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Miley Cyrus, Kali And The Magus

From Wikipedia – Kali :

“Kālī (Sanskrit: काळी, IPA: [kɑːliː]), also known as Kālikā (Sanskrit: काळिका), is the Hindu goddess associated with empowerment, shakti. The name Kali comes from kāla, which means black, time, death, lord of death, Shiva. Since Shiva is called Kāla—the eternal time—Kālī, his consort, also means “Time” or “Death” (as in time has come). Hence, Kāli is the Goddess of Time and Change.

Although sometimes presented as dark and violent, her earliest incarnation as a figure of annihilator of evil forces still has some influence. Various Shakta Hindu cosmologies, as well as Shākta Tantric beliefs, worship her as the ultimate reality or Brahman. She is also revered as Bhavatārini (literally “redeemer of the universe”). Comparatively recent devotional movements largely conceive Kāli as a benevolent mother goddess.”






In previous posts, I commented on the phrase ‘Do you believe in The Juggler’ from the Pink Floyd ‘Darkside’ video .




And from Wikipedia – The Magician Tarot card :

“The Magician, The Magus, or The Juggler is the first trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks. It is used in game playing as well as in divination. In divination it is considered by some to succeed The Fool card, often numbered 0.”




And “The Al-Chemical Wedding” or ‘The Al-Chemical Re-action’ .




Last week, I re-read the John Fowles novel “The Magus” by coincidence, synchronicity or whatever . ‘The Magus’ tells the tale of a young Englishman, Nicholas d’Urfe who takes up a job as a schoolmaster on a Greek island, Phraxos where he meets a rich and mysterious character called Conchis .

Conchis embroils Nicholas in ever increasing bizarre ‘masques’, such as a fake Nazi execution and a false ritual involving men and women in strange costumes similar to the Black Mass scene from ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, as well as a the fake suicide of his girlfriend . Click Wikipedia for a fuller review . At the end, it is revealed all the games are intended to give Nicholas a deeper insight into himself and ‘Life’ .




As regular readers will know, I am very suspicious of the veracity of recent news stories such as Boston, Woolwich and the Syrian chemical attack and believe that we may be caught up in a similar sort of game as described in ‘The Magus’, but without the good intention of Conchis . We are manipulated to react in certain ways to these events, so that agendas can be fulfilled .

But ultimately, I think the aim is ‘spiritual’ rather than money and power . Behind all the ‘flickering pixels’ that we see in the media, is a force that is just as strong and inflexible in its spiritual beliefs as the most extreme Christian, Moslem, Jewish, etc fundamentalist, which is endeavouring to bring in not only a change in the way the world is governed but a new spiritual perspective and maybe it’s always been so . It believes in Might is Right, the love of Death, the supremacy of the physical over the spiritual and hatred of true Love .

Some people say to understand the world, you need to ‘Follow the Money’ . I say ‘Follow the God’ ( or Goddess ) .


67 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus, Kali And The Magus

  1. I believe all religious ”Brotherhoods” are what we call ”masonic.” They all meet at the same table for the same end. At that table, superficial differences disappear. They’re all reading from the same script, all playing it out to a tee.

    • Dang it, could not have put it better. There are seven world religions or mountains upon which the WOMAN sits – and out of these derive are all the others – but they all spring from the One Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which is why from the outside they all look the same and why eventually they will be coalesced into a ONE WORLD RELIGION where all are kings and priests of their own peculiar craft, all Masons of their own loony lodge, all builders of their own temple of truth, all as gods, knowing their own gnosis…and this is so close to the Real Truth that it becomes virtually imperceptible, blurred lines even…

      • Ian – in reply to your unpublished comments, I’m trying to let others breathe a bit . I don’t think you realise but when you’re on a roll its a bit like standing next to someone with a megaphone .

        • Yeah I know – I am a born preacher – at least that is what they used to tell me at Church, or Kirke. I am zealous for truth – its my inner child who goes a little wild, need to grow up and settle down – well I am only (nearly) 58!. Ever since i told my Christian friends that there is no hell and the Church is not the answer it is (a big part of) the problem and that the King James Bible is not the infallible Word of God and the rapture is a Jesuit deception – they don’t want to know me! They think I have sold out to Satan. But that one about the Nephilim is totally so, but it does wind up the ladies who have a soft spot for such things. LOL. 0(:->)

          • Anything out of a very narrow, non-intuitive prescription is ”Satan.” It’s like a kill/suicide switch imbedded in the programming of the beliebers. If one’s faith is strong, one can ask very difficult questions and it doesn’t shatter, only deepens. One can confront facts and not substitute them with the timed cadences of pop culture. You are on the right path I believe. Thanks for sharing. I’m learning.

