MAD, Ed Snowden And Obama

Thanks to Roobeedo .

Maybe the editors of MAD read Merovee . God knows what’s really going on .

Yesterday in ‘The Cold War, Obama And Putin’ I wrote ( see also ‘PRISM, Edward Snowden And The Shining’ and numerous other articles ) :

“Ed Snowden, the disagreement with Obama and Putin, and ‘The Cold War’ is a load of horse manure . Probably the best description, now Ed Snowden has entered the ‘Asylum’, is M.A.D .”




And from today’s MAD magazine :


“Here’s a sneak peek (emphasis on “sneak”) at the cover of MAD #523! The issue goes on sale August 27th, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!”




‘I Spy with my little Eye something begining with P’ – Psyops !


95 thoughts on “MAD, Ed Snowden And Obama

      • I thought that as well at first, but it specifically said, “Flight 777”. Don’t get me wrong, The Post, as well as all media outlets make logistical mistakes. But that one I found particularly interesting coming off the heels of the Asiana Flight 214, which really made headlines focusing on the 777 make of the model of that particular airliner. So even if it was a logistical mistake on the part of the news agencies involved in the reporting, I suppose it doesn’t matter, because a.) it has already entered the infosphere as “truth” as there was no mention in today’s paper that they got the reporting wrong, and b.) it’s such a small, insignificant story compared to say, oh I don’t know, Beyonce cutting her hair? Anyhow, I thought the nature of the story(phoned in bomb threat on a flight from Ireland), as well as the supposed number of the flight, not the make of the airliner, was significant. That said, it seems like it was simply another media appearance by our good friend, number 777. In other news, has anyone seen this,
        As well as this,
        Is Google maps susceptible to hackers? What’s the story with this thing? I suppose it sorta dovetails with Dzhokar’s two buds who just got charged with “obstructing an investigation”, hailing from the region. Also, sidenote, I went and checked it out on Google Maps for myself, and saw that it had been edited a third time and saw two “addresses”, one being “Jesus’ House” and the other, Einstein’s House”. Bizarre I thought, because obviously there are no structures there, but also because of the pace with which Google Maps seems to be fluctuating in their editing their site. Is there a reasonable explanation for not only the “editing/censoring”, but also the overall strangeness of the existence of such an anomaly on Google Maps? Could I build a giant geoglyph of say a swastika, or a middle finger, register an address, and subsequently have Google Maps display it prominently on their website? Is that all that’s involved here? Or is there more?

  1. Is it just me or have magazine covers become the new focus point recently. Many covers have been talked about here on this great site over the last couple of months. Are they the new message boards – propaganda posters?
    A couple of examples:
    Vanity Fair -Princess Diana. We all must remember her at this time of the royal birth.

    Womans Weekly – A photo of Julia Gillard in a rocking chair knitting. We are preparing Australia that julia will be no longer Prime Minister and is retiring from politics. A few days  later that in fact happened

  2. The encrypted email service Edward Snowden used, Lavabit, has closed down:

    With shark stories continuing in the news, the mention of Lavabit reminds me of the film title, ‘The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl’. I’ve not watched the movie, but the plot description throws up some key words.

    • I then go to the Telegraph News section and the top headline reads, ‘Energy volcano to erupt with 10 per cent price hikes’.

      Then there was this on 7th August:

      ‘Dirty old volcano! These two images from NASA’s Earth Observatory show how the ash from Alaska’s moody Veniamonof Volcano is soiling the mountain’s snow and perhaps helping melt some of it.’

          • Hi Faith – I know about the Blackhats and Whitehats as hacker terms but hadn’t heard of Grey Hats before . Maybe they sit on the fence 🙂 .

            • I heard when asking about antichrist, “A Grey man with a Grey mind and Grey rules”. Obama is grey (black+white) has grey rules and grey mind too – works in the grey smokescreen between the Mao-sons black and White – Good/Evil paradigm. His appearance is getting greyer and grey – 50 shades of grey? He says He follows Jesus Christ – indeed the antichrist “follows” the Christ – first the Christ, then the counterfeit Christ or antichrist (anti = in place of). Christian Grey, the S&M master who makes stupid women swoon? But he bows to Chaz and to Lizzie so be careful he is not just one of many antichrists, but perhaps not THE antichrist. Or as Prince Charlemagne would say, “EXTERMINATE!” He is so PC no one would pick him, right? His mother reputedly said that he is the ONE – and perhaps as a parody of the three generations of Joel’s prophecy there is Chaz, Wills and Geo.

