The Jade Rabbit Has Landed

“That’s one small step for a rabbit”.



Jade Rabbit


Yesterday, ‘Jade Rabbit’ landed on the Moon and continued the Skyfall and CGI theme as the Chinese space agency supplied the world with a CGI feed of the landing and China added its flag to the moon’s surface.



And ‘The Change’ has landed, as the Chang’e lander grounded itself. Chang’e is a Chinese goddess of the Moon which brings to mind another Moon goddess, Hecate. And strangely, we will have a Rover who is a Rabbit. It also seemed appropriate that Jade Rabbit is also known as Yutu, or is it You Tube and that it was launched by a rocket known as the Long March, or Star Trek – ‘The Final Front Ear’.

From Guardian.com:

“China successfully carried out the world’s first soft landing of a space probe on the moon in nearly four decades, the country’s state media announced on Saturday. The touchdown of the unmanned Chang’e 3 lander is the latest mission in the country’s ambitious space programme, which is intended to put a Chinese astronaut on the moon early next decade.

The lander – named after a Chinese goddess of the moon – carried a six-wheeled moon-rover called Yutu, or Jade Rabbit, to its landing spot on a flat plain known as the Sinus Iridum, or Bay of Rainbows, after hovering over the surface for several minutes before selecting the best available landing spot.”


Jade Rabbit also continues the Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat theme as it lands in the ‘Sinus’ or ‘The Bay of Rainbows’ on the anniversary of Sandy Hook – SH. I was thinking the ears were missing but of course Jade Rabbit has Big Ears.


 PRISM: 'really freaky'.


But Jade Rabbit is not the first rabbit to have landed on the moon, as Bugs Bunny was sent to the moon in 1948 in ‘Haredevil Hare’ or Ha-Ha.




First, ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ and now ‘The Rabbit Has Landed’. “Above Us Only Sky” ?



101 thoughts on “The Jade Rabbit Has Landed

    • Michael Fassbender’s David in Prometheus was inspired by the Lawrence of Arabia star. At this year’s Comic Con in L.A., he showed up wearing a rabbit mask while promoting X-Men: Days of Future Past.


      It was from the horror film You’re Next, which is about a home invasion. It makes me wonder with China’s satellite on the moon now…will they trigger the alien invasion? Lately, I’ve had a creepy feeling that the moon itself will be affected somehow…hmm.

      • A couple of months ago I watched Prometheus for the first time. Afterwards I was visiting Plato’s Cave (Political betting dot com) and somebody had posted the exact ‘the trick is…’ scene from Lawrence of Arabia that Fassbender’s David was studying. I was thinking about it again this weekend because I watched ‘A Dangerous Method’ in which Fassbender’s plays Jung.

    • Mad crush on o’Toole! My favorite movie of his is when he is on the run and lives for a time in a …er…rabbit hole that he has …er… dug for himself.

        • At the 4:00 mark:

          SS officer: “life is not a game of cricket, my friend.”
          Big White Rabbit: “no, pity….”

        • SS officer: “who sent you? The truth….”
          Big White Rabbit: “You wouldn’t know the truth if it kicked you.”

  1. May I just say ken hasn’t commented yet he may be asleep.but whatever he says I agree with totally god bless you ken.

  2. “Occupy the Rabbit Hole – Change Begins with Truth” – or what in the world happens? There are theories that the Earth is a black/white hole. Or something like that.

  3. From that Rabbit Hole video above:
    “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to accept what is true.” Kierkegaard

    One undifferentiated blob of ”real news”

  4. Yet more very interesting SHook, line and sinker connections. I sometimes wonder if that’s a ‘rabbit’ we were invited to follow. I’ve read somewhere that the whole event was colour coded. Well it is if you look at the various colours that were given to each level of participant that day even down to their clothes.


    Though it’s also used in the public appearances from the parents and their siblings in public shows of grief, whilst lobbying for gun control, or in appearances at major events, in the ribbons etc, that they wear honouring the tragedy. Over the Rainbow and Prism delivered to us both slickly and sickly.

  5. A most unbelievable scenario, we as the common folk of the world are and will remain the mind controlled minions because we do not in all certainty know for sure that what they are telling us about this landing is actual truth. It just proves how so much faith is put into what ‘assigned authority figures’ tell us and yet have so little faith in yourselves.

    The only way China will ever get any where is when it’s citizens over throw their communist government.

