of England, the Queen is supposed to set an example to the rest of us.Perhaps we are supposed to marry our cousins, but we’re all too paranoid about birth defects. They say if your ancestors are from the same small town or village, the chances are they are blood related. In response to your earlier message, Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex are only very distantly related (something like 15th cousins), so their daughter’s eye condition may not be hereditary. Was it the result of a difficult delivery? Most of Sophie’s ancestors were commoners, so there’s little evidence of multiple cousin marriages on her family tree. These days, the Royal Family seem to prefer marriages with very distantly related cousins as they bring “fresh blood” to the younger generations, reducing the chances of birth defects. Very different from Queen Victoria’s era. In those days, you were not considered Royal, unless both your parents had a Royal title before marriage. For example, King George V married Princess Mary of Teck, who were 2nd cousins, once removed and 4th cousins, once removed. Queen Mary, as she became, was descended from George III on her maternal grandfather’s side, Adolphus Frederick, Duke of Cambridge (1774-1850) and she descended from George II on her maternal grandmother’s side. Queen Mary’s maternal grandparents were 2nd cousins. On her maternal grandmother’s side, she was related to her mother-in-law, formerly Princess Alexandra of Denmark (2nd and 4th cousins). Queen Alexandra (wife of Edward VII) was the great aunt of Prince Philip on his father’s side. Edward VII and his wife were 4th cousins, both being descended from George II. And Prince Philip’s mother, Princess Alice is 2nd cousin to his father-in-law, King George VI. In fact, Queen Victoria is known as “the grandmother of Europe” as most of her children and grandchildren married into European Royal Families. It was quite a novelty for King George VI (formerly Prince Albert, Duke of York) to marry Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the daughter of sn aristocrat, although the Queen Mother, herself, descended from King Henry VII Tudor. There is no doubt that the Queen’s father married for love, as did Victoria and Albert, whereas his ancestors were probably thinking of inheritance and keeping their money, property and titles in the family. Nowadays, the Royals tend to choose partners who are the sons/daughters of close servants (courtiers), who are usually related to them. Partly because their relatives (their close circle) are discreet and can be trusted not to blab to the press. The only time the Royals ever come into contact with ordinary folk is when they’re on a walk-about. It would have been unheard of, even unthinkable, for a future King of England, Prince William, to marry a commoner whose title, pre-marriage, was just plain Miss (Catherine Middleton). Some courtiers probably still frown upon it, particularly if they had a daughter or granddaughter in mind, who would have been deemed more suitable (that’s snobbery for you), but no one doubts that William and Kate are a love match. Even the Queen has changed with the times by allowing it, probably in the hopes that it will make a happy marriage, given the Royal Family’s track record in recent years. I can imagine it eas difficult for Kate to overcome the differences in her and William’s social background to even agree to marry him – perhaps that’s why they didn’t rush into anything. William’s mother was thrown in at the deep end and, although she and Sarah Ferguson grew up in the company of the Royals, the press attention was unprecedented. Diana was the media’s darling and could do no wrong (until the end) and poor Sarah could do no right (sometimes of her own making). The pressure put a strain on both marriages and their friendship. I’m glad to see the Queen is beginning to warm to the Duchess of York, again. She has only ever had kind words to say for her ex-husband. One of the most amicable Royal divorces ever. Incidentally, William and Harry are 1st cousins to Beatrice and Eugenie on their paternal side and 5th cousins on their maternal side. Sarah Ferguson, Sophie Rhys-Jones and Kate Middleton were all commoners with a title no higher than Miss, but they all descend from “old money” and are all from comfortable families, where finances are concerned. I still think we’re a long way off from a member of the British Royal Family in direct line of succession marrying someone from a council estate. As for the Royals always marrying their cousins, they don’t get out much, do they? 😉

    • Wow Scarlett Rose, you certainly have a lot of knowledge of their family tree. I thought Kate descended from Goldsmiths, her mothers side. Banking name. And Diana and Jemima Goldsmith look like sisters, though there is very little coverage of them being together. I dont think Kate and Wills is a love match, I think that is the story being created and marketed to us, and that is what they act out, like a soap opera. Though there is nothing to say that a “love match” works better. I agree the Royals don’t get out much ! They are incredibly cloistered. I think they are all well trained puppets myself, and I dont envy them one bit. Fascinating about Queen Victoria being such a lynchpin Grandmother of Europe, an almost pivotal point in the Royal descent perhaps?
      I am pretty sure Charles has not fathered William who looks very much like the King of Spain. But again, that could be the mixed up genetics that are appearing in the Spanish King and the soon to be English King simultaneously, and that all European Royalty is of a very narrow line of descent. I think they are all O negative blood, it is certainly their preferred blood.
      Interesting that you noticed Fergie returning to the fold, I noticed that too ! There seems to be a return of the red headed ones ! My guess is that George is red headed, and I have picked up several clues suggesting he is Harry’s son.
      Also, Princess Bea has bees on her coat of arms! It gets really silly doesn’t it? Fergie and The Queen (Queen Bee) have also had bees allocated to them at key times. Bea is FIRST female in line to the throne, they only have to change the rule again to be girls only…
      Diana and Kate have BLUE ribbons on their coat of arms, given at marriage. But Sarah has PINK. What does that tell you? BLUE for boys, PINK for girls. I think Sophie was BLUE, but she miscarried at
      least once I think.
      It is like some very convoluted soap opera, or even Sherlock Holmes story, and I am often distracted by it. (though I dont read papers or watch tv). But it gets really interesting when I notice the same kind of things happening around me in my family, my village, my home town ! And it is very interesting what you say about The Queen setting an example, as I sometimes wonder if she is in a roundabout way, with all these CLUES left for us to find. Doppelgangers are very interesting and I have two friends who have experienced their exact match ! I also notice lots of people at the moment discovering that they have ancestors that came from where they have now ended up. As if we are drawn back to the places of our ancestors.

  13. Titles can be a cover for genetics. In a biography of the Queen Mother by Lady Colin Campbell its alleged that aristocratic families uses their households as a stud farm. If the heir couldn’t impregnate his wife a senior servant, usually a butler donated a sperm sample and the family physician placed this in the legs-in-the-heir grand lady. IVF for the very rich dates back generations. Senior female staff such as cooks were sometimes chosen as surrogate wombs for sterile ladies.

    • Hi dennis, thats really interesting and fits perfectly I think. Stud farms goes with brood mares. Diana said she was a brood mare. Nowadays we have stud.ent farms called universities.


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