              • IAN……and hasn’t Oprah Winfrey just had a racial incident with a white shop assistant in Switzerland.
                Black and White again.

                And if my memory serves me…..didn’t Oprah also call Obama…….The One !

                • I tend to think Obama is yet another in a long line of “antichrist” leaders. Trouble is,that so many, indeed the majority, of Xians do not “get” what antichrist is and so they blindly play pin the tail on the donkey, in this instance a Democrat Donkey. I have some material on it if you want it – but the conclusions I currently concur with leave me gasping in incredulity at the way in which people have been hoodwinked as to the identity of antichrist.

                  As to Oprah, is she not simply another over-priced hand-bag herself? I asked Heaven as to her and saw an image of a Black Nanny with many adoring white younger people, sitting at her feet while she told them stories – she is America’s Nanny for their Nanny State – and look at what she has evolved into – Dr Phil, Ellen…yech! Nice to see what her priorities are – how many starving black folk would the obscene price tag of the bag have fed? She is just another big old fat “reality TV” fraud. Aaaargh! The world is a vampire….

      • Now lava deaths:

        ‘Lava spewing from a volcano killed six people sleeping in a beach village in Indonesia as hot ash and smoke shot up to 2,000m (6,560ft) in the air.

        Mount Rokatenda, on Palue island, erupted early on Saturday, when more than 3,000 people were evacuated from the area.

        The victims included three adults and two children who were swept away by lava, an official from the National Disaster Mitigation Agency said.

        The age of the sixth casualty is unclear.

        The children’s bodies have not been recovered from Ponge beach, in Rokirole village.

        Rokatenda has been rumbling since October 2012.

        Indonesia sits along the Pacific Ring of Fire – the name given to a horseshoe-shaped series of fault lines that leave the region prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity.’

  3. Cant help thinking that the Sh! symbolism that we’ve been seeing a lot of lately in news stories, could be telling us that we,re all Mad, because we won’t SH!

    Remember Obama recently held an Alice in Wonderland themed party at The Whitehouse. This reminds me of The Mad Hatter quote…” We’re all quite mad here, you’ll fit right in ”

    Quite Mad.

    Quite……..anagram……..Quiet….( SH! )

    In 1999 a filmmaker created a documentary/fly on the wall film called….’ QUIET: We Live In Public ‘….
    whereby a group of 100 or so people lived in an underground bunker, in a place called QUIET, and were filmed 24/7, with their every move being watched by anyone who wished to tune in to the show .
    The filmmaker wanted to show, how people are willing to trade in their privacy, for connection and public recognition that they deeply desire, and that the constant surveillance was a price they were willing to pay to achieve this.

    Have we surrendered our Privacy ( Sh, Quiet ) and our Sanity ( Mad ) by using Social Network sites like
    MySpace, Facebook, Twitter etc.

    The NSA, and other Agencies, really don’t have to work too hard, when the virtual identities, profiles and pictures of people are freely available, on the Internet, with a click of a button… wonder they think we,re MAD !

    Yes…many people worldwide are now ‘ Living in Public ‘….while ‘they’ sit back and enjoy the movie !

  4. Mad in Simple Gematria Equals: 18 or 6+6+6.

    Mad has 3 letters.

    There are 27 fingers shown = 9+9+9 ie Mirror of the 6+6+6.

    The issue goes on sale August 27th – ie another 9+9+9 mirror.

    2+7 = 9 or 3+3+3 and twice = 6+6+6.

    And I’m fairly sure that Bob Schlenker of The Open Scroll would say that the shape of the letters at the top and bottom (of the word MAD) are shaped as the buttocks and meant to convey the sodomy signalling.
    If that is the case then there are 9 of them – 8 + 1 hidden. ie 3+3+3.

    Both spooks each have 3 teeth on show ie 3+3.

    There are 3 hats in the picture being worn by 3 people ie 3+3.