    We’ve been under decades of propaganda and psychological operations. A Matrix mind control system was created to keep people so busy trying to just survive, that they don’t have time to stop and think and question just how our Society is constructed and ask why is it that “situations” on earth are not being taken care of before we allow money to be used to ‘poke’ around on the moon, mars, etc.

    Providing they have actually landed on the moon, you think it’s progress for the betterment of humanity – think again because it’s not……it’s just another ‘abysmal rabbit hole’ for the masses to peer into and make conversation about…. i.e. another distraction.

    • I told you about the fool on the hill.
      I tell you man he living there still.
      Well here’s another place you can be,
      listen to me.

      Fixing a hole in the ocean, tryin’ to make a dovetail joint…

      A mind controlled slave who knew too much and said too much, and guess what.

    • JK

      The moon could very well be getting closer as earth itself is reported, (by a source that I’ve encountered recently) to be on the move. It’s in the process of making it’s, or making a correction which in ‘earth time’, (time as we know it) would put us on a slow boat by way of China, 🙂 headed home – back to the galactic core i.e., the Galactic Center of The Milky Way.

      Want to know why scientists are beginning to tell people that they are discovering more and more planets?……..well, as we get closer to the outer whelm of this galaxy they can now detect other planets. I have no doubt that the parasitic psychopaths who govern over and control these scientific minds will convey upon them that the public must look upon the newly discovered planets as something that we must be afraid of……. because they could, (they will tell us) consist of human hating aliens.

      If that information should hit the mainstream and make you or others weary, do not believe any of it for even one minute. The only thing that can harm you will be something man made from some factory, unassembled parts which will be made in China; assembled into some type of scary cyborg looking creature and put into play by these parasitic mind manipulating psychopaths.

    • Hi you are right about the moon, doesn’t look right lately at all. I’m no expert but have always been a sky watcher- always know the phases of the moon etc. , but lately it looks just wrong. Very artificial, not real.

        • Anon,

          Yes, it starts low in the sky as it rises from the horizon and then gradually climbs into the sky (night) and then slowly descends as it slips below the horizon.
          I have heard that it moves so slowly as to be able to maximize the collection of as much stardust as possible. All the New Age astrologers are getting so excited at the possibility of enormously increased productivity with the passing of the now massively fragmented comet Ison. The Chinese astrologers have named this event as “Operation Ziggy!” They plan to return all this stardust to Guangzhou and put it into tiny little capsules and sell it around the world marked, “Made in………..”.

  6. Another rainbow connection is what I thought when I read today’s post.  A little while later while doing the housework Kermit the frog’s The Rainbow Connection popped into my head. So I looked up the lyrics:


    Very interesting as it relates to what’s being discussed here lately. I also seen that The Carpenters sing this song – I’ll have to listen to that as I like the song but not Kermit’s voice lol.

    I find the moon amazing. It is always in the sky but sometimes we see it – sometimes we don’t – during the day and also at night. 

  7. Please see the first dream I had this year on 1/4. Not only did it warn me of the period between 7/31-12/7 but also the numbers 3 and 7 as well as the dominant father theme. This time, it’s Father Christmas that appears in the sky, making a figure 8 before a slew of gifts came down. I specifically saw “wooden cutout rabbits”! Sounds like it’s ISON-related…


    • The Rabbit is the trickster: it more like the “inter planetary predator species”, (certain members of society) the ones who control what you see, think and do are themselves the real and only tricksters. Stuff like this is presented to the populaces in such a convincing way until they believe.

      All this stuff is pomp and pageantry which to some of you is truth because you think God said it or wants it to happen this way. It just “ain’t” so folks.

      Most everything can be turned upside down and made to appear as something different than what it actually is.

      Bottom line if one; meaning humankind were to believe what this guy is saying then it will be as he says because the energy/obedience you give to these inter-planetary predators who rewrote the Bible and set themselves up as rulers over humanity, have the technology and the monetary means to make it so.

      *Wiki* In mythology, and in the study of folklore and religion, a trickster is a god, goddess, spirit, man, woman, or anthropomorphic animal who plays tricks or otherwise…..

      “F – ing A”, open your minds and THINK!!!

      • DDNA……why are Christians being singled out in many countries, and attacked and persecuted, merely for singing hymns, preaching peace and love, and helping more people in need around the world than any other group.
        What harm are Christians doing, and what are the authorities of these countries so afraid of, that they can’t just leave Christians alone, and leave them to worship in peace in their own country.

