Paris Jackson Overdose

According to media reports, Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson has been taken to hospital reportedly from a drugs overdose . Of course, I hope she pulls through but I suspect it maybe connected with the ongoing Goddess ritual we have seen with Queen Elizabeth, Angelina Jolie and death of Jiah Khan in Mumbai .



Paris Jackson


From Sky News :

“Michael Jackson’s 15-year-old daughter Paris has been taken to hospital in Los Angeles, according to reports.

The local fire department said they responded to a call of a possible overdose at 1.27am local time.

They say they transported a single person to a local medical centre.

There are several reports the person involved was the pop superstar’s daughter Paris.”


Just a few observations . Firstly, Paris Jackson is the daughter of The King and following Jiah Khan, we again have the attempted suicide of the daughter of the King . Secondly the time reported is 1.27 and as we have seen, the numerological pattern of Death and Rebirth rituals is 12 and 7 . And JK, once more .

Regular readers may remember in ‘Woolwich, The Beatles And David Bowie’, I noted the Beatles template used at Woolwich with Lee Rigby – ‘Eleanor Rigby’, ‘Help’ and ‘I want to hold your hand’ . According to Sky the last message Paris left on her Twitter account was : “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they’re here to stay.”

I would like to say it’s a shock but it’s not .


102 thoughts on “Paris Jackson Overdose

  1. The photo reminds me of the rolling stones logo.

    And the David Icke people’s voice logo has also been reminding me of the rolling stones logo minus tongue.

    The people’s voice logo looks like an omega reference.

    The people’s voice/flag is deepest red.

    I don’t feel comfortable with anyone claiming to represent the people’s voice.

    • People’s voice = vox populi.

      “Often quoted as, Vox populi, vox Dei /ˌvɒks ˈpɒpjuːlɪ ˌvɒks ˈdɛɪ/, “The voice of the people [is] the voice of God”, is an old proverb often erroneously attributed to William of Malmesbury in the twelfth century.

      Another early reference to the expression is in a letter from Alcuin to Charlemagne in 798, although it is believed to have been in earlier use..The full quotation from Alcuin reads:

      Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, Vox populi, vox Dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit.

      English translation:

      And those people should not be listened to who keep saying the voice of the people is the voice of God, since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness.”

    • It was an image I pulled from Google images . I do wonder when similar images crop up . On my part it’s completely subconscious but I’ve mentioned a few times there’s something going on with the Throat chakra and it maybe connected

    • I don’t like the People’s Voice logo either, nor the name. How can anyone claim to represent everyone else? Something not quite right….
      Frank, I think you are right, something to do with the throat chakra, though the People’s voice sounds like it wants to speak for us, which means we are back to having our throat chakra blocked again.

      • If it’s done right it may be fine . My main concern is that it will become another version of a theme Icke taks about – Opposames . When two polarities fight each other but the status quo is maintained . And ‘The Upgrade’ with our superfast highway to ‘His Master’s Voice’ .

        I wish it well but on a personal level I’m looking to detach from the ties that bind .

        • I agree, I wish it well, but I don’t think it is for me, and however it goes, it doesn’t make me think any the less of the amazing work that Icke has done thus far.

  2. From the Jiah Khan thread:

    Come Monday, June 10, Apollo Theater will induct legendary R&B and Funk super star Chaka Khan into the Apollo Legends Hall of Fame at its 8th annual Spring Gala Benefit Concert and Awards Ceremony in Harlem, New York.

    Michael Jackson was also an Apollo legend.

  3. Completly off topic – apologies. Quote from Dorothy Thornhill, the mayor of Watford ref BilderBerg

    “I have my concerns about it because it does attract people who can and do cause violence and disturbance,” she told the Watford Observer.

    BINGO !!

  4. I was thinking about the numerology of Brand Brangelina the other day, which incidentally begins with BRA. (The breast cancer bad gene is BRCA1, so bloody obvious isnt it? ). Brad is BP, which is 27. Angelina is AJ, which is 11. That’s quite similar to the 127 theme you talk about.

