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John Kerry And The Red Hands

Today, at the US Foreign Affairs Committee when John Kerry was attempting to persuade everyone of the importance of bombing the shit out of Syria, a group of protestors raised their red blood hands in protest .




A little while ago, Faith noted that JOhn KERry was another Joker (amongst many) . And it’s not the first time recently, the world has been shown The Joker and raised ‘Bloody Hands’ .



Joker Tsarnaev



MAD – Michael ADebolajo


And with regards to the woman in the image who is from an organisation called ‘Code Pink’, here is a video from Well . Just for interest only (thanks Faith) .



Just asking questions – like WTF is really going on . Maybe, still in the PRISM or like Lady Macbeth who couldn’t get rid of the guilt – “Out damned spot” or “we have scrubbed and re-scrubbed the evidence “.


74 thoughts on “John Kerry And The Red Hands

  1. It’s funny because to me the term ‘scrubbed’ would indicate that it was ‘made clean’ or somehow ‘acceptable’, the objectional parts were removed…whereas before the scrubbing it would have been dismissed.

    It’s almost as if he is saying…’we have doctored and re-doctored the evidence and now we’re sure it proves Assad is evil’.

    And if I didn’t know better I would say that man is an imposter wearing a ‘John Kerry’ rubber mask. I think everyone in politics is taking on an inhuman, almost synthetic, appearance.

    • HI RR – the suspicious part of my mind suggests that once Kerry says ‘scrubbed and rescrubbed’ and the hands go up, its not a protest but a subliminal message that Syria and Assad are guilty and therefore deserving of punishment . But my suspicious mind is very suspicious 🙂

      And maybe it’s age or Botox but McCain’s face is a bit odd as well . Everyone’s turning into the Bride of Wildenstein !

  2. Once again, the JO-AX’s on us (joke-hoax)…emphasis on the X. Great catch on the CNN clip Frank…it’s seems to be the running theme for all these events. Rock stars, MADmen and the 322 skull and crossbones-man himself…the X-man who’s planning to X people out?!

    Just as you posted this Frank, I was reading about this…–What-crazed-Batman-fanatic-posted-Facebook-stabbing-stranger-13-times-carving-Joker-face-skin.html

    Then this link mentioned his bloody hands…

    “Pipe describes himself as The Joker, from the “Batman” stories, and posted photos on Facebook of himself shirtless and holding knives and washing blood from his hands.”

    On a related note with a ‘bloodied-Joker’ mouth, red hands and the black bride that kinda says it all for the USA…

    • Hi J316me . Interesting links, to say the least . It’s difficult to get a grasp of what’s going on with The Joker . The KK image is definitely based on The Joker .

      My gut feeling its the ‘Why So Serious’ message – remember the ‘Happy, Shiny People’ at Boston after their legs were blown off

    • Hi J316me,

      The images from the KK article are really interesting in what they are trying to portray:

      The top image has a Dorothy Gale-ishness about it. Homespun America.

      In the next image she looks like a puppet but also quite threatening with her bomb of the belly exposed.

      The main CR cover image definitely has a ‘smoke and mirrors’ reference to it – is it smoke or is she breathing hard on a mirror?

      I feel the black veil with the New York Yankee’s cap and USA flag sweater is a reference to 911.

      ‘Miss USA’ covers her mouth and the mirror image with the mask looks creepy (like diamond royalty).

      The caption on the last of the CR images states ‘Is that a bomber jacket?’ Her belly is ‘bundled up’ – covered up.

      With regards to the stabbing story, you brought a bell(e). For me, bells are very synchy with regards to hands (e.g. red right hand):

  3. It’s getting stranger with each passing day.
    Kerry gives us the ‘facts’, “The Assad regime, and only, undeniably the Assad regime”. Sounds a lot like what the FBI said of the pictures of Tamerlan and Joker Tsarnaev at the Boston Marathon – the only images we should be looking at.
    Kerry on the ‘doubters’, “People here and there – amazingly, question the evidence of this assault on conscience. I repeat here today, only the most wilful to avoid reality can assert this did not occur as described or that the regime did not do it”. Unbelievable.
    So, shut up and listen – this is how it is, this is reality.

  4. The alleged protesters raising their blood stained hands, are a political activist group called..Code Pink

    Is this a genuine protest group…..or actors ?….Notice the woman, spoken about in the video, is also among the protesters in Franks pic above.

    • Faith – great spot . Lets say the different faces are very similar but it would fit a pattern .