          • How did I know it would all come down to trying to get chicks in bed…..typically enlightened bs.

  2. Hi Frank! I hope you are doing well. It’s MJ here. So, the Miley stuff is rock bottom (no pun intended). Actually the more I think about “bottom” or “butt” puns, there is a reason why that is: Because it’s shit! TPTB really revel in it, and want us too, too because it involves the root chakra, materialism, our three dimensional existence and, their pedo obsession. I don’t know what’s worse miley or honey booboo and I’m going to stop thinking about it right now.
    Here is what I really wanted to say:

    • Hi MJ – great to hear from you . Yes, you don’t want to think about Smiley Miley and her bottom for too long .

      Thanks for the link . When I was young I used to read Ray Bradbury and became convinced that we were originally Martians without any real reason . I remember a teacher laughed at me when I asked if we came from Mars . Who has the last laugh 🙂 .

      • You felt something, believed it, …was inspired by reading (a creative source), spoke up about it, and of course, laughed at, perhaps told you were silly, etc. imagine how many creative souls are suppressed through the education system. Creativity and originality are huge threats to the jackasses that own and run everything. So, students are tested and rewarded on what they can regurgitate, not what they can create or challenge with critical thinking. It makes me angry, and I can do something about it if I knew where to start.., any suggestions? I have an idea to blog about different ways to teach things; I feel like subjects should be taught in an all-encompassing way, instead of chopping them up. Math class should be taught with geography (, and throw in sociology and cultural studies, too. And, foreign language and even art, as well. Everything is related and modern politics can be summed up in the same way as Miley’s performance: meant to shock, divide, start a “buzz”, accept as “just crazy times we live in”, distract from real problems, an inside joke about the masses, in your face BS, and everything else at “base” level you can think of, with the same pyramid (and family tree) of parasites pulling the puppet strings.
        I almost lost it when my sister said she was disappointed in robin thick for participating. I really almost lost it!

  3. The image I’ve been pulling from Miley Cyrus’s performance is that of “The decapitated goat” One of those oft subtly hidden images in a lot of art. Which is symbolic of death, more so our own death or even mass death. Also I’ve been reading into this mother archetype lately. I think it really fits in with your Kali post today. In the states here we have a national holiday called “Labor Day” And I’ve been begining to think that it has nothing to do with “the workforce” at all.

    • Another good take, Brian! Kali-Fornication.
      I was headed out of Cali the other night and from my airplane seat saw the Blue Moon directly at eye level (appeared that way at least) and suspended over the ultra-electrified California Coastline. Orange on orange on orange on black, just in time for Halloween. Don’t know why it seemed a setup.

  4. If “time/Kali”, is up on Saturday Aug. 31, the anniversary of Diana’s death, I will seriously laugh! 🙂

    • Hi Elena – I had the same thought . Even though Kali in Hindu philosophy is seen as a beneficial goddess, when she’s seen at the MTV awards thats a different story .

  5. I think you commented some pages ago that a missile might land on the Dome of the Rock if a war starts. With the world powers now sending warships into the med, it looks like a prophecy could be fulfilled, Luke 21:20, “When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then understand that its devastation is approaching.”
    Coupled with Janet Napolitano’s comments, it looks like America could be facing a fall:
    Is this why they are invoking Kali? To bring in a storm?

    • I think they are after California. Maybe Ian is right about the earthquake in his part of the world with affects in Kalifornication. (Btw, something wackadoodle with comment forms)

    • Hi CT – its all ‘Fear’ stuff to keep everyone in their little boxes, IMO . Time will tell what happens with Syria but you can be sure it will involve further freedom restrictions due to the ‘situation’ . And who organised the ‘situation’ ?

  6. It all goes back to Asherah, to the original “mother of Heaven” from which all these feminine archetypes evolved just as every woman is Eve in her own way, and every man is Adam.

    When the two become one in Spirit, they become as the New or Last Adam – the reflection of the mystery of the marriage of Christ with us..

    The corruption or deviation of this is the GE OGRE, Genetically Engineered Ogre of Male and Female as One creature, the return not only to the Garden but to the beginning when they were One, before the division of XY and XX.

