The Arrow Of Time

In Doctor Who, one of the recurring themes since its reintroduction has been ‘a fixed point in time and space’. This is an event which cannot be altered even by a time traveller, and must happen and magnetically draws the world towards it.



The Crack in the Wall


If one reviews the history of the world since 1914, one can see a similar pattern to the fixed point in time as seen in Doctor Who. If we take the dropping of the atomic bomb in 1945 as the fixed point, prior events such as the 1st World War, the Great Depression, the rise of the totalitarian mind set with the Nazis and Communism and the scientific break throughs in quantum physics could be seen with hindsight, as being created by the magnetic draw of the atom bomb. For the first time, the world was able to destroy itself and choices became very important as the wrong decision could cause the End of the World.

As the world moved away from Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the effects were seen with the Cold War and world politics were dominated by these events but as time progressed, the effects became less and less and even though, nuclear weapons are still an issue, for all intents and purposes this period ended with the collapse of the Eastern bloc at the end of the 1980s and early 1990s.

But I would suggest that once the effect of this fixed point in time ended, it was very quickly replaced by another. Up till the early 1990s, I was very much a party animal – football, wine, women and song were my companions and to be fair, it wasn’t a bad life but much to my surprise I found myself slowly detaching from this mind set and started moving towards a spiritual POV of life. And again, with hindsight, I can see this was a period when many others experienced a similar change. So what was happening ? I believe we and the world were feeling the effects of a future ‘fixed point in time’ and our lives were dramatically altered as we felt its magnetic attraction.

In 1998, I got ‘zapped’ and made a connection with ‘something’. I was informed my aura had changed from green to purple and my psyche was opened up and the barrier between my conscious mind and unconscious belief system was cracked wide open, and I was able to see how my decisions and choices were made through fear, guilt, hate, need to survive etc. To be honest, it wasn’t a pretty sight and all sorts of weirdness ensued as a result and I still feel the effects of the zapping as stuff still comes to the surface.

In 2001, when 9/11 occurred, I could see the similarity between my experience and what was happening in the collective world mind. I am still unsure of the explanation for 9/11 but the effects were the same as my zapping, as the barriers in the Mind were cracked open and we began to see the dysfunction in the world’s belief system. I believe 9/11 was part of the attraction of the ‘fixed point in time’ and was a stepping stone to the future. All the turmoil and mayhem since 9/11 is caused by this magnet as the world’s collective ego, for want of a better word, tries to resist and fight against it. It is even possible the resistance is necessary. I vaguely remember from my school days, experiments with alternating currents to show how a light bulb worked and that resistance was a vital factor to get the lightbulb working. The detached observer part of my mind finds the ‘business as usual’ signs put up by governments and corporations amusing when it is plainly not business as usual. Everything – synchronicity, weirdness, weather, time, emotions etc – has been put in a blender to a setting marked ‘Intense’.

In my opinion, the fixed point in time we are moving towards is pretty momentous. It is nothing more than the End of the World of separation and will reverse ‘The Fall’ as described in the Bible and our addiction / attachment to the World of Matter. It means letting go of our defences of guilt, fear, anger, hate as we return to and remember our natural state of mind and being, and will reverse Need to Have, and our selfish, separated view of life to one of For Giveness. In a way, the magnet has existed since The Fall but as the moment gets closer its effects are becoming more and more powerful.

In short, we are approaching ‘Judgement Day’. Apart from in our Mind, the verdict has always been the same but we choose not to see it. The verdict is Innocent.


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  1. I just watched this last night…

    I urge you all to watch it…took my breath away. It was like Melancholia but just different characters, setting, etc….much deeper in meaning.

    It was a masterpiece….beautifully done. Your post fits with the concept of this film 🙂

    • J316me – I’ll give it a go if I happen upon the movie.

      You do know that once you turn 40, you’re not allowed crushes any more !

      • So do I end up falling in love instead? No actors this time…just their love of story telling. God’s creations…got the arrow scar from some cupid long time ago 🙂

          • Actually in this film, Brad Pitt took over the role of our most famous Joker friend Heath Ledger. How different it would’ve been if Heath was in it. To be honest, I wouldn’t be as interested to see it :/.