      • You mean 1 two 7’s? otherwise known as 1 number 77. “The local fire department said they responded to a call of a possible overdose at 1.27am local time.” Is this the basis of your bet?

        • Hi Brutus – I’m no numerologist but see pattern . Throughout last year and this, 12 & 7 continually show up in connection with the various rituals and events . I believe 12 relates to birth and 7 to death .

          For example Whitney Houston – 2/11/12 which adds up to 7 . If it was just one isolated occurrence I wouldn’t pay it any attention .

          Re He-kate . If there’s a birth, there’s normally a death to go with it .

          • The great ‘Merovee Birthday Bet’ 😉

            Ok I take the classic date as it won’t be my favourite 666 date (July 29th) … July 11th.

            • Hmmm, Deckard666 July 29th…..The new baby born under the sign leo.
              We are in the age of Aquarius, Leo is straight across on the Zodiac wheel from Aquarius. Fire and water, polar opposites, duality…. familiar themes. Very interesting date, it would also be Charles and Diana’s 32nd anniversary, if it had been their 33rd I would have been very suspicious!

    • SULI, re the BRCA1, B=2 R=9 A=1 C=3 plus 1…perfectly adds up to 7. I also thought of it as an anagram for CRAB…which is the symbol for the sign CANCER…breast/ovarian and the summer solstice plus Will’s 31st b-day…not looking forward to it!

      • Well spotted John! 7 and CRAB the cancer. I think the actual solstice is earlier this year again, on the 19th. I am not sure why it is published as the wrong day, or if there is something I am missing, but the earth energy lines are in harmony on 19th, and will be out of harmony by the 21st.
        The seven looks like an axe for chopping heads. I have been finding axes in etymology everywhere recently. It seems to be a fundamental base word.

  5. Reports are now saying that Paris Jackson had also cut her wrists.

    Shortly after Lee Rigby was murdered in Woolwich….a French soldier had his throat cut in Paris…

    This year is the 16th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death in Paris…..1+6 = 7
    Princess Diana admitted in a BBC interview that she had self harmed by cutting herself.
    Angelina Jolie has also admitted self harming by cutting herself.

    Strange syncs….and not nice!

    • I think they’re saying she should be OK 🙂 . It’s difficult to actually kill yourself cutting your wrists unless you’re Dr David Kelly, but there’s something in the air .

      Self harming is something quite common in teenage girls but this sounds a bit more serious .

      • Frank…..I’m glad it looks like she’s going to be ok……I feel sorry for her……so young.

        Regards the cutting …..and Paris…….I still wonder what really happened to Diana in the back of that ambulance!!

  6. Aw she doesn’t deserve what she went thru. It will be four years since MJ died on 6/26…I cried like it was my grandmother that died. Talk about ‘Girl, Interrupted’…this was about not being able to attend a Marilyn Manson concert? Very creepy…MM = 1313 as well as MARY-lyn again (Norma Jean- NJ like MJ). I always believed the Queen had it out for Marilyn like the Evil Queen vs Snow White…the fairest of them all got in her way.

    Paris’ name too could be a hint of July 4th – Eiffel Tower attack maybe? The 4th is 30 days exactly after Angelina’s birthday…hmm. I have a lump in my throat thinking that something huge, possibly multiple events will happen that day.

    Having said that, I wonder Frank if Kate will give birth on 7/12…sounds right to me to coincide with the coronation/jubilee celebration that weekend. I also have July 3rd in mind…exactly seven months since her announcement…before the US celebrates its 237th (2+3+7=3) b-day! Like Marilyn Monroe once said…’Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…”

    For her 38th birthday, Mrs. Angel-in-a-Pit to-be suddenly looks vivacious in WHITE, doesn’t she?

