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Area 51 Disclosure

It has been acknowledged that Area 51 exists by the US government . In reply to a Freedom of Information request from 2005, it has been confirmed that it was founded during the Eisenhower years and was set up to develop the U2 spy plane .


area 512


From Mail Online :

“For the first time ever, the United States government is acknowledging the existence of the enigmatic military base in the southern Nevada desert famously known as Area 51. But its purpose, according to recently released documents, is far less spectacular than most UFO enthusiasts would have hoped.

The National Security Archive at George Washington University recently published a report entitled ‘The Secret History of the U-2.’ It chronicles the history and importance of the spy planes that were frequently used during the Cold War.

In their research for the report, the NSA the researchers obtained declassified documents about the planes that actually reference Area 51 on several occasions – as well as a map of the secret base.”


Area 51 is more famous for its extra-terrestrial links and claims have been made that the bodies of the Roswell alien ended up in Area 51, as well as allegations of an alien base, Majestic 12 etc, etc .



Of course, this release of information would have to be authorised at the highest level, way above Barack Obama and my suspicious mind suspects it’s part of the ongoing Prism / Shining revelations .The U2 was another Eye in the Sky and had its own ‘I Spy’, Gary Powers who was shot down over Soviet airspace and was eventually returned to the United States in a prisoner exchange with the USSR . Maybe Ed Ward Snowden ( Eyes Wide Shut ) will become another ‘Spy Who Came In From The Cold’ .

One of my favourite phrases since Boston is ‘somewhere in the Nevada desert’ and it has been claimed that the Moon landings were shot in Area 51 . And with reference to Kubrick, The Shining and Area 51 .



Danny – Apollo 11 The Shining




“Keep watching the skies” .


58 thoughts on “Area 51 Disclosure

  1. The F O I A requests seem questionable to me. It seems like the perfect way to create or neglect items pertaining to said topic. I wonder if they have had requests about other areas. Or if there is a FOIA archive site.

  2. I caught this on a TV news segment and had to laugh; again something is disclosed that people have known about for years anyway.
    No doubt they’re distracting people away from other sites, I think one is called Dulce (not sure).

    Acknowledging Area 51 probably means an acknowledgement of aliens is coming, just one more prep step before we see the biggest psy-op ever.

    Huge alien trends lately and lots of sightings too. OT but owls are also trending-TV ads, jewelry, home decor-owls are definitely getting marketed.

  3. Why are the CIA making their announcement now?

    The Roswell, NM “event” was on 7/7/1947.

    So, 66 years later was 7/7/2013.

    From 7/7/2013 to 15/8/2013, when the CIA acknowledges their ‘information’ about Area 51, is 39 days.

    So, from 7/7/1947 to 15/8/2013 is 33+33 years and 13+13+13 days.

    A lotta that going around nowadays!

    And the date of the 15th (August) is a mirror to 51.

    From and including: Monday, 7 July 1947
    To, but not including Thursday, 15 August 2013

    Result: 24,146 days

    It is 24,146 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

    Or 66 years, 1 month, 8 days excluding the end date

    24,146 = 2 x 1,2073 and 1+2+7+3 = 13.

    2 and 1,2073 are the only two factors of 24,146.

    Roswell in Simple Gematria Equals: 104 or 13+13+13+13+13+13+13+13

  4. 15/8/2013 PLUS 13 days gives us 27/8, one day after the 13 month marker after the London Olympics opening ceremony in 2012.

    Counting back 13 days from 11/9/2013, the 12th anniversary of 911 we come to 28/8.
    ie, both counts of 13 days from significant dates land right next to each other and immediately after the 13 month marker after the London Olympics opening ceremony in 2012.

    3 13’s all in a row.

    Just lookin’!

    • RR – I’ve been pondering the same question . 451 is the temperature at which paper spontaneously combusts and the U2 is related to The Cold War . I could go on about Bono but it’s too early in the morning for my mind .