            As for BP, he was a lot cuter…and monogamous when he was with JA…before AJ got to him 😛 !

  2. The Judgement Day, approaching you say?

    According to the prophetic predictions ………….shortly following the death of Ariel Sharon, The Messiah is on his way. That being said the world is rid of one of the most evil Zionist ever…….now they can begin preparations for trying to make this prediction come true by introducing the world to the “false Messiah.”

    Now, no doubt shit is really going to hit the fan. Hold steadfast to your beliefs and dreams and continue to cast away fear and doubt. Because these parasitic psychopaths are really going to lay it on.

  3. J316M
    Thanks for posting the video.

    As the actor stated: “it takes fierce will to get ahead in this world.” No truer words have even been spoken.

  4. Wow. That’s a really interesting way of seeing things. It seems to fit very well with what is going on. I guess the fixed point will affect you differently if you are materially poor or materially wealthy. The meek inherit the earth and the rich cannot go through the eye of a needle for they are too materially fat.
    I always see Judgement Day as being something within. Only you know your own life well enough to make the judgement. And the more we get fixed on outside judgement about what is acceptable and what is not, the less we bother to examine ourselves.


    • Here, here!

      Judgement Day is portrayed at external when the inverse is true. And it is done ‘to us’, when maybe it is ‘from us’.

    • Suli – IMO God/Life/Universe etc only has one judgement upon us and that is innocent. Anything else is self judgement. But ‘Innocence’ is hidden by the clouds of guilt in our mind.

      But however much we may wish that some people get what we think they deserve, this is really a self judgement as well. It’s everyone or no one, I think. ‘God’ has no favourites.

      • I agree Frank, and you put it very well. If you wish someone else to be killed or whatever, you become the evil, even if you don’t actually do the killing yourself.
        I am not against the idea of feeling guilty by your own judgement. I think guilt can be quite helpful at prodding changes for the better.

        • SULI,

          What about Gangsters who murder?
          What about Dictators who murder to put terror into the people who oppose them?
          What about Warmongers who murder thousands and millions?
          What about Cult leaders who murder their followers?
          Who will take care of their guilt?

        • SULI,

          What about Governments who murder thousands to help bring in a One World Government and a One World Religion?
          Who deals with their guilt?

      • Yes Ken, I think so. Other people making them up for us isnt exactly working. I have spent too long in school playgrounds watching how young kids are trained to behave to external rule sets, and not inner truth. The first thing most of them say when a kid is hurt is “it wasnt me”. This is more important to most kids than bothering about the kid that is bleeding all over the playground. Someone has to be blamed. People get falsely accused all the time, and very young kids get adept at setting up a false trail to get someone innocent into trouble. This is really good training for losing your inner soul and spirit, and behaving like a lab rat.
        Paedophiles are very well trained to external rulesets which is why they always get away with it by manipulating the rulesets, and why they always believe they have done nothing wrong. If you are not caught you are “innocent” say the rules.

      • KEN……..words fail me on this blog, it’s like living in the twilight zone…….sheesh!
        ” Beam me up Scotty ” !!!!!!

        • FAITH,

          Acts 17: 31 KJV, “because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.”

          “That man” is Jesus Christ.

        • FAITH …speaking of the ‘Twilight Zone’ you should take a look at the rather interesting way the creator of the show featured Heaven to be. (you really don’t have to watch the whole thing – mark 17:44 is where the table turns.

          Twilight Zone: A Nice Place To Visit (posted below)

  5. Frank, I finally watched ‘The Man Who Stayed for Christmas’ last night. Funny how the crack in the wall looks like a mouth, thinly smiling or in a wide, beaming grin (reminiscent of the Joker).

    I am so happy to hear that purple played an integral part for you, as it did for me!

    I do think 9/11 was the trigger for the current Fourth Turning. The previous Fourth Turning lasted from 1929 – 1946


  6. Hi Frank

    Matthew Delooze is correct, its all about emotional energy, what holds our attention is most important.

    When there is a lull in human emotional energy, they engineer the next fake global catastrophe, to get our attention focused back onto them… as Matthew calls them the serpent cult…

    from 41m41s mark

    and Victor this the latest bridge craze 🙂


    • Anon – as the saying goes ‘All that glitters is not gold’ and what we hold valuable in this reality – the body, money, homes etc – don’t actually exist.

