The Six Degrees Of Kim Jong Un

Further to ‘The Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon’ .



The Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon


KJU pig

Kim Jong Un Wanted Pig – Anonymous



Korean Nuclear Crisis – Kim Jong Un



The Bay of Pigs & Cuban Nuclear Missile Crisis



Homer Simpson as Major Kong – Dr Strangelove
“Or How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The Bomb”
Springfield Nuclear Power Plant



Spider Pig



Kevin Bacon


As well, the phrase ‘Pigs at a Trough’ comes to mind .


PS : The Grand National steeplechase in Britain today, was won by a horse named ‘Auroras Encore’ . The quoted odds were 66-1 . Aurora is the Goddess of the Dawn . Reportedly, Kim Jung Un was nicknamed ‘The Morning Star King’ – click BBC News – by his mother and the rider who won the race is called Ryan (Mania) which in the original Gaelic means Little King (thanks to Roobeedoo 2).


47 thoughts on “The Six Degrees Of Kim Jong Un

    • Lots of pig stuff about – it was the Anon image which made me think of Kevin Bacon . It’s not meant to have a serious message but just me playing with ideas .

    • Hello Frank! Long time reader of your blog but never commented before. As soon as i heard the name of the winner of the Grand National i thought of you! I have been paying attention for a few years now to the patterns emerging in the news, sports and wider celebrity arena. Before these syncs started leaping out I used to think this was just entertainment for our benefit, now it is becoming more apparent all the time there is something far bigger at work. Getting faster and faster and far harder to ignore. Thanks for being there Frank and your regular commenters I thought I was seriously going mad. I no longer believe anything on mainstream news, it is just the means used in order to shape our beliefs and feed us a constant stream of fear porn. Listening to the news now feels more like an assault on all of our senses but where do the patterns that constantly emerge come from? The universe/source trying to give us a nudge or something much closer to home hoping to give us a far less friendly shove?

      • Dilly, I think it might be both. Possibly, the unintended consequence of over using the media and event management to manipulate and herd us is this eruption of synchs that currently abounds, like a vicious circle or Catch 22.

      • Hi Dilly – good to hear from you . I think we all wish we heard the name of the horse before the race started ! Strange though how it only appeared towards the end and maybe the sign of a good jockey but I didn’t hear it mentioned until just before the conclusion .

        If you’re going mad, there’s a lot of others going down with you 🙂 . About 5 years ago, I would experience a strange sync every so often and think that’s odd and get on with my life but it’s so in your face at the moment it can’t be ignored .

        I’m open minded about the reasons – it maybe the universe just acting out but I do wonder if someone understands the mechanism and knows if you do one thing, you could accurately predict the follow on events . And there’s the coincidences that aren’t – see Olympic rituals, and Superbowl and death of Whitney Houston . And I would include the recent Oz syncs in the latter category . Hopefully, it will become clear .

  1. There was a devastating fire last weekend killing 975 pigs at a farm in Seaborough Manor Farm, Beaminster.

    I thought I had posted the story here last Saturday when it was only 900 pigs killed but I don’t think it appeared. I thought then that there were some very familiar numbers in the report: the piggery is 330ft, 900 pigs perished, 180 piglets and 18 sows died in another fire elsewhere the previous year (although on the surface it has nothing to do the Seaborough fire, they keep putting that information in the updates of the incident). I actually came across this news via this article in the Daily Mail

    That news report got my interest because of the number 18; there were 3 news stories on Google News front page last Saturday morning with the number 18 in their headlines.

    Seaborough Manor is interesting, too, as it is not by the sea. The name morphed over the centuries from ‘Seveberge’ which is Old English for ‘seven hills or burrows’. That reminded me of Rome but I was surprised to see just how many cities claim to have been built on seven hills:

    And just now, looking up the links to post here, I learn that there is a neighbourhood in Aurora, Colorado called ‘Seven Hills’.

  2. Two Lil’ Kims – One Queen and one King.

    Article itself is not worth reading – I’m just matching up the two names.

    Should have known something was up when this Lil’ Kim who some refer too as, ‘Queen Bee’ hit the scene a couple of weeks ago.

    Article states: “Lil’ Kim looks pleased to be back on the scene.” Now, from what we see, both Lil’ Kim’s look pleased to be back on the scene.

    The ever-changing face of Lil’ Kim: Queen Bee goes on the promo trail in NYC in a huge fur coat

  3. I watched “Wag the Dog ” recently and noted that Dustin Hoffman – The Producer – mentions using Dennis Rodman in their fake war…..