        The reason can only be ….hatred!
        Hatred for God
        Hatred for Jesus Christ, risen Son of God
        And hatred for anyone who follows Gods Law and Gods Will, above all others.

        Where does that hatred come from?

        Satan and his demons…….who, from the beginning of Creation, has hated mankind, and has been relentless in turning people against their Creator……..and might I say, doing a very good job of it!

        Thankfully……..a true Christians faith can never be broken.

        • FAITH

          … you just don’t get it do you? It really is true that one can lead a horse to water but one cannot make that horse drink the water. (not being offensive toward you with the stated euphemism)

          That being said you have true faith in your beliefs I just wish you could wake up and see some of the lies that holds that faith in place.

          You want to know what harm Christians are doing – the harm and the only harm they’re doing is continuing to believe in the ones who are behind all of the ills of the world. The RCC used to go around Europe hunting real Christians and killing them, (Inquisition) well Faith they are stilling doing it but they now blame it on which ever ‘terrorist’ organization they and the ‘global elite’ control….take you pick they always have a group ready and waiting to take the fall.

          What you cannot seem to understand is that ‘satan and his demons’ are the ones who set up this religious control system, (took control/advantage of what true Christianity was and is all about) that control system have run things since the beginning. They took control and organized true Christians under their umbrella and started the mind manipulation. These parasitic predators are in control of what you see, think and hear and they have absolutely no problems in carrying out ‘black ops’ on any of its followers/flock.

          Think about it; if the RCC can get away with raping little boys, (etc. admit it and still remain head of all churches on the planet and dare you to deconstruct them) don’t you think they are devious enough to carry out certain and specific ‘black op’ when and where they please?

          Please make note that in this recent massacre of Christian, I’m not specifically saying the RCC had anything to do with it. There are many fraction involved and it could be ‘black ops’ given the go ahead form the political arena.

          Any of these “power structures” can do anything they want and blame someone else – look at 9/11 for instance. Bin Laden had nothing to do with that, and since he was what his family considered to be, the black sheep of the family, they had no problem in going along with the Program.

          • DDNA, you don’t get it. You lost your faith. Your ‘newfound’ beliefs goes against God and what His Son Jesus did for the world. I trust the Lord my God and NON ONE ELSE will move me from there. How are you trying to school us on Frank’s blog? Stick to the topic at hand. But who am I to say this on his blog anyway. Well it’s how I feel.

            Understand these verses and seriously start questioning the path you chose…I hope you do. I’m done.

            Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
            ​​And lean not on your own understanding;
            ​​In all your ways acknowledge Him,
            ​​And He shall direct your paths.

            Do not be wise in your own eyes;
            ​​Fear the LORD and depart from evil.
            ​​It will be health to your flesh,
            ​​And strength to your bones.

            ~ Proverbs 3:5-8

            • J316ME

              If you’re been reading my post over the last several days/weeks you would realize that I never really had faith in this mind programming scam….starting as a child.

              Selective quotes to try a prove a position, now who’s attempting to school whom?

              Speaking of quote’s here’s one: “Violent, irrational, intolerant, allied to racism and tribalism and bigotry, invested in ignorance and hostile to free inquiry, contemptuous of women and coercive toward children: organized religion ought to have a great deal on its conscience. We keep being told that religion, whatever its imperfections, at least instills morality. On every side, there is conclusive evidence that the contrary is the case and that this particular faith causes people to be more mean, more selfish, and perhaps above all, more stupid. I’ve learned to detest organized religion that has a sly tendency to insinuate the idea that the universe is designed with ‘you’ in mind or, even worse, that there is a divine plan into which one fits whether one knows it or not. This kind of modesty is too arrogant for me.”

              My post to Faith was an attempt at saying that I do no find fault with Christians per say, but those who program and incite them.

              You say you’re done….well, holding vigil to who and what you think is real proves the fact that you truly are done.

              Stick to topic at hand….we always go off topic and I have never seen where you once told someone else to do so.

          • DDNA…….Firstly, I,m a Bible believing Christian…….not a Catholic.
            I have no malice or hatred for ordinary Catholic people…( I,m married to one )…..but I don’t recognise the Church of Rome or the Papacy as having any authority from God…..and you,re correct, the Church of Rome….( or the evil ones who control it ) has carried out many atrocities over hundreds of years, as have other institutions, in the name of their ‘ religion’

            Evil ones like the darkness……they like to hide behind false man made religions, pretend, take on false identities, act like pillars of the community etc……while all the time, plotting their evil deeds.