      • thanks Frank I needed that reminder.

        its quite funny us humans, slaving away here in this reality for as many possessions / trinkets that don’t even exist 🙂

        you are correct it is a mad lunatic asylum 🙂

        maybe all those homeless folks have seen thru the material illusion 🙂

        without our reptilian minds who would be bovvered working till retirement 🙂

        I guess that reptilian mind is what keeps the illusion so real…

        • Ken – Yes and No. In the world of bodies and things, a voice is needed but outside the Dreamworld, I doubt whether words are needed.

    • Anon – I think there is purpose to the physical world so I don’t expect it to disappear but we shall see it with different eyes. IMO, it actually exists in our mind now but we just need to make the adjustment.

      • I like that. I hate the thought of physical violence to eliminate matter that might not matter to the enlightened. That is also fear talking. I’ve seen too many people get rolled over and watching others suffer for a higher purpose is overrated.

    • ANONYMOUS – Interesting that you would say the road to Heaven paved with self-destruction.

      Twilight Zone: A Nice Place To Visit

  7. Excellent post Frank.

    I so badly want to know what is happening. I can feel it, that point in time you are talking about, like it’s right there! Just out of reach…I can almost taste it. I’m not angry and my fear is approaching an all time low but I still don’t know exactly what ‘it’ is.

    I’ve struggled to ‘fit in’ with everyone else my entire life and I feel more detached than ever before. Sometimes I have to force myself to care about ‘Earthly things’ for lack of a better term, it’s as if I’m here yet I’m not.

    Saturn, 13, the phoenix, light, the cube, triangles, the color red, severed limbs, reptiles, artificial intelligence, gold, goddess, etc….what does it REALLY mean !?!

    I do know this…I never thought I’d be discussing these things with a Englishman separated by thousands of miles, that alone must mean something. All of us communicating like this must mean something.

    • RR – the feeling of not fitting in is a trick from our belief system. The universe could not exist without you or any of us so we are important. Having said that, it is not easy to deal with the world at present as the illusion breaks down and we see the value of things, everyone says is important but isn’t.

      Re the connection comment. I see the computer as a kind of illusion again – really there is no separation between us but in the physical world we have to use what we’ve got.

  8. R_R …just keep reaching because what you seek is also seeking you. I too, have been struggling as of late to fit in…with people, people that I’ve know for years, (I’m losing interest in them and the trivial things they do & talk about) and as far as earthly things – I am in the process of getting rid of ‘excess stuff’ and on my ways to becoming a true minimalist……material possessions/new gadgets, etc., of all sorts just do not mean anything anymore.

    This sentence you wrote: “it’s as if I’m here yet I’m not”, is extremely perplexing because I often feel the exact same way. Sort of like I’m fading in and out of this present reality/matrix – the one I’m in, (now) as I write this message.

    All of this does mean something it means we’re knowledge seekers as well as pioneers.

    Pioneer: To open up (an area) or prepare (a way) ETC,

    • Thanks DDNA,

      I understand what you are saying, so much seems so utterly trivial now, and I hate to be dismissive of others and their desire to stay grounded, but my head is in the clouds most of the time.

      My eyes were opened years ago and I chose to close them for the sake of fitting in, but I never did, always feeling like an outcast no matter how hard I tried not to. Now that my eyes are fully open again and I see what’s happening to the world, all I want is to know the truth. This place and these people have helped, I hope someday soon we can truly know what is going to happen.

      I feel like we’re really close, the new time is upon us, exactly what that means I cannot yet say. Deep down inside I want to believe that it’s going to be positive.

      • R_R…… here’s something to think about.

        Whether a man dies in bed or aboard an interplanetary ship, the human
        condition has not changed in the slightest.

        Happiness? But we are taught that happiness lasts only as long as the
        Illusion lasts… and what is this Illusion? Nobody knows. But it
        submerges us. If we only knew what Illusion is, we would then know the opposite:
        what Truth is. This Truth would liberate us from slavery.

        As a psychological phenomenon, has Illusion ever been subjected to
        critical analysis based on the most recent discoveries of science? It does
        not seem to be so, and yet one cannot say that man is lazy and does not
        search. He is a passionate searcher … but he misses the essential; he
        bypasses it in his search.