    • “Wag the Dog is a 1997 black comedy film… about a Washington spin doctor who, merely days before a presidential election, distracts the electorate from a sex scandal by hiring a Hollywood film producer to construct a fake war with Albania. The scheme enlists the aid of a country music singer, who creates several theme songs for the war; a “fad king”; and a costume designer, who helps create a fictional special forces unit to fight the war’s supposed battles.”

      The movie eerily anticipated actual events:

      “An ironic twist was the release of the film just prior to President Clinton’s sex scandal and the subsequent bombing of terrorists strongholds in Africa and the eruption of anarchy in Albania.”

      Another sync I noted was that The Producer mentions getting the president a Nobel Peace Prize.

      Wag the Dog meaning (s):
      To cause a desired result by means other than the obvious or rational method. Imagine you want a dog to wag it’s tail. You should make the dog happy, and the tail will wag. If you can’t or won’t make the dog happy, you can get the tail to wag by “wagging the dog”.

  4. Frank, I want to thank you for letting me post so much here. I’m sorry if I’ve hogged the comments this evening (no pun intended). It’s like your Bond film post; it resonates. It’s like the TV game show ‘Catchphrase’ – you reveal the middle square and make it easier me to “say what you see”. (incidentally, I just looked Catchphrase up on wiki and the show is being ‘revived’ on 07.04.13 – tomorrow?! How spooky (and zombie-like) is that?)

    I’m going now to watch some episodes of ‘Go On’. I started the series last night and the main character is called Ryan King. Little King King. It reminded me that Ryan ‘means Little King’, something I learnt through the Sandy Hook incident, and that’s why I was able to post so readily about the winning National jockey’s name this afternoon. But, boy, I wish I’d studied the runners and riders more thoroughly before making my pick (it came 12th).

  5. I went looked at each this morning for a total of about 20 minutes this morning and I didn’t pick it. The only reasonable co

    • Here’s another one:

      I was looking for the episode where his optician calls him a pig. I rarely watch Southpark so I was a bit stunned when I watched it last night and Cartman is being called a pig, I knew he’d been compared to Kim. Also the colours blue red and yellow/gold of Cartman’s clothes is the colour scheme that seems to depict a nuclear bomb. It’s been showing up a lot.

  6. Going back to the dates and Venus; on 10th April Venus is close to the fish which looks like a missile about to be launched at Andromeda by the dragon underneath. In the Greek myth, the dragon tries to destroy Andromeda, (the woman part of the woman and dragon story in Rev 12?)
    1. Exocet is French for flying fish:
    2. 10-4 is a code for received:
    3. On 10th there is a black dot on the sun (Sting) Bee sting?
    However, on 13th April Venus is directly below the fuse of the fish missile.
    The images are difficult to see as the sun is a bit blinding.
    Little black dot on the sun 10.4.13
    Venus launches exocet 13.4.13
    Again it looks like Greece is the word.

  7. On 12/12/12………North Korea launched a Satellite into Space. It’s name…..Shining Star3

    On the same date 12/12/12 Paul McCartney and a host of other so-called ‘stars ‘ performed a benefit concert in New York for Sandy Hook victims. McCartney performed. ‘ Helter Skelter ‘ at that concert!

    In the movie…The Shining……Johnny sings a song from the Three Little Pigs… the background we here….
    ” who’s afraid of the big bad wolf ”

    Shining Star is also a song by Earth Wind and Fire !

  8. Remember back to the Manson Murders……written in blood at the crime scene, was…….

    ‘ death to pigs ‘ and ‘ rise ‘

    I don’t believe ‘ pigs ‘ is a reference to the police ( as it sometimes is today)…….so what is it a reference to?

    • It could very well be a reference to us.

      They, the ‘Master’s/Evil Force’ of this new agenda and the ‘global elite’ who work on the ‘evil force’ may be referring to us as ‘pigs’ as in ‘human guinea pigs.’

    • FAITH,

      I was wondering if all the references to pigs was connected with the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion? They refer to non-‘Jews’ (non Zionist Jews perhaps) as ‘goyim’ or ‘goy’ in a derogatory manner. ‘Goyim’ are the rest of us and particularly white people.
      Goyim means cattle or might it even mean pigs? The Jews cannot eat pork because they believe it is unclean.

  9. Speaking of 12/12/12……’s another Rosemarys Baby type birth, which co-incides with Korean Satellite launch, and Sandy Hook, Helter Skelter benefit concert!

  10. Okay, come on. Even the most illiterate, black, ignorant and ungodly in our usual narratives of the ”other” do not allow so many up-close-and-personal photo opportunities as these from North Korea. Dude is on the western/aethetist/UN/international community payroll. Self-appointed American “Christians” are serving as the ‘controlled opposition’ to Kim. LOL. I’ve really seen it all.

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