      I’ve added the video to the article . I don’t know for sure but it’s a very good question

    • Faith – I recognize her, she is a professional protester, I don’t know her name but Adam Kokesh was with her when they were all arrested for ‘dancing’ at the Jefferson memorial. I’ve actually seen her in several videos.

      • I think I’ve seen her before ”protesting” the arrival of the Jesuit Black Pope in LA. Will see if that’s her.

  5. Frank,

    Be careful of It might be disiformation. There is no question that actors have been used in events like the Boston bombing but wellaware seems intent upon ridiculing this notion by asserting that most public figures in politcs, ets. are the same people as Holllywood actors. So, to cite just one example, he says Barbara Bush is the same person as a woman who used to star in the Mary Tyler Moore show, but the two women are clearly not the same. They look nothing like each other. It is possible that that wellaware is just deluded, but it is also possible he is trying to make the notion of crisis actors seem absurd and silly.

    The woman in the video you posted might well be an actor, and maybe she’s the same person as the woman with a red hand, but anyone who takes the bait and checks the website will be led to believe that only a crank would believe that actors are paid to play roles in staged events.

    Just FYI.

    And by the way, your website is excellent. You are on the right track.


    • VIKTOR…,re right.
      I think we have to be suspicious about everything these days. All we can do is try to analyse the evidence put in front of us and try to discern what’s truth,,and what’s lies !

      These ‘ people ‘ are very clever, and come in all guises.

    • Hi Viktor – I would be very surprised if the vast majority of individuals mentioned on the site are actors but to be fair, he ‘went there’ a long time before anyone else.

      I’m now interested in how its done .

      And thanks for the compliment 🙂 .

      • actually it was a video about the possibility that the 9/11 victims were hoax and their families were hoax actors , holding photoshopped images of their fake children ..this was posted on september clues is then that this guy came up ..possibly as a future counter intelligence op..i argued with him wheen he insisted that imran khan and roman polanski were the same person ..LMAO ..he thought imran khan was a politician all his life ..when i showed him clips of imran khan as the fastest cricket bowlers of all time ..he took me off his comment section every counter intellignece op they play with the truth ..the truth that a lot of events are staged..

        • Hi Kay D – I can remember Imran Khan when he was a cricketer and must be at least 6ft tall, probably more and Roman Polanski is a dwarf, so is highly unlikely, unless he played cricket on stilts 🙂 . To be honest, I’m wary of all media info these days .

          I wrote an article about the 9/11 Vicsim report when it was uploaded, as I was beginning to have the same sort of questions . It’s very difficult to prove these events are staged but it sure looks like it .

          Re Code Pink, its the combination of pink and red which got my attention . If you’ve read my PRISM posts, you’ll understand .

  6. The thing I can’t figure out is what is the “message” being sent through pictures of two “suspects” showing red hands and then “peacefull” war protesters showing red hands – is this a mirror aspect or something else?

  7. Tea, Coffee, Wine, etc. sit back relax read if the mood strikes you and keep in mind ‘no offense intended.’

    No matter how we look at it now the ultimate goal is Zionist want the upper ruling hand. Such a small people in number compared to the world population.

    Over the years Europeans and other invading countries have destabilized Africa and taken over and have now made it and written it so as to where Egypt, Africa is considered to be part of the middle east and no longer associated with Africa. (but I digress.) That aside, they have managed to destabilize Egypt, they own Saudi Arabia Yemen, Oman United Arab Emirates, caused conflict in Iraq (and now have control of it) good old Turkey is under the control of the European Union, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan have no further use to the country they were once connected with i. e., Russia. Now we must not forget Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and three or four other ‘stans’ NATO has influence over.

    Notice I did not mention Syria or Iran. Why? Because as of now Syria is the stepping stone toward Iran, and Iran to Russia and China. They have to bring Syria under their rule before they can seriously think about taking on Iran. They are using the same tactic once used by Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon and all others who conquered countries though war, hence making their armies larger etc. Point is if they manager to overthrow Assad, Syria is surrounded – nowhere, for it’s people to run. They are either killed or they obey the new landlord. That being done they can now began to wreck havoc on Iran from every angle. Not much stopping them – therefore, on the troops march to take a foot hole in Russia. Don’t think it won’t be easy because by they get ready to take on Russia it will be easier than you think. Russia falls in line, with the help of many insiders mainly those who are Russian Jews and are extremely financially powerful Jews and detest Putin.

    Even Putin is reported to have Jewish ancestry.