    Colors have to be of some significance with Brad’s constant black ensembles in mind. This wasn’t about his movie premiere but about his ANGEL’s comeback…certainly not as an actress!

    Did anyone see this vid of MJ at his last rehearsal in 2009? The warning he gave about FOUR more years…which happens to be this year (not 2012 as the author of the vid originally thought) is possibly on point now!

  7. Off-topic Frank but your mention of Damien reminded me of Matt Damon…the TOILET conspiracy seems to have a pattern now! The term ‘cleansing reduction’ sounds like depopulation…adding Prince Harry of course!

  8. Am I the only one who sees that she is posing like the SUN! Her new short haircut looks like Sun rays and she has her tongue out like the Mayan calendar sun face. And if that’s not enough if you look to the left of her right behind her you can see the Del Taco logo on the wall with a big Sun that looks like it has the same hair cut as her!… Just say that’s all

      • That is a brilliant observation of the Mayan calender, I was just looking at images of it, it does look like that. There is a theory of Quetzelcoatl returning, whatever that is and with John316’s video of Michael saying they have 4 years, it could well be this year that the Mayan calender is meant to do its thing. That poor girl, I hope noone is hurting her.

  9. Off subject but just posted on your The People’s Voice thread –

    David Icke’s THE PEOPLE’S VOICE
    180 OR 60+60+60 OR 30+30+30+30+30+30
    or 60 3’s
    or 20 9’s

      • JEN, JEN, JEN!
        KEN KEN KEN!

        3 3 3
        3 3 3

        Yes, today is 6/6/6

        But seriously! Perhaps you didn’t see my various lengthy (?) monologues (?) in other threads about the Bilderberg meeting starting today in Watford, UK at the Grove Hotel? I won’t bore everybody here again but have a look at Frank’s “The Royal Family, Mark Bridger And Jimmy Savile” thread and do a search on “Grove” and you will find it.

  10. Paris Jackson tweeted about ‘ feeling blue ‘ and wrote a poem just prior to being hospitalized…..

    ” She had blue skin and so did he
    He kept it hid and so did she
    They searched for blue, their whole life thru
    Then passed right by….and never knew ”

    The pop group …eiffel65……had a hit record with the song Blue ( da ba dee )

    This could tie in with JOHN316ME theory, of a possible attach on the Eiffel Tower !
    And Blue is also the colour of Freemasonry !

  11. Paris … Pair ‘Is’ … ‘ISIS’ … which is ‘Mary’ that’s why everything is blue with her.

    Still another variation of Luke 2:22

    Blood has flown and it was stopped. She’s ok … purification complete.

  12. Hi Frank and All……………

    Helen of Troy visited Heracleion with her lover PARIS before the Trojan war.

    (before the Trojan war……hmmmm)

    DEL TACO – and sun symbol and picture of Paris.

    Clearly one can read: DEL TA. Could this mean: WAR is imminent in the Jordan River Delta area? Israel……..near the “Dead Sea”?

    Now take a look at this:
    Sunken city gives up its treasure: Ancient Egyptian metropolis lost for 1,200 years below Mediterranean sea set to go on display.

    The city was mentioned by the Greek historian Herodotus, who told of Helen of Troy visiting Heracleion with her lover PARIS before the Trojan war.

    Heracleion was submerged by the sea and sands 1,200 years ago

    Now get this: The statue of the Goddess Isis sits on display on a barge in an Alexandrian naval base. As does a colossal statue of red granite representing the god Hapi, which decorated the temple of Heracleion.

    ISIS sitting on a barge in an ALEXANDRAIN naval base? The god Hapi?

    ***Paris Jackson has not displayed the same sort of innocence since she became acquainted with the infamous Oprah. Is the King of Pop’s daughter being written, (used) in the script by the ‘global elite’s’ simply because they can.

    All of it rally just shows how the dark force can’t come up with anything origianl – it can only repeat the same old shit*.