    This process will culminate in those who will become one in the Creator Spirit,and those who will become one as their own Creator, their own Genesis, and so too the division between the sheep and the goats, those who by reason of their conscience serve God, and those who command their own conscience as sons of perdition to serve themselves as god, to wit the abomination of desolation, standing as God in the Temple of God.

    Its a mystery…yes?

    Can one be excused for asking if this is Y all the XXX? 0(:->)

    • Another exceedingly good take, Ian! Wow, now we are getting somewhere and three different takes from three different posters in one thread! Exceedingly interesting this one. Keep it up. Let us stop counting the rocks someone is skimming over the surface. Let’s get real.

    • wow! preach on decsiple of thelema, new age follower of madam Blavatsky. You do a good job with your disinformation, propigating the very thing you say you are against.

  7. And if you think that Miley’s perfomance is outrageous, just wait – it will go mainstream yet and I would imagine that the XXX “industry” has already produced an “uncut” per-version of this with look alike peformers. It is only a matter of time before they get fully Corinthian – will it be Miley who is the one to break the final taboo – full public pubic penetration in prime time – to go the XXXtra mile? Will this be her legacy her parents spoke of?

    Or will she break down and repent and start preaching “Jesus”, perhaps a New Messiah? My father always reckoned that the false messiah would come in on a wave of renewed conservatism, of “goodness” to counter evil, but would be the ultimate evil, the closest thing to God without being God. The Man of Good to deal LAWFULLY and awfully to the EVILS of this world of sin and degradation?

    Search out Will Smith describing on Graham Norton how the PC Prince watched his movie premier and had his aide tap him on the shoulder to avert his gaze when the love making scene of Will (?) and his wife was coming up, and then again to let him know that it was over. How staged was that? How contrived?

    Then read up on George III and his piety, and how he did more to cement the blood line and its place than any other monarch, and how Charles so admires him and models himself upon him.

  8. Well before the Nazi manipulation, “the swastika has been used as a symbol of good luck, welfare, prosperity or victory. One interpretation of the swastika is derived from the ancient mythological symbolism of Shakti (Devanagari: शक्ति, Shakti) (represented by the vertical line) dancing upon Shiva (Devanagari: शिव, Shiv) (represented by the horizontal line).”

    Shakti dancing on Shiva.

    • Hi Devgan – I believe the Nazis turned around the swastika . I think some Buddhists have attempted to reclaim the symbol, as it were, but with obvious difficulties .

      • Hi Frank,

        The Naz’s didn’t even need to turn round the swastika. It had been used in both directions by many cultures aournd the globe throughout history.

        I would say that the swastika fundamentally represents a vortex of energy, either clockwise or anti-clockwise. It is a symbolic representation of ancient (lost) science, which has been suppressed by the powers that be.

        The swastika is no more a nazi symbol than the hexagon is a jewish / zionist symbol, unless they wish to lay claim to every water molecule and snowflake.

        • Hi Anthony – I’m no expert on the swastika but that makes sense . The difficult part is ‘cleansing’ the symbol, as it were .

          • That’s an interesting thought. Perhaps the point was not only to use the symbol but to defile it. Buddhists have tried to reclaim the symbol but its been a uphill battle. Most good things are appropriated and consumed — and in the consumption, defiled. I’ve seen this so many times. We’re now so terrified of the swastika, we won’t go near it and perhaps that is the goal. Those who do venture near it are usually violent cowards under a sheet.

  9. Look at the Masonic quilt pattern of the two opposing swastikas – it is an ancient symbol for good and evil within the same square. Look up the Coat of Arms of Clan Campbell.….0…1ac.1.26.img..2.10.1048.PGaet9rAIjQ#facrc=_&imgdii=_&

  10. Frank, on 11:12:13 a new law will make any semi-automatic weapon a “Military Style Weapon” in NZ thus making a big chunk of the population criminals by default” About ’79-80 I had a dream about a civil war in NZ – I was a chaplain with resistance fighters. It has stayed with me all these years. There was a man in it, a leader of the resistance, who I would later meet, and who owns the biggest gun shop in the country…and he is quite the rebel….

  11. Great connection Frank! Kali/Miley! I was trying to figure what was up with the hanging tongue. I know it’s all rock n roll…but she went WAY overboard with that.

    “Mola Ram, prepare to meet Kali!”

  12. Rolf Harris charged with 13 child sex offences on 29/8/2013

    Rolf Harris interviewed by British Police on 29/11/2012

    Day gap = 273 days from original interview to laying charges. Why so long?

    273 days = Exactly 39 weeks or 13+13+13 weeks.