    War on Privacy in Simple Gematria Equals: 165 or 33+33+33+33+33

    special War on Privacy issue in Simple Gematria Equals: 303

    homeland planet tad 50 shades of grey mad in Simple Gematria Equals: 365 or 5 x 73
    Or, without the ’50’ = 315 = (5+5+5) x (7+7+7)

    365 days in the year or 12 months.

    Obama is the central figure on the cover and he is smiling with his arms around each spy.

    From 4/8/2012, Obama’s birthdat at the centre of the London Olympics to 27/8/2013 (issue date) is 388 days.

    3 x 8 x 8 = 192 or 8 x (8+8+8). Bingo!

  5. Lots of San Francisco/Pope Francis stuff in A View to a Kill. Including a former KGB agent/? trying to set off an earthquake in Cal.

  6. I recently watched Tarkovsky’s 1972 film Solaris then had a quick look at reviews of the remake. I noticed one of the characters names had been changed from Snuat to Snow. ‘Snowed In’ as they are stuck inside a space station. Sort of ties in with the MAD and the cold war theme in terms of the space race or more importantly the arms race between the two ‘superpowers’.
    Interestingly enough one of the memorable quotes listed from the remake comes from Snow he’s asked what is happening here and replies, “I could tell you what’s happening, but I don’t know if it would really tell you what’s happening”.
    Also Snow is possibly a duplicate/alter/mirror of the original created by the ocean on Solaris.

  7. Two films, each with a different kind of MAD theme…both connected to the new Prince (Mad) George (III) aka GAL…both to be released near/on JFK’s anniversary…HER on 11/20 and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on 11/22. In the trailer, they call her the ‘girl on fire’…and the president’s name is Snow.

    You wonder if this feminine take is referring to the recently ‘found’ PINK alien planet…named GJ 405b. Could it be Nibiru? Is IT a GAL in hiding?

    • No way, Lawrence? Before I replied to you pink planet post, above, I was looking up St Lawrence because of this:

      ‘Stargazers will be treated to a spectacular fireball show early next week when Earth hits a belt of comet debris known as the Perseids, astronomers say.

      The annual Perseid meteor shower, dubbed “the tears of St Lawrence” in honour of a martyred Christian saint, should peak in the wee hours of Monday and Tuesday with between 60 and 100 shooting stars per hour.’

      The meteoroids hit our planet’s atmosphere at 37 miles per second, St Lawrence feast day is 10th of August and is the patron saint of comedians.

      How MAD is that?

      Great catch with Joaquin PHOENIX and the girl on fire.

      • That’s interesting Roob, thanks! She also played a character named Raven, before changing her name to the shapeshifting mutant Mystique in X-Men: First Class. Her b-day is coming up on 8/15…turning 23…22 at the time of Georgie’s birth! I just saw Joaquin’s profile…he’s going to be in a film called PRISM, coming out on Christmas Day…it doesn’t stop!

        • Jennifer Lawrence was born in Louisville.

          ‘American Hustle’ will be another Christmas-time movie.

          ‘The story of a con artist and his partner in crime, who were forced to work with a federal agent to turn the tables on other cons, mobsters, and politicians – namely, the volatile mayor of impoverished Camden, New Jersey.’

          Made by ANNAPURNA Pictures.

          Starring Christian Bale (Aurora), Jennifer Lawrence (Sandy Hook) and Bradley Cooper (Boston Marathon).

          CB plays a character called Irving Rosenfeld (rosy pink)
          JL plays a character called Rosalyn Rosenfeld (double rosy pink)
          BC plays a character called Richie DiMaso (Serena DiMaso is one of 5 Freeholders of Monmouth County, New Jersey that was badly affected by Hurricane Sandy and contains a Sandy Hook):,_New_Jersey

          The writer is Eric Warren Singer – warren being where rabbits live (did you see the blue rabbits in the Barbarella clip?)

      • Rescue operation for the miners trapped in the 2010 Copiapó mining accident in Chile was termed Operación San Lorenzo after the saint.

        Chile mineaccident was very big occult ritual. Perhaps 10 august is also important day for evils.

  8. Remember how, in February the old pope announced on 11/2/13 he was going to resign on Feb 28th and then they chose a new pope 13 days later on 13/3/13 at 6:66pm (7:06pm) that evening local time?
    6:66pm is 18:66pm is (6+6+6):66pm.,_2013

    Well, as I said before, our PM Rudd got back into power on 23/6 by defeating Gillard in a Labour Caucus vote and then called the election on 4/8 ie 13 days later.