    • Hi DDNA, In the voice theme, it’s interesting that the people of modern Troy, Turkey, seem to have found theirs. A friend pointed out that Turkey/Troy would be a major staging area for any invasion of Syria, which now may be hindered because of the protests.

      • Hi ELENA

        The protest may not be a hindriace at all.

        This conflict may just be a “cover/distraction”: the power that controls events on earth may already be setting up “major staring area’s for a Syrian invasion.

        • I suspect that irregardless of the direction, the road to Damascus will be fraught with spiritual implications and illuminations.

    • I just looked into Heracleion because I knew it was in the news before. It was on 2013.04.29 in the Daily Mail where the story served to “enact” the crucifiction (Luke 23:33-end).

      In todays article it illustrates in the new enactment (“restart” with new false Messiah) Luke 2:25-38

      Now if you can follow the current events with the Troyan story please do so because I really am not that familar with that. Even if it might seem we perceive different stories … I am pretty sure after a while we will see that we all follow the same story … just packed into many different allegories.

      I fear we will soon come together on that level – with the horse and the gate.

      Because I am expecting a similar event that was communicated through the news in the last week that completely went by everybody: For the simple fact it was only communicated in pictures without any wordly hint to it.

      Troy is sacked and burned by letting the people of Troy pull a horse into the city from which the soldiers emerge that open the Gate and let the army in.

      Now if we look at the USA some would say there already is a Troyan Horse among them just waiting for the right moment to open the Gate. All the Executive Orders and statues are in place to sack the USA. The forces are hidden and ready. All we need is an open Gate now.

      Now go to Google Maps and bring up San Francisco and specifically the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge. Hover over it at 500 m. That’s where you see it best. There’s a horse embedded in the landscape from ocean to bay. It has it’s front legs up and right beside the bridge you find the “Horseshoe Bay”. Basically there’s a horse ready to destroy the bridge under it with a kick. And notice right at the side of it there is a huge monument (have to zoom in) which appears to be an old place for canons to guard the bay. It is made up of 6 elements representing the (opened) 6th Seal. There’s an executive order that appoints 10 Governeuers under the president in case of an emergency that affects the continuation of the USA:

      So if you want to sack USA-Troy you just need the “Big One” to knock the West Coast out and make yourself legally “King”. Now the really freaky part is there is no crime committed because everything that was set in place (for decades!) was done completely legal by all former presidents and even lawful because the citizens consented to it. Just as nobody forced the Troyans to roll that stupid horse inside … like that “EU” horse all the countries in Europe pulled into their borders …

      Revelation is enacted with the background of Christ’s life as described in the Book of Luke line by line as a mockery by the False Messiah. Why Luke? I don’t know. I follow it line by line since Boston and it fits every time.

      We are right now at Revelation 9:13-15. You have seen Obama last week talking to Chris Christie on board of Air Force One. That was one of the many examples how the command to lose the first angel was presented in the news. Christie being the sixth angel with the trumpet (or “trump” card in his hand).

      We see this enacted right now by reaching Luke 2:38. Prince Phillip acted as “Simeon” today.

      Right now I am avoiding to come to the point because I hate to make a prediction … but if we keep this enactment tempo we could reach Luke 3:4-6 next week.

      Luke 3

      4 As it is written in the book of the words of Esaias the prophet, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.
      5 Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low; and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough ways shall be made smooth;
      6 And all flesh shall see the salvation of God.

      As the False Messiah enters the Holy City through the Golden Gate this is the perfect way to do it, don’t you think?

      There’s a perfect timeframe for that event. 9/11 was the announcement of the coming of the False Messiah. Numbers are Kens expertise but I couldn’t help to stumble over this:

      And that concerns me a little. And it gets creepier …

      1184 BC – Trojan War: Troy is sacked and burned, according to calculations by Eratosthenes.
      1962 – Frank Morris, John Anglin and Clarence Anglin allegedly become the only prisoners to escape from the prison on Alcatraz Island.
      1971 – The U.S. Government forcibly removes the last holdouts to the Native American Occupation of Alcatraz, ending 19 months of control.

