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Cory Monteith, Glee And The Joker

Just a few observations about the death of Cory Monteith, the star of Fox TV series ‘Glee’, on the same day the Bohemian Grovers conducted their ‘Cremation of Care’ ritual – click ‘Expose Bohemian’ .

From BBC News :

“Glee star Cory Monteith has been found dead in a Vancouver hotel.

The 31-year-old, who played Finn Hudson in the Fox TV hit, was found dead at the Pacific Rim Hotel in the city centre on Saturday, said police.

The cause of death was not immediately apparent, but police have ruled out foul play.”





Aurora – The Joker



Boston Marathon
“Shiny Happy People Holding Hands”


And another actor connected to ‘Fun’ who died from an overdose .



Heath Ledger – The Joker


The death of Cory Monteith in the Pacific Rim Hotel appears connected to many of the recent themes discussed on Merovee, such as Transhumanism, Hotels and ‘The Big One’ – “Go Big Or Go Extinct” .



Pacific Rim movie
Go Big Or Go Extinct


And with the death of ‘Finn’ in the ‘Overlook Hotel’ (Pacific Rim – The Edge) are we approaching The End .



Le Fin



The Final Shot


But with ‘Le Fin’, there’s always a Birth not far behind .




“The Edge of Something” .



“And Here We Go” !


NB : As well, the date 13/7/13 = 33, as well as being a mirror date – 33 Degrees of Freemasonry and all that .


82 thoughts on “Cory Monteith, Glee And The Joker

    • FAITH,

      Cory Monteith = 12 letters or 3+3+3+3 letters.
      Cory Monteith in Simple Gematria Equals: 165 or 33+33+33+33+33
      1+6+5 = 12 or 3+3+3.
      M = 13

      I posted this earlier today on the previous thread relating to the New Royal Birth date possibility –
      17th July is day #198 which is 99 + 99 or miirror of 66 + 66! Mmmmm!

      99 + 99 = 33+33+33+33+33+33

      As you can see 198 is 33 more than 165

        • FAITH,

          Yes, I spotted your mention of Camilla’s birthday in Frank’s previous thread and did reply there acknowledging your 66th birthay comment. Do we HAVE to wait another 3 days though? 3 days? That number again! Just imagine Camilla….. counting…..down…..on her fingers!

        • Hi FAITH, that would be something. I personally hope not! It’s strange for me to say this since this birth is a negative sign of things to come. I guess it coincides with Camilla as forever being labeled ‘the other woman’, which goes back to the synopsis of Eyes Wide Shut again.

          I wonder about tomorrow’s date 7/15…a month after Kimye’s baby was born…hmm?!

      • C M = 3 13
        C W (Camilla Windsor) = 3 23 or 8
        Cory Monteith death 31:13:2023 = 8
        AS for the 17th, it will be the day before Mandala’s 95th birthday – he will be 94yrs 364 days = 13-13. Good day for him to ‘die’ (he is on life support) and the new queen to be born.
        Cory Monteith 12 letters, Cory = 7 Monteith = 5.
        Born 11:5 = 7
        Parents divorced when he was 7
        He attended 16 schools = 7
        Looks like another carefully planned sacrifice. His career spanned 9yrs – he was a British Commonwealth subject and died in British Columbia. B C = 2 3.
        Columbia is an archetype of the Goddess and derived from Semiramus.
        Got into drugs at age 13 – died at 31 ostensibly from drugs.
        Spell check says Monotheist for Monteith. Was he from Christian roots? Had he had a recent or historical epiphany?

        This pattern of sacrifice in the Commonwealth (including America) seems about appeasing the gods so that the Sun won’t go ape-shit and the earth won’t rock and roll, or is it for the complete opposite end? One way or another, these appear to be pagan sacrifices to their gods. The same thing appears to be happening here (New Zion) regularly. But there are adjunct ways of dealing with such matters as well as exposing them.

        As long as the majority of the English people approve of the Crown, then tacitly they approve of the actions thereof and implicitly they shall share in her downfall. Check out every major capitol city that is built on seven hills. Rome, Washington, London, Moscow, Canberra, etc. Babylon is the seat of the Beast, but it is not a place, rather a way of life, and now the Beastly Babylonians have taken over Mess-o-potamia again!

        Just a little historical reminder to you all. Rome (Germans) conquered Britain, then the Anflo Saxons (Germans) then the Jews by their Norman Security Contractors in 1066, then the German Jews (the Hanover handover and the Rothschild rort) in the 17th-18thC. It was Bacon’s dream of a New World Order which set the stage for what was to come, but in essence what you are seeing is the working of the Satanic Sanhedrin, those that say that they are Jews (and Christians) and are NOT and do LIE!