    Two 13 day waits.

    From 13/3/2013 (D Day in Vatican) to 7/9/2013 (D Day in Oz) = (13×13) + (3+3+3) days or 5 mths and 5 x 5 days.

    Dday in Simple Gematria Equals: 34 – the same number of days between Rudd calling the election on 4/8/2013 and the Election day itself, 7/9/2013

    Decision Day in Simple Gematria Equals: 108 or 4 x (9+9+9)
    and 1+8 = 9

    • On 13:12:11 David Shearer won NZ Labour Party leadership by 22-11 in 33 member caucus vote as 33rd leader of opposition. born 28:7:57 = 11. Assumed office as MP 13:6:09. Has been awarded MBE (=11) and is former UNO (=8) Disaster Coordinator. (DC=7) and entered parliament in 49th session of three yrs and is currently 31st on party list for MMP – (German system). See, ‘they’ do it here too…it is all rigged…

        • That was not mentioned in our local rag. My son and I have seen several UFO’s in the last few years – nothing quite this startling. There was one over the CTV building which collapsed catastrophically in the quake – which I see as a sacrifice, especially given its Masonic cues and position in relation to perhaps the most inferential Masonic lodge in Canterbury (now destroyed) and the site of their New Age Cathedral. There is some very spooky things going on is this Burg. I feel like Jeremiah trying to warn the people of NZ that it is their playing the whore that has set them up for a shakedown.

          Go to Google Earth if you will and type in “Spreydon Baptist Church” and check out the roof of the sanctuary. I tried to preach form the dais there back in 2001 and could not cut through the veil, the wall of unbelief – it was only recently that I heard to look from above – and realized that the dais is directly under the middle of the roof. Then check the website out and look at the pic of three little girls lying on a green cloth mitre overlaying a grey mat.

          This was the Church that literally took over the Charismatic revival in CHCH back in the 70’s and it is still the biggest game in town – note that their SUN-day meetings are at 9 and 11 am. The church hall next to it is where I had a vision of the congregation being crushed due to a big quake causing the acoustic sub-ceiling to collapse. The shot from the hills on the Website is where my son and I and others have “seen” a volcanic eruption.and earthquake happen – the Kairos & Khloros connection. Things are hotting up here seismically – HAARP head every day for three weeks. Bloody Masons! I am praying that the miseries that they are inflicting shall multiply back to them in the night – and that they shall have no rest from their wickedness.

  9. MAD and Putin….could mean MAD Russian, which reminds me of RASputin…..( the mad monk )

    MAD and RAS = MADRAS

    MADRAS was were the evil, and probably demonically possessed Russian, Helena Blavatsky originally had The Theosophical society HQ.
    Her false teachings were said to be the spiritual impetus for the Nazi regime and the wicked idea of Aryan supremacy, and Luciferianism.

    Her birthdate was 12/8/1831 and her Ashes are said to have been scattered in 3 places ……
    London…..New York……Madras

    • I’ve no sympathy for anyone condemning homosexuality (as this article does ‘in the name of Christianity’ but good article on origins of Lucis Trust and theosophy’s evil.

      • Faith and Ax – I think a lot of original ideas came from the New Age movement but like everything else, once it got some traction, the beady eye of Sauron became interested .

        Re Ax and homosexuality . Freedom is freedom is freedom . What concerns me, not in particluar to homosexuality but everything in life really, is lack of consent – rape, child abuse etc . It doesn’t matter what the sexual orientation, the nasties will be found .

          • A x,

            Clearly you avoided the rather straightforward question.
            It certainly applies to gay men.

            Where did these ‘rights’ come from you speak of?
            Who created these rights?
            What is ‘politically correct’ nowadays and who created this political correctness?
            Was it me? Was it the vast majority of the population of any specific country? Or was it just a small minority imposing THEIR rules on everyone else?
            Who made these laws? Who changed these laws? Who asked me or the vast majority of people their opinion or permission? Who are these people ruling over us? These members of political parties. Who controls these parties? These ‘gangs’.
            Looks like a rather big conspiracy to undermine mainline society to me.