            True Christians trust in no one but God….through faith in Jesus Christ, who died, so that our sins may be forgiven.

            No DDNA……I’m afraid it’s you who doesn’t get it……I pray one day you will.


              • Hahahah! Best answer to a door bolted shut. Truth is, faith only grows stronger on inquiry so why they are so fearful is a mystery we shall never crack. Jesus was an intellectual, probably with a mind more ”modern” than most since. Unfortunately, he did not pass on that skill.

              • DDNA, I am sure that Ken, Faith and J3:16 are wonderful to and well loved by their family and friends. I bet they are great and loving parents, neighbors etc… and that they honestly believe what they preach. They just dont know that they DO NOT have ‘eyes to see or ears to hear’. By having their country’s of origin # and ID’s they have broken their own Savior’s command and have NEVER spent a single second or breathed a single breath of obedience. Not ONE!!! I spent 45yrs like that and it is sad to remember how hypocritical I once was. I am much less pathetic now ( :

                Hey christians…..it really is about just that! Come OUT of HER and live under your CREATOR with no usurping man-made system in between. Actually OBEY and TRUST the one YOU claim is ALL POWERFUL for your provisions. Thats really how it works! If you CLAIM it, you are supposed to LIVE it…….seriously! LOL! I can speak from experience that you will actually embarrass yourself a lot less and that is a good thing.

                Frank, I know this ISNT where you want this blog to go but to be honest, its more interesting than a lot of the stupid & meaninless stuff that does get talked about on here. Annnnddddddddd…………..you can actually DO something about it, not just endlessly WONDER about something. If we all LEFT the evil, psychopathic u-surping system……….their house of cards would fall. WE would be free, just imagine that. Yeah right, back to endless analyzing and ego masturbation…

                • Jimmy – you’re right. It’s not where I want it to go and makes me wonder whether it’s worth keeping the forum going. But I’m probably just going to delete deliberately antagonistic comments

                  But I’m not sure if you understand the blog. This is my blog and creative output and just like a TV show you know what you can do if you don’t like it. Just don’t read it. If you don’t like something, walk away. I’m sure there must be a website somewhere more suited to your taste. I don’t know why you bother coming here as all you do, is say what a load of crap it is and how stupid the rest of the world is.

                    • I just read what you added. I’ll defend my beliefs anywhere but I also respect a person’s space. I know when to chill…hopefully you understand that Frank.

                  • Fair, well put and understood. Is there a way from your end Frank to disable me from posting please? Im sure there is I just dont know how that works. I believe that would be best. Take care!

                    • Bye Jimmy. I’ll follow. The truth is that human constructs have been developed over generations from the same sources and roots. They did not spring out of a vacuum and many of the best, most beneficial ideas for humanity were squashed by people with obscene might and ego in the service of the State (take your pick which one). That’s the history of the world. We all share many of the same myths and react to the same ticks no matter how much we’d like to believe we are different, better, chosen or more ”saved” and as long as these threads were dominated by the ”saved” who helped cook the numbers and methods to their own advantage, life was good. It’s the push back that is considered unacceptable. As with Viktor’s Program, we are meant to be consumers of the “one and only way” of the ideologues. Dangerous minds, dangerous people. I’ll hang up my hat now, give Frank back his blog and get back out into the world. God help me, my loved ones and humanity if our lives are in the hands of the code crackers here. Thanks for the air time, Frank. Peace Jimmy and DDNA. See you out in the world!

                    • One very last thing. Those here who have it all figured out should start a new site called MO’ DISINFO. That’s all there is.


                    • What bugs me is that I’ve tried to connect with you but all I’ve got in return is insults. At some point, you just say ‘F**k it.

      • Neurons that are fired together are wired together. The Collective Head is being (re)programmed.

      • How do you know any of that happened, Faith? The article you linked reads like a big load of propaganda to me. I would bet money that it’s totally made up BS…like most of the news.

        • Anon,

          It is well known that in China, worshippers can only attend the Government approved Churches. That is why there is a massive underground church movement where people meet in Home Churches to worship God. The people have woken up to the Communistic Godless Materialist regime.

          Why you should question the authority of this article is beyond me. Why would they do that? What could the motive be?