        The first and second world wars were the greatest piece of social engineering ever managed – imagine what planning and execution WW3 will take? And who commands the British and Commonwealth Armies? Liz and Chuck. OMG.

      • KEN….you,re way better on the numbers than me, Lol.
        Great work……and obviously ‘they’, whoever they are, are using these numbers too, for their evil deeds!

      • And Camilla will be 66 on the 17th. Born 17:7:47 = 26 = 8.
        C W = 3 23 = 8. Middle name is Rosemary – CLANG!

        Mary Elizabeth Rose Windsor, born 17:7:13?

        Somehow I don’t think Diana will be in the mix…but who knows….

    • There once was a man named Michael Finnegan,
      He grew whiskers on his chinnigin,
      Shaved them off and they grew in ag’in,
      Poor old Michael Finnegan (begin ag’in)

      There once was a man named Michael Finnegan,
      He got drunk from too much ginnigin
      So he wasted all this tinnigin,
      Poor old Michael Finnegan (begin ag’in)

      There once was a man named Michael Finnegan,
      He went fishing with a pinnigin,
      Caught a fish but he dropped it in ag’in,
      Poor old Michael Finnegan (begin ag’in)

      There once was a man named Michael Finnegan,
      Climbed a tree and hit his shinnigin,
      Took off several yards of skinnigin,
      Poor old Michael Finnegan (begin ag’in)

      There once was a man named Michael Finnegan,
      He kicked up an awful dinnigin
      Because they said he must not sing ag’in,
      Poor old Michael Finnegan (begin ag’in)

      There once was a man named Michael Finnegan,
      He grew fat and he grew thin ag’in,
      Then he died, and was born as him ag’in,
      Poor old Michael Finnegan (begin ag’in)

      Is it all about to begin ag’in?

      • Finnegan’s Wake was a key text for someone I’ve mentioned a number of times before: electronic media guru Marshall McLuhan.

        If you can ignore the music that blights this video then you’ll find some very interesting and highly relevant ideas expressed.

        • Timewave zero….

          “The entire book is based on La Scienza Nuova by Giambattista Vico who was a Renaissance sociologist and a systems theorist. And Joyce once in a famous interview, said, that if the whole universe were to be destroyed, and only FW survived, that the goal would be that the entire Universe would be reconstructed out of this. Some of you who are students of Torah, this is a very Talmudic idea, that somehow a book is the primary reality. You know, the idea in Hassidism is that all of the future is already contained in the Torah, and then when you ask them, well if it’s contained there then isn’t it predestined, and the answer is no, because the letters are scrambled, and only the movement of the present moment through the text correctly unscrambles and arranges the letters. ”

    • FAITH,

      pacific rim hotel in Simple Gematria Equals: 147 = (7×7) + (7×7) + (7×7)

      Plus your 21st (7+7+7) floor

      147/21 = 7.

      1+4+7 = 12 or 3+3+3+3.

      2+1 = 3.

      pacific rim hotel = 15 letters = 3+3+3+3+3 letters.

        • Cauldron? Like a punch bowl – see my post below ref: Monteith.

          ‘mixing’ is a synch sent to me last night.

            • ROB002

              Mixing? Could relate to the recent news we had about babies having the DNA of 3 people!
              KEN recently posted an excellent video by Pastor Mike explaining what they’re up to, and the symbolism relating to this.

      • Also P Rim is very close to Prism – ‘in the Prim’ . The ‘Hot El’ in LA was where another strange death happened – Elisa Lam .

        • Frank,

          Yes, looking at the dates in question we find that Elisa Lam booked in on 26th or some say 27th Jan 2013

          Cory Monteith was found dead on 13/7/2013.

          Day gap from 27th Jan to 13th July = 169 days or 13 x 13 days.

          However, Elisa Lam last spoke with her parents on Jan 31st.

          From 31/1 to 13/7 is 163 days which is the 39th prime = 13+13+13. Remarkable coincidence! 31:13 mirror.

          Cory Monteith was found dead in a Vancouver hotel and Elisa Lam lived in Vancouver.

        • cory allan michael monteith vancouver in Simple Gematria Equals: 377

          377 = 13 x 29 – that’s 29 13’s!

        • Pacific Rim…Edge of the ocean…water’s edge…water about to break?!

          Pacific = Specific? Pacifier? Pass fire?