    Putin is a Jewish Pawn’ (none the less Jewish pawn or not he’s hated in his country by some pretty powerful people)

    [So there is really not much he’s going to do about helping Syria – with the exception of maybe a minor role or threat to the U. S. if the U. S. strikes Syria in the coming day/weeks]

    Bottom line it’s all about Zionism, don’t worry about the British ‘queen’ she has Jewish ancestry as well as does her heirs.

    I haven’t had time to research the linage of the ruling elite in China, but I’ll bet you somewhere and somehow there is a Jewish link which leads to the fact after Russia come under control China will be next. But really it’s all okay because in this chess game there are many players and the best players will usher in the NWO and each will be given a high ranking position for jobs/agenda well done.

    What we are seeing/witnessing is a high stakes ‘chess game’ being played and we are the pawn pieces. Stuff that happen in between the game is done to keep you in fear and to keep you from thinking and researching what it is they are doing. They never want you to have the slightest idea about just how very connected they all really are.

    We can analyze and connect every horrific headline until the cow jumps over the moon – analyzation and connecting them will not change one damm thing.

    Because they have written well in advance what they want to happen and will die while attempting to make it your reality.

    • Thanks, DDNA. Your presence here is great. Zionism’s ”chosen” script reveals the most narcissistic kind of belief system possible – there’s an in-built contradiction between believing in God and believing only oneself and ones kind are ”his”. Narcissists are frightening: it’s always about them at all times and there is pretty much no chance that they will ever change. They are not bred for empathy, nuance, surrender, faith. It’s not in their DNA, they aren’t wired that way. One good thing, however, is that narcissists also suffer from arrogance and this will be their undoing. They will die to impose their reality on 7 billion souls that are not theirs in the first place and they will probably take whatever they can down with them but our souls are eternal. They are not theirs for the taking.

      • Great analysis DDNA. I think that once they deal with the ‘rogue’ states the rest of the plan will start to fall into place.

      • Thanks ANONYMOUS for taking the time to read, understand and respond to my post.

        This is another U N – led turkey shoot to loot and pillage Syria.

        The real enemy is the world’s governments and the ones who tell the goverment what to do.

        Propaganda from all sources have brainwashed the majority of the world’s population into hating and wanting to fight each other. They’ve managed to make it so that people are directing their hate towards their fellow man and not at the source which is the tyrannical governments of the world. With this being done the ones placed into political office positions can do whatever they like while people are focused on bickering with each other.

        • Yes, it’s true. I’m re-astonished to remember that most Congresspeople sit on those thrones for decades, sometimes it’s all they know. I don’t care if they are ‘elected’ in their constituencies for that long…nepotism and all kinds of other ills are sure to follow a prolonged sitting on one’s ass in the same spot every year. Not a good recipe for transformation and evolution I’d say. The UN is a high farce. Particularly clever is their construction of refugee camps supposedly to serve the displaced but actually self-serving generators of displacement. Same with ”buffer zones.” Divide and conquer then get the warring parties you funded to sign their land and resources over to your management and ”war-is-peace-making” machinations.

          • As we speak the UN is ”blurring the lines” of national sovereignty so that geographical boundaries become arcane. While this sounds sweet in principle, their intention for doing this has nothing to do with harmony, justice, equality and empowerment. In fact, quite the opposite. You will find Syrians slaves on their own land. Africans will work for under $2/day on foreign, corporate plantations on their own land. Etc etc. No need to waste money transporting slaves anymore. Create systems to enslave nationals right at home. Then call yourselves the good guys pursuing human rights.

        • Aw come on DDNA – down here in Orstraylya we are going to vote in a new government ina cupla days which is going to change everything for the betta! Mark my words! When Clive Palmer gets in ………

  8. David said (September 4, 2013): Back in 2003, right after the US occupied Iraq, CIA director George Tenet (another Cabalist Jew in a critical high-ranking government post) was interviewed on CNN (conveniently around 5 in the morning!) and said: “We’ve taken Baghdad. We’re going to take Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran and North Korea. After that, we will usher the world into a New World Order.” Doesn’t get much plainer than that, but Americans were (literally) sleeping. – See more at:

    • Let’s think about this. Where in the world is all the gold? Where in the world are all the diamonds? Where in the world is all the bounty ripped from the bowels of the earth? It is physical and needs a good hiding place. Forget spirituality. This is about trinkets!

  9. All this talk about red palms reminded me of Logan’s Run where the blinking red palm indicated it was time for ‘renewal’ (AKA Death).