          If you care to to some research you will find Christians being persecuted all around the world. Yes, being killed too for their faith? Why? Because Governments see themselves as the ONLY genuine authority and they cannot abide their underlings having a higher authority. A better authority. They want their people to love them and not somebody else.

  8. Chang’e and Change. Three days ago I commented about ‘Change Ringing’ and the Olympic opening ceremony:

    ‘Danny Boyle said, “The sound of bells is the sound of England”, well one sort of bell ringing that was developed in England – Change Ringing.

    ‘Change ringing is the art of ringing a set of tuned bells in a series of mathematical patterns called “changes”.’


  9. Three actor deaths announced this weekend – related to old age (changing times):

    Peter O’Toole (Peter = rock/’tool’ Old English tawian “prepare.”)
    Joan Fontaine (Joan is feminine John = “Graced by Yahweh”/Fontaine = fountain or natural spring)
    Tom Laughlin (Billy Jack creator/Tom = twin/Laugh-In?)

  10. “Han Dynasty poets call the rabbit on the Moon the “Jade Rabbit” (玉兔) or the “Gold Rabbit” (金兔), and these phrases were often used in place of the word for the Moon.”

    “The Moon rabbit in folklore is a rabbit that lives on the Moon, based on pareidolia that identifies the markings of the Moon as a rabbit. The story exists in many cultures, prominently in East Asian folklore and Aztec mythology.[1][2] In East Asia, it is seen pounding in a mortar and pestle, but the contents of the mortar differ among Chinese, Japanese, and Korean folklore. In Chinese folklore, it is often portrayed as a companion of the Moon goddess Chang’e, constantly pounding the elixir of life for her.”

    “In the Buddhist Śaśajâtaka (Jataka Tale 316),[3] a monkey, an otter, a jackal, and a rabbit resolved to practice charity on the day of the full Moon (Uposatha)…”

    “When an old man begged for food, the monkey gathered fruits from the trees and the otter collected fish, while the jackal wrongfully pilfered a lizard and a pot of milk-curd. The rabbit, who knew only how to gather grass, instead offered its own body, throwing itself into a fire the man had built. The rabbit, however, was not burnt. The old man revealed himself to be Śakra and, touched by the rabbit’s virtue, drew the likeness of the rabbit on the Moon for all to see. It is said the lunar image is still draped in the smoke that rose when the rabbit cast itself into the fire.”

    “Similar legends occur in Mexican folklore, where people also identified the markings on the Moon as a rabbit. According to an Aztec legend, the god Quetzalcoatl, then living on Earth as a man, started on a journey and, after walking for a long time, became hungry and tired. With no food or water around, he thought he would die. Then a rabbit grazing nearby offered herself as food to save his life. Quetzalcoatl, moved by the rabbit’s noble offering, elevated her to the Moon, then lowered her back to Earth and told her, “You may be just a rabbit, but everyone will remember you; there is your image in light, for all people and for all times.”

    “Another Mesoamerican legend tells of the brave and noble sacrifice of Nanahuatzin during the creation of the fifth sun. Humble Nanahuatzin sacrificed himself in fire to become the new sun, but the wealthy god Tecciztecatl hesitated four times before he finally set himself alight to become the Moon. Due to Tecciztecatl’s cowardice, the gods felt that the Moon should not be as bright as the sun, so one of the gods threw a rabbit at his face to diminish his light. It is also said that Tecciztecatl was in the form of a rabbit when he sacrificed himself to become the Moon, casting his shadow there.”


    Death and Rebirth via Fire=Holy Spirit=Kundalini=Phoenix= The Shining Ones.

    Jade honors Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess of Justice. She represents the underlying holiness and unity of the Universe.

    Some have noted the 2014 Olympic Torch as the Phoenix feather, which is the same as the FEATHER OF MA’AT. Maat dealt with the weighing of souls that took place in the underworld, Duat. Her feather was the measure that determined whether the souls (considered to reside in the heart) of the departed would reach the paradise of afterlife successfully.

    Jade honors Bona Dea, the Roman Earth Goddess of Fertility and the Greek Goddess of Women. She protects women through all of their changes, and is a skilled healer, particularly with herbs.

    Jade honors Chalchiuhtlicue, the Aztec Water Goddess and Protector of Children. Her name means “Jade Skirt” or “Lady of Precious Green.” She’s the mother of lakes, streams, and rivers.

    Jade honors Kuan-Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Mercy, Compassion, and Unconditional Love. She is the most beloved of the Chinese goddesses and is regarded by many as the protector of women and children, and champion of the unfortunate.