      • “In the morning after, Granger teaches Montag and the others about the legendary phoenix and its endless cycle of long life, death in flames, and rebirth, adding that the phoenix must have some relation to mankind, which constantly repeats its mistakes, but that man has something the phoenix does not: mankind can remember the mistakes it made from before it destroyed itself, and try to not make them again. Granger then muses that a large factory of mirrors should be built, so that mankind can take a long look at itself. When the meal is over, the band goes back toward the city, to help rebuild society.”

        • The novel won a “Prometheus award”. The “Phoenix” is in the novel. Also in the book mankind builds a hall of mirrors…..PRISM. Wow, I may have to read this book.

        • LTR-
          Reading about the band U2, mention is made of their song “The Electric Company” which is reportedly about ECT therapy administered at a mental institution in Dublin then called Grangegormon (later renamed St. Brendan’s).

          Album name was “Under A Blood Red Sky” where Bono sang 27 seconds of “Send In the Clowns” (and got into some copyright problems for doing so).

          The song lasted 4:51

          Though listed in the US as 5:1The actual length of the song is listed on non-US albums as 4:51.

          • TOTO-
            Interesting Sync. The band U2, the U2 spy plane. Bono was born in 1960, within a couple of years of the development of the U2 plane, which flew at 60,000 feet.

  5. Wow, what do us thinkers and searchers focus on in this piece of area 51 news? The cold war talk reemergence or the UFO disclosure aspect.

  6. I been pondering why it’s called Area 51………51 ?

    ANTIMONY….is an element with the Atomic Number….51

    It’s Chemical element symbol is……SB = Stibium = Latin for …..Mark

    ANTIMONY……in Greek is…..anti and monus…= Not Alone
    (An elemental is also a demonic spirit )

    ANTIMONY…is also called …philosophers stone, elixir of life etc. and was used by Ancient Alchemists, who also named it….Saturnia, Black Dragon, son of satan.
    ANTIMONY…also has a Gematria number of 666

    Thomas Aquinas was a Catholic priest who practiced Alchemy and Metaphysics…using ANTIMONY.
    Metaphysics……existence, objects and their properties, space, time.

    We,ve just had a ferry accident involving a ship called MV Thomas Aquinas

    Area 51 employees fly from a special terminal at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, using white Boeing aircraft
    called Janet Planes.

    Janet ……..Janus-Bifrons……..demonic gods

    Whatever is, or has been going on at Area 51 has nothing to do with aliens from other planets.
    I believe these entities that people report seeing …I.e…..little grey beings who supposedly walk through walls and abduct people, and ufo’s that suddenly appear and disappear into thin air…..are metaphysical and demonic.

    • 51 supposedly named for it’s location on a grid but oddly enough it’s also located directly next to an Area 15 which, back in the early 60’s, was a nuclear testing area with a labrynth of underground bunker facilities.

      The info they garnered went to the North American Aerospace Defense Command in Colorado Springs.

      15 also became an EPA testing farm where they’d test pollutants on cows, pigs, etc.

      The link includes info on all the “areas” but Area 4 is also the home of BEEF (Big Explosives Experimental Facility)…
      15 held 40 explosions with 44 total detonations.

      You wonder if the area is gridded out like a prism or on some kind of lei line or the like. Maybe one that includes L.U.C.I.F.E.R. ?

      I thought the BEEF connection was odd.

      • TOTO

        When and if you have time; to learn more about “nuclear testing area with a labyrinth of underground bunker facilities” in and around Dulce I suggest you listen to some of the ramblings, (YouTube) of Philip Schneider. He’s not a great speaker but what he talks/talked about before he was killed is very interesting.

      • Wow. What could it signify that the Thomas Aquinas was sunk so close to the date? There are many bodies still to be recovered.

  7. The aliens were thought to have been transported to Wright Patterson Air force base in Dayton Ohio… just a factoid.

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