  10. Ok, new to this, my second post, fragmented and off on a tangent. Be nice!

    My teenage daughter and I both dreamt two nights ago, indirectly, about ‘purple mountains’. She dreamt about a huge ‘purple rock’ that turned people into zombies. (Deep Purple rock band? ‘smoke on the water…a fire in the sky’…WWIII?.Sunspot 1429?)

    In my ‘nightmare’, I began to sing ‘All Things Bright & Beautiful’ to try and ward off a poltergeist in the house! In the dream, as I came downstairs, it was ‘coincidentally’ also playing from the radio in the kitchen. On waking, I googled the lyrics and one verse begins …’The purple headed mountains’.

    The song ‘Climb Every Mountain’ is circling inside my head today

    Climb every mountain,
    Search high and low,
    Follow every highway,
    Every path you know.

    Climb every mountain,
    Ford every stream,
    Follow every rainbow,
    ‘Till you find your dream.

    So, I keep searching, ‘high and low’; because I believe ‘purple’ has some significance. Now, the fruit ‘damson’ currently in season here in the UK, has a Latin name which means ‘plum of Damascus’. In antiquity, damsons were cultivated around the ancient city of Damascus. Romans brought the fruit to England, where, amongst usage as both medicine and food, the skins were used to dye cloth a dark purple. (The elite like their purple clothes.)

    Mount Qasioun, overlooks Damascus. On its slopes, is a cave supposedly inhabited by the first man, ‘Adam’. Jesus and Abraham are said to have prayed there. The ‘first murder’, ever, in the world, was meant to have taken place here. It in known as the ‘cave of blood’. (purple?)

    Over a coffee-break, I read a National Trust leaflet about family events taking place in the Dark Peak. (Northern England). On the 15th September, 2013,between 11am-3pm, we are invited to turn
    Mam Tor, purple, by planting heather on its summit. Its near neighbour is called ‘The Lord’s Seat’, another; ‘Mam Nick’.

    Is there a ritual significance playing out here? (Ken, the event is part of a new NT theme: ’50 Things To Do Before You Are 11 & 3/4!)

    Forgive me for putting this out there, as it is off-topic. But then again, I feel pieces of the puzzle are to found everywhere. ..How do we solve a problem like Maria?

  11. BERTIEBUTTONS…….excellent post.

    And of course, John Kerry ( Joker ) very prominent in news at the moment……Jokers coat is Purple !

    Kerry stated that ” we’ve scrubbed and re-scrubbed “………this reminds me of a surgeon scrubbing his hands prior to an operation .
    Operation or Surgical Strike on Syria ?……….

    Surgeon…….Hasnat Khan?……Diana

    Will the evil monsters carry out a Surgical Strike on Syria, to correspond with the release of the movie about
    Diana and her relationship with the heart surgeon?

  12. MacBeth is fantastic play – I studied it for my O level English Lit. I loved watching the version featuring Judy Dench as Lady MacBeth (Beth – Eliza/Beth?)

    ‘Here’s the smell of the blood still: all the
    perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little
    hand. Oh, oh, oh!’

    And speaking of little hands, the front cover of the September issue of ‘Director’ magazine (published for the Institute of Directors) features 2 children, one with hands covered in bright red paint – palms forward. I nearly dropped my coffee when I saw it sitting on my desk this morning. I can’t find it on the internet so stuck it on a tweet:

  13. In Under the Dome on the first episode a blood handprint was placed on the dome by one of the actors- the story line now is about 4 “chosen” palms being placed on the dome(s) to get answers – just an observation I felt synced with the topic today. Hands seem to be “in” at the moment.

    • ANON,

      “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and11 his number [is] Six hundred threescore [and] six.” Revelation 13: 16-18

      • Carbon is the number of hu/man — 6 protons, 6 electrons, 6 neutrons. Money is in our foreheads (we’re always thinking about it, we worship it every hour of every day in fact) and in our hands. No need to sleuth the microchip. We’ve already tanked ourselves in the sense of this revelation. We don’t stop now, with money. What’s to make us think we won’t stop when the microchip comes? It is a logical conclusion of the consent we have already given.

        • In other words, sleuthing is another ego-trip. Projecting an event and an evil beyond ourselves as if we are ”better” and ”different” now.

  14. More “red hands” in movies: 1990 – Total Recall:

    Sweetheart, listen to me.
    Those assholes at Rekall
    have fucked up your mind,
    and you’re having paranoid

    Quaid holds up his hands, which are covered with blood.

    You call this a paranoid delusion?!

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