            Perhaps a reading of this article by Henry Makow will shed some light on how the deception works –

            Please let me know your response either here or via email through Frank.

        • I am gay and believe gays have same rights as straights, am 100% in favour of gay marriage etc. Am against all forms of sexual abuse, rape etc whether perpetrated in an opposite sex or same sex context. We don;t really use the term sodomy here in the UK, except in ancient biblical contexts so no sure what you mean.

          • A x,

            I might suggest you read some articles at The Open Scroll where Bob Schlenker decodes many Corporate logos etc which secretly promote sodomy.

            Here is a link to Part 1 –

            The promotion of homosexual marriage and homosexuality itself by the mass media and a large number of corporations can only be seen as a planned conspiracy and assault on mankind to corrupt mankind.
            You might also like to read a variety of articles by Henry Makow here –

            Scroll down to Section 2 where there are 10 articles to choose from.

            • Ken, Gay people are not the threat. Gay marriage is not a conspiracy (though, of course, politicians manipulate news of this to create a diversion away from pressing social issues etc.). I’ve no time at all for homophobia, nor for racism, nor for any kind of bigotry – this kind of bigotry leads to violence against gays, blacks etc.

  10. “Maybe the editors of MAD read Merovee . God knows what’s really going on”

    Think and you shall receive!

  11. Let’s make us something completely random, unsynched and then post a thousand comments here and then wait.

    • Hi Pondering – I don’t know if it’s synchronicity and it somehow creates itself, or being tuned into ‘something’ . Your idea is tempting .

      • Frank, we might try it. We should always remember we are not victims. We are co-creators. Think and we shall receive. Can you imagine what a single thought that gets drilled into the heads of infants over millennium might produce?

        • The greatest lie the ”Satan” ever told was that babies — the creations of God– were born sinners. If babies are born sinners, it follows that babies were created in Satan’s image, not God’s. See how that works, Ken? Repeat the lie over millennium and see what you get. You’re chasing it.

          Clever devils.

  12. You have to distinguish between predictions and assumptions. What is described here so brilliantly on Merovee is assumption. Which could also lead to confirmation, and subsequently does more often than not, but not necessarily into the realms of prediction. We would delve into the realms of prediction if a fake post involving a random news event happened and inadvertently came true and a designer event materialised.

    • Hi Makky – I was pondering ‘Pondering’s idea last night and for some reason thought of the ISS station which ran into trouble but there was a happy ending . But even if it happened, it wouldn’t prove if it was a ‘creation’ or a form of unconscious remote viewing .

      It does interest me . I wrote on Merovee the day before the death of Whitney Houston, that I anticipated the ‘sacrifice’ of a major feminine ‘celebrity’ and two days before the Olympic ceremony that there would be a birth at the Ceremony and the ‘giant baby’ appeared but other events which I expected to happen didn’t, and others have . Sometimes, you can see where something is leading and get the general idea .

      Maybe, I think too much but looking around, someone’s got to 🙂 .

      • That was the point that I was trying to make, in a way.
        You’re right in saying someone has to ‘think’ about things and thank goodness they and yourself do.

  13. Plane crash in East Haven, Connecticut, USA on 9/8/2013. (Isn’t Sandy Hook in Connecticut?)

    “East Haven Police formally confirmed that the the pilot of the small, propeller-driven plane was 54-year-old former Microsoft executive Bill Henningsgaard.”
    54 = 18+18+18.

    From 14/12/2012 (Sandy Hook – 9 letters) to 9/8/2013, East Haven – 9 letters) = 238 days = 119 + 119 days.
    119 animals in the opening ceremony in London Olympics and 119 miles from the stadium to Glastonbury Tor which featured prominently in the opening ceremony.
    2+3+8 = 13
    Henningsgaard = 13 letters
    Henningsgaard in Simple Gematria Equals: 121 or 11×11
    Henningsgaard East Haven in Simple Gematria Equals: 216 or 6x6x6
    From 4/8/2012 to 9/8/2013 = 370 days – look up the importance of the number 37.

    From 22/7/2013 (the Royal birth) to 9/8/2013 (plane crash East Haven) = 18 days or 6+6+6 days.