    Exactly 9 months = 3+3+3 months

    2+7+3 = 12 or 3+3+3+3

    What a surprise!

    Shouldn’t they be embarassed at being so blatant?

    Now you know why it took so long!

  13. Vigilant Citizen – Miley Cyrus: The Industry Slave Chosen to Take the Fall

    Article states:……….”she was selected and programmed to be this year’s main example of a “good girl gone bad”, a process the occult elite wants the public to constantly witness. They want the masses to see innocence and wholesomeness turn into sleaze and trash. They want pop culture and the youth in general follow the same process. While alchemy is about turning stone into gold, the masses are made to witness the opposite process.”

    My take on it is: Beta programmed slaves in and of the entertainment can withstand the criticism from the populace because they are programmed to be unaware of it.

    • I agree DDNA, because their sexualization is started by handlers at a very young age in a dissociated (i.e. trauma-created) part of their personality that is separated off in their psyche from their self-image as “good” (even “virginal”) that is also, dualistically, encouraged by their handlers. Very sad.

  14. Notice all the news footage of the chemical weapons attack shown by the mainstream news organization is attributed to “The Shaam News Network” As in sham. There is no such news network. It didn’t exist until a week ago.

    • VICTOR,

      I found this – “Shaam News Network, based in Damascus, Syria, delivers the latest news, videos, and reports on the situation in Syria. All news with the hashtag #SNN has been verified and checked for credibility. Established on February 28,2011”

  15. Notice also Cyrus’ hair done up in two knots on top of her hair resembling a pair of demonic horns.

    • Plus, the males pin striped suit, MK designed to put the watcher in an altered state and the whole debauchery was traumatic too watch IMO especially young minds that have followed her since she was a girl. Think of all those young people watching and there sense of innocence being shattered

  16. Speaking of Al-Chemical……it’s no wonder many people completely distrust the MSM and the stories they peddle as truth.

    Remember ….Ali Hassan al Majid…….better known as Chemical Ali….during the Iraq conflict.

    I’m slightly confused here…….was he executed, as this report tells us…..

    Or was he found dead by British soldiers, as this report tells us…

    Or do they just make it up as they go along !

  17. KEN…..excellent article again.

    I think back to my mum and dad, God rest their souls, and wonder what they would have thought of all this.
    Totally appalled to say the least.

    Sins of the flesh at its very worst……because their target is other young people, and that’s what makes me so angry.
    And who’ laughing all the way to the bank……the dirty, filthy, sleazy evil paedophiles, who are corrupting our children and destroying their innocence.

    • Great article KEN, Thanks for posting.
      It reminds me of another one I read a few months back and may have posted before, but it seems much more relevant now.
      The VMA ritual came as no surprise to me after reading that, as it was possibly planned all along, maybe before she was even born. There are also a couple of other articles on there concerning Miley, if you haven’t had enough already.

      • Thanks MAKKY.
        The way I see it is this – if abortion is ok and same sex marriage is ok and same sex adoption is ok then how can you argue that paedophilia is not ok and incest is not ok?
        You can’t because you have been manipulated all the way along and you have allowed your morals to be reduced and reduced to almost nothing. Coming to a supermarket near you very soon! Who can we trust to get us out of this ghastly mess ’cause for sure it ain’t gonna get any better?

        Did we all read the comments in the Makow article too? Most are very enlightening to see what some of our leaders are up to. But the guilty will not escape!

        • Ken, can’t let that go unanswered.
          Same sex marriage ok because based on consent, care and respect between two equal, adult people.
          Adoption by same sex couples ok because based on providing a loving, caring home for a child in need of the same.
          Paedophilia not OK because based on lack of consent, lack of care, lack of respect between unequal people. Paedophilia, and any form of sexual abuse/violence is not based on love or care.

    • Yeah it is HORRIBLE! And the Warriors who performed on the steps of he Lincoln memorial were from one of the darkest churches in NZ.

    • Super Kali Miley Cyrus

      Swiss Beatz:

      “Miley Cyrus, Mary Poppins, let’s get it poppin’
      Rock out, that’s Janis Joplin
      She a redhead, no Dennis Rodman
      Don’t Bush me, I’m a Red Bull sipper, don’t cut my wings
      I’m the tail of the jet, all you see is steam
      Got a bad bitch, nude in the front seat
      She make it bounce, bring yo’ body i’ll bring her out
      Don’t chase chase, that’s cat and mouse
      Everyday, I’m turnin’ out, cause”

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