          RIM = MIRror

          Just some thoughts…

        • Pacific Rim Cecil in Simple Gematria Equals: 119 or 7×17
          119 = 9/11 reversed or the same in English style, 11/9
          Also 119 miles from Glastonbury Tor to the London Olympic Stadium and 119 animals used in the Opening Ceremony.

          From 11/9/2001 to 13/7/2013 is 4323 days = 2 x 1441
          Day # 1441 in the current 19 year Jewish calendar cycle was 11/9/2001, the day the twin towers were destroyed.
          From 24/8/2008, the last day of the Beijing Olympics, to 4/8/2012, Obama’s birthday at the centre of the London Olympics, = 1441 days!

          4+3+2+3 = 13 or 3+3+3+3

          4323 days = 11 yrs 10 mths and 1+1 days – ie all the ones!

          11 yrs 10 mths = 142 mths and 1+4+2 = 7

          Square root of 142 = 11.916

          142 = 71 + 71 where 71 is the 21st, 7+7+7, prime. CM was found on the 21st floor.

          1441 is a nice symmetrical number.

          • And do not forget that this next Super Moon coincides with Neptunalia and the most auspicious day of the Talmudic calendar and it is a big ass alignment featuring Neptune. It is also the 13th “Star of David” alignment finishing the sequence for another 100yrs. The Star of David is of course a Hexagram – and a great big occult joke on the Jews. The 23rd is 6 days after the 17th. I am making it my prayer that every whit of gain these people get from their sacrifices of others, and their blood rituals shall be multiplied back to them as pain, even a hundred fold. That the pain they cause shall come back upon them multiplied and manifest, and so that they might learn not to blaspheme the Creator of ALL.

  1. Maybe this excerpt will help in your research– “We knew that any “triplication” of an occult sacred number was the highest symbolic intensification of that number, since it symbolizes the Pagan Trinity – Satan, Antichrist, and the False Prophet. Thus, a triplication of “7” would be ‘777’. Since the number ‘7’ is the number of Perfection in the occult, a triplication of ‘7’ would represent the numeric perfection of the Pagan Trinity and of the coming Masonic Divine Christ, the Biblical Antichrist, who is the highest expression of the New World Order Plan. ”

  2. I never watched the show but always took note of the Glee logo and it’s emphasis on the letter L made by hand gestures. The L with the apple from the Google bug comes back. Is there a connection to the Adam’s apple again? Soprano(s) actor James Gandolfini and now a Glee star? I was just as surprised for both.

  3. Oddly, this has been floating round in my head for the last few days.
    Innocent pop, or Turn Key Tyranny?

    • Oh, God. I know why that has been floating around in your head… Are you people Christians or what?

  4. Pacific Rim wad directed and cowritten by Guillermo del Toro. Toro is Spanish for Bull.
    A woman from my home state was gored on Sunday & she’s identified as J.E!!! (Glad this stuff is just sync.)

    Bull/Moloch/Cremation of care….

    “Rim” reminds me of a sex practice associated with homosexuals. Like Glee is….Hope u guys know what I mean because you would not want to search for it….

    I was surprised that Cory was 31. RiP

  5. I gasped reading this post. I recently attended some Beyoncé concerts and at the end of every show a huge digital message pops up on the jumbotron that says “FIN.”

    • Hi Libyansibyl – you would have to read the whole blog for the last year to understand the Birth / Death mind games going on, which I wouldn’t do if I was you as I’ve repeated myself a lot .

      I am not surprised Beyonce showed up .click Beyonce – The Queen of Oz .

  6. off topic maybe

    R´ha sci fi movie
    is there any relation with themes that you talaking about ?
    why is this video from young german boy who ashamed hollywood production with this short sci fi pushed by mainstream media now ? there are alien pharaos and some symbolism, please check it out Frank.

    • My first observation is the title – R’Ha or Aha as in joke or maybe RA .

      It’s very well done . The torturer does fit with Transhumanism . It’s difficult to know how much all this esoteric stuff has crept into the collective subconscious .

  7. Cory Monteith aged 31
    Prince William aged 31
    Kate Middleton aged 31

    Not sure of any significance, and maybe just coincidence!

  8. Going back a bit to when Kate was in hospital on 3/12/2012 it is 226 days to 17/7/2013 which is a date she may be giving birth on. As Faith has said it is also the 66th birthday of Camilla.

    226 = 113+113 and 113 is the 31st prime

    226 days is 7 months and 7+7 days.

    If you add 66 weeks to 17/7/2013 it comes to 22/10/2014, the day before the 2nd solar eclipse for 2014.

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