    22/7/2012 was the 777th week after Diana, Princess of Wales was killed in Paris on 31/8/1997.
    From 22/7/2012 to 9/8/2013 = 383 days or 1 yr and 18 days.
    383 is the 77th prime. 3+8+3 = 14 or 7+7.

    All these facts are just coincidence of course.

  14. I will start.


    “Human chromosomes are 6 feet or 72 inches (7+2=9) in length but fit crumpled up into a tiny ball of a cell that is 0.1 mm in diameter.”

    “Each 1 minute or 60 seconds 300,000,000 of the body’s cells die. If they were not replaced, we would die in about 230 days.”

    “In each cell lies our DNA, the keeper of all codes, infinitely complex in its variations, and unique to each of us. The DNA directs the cellular growth in every organism on Earth. If the DNA in our bodies’ cells were uncoiled and laid end to end, it would reach to the moon and back 100,000 times!”

    “The heart weighs only .5 pounds and is the size of a clenched fist. A normal heart does the daily work equivalent of lifting 1 ton or 2000 pounds fro the ground up to the top of a 5-stoey building. In a lifetime it beats about 4,000,000,000 times — once for every man, woman, and child on earth.”

    “Blood takes 16 seconds to travel from heart to toes and back again.”

    “The circulatory system in each of our bodies is 60,000 miles long. If laid end to end, the body’s blood vessels would encircle the Earth more than 2 times.”

    “Each red blood cell circuits the entire body up to 300,000 times over a 120-day period before it wears out and dies.”

    “3,000,000 replacement cells are manufactured in bone marrow each minute.”

    “Once per minute the heart pumps the body’s entire blood supply through the lungs. The heart is our most faithful muscle and clings to life to the very end, when all the rest have relaxed permanently.”

    These are not numbers I’ve discovered. These are numbers that are studied by men and women who are utterly in awe of God. I am in awe of God reading them. As Pondering says, think and we shall receive. Let us be aware of where we are placing our study, our thoughts, our ”awe.” Triviality remains trivial no matter how much it adheres to a schedule. Indeed, we are co-creators.

    • YELLOW,

      Thanks for all that. Isn’t it wonderful that ‘evolution’ can make so many intelligent decisions! Like the patterns on the feathers of a bird. The left side perfectly matches the right side. Amazing proof of random evolution. No balance there – just chaos and no noticeable pattern! No evidence of design by a creator!

  15. In other words, there’s nothing a man-made book, a tvshow, a celebrity, a football game or any other pop-cultural event can teach me about God. I’m reading the Creation. Not the manipulation.

    • Hello Yellow – “They” put God in a skin bound book so they could put man in a skin bound box. Christ is the DNA of God and the Holy Spirit the RNA. In 2001 I received a vision from God – some time later related it to a theoretical physicist who told me that I had just unlocked the door to string theory – then much later to a genius I know who told me that it was also a vision of the structure of RNA which is in effect incomplete DNA – when a DNA strand splits it becomes two strands of RNA. When the message or RNA we are comes into alignment with the Divine Purpose we are completed by God and become as His DNA – we become as Christ – complete(d) in Love – a complete(d) message – an epistle read of all men – the NEW CREATION – yet not “new”, but “old” or as at the beginning. Sin is separation FROM God, while holiness is separation To God – as in Shalom – whole – entire – lacking nothing (of God).

      Until then we look at God as if in a darkened mirror, but then when maturity comes, we see face to face, we know, even as we are known, and the message is complete, entire, lacking nothing. For now we labor in the void between Christ and antichrist, between the Eternal Spirit and the temporal flesh, between the Tree of Life and the Tree of the knowledge of good an evil, between Christ and antichrist.

      John wrote, “There are many spirits in the world” or “breaths” and breath “goes out” from us as words, and it is not that which goes into a man that defiles him but what comes out. Our antichrist “word” must “come out” and it is indeed forced out by the inner Life, the “Word” or essence of God written in our hearts. Hypocrisy is to continue to contain and to cover that which needs to come out so that we may be made complete, entire, lacking nothing. What we retain and will not relinquish of the Old life is antichrist – it opposes and prevents Christ and prevents us from entering in to the fullness of the Shalom state of being, resting in God, being completed in the completed work of God in Christ..

      At least that is how, up to this point, I have come to comprehend Christ.

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