    Jade honors the Moirae, the Three Goddesses of Fate. They appear three nights after a child’s birth to figure out the course of the child’s life, each having a different part to play in determining his fate.

    Jade is also used to honor Brigit, the Irish Goddess of Fertility; Coatlicue, the Aztec Goddess of Life, Death, and Rebirth; Dione, the Phoenician Earth Goddess; Hine-Nui-Te-Po, the Polynesian Goddess of the Night; and Tara, the Buddhist “Savioress” Goddess.

    • This is very interesting Anon, I’ll have to read it carefully later but I noticed the rabbit sacrificed itself to Quezlecoatl. There’s been some analysis of the Denver murals on glp and someone came to the conclusion that the bird Quezl in the glass box is Ison. That means that Ison is going to hit a rock at the moon. I say this because according to BPEarthwatch, Ison is bombarding the sun with rocks from the debris tail. The story sounds like a coded message to me. According to prophecy the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give her light. That’s the next thing that should happen. There have been massive solar flares over the past few days but that happens a lot anyway.

  11. Carl Sagan inspired a generation of scientists with his work in and out of the classroom. But he didn’t always present science with cheer. In this clip, he passionately defends science with a grave warning. It’s something we all need to hear. (which is why many people think is one of the reasons he had to be silenced – by any means necessary – he was just to darn honest in giving information to the general public in layman’s terms which helped them understand science and the way the universe works.)


    • Stick around, DDNA. If you leave like the others I’ll have to call it a day too like I did with the phoney Church – where everything is a neatly packed soundbite for the willfully ignorant. Interesting book on the Masonic Origins of Christianity. History would teach so much if they would only read. Even their own.

    • It’s been a flat couple of weeks where nothing has jumped out at me and I’ve been unable to pick up the thread. However, Ken’s last post put me in mind (good phrase!) of the lyrics to China Girl by David Bowie & Iggy Pop.
      Perhaps China Girl is America’s lover or Jade Rabbit..I’m just guessing. “oh oh oh ohhh” – ho ho ho! Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Peter O’Toole/Peter Rabbit link perhaps? Who knows and I don’t care somehow). But what really resonates with me from this song, is the “I’m feeling tragic like I’m Marlon Brando”. There is a lovely quote of his I came across just now…
      “On “The Godfather” I had signs and cue cards everywhere. ..on my shirt sleeves, on a watermelon and glued to the scenery. Not memorising lines increased the illusion of reality and spontaneity.”
      I love that. It gives me hope.
      A65 wrote a beautiful piece as his final Merovee post. He won’t be back. Incidentally, I am his sister and I want to thank him for bringing me to this forum and for opening my eyes a few years ago. It’s his birthday today and I love him for staying true to himself and others. Happy Birthday, Bro!

  12. Today and tomorrow the moon and Ison are in very interesting positions:
    The moon is at the heel of the Great Prince in Gemini:
    Moon in Gemini heel

    whilst Ison is over the head of the serpent:
    Bruise head of serpent

    This is to do with bruising the head and the heel. Genesis 3. It’s interesting that the moon landing is called Change 3.

    Frank I hope you dont mind if I make a comment on the conversation going on above. Jimmy, some of us are here because we are trying to work out why the world is so crazy. We dont have answers and found out later in life that our efforts keep failing because something is making us fail. The solution? It’s obvious, everyone goes about treating each other and the world with respect and share it’s resources. That wont happen. Personally I have discovered the answer is in Isaiah. Will that happen? We’ll see. The signs are there. Thankfully for me Frank is looking at the same signs I’m looking for so I keep coming back here even though it’s not necessarily the most obvious place to be. However Frank is very kind and generous. Thankfully.

  13. I came home from work last nite to catch the last half hour of the movie UTOPIA they screened on Ozzie television. featuring mr Rabbit…this movie was released a month after Sandy Hook and many complaints were received because of it’s involvement with child actors….the movie is about conspiracies inside conspiracies. and the NETWORK.


    and rabbit proof fence is on this Saturday nite, the worlds longest fence.

  14. Folk singer Burl Ives, bur-lives, bur-leives, blurred-lines also sings about shiney mr rabbit and has an album called times are a changin….some of his album titles contain rainbow art work, his tombstone reads He Lives on through his Art…. he was also a 33 degree mason and possibly a pedo.

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