      Right now I hope I am crazy, bonkers, nuts, out of it or as Carlin would term it .. “more than happy”.

      • Hi Deckard – if you put five or more links in a post, it gets flagged up as possible spam . It should be OK now .

        To be honest, I’m not into prophecy but think ‘The Whore of Babylon’ maybe fun .

  13. Off subject but of interest is the World’s tallest building is about to be built in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

    It will be called The Kingdom Tower.

    It will be 1007 metres tall. 1 + 7 = 8 = New Beginning

    1007 = 19 x 53 and 1+9+5+3 = 18 = 6+6+6 = 3+3+3+3+3+3

    19 + 53 = 72 = 3 x 24 or 3 x (8+8+8)

    1953 was the Queen’s Coronation on 2/6/1953

    1007 metres = 3303 feet

    It is triangular shaped ie 3-sided.

  14. Another dead drummer.

    Jefferson Airplane’s Joey Covington has been killed in a car crash in California….. pronounced dead at the scene after a nearby motel guest attempts to revive him failed.

    Note from me by way of wiki: Drums acquired even divine status in places such as Burundi, where the karyenda was a symbol of the POWER OF THE KING.

    *not a direct connection but, Michael Jackson was – King of Pop.

  15. Not sure there is a connection apart from being in the same paper at the same time. from what I read he attempted suicide last year.

  16. That poor child (Paris); talk about an ‘effed-up life, and living with that grandmother whilest Grandpa is busy building a Disneyworld type place in Vietnam.

    Paris looks just like her grandfather Elvis.

    They all go home I s’pose 🙂

    …interesting tidbits: the Boston Bruins are tearing it up in the playoffs; a player was injured in his lower leg and will be out for the season.
    during a BB’s press conference the star player was dressed in military garb, sporting a Bruins’ patch on his left arm just below a patch of the American flag.

    And so it goes.

  17. Because I’ve been a “yay to be alive” kick, and because I think Frank will appreciate this: (dunno who wrote it, wasn’t me)— “Becoming intellectually, emotionally and spiritually independent is an act of power that instantly and irrevocably detaches one’s consciousness from channelling the unreality broadcast of the construct. It is a natural, beautiful and easy thing to do.”

    “Usually, the more we understand the wider ramifications and lateral effects of a thought, the quicker it will appear in the physical realm. Part of this process also involves learning to appreciate that if we do not manifest from our own higher-imagination, the default setting is to channel the programming of the construct; to bring its desires into flesh and not our own.”

    “The game is a spiritual game played out over many long timelines, each of which we run in parallel. Of course, it isn’t really anything to do with materializing stuff into one’s life. The game is aimed at understanding the meaning and movement of one’s own consciousness and how it interacts with the wider universe. We transmute our energy from an idea that we are creating reality, into a faith that we are, and then, a knowing.”

    “No-one can tell you how relevant something is, except yourself. By the same token, just because you don’t give a hoot about cryptozoology, doesn’t mean that it isn’t highly relevant and important to someone else.”

    “As we are not separate, we cannot restrict our learning to our selves, even if we wanted to. Thus, when we learn, we teach; when we teach, we learn. With or without communication, clarifying one’s own consciousness positively uplifts, harmonizes and encourages everything and everybody we come into contact with. When I am in the room with someone who has a beautiful quality of consciousness, regardless of their intellect, education or background – it just feels good.”

    “It seems that the story must play itself out and the curtain will fall in its own time on this divine surrealist theatre. There is something very important to learn from it. For the moment, we are compelled to be astute matrix avatars, and that is the whole point of being here right now – to observe the projected shadow and it’s absurd control systems and constructs, and do our bit to dissolve it.”

    “By stilling the mind and reducing the noise of self, we create the space necessary to receive the signal. We field-uplink naturally. In merging local mind with universal mind, the manifestation of our imagination quickens. When we are on the path, growing, learning and clarifying our channel of consciousness, we can smooth the path in front of us. Synchronicities become perceptible to encourage us that we are operating multi-dimensionally, both physically and in spirit. We gain the subtle sense that the universe can see us…”

  18. Michael Jackson died on 25/6/2009
    Paris Jackson was admitted to Hospital on 5/6/2013

    Day gap = 1441 days, nice and symmetrical of course.

    Day # 1441 in the current 19 year Jewish calendar cycle was 11/9/2001, the day the twin towers were destroyed.

    5/6/2013 adds to a 13/13
    25/6/2009 ads to a 13/11

    From 24/8/2008, the last day of the Beijing Olympics, to 4/8/2012, Obama’s birthday at the centre of the London Olympics, = 1441 days!


    1441 is also the sum of the ASCII codes for the first 13 letters on the ‘QWERTY’ keyboard

    The 14th prime number is 41.

    The gematria of the first word in the Bible is 913 and this Hebrew word translates into ‘In the beginning’

    9:13 A.M. is the first of the last 888 minutes in a day by inclusive counting. 888 is the Greek gematria of ‘JESUS’.

    9:13 A.M. is the 553rd minute of the day.

    553 + 888 equals: 1441

    There are 1440 minutes in one day of 24 (8+8+8) hrs so the 1441st minute is the fisrt minute of a New Day.

    An added bonus: 14:41 on a 24-hour digital clock is the 881st minute of a day.

    881 is: the 153rd prime number, the exact center of the ‘Prime List’, the last point of the ‘Prime Cross’ and the 43rd number within the ‘Prime Cube’.

    There are 7 Hebrew words in Genesis 1:1.

    881 + 7 equals: 888

    • Paris Jackson was born on 3/4/1998
      Michael Jackson died on 25/6/2009

      Day gap = 4071 days

      Or, 11 yrs, 1 month and 11+11 days – that’s 7 1’s.

      4071 days = 3 x 1357 where 13 + 57 = 70.

      And 40 + 71 = 111 = 37 x 3.

      It was noted above that from Michael Jackson’s death to Paris Jackson going to hospital was 1441 days.

      1441 days is also 3 yrs 11 months and 11 days.

      14 + 41 = 55 = 5 x 11

      Lots of 1’s and 11’s and even a 111 involved with those three dates.

  19. an australian aboriginal has painted a mural of sorts on a roof of a building and is viewable only from the Eiffel Tower in Paris…something to do with with fish scales.

    Sorry for this curve ball guys…but just wondering has anyone ever seen the 1969 movie Tommy with the band The Who, Roger Daltry,Tina Turner, Elton John and others….the bilderberg meeting is on and I just could not get over how this Alex Jones you tube clip with him and his bull horn, sun glasses and head phones reminds me of the Death Dumb and Blind kid from the movie…you can either love or hate Jones, I have my own opinion of him which i always keep to myself., but seeing him here looks like he is death dumb and blind..the movie has everything in it including pedophilia, drugs etc… do yourself a favour and watch it. I am actually amazed at how many people have never heard of this cult classic…the first time I watched it I was on LSD and I can tell you, it was a hell of a ride…I still have the movie and watch it whenever i get bored and need a good movie to watch…..and of course the end of the movie everyone wakes up!

    infowars video clip…

    tommy images..

  20. I just realised it says Buckle on her t-shirt well Buckley

    Buckle; To succumb, as to exhaustion or authority; give in
    To give way; collapse

    • Two sides too everything.

      Noun: Buckle – fastener that fastens together two ends of a belt or strap; often has loose prong.

      Verb: Buckle – fasten with a buckle or buckles.

      I see it as a message as in “buckle up” you’re in for a bumpy ride. The answer in what to do to protect oneself is always written in the script…..just depends on how it’s interpreted by the individual.

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