        What strikes us from the very beginning is that man confuses moral
        progress with technical progress, so that the development of science
        continues in dangerous isolation.

        The brilliant progress that has come from technology has changed
        nothing essential in the human condition, and will change nothing, because it operates only in the field of everyday events. For this reason it touches the inner life of man only superficially. Yet from very ancient times it has been known that the essential is found within man, not outside him. Words of: Boris Mouravieff

      • R_R…..also.

        In Western civilization the interior life of the individual, with all its richness, finds itself relegated to a minor role in existence. Man is so caught up in the toils of mechanical life that he has neither time to stop nor the power of attention needed to turn his mental vision upon himself. Man thus passes his days absorbed by external circumstances. The great machine that drags him along turns without stopping, and forbids him to stop under penalty of being crushed.

        Today like yesterday, and tomorrow like today, he quickly exhausts himself in the frantic race, impelled in a direction which in the end leads nowhere. Life passes away from him almost unseen, swift as a ray of light, and man falls engulfed and still absent from himself. Words of: Boris Mouravieff

    • RR and DDNA, I have been feeling the same the last month or two, I think it is. I have always managed to fit in with whatever and whoever is around me before, but I am finding it increasingly difficult to tolerate all the surface trivia, and would almost prefer to isolate myself, even though I really like nearly all people I meet and know. Getting rid of more stuff is always spiritully uplifting. I just want to drop out of it more and more…
      I often wonder if the homeless and the Untouchables are probably the most spiritually advanced, things must be really clear to them seeing what is going on around them.

      • SULI

        I thinks that as our inner world changes, our outer world changes as well. There are times when one must distance themselves from the outer world and the people in it, (for lack of a better explanation), the mind needs a rejuvenation period of sort. A free mind, (from clutter and the chatter of others) is clear and spacious. It rejoices in Being-ness.

        However, we have taught that to be alone or a loner is to be a social misfit.

        Alone-ness is the joy of being just with yourself, it’s enjoying your own company. (After all is it not said that a person is their own best friend?) There are very few people who enjoy their own company and always seek the company of others. To me it strange when people don’t enjoy their own company – they are afraid to be alone with themselves.

        As far as the ‘homeless and the untouchables’ I don’t know how spiritually advance they are, but no doubt they may see things more clearly than some of us because they don’t care about what’s going on around them….. they don’t follow the carrot like we do in trying to figure it all out. They just let it be.

        • DDNA, those who chase materialistic lifestyles that indulge in the fallacy of self gratification are the ones who pull reality right down on their heads. Capitalism, or its now established bigger brother corporatism or a ‘free market economy’, only taps into the self worth or the individuality of human dignity. Materialism taps into our endless wants and needs which paradoxically, creates economic scarcity as our desires can never be truly fulfilled, in fact we want or need even more. I’m like yourself, Suli And RR. I take the basics that I need for myself and my family to survive and turn my back on the rest. I work with people whose conversations just depress me and I’ve fallen away from ‘friends’ that I knew for many years, but I’m more optimistic, happier and have a clarity of mind as well. If I didn’t have to work which I think is one of my last real connections to the complete material world then I’d set myself and my family free and wait for everything else to catch up.

          • totally agree, its the bling bling era.

            all these reality tv shows showing you how well everybody else is doing, except yourself…

            ever notice how boring it gets now days when people are boastful about all their accumulated possessions, and trips abroad… yawn 🙂

            I fellow once said to me in India, all you need to survive on is a roti and onion , so why kill yourself working to death…

            • Lol, he’s right. My version is a tortilla and a tomato, now and then an egg. Greens always. A small, safe shelter and clean water is good too.

              • 🙂
                the homeless actually have it quite good if you are in a hot country like India.

                a place like India has a huge homeless population

                with lots of time to meditate

                and nobody bothers with homeless, and you are not going to be arrested for been homeless…

                the temples always offer free food once a week , some even a sheltered floor to sleep on.

                so much for all those western churches…


        • well said about been a loner… there are some people that can never be alone, they always need other people around them, the energy vampires..

          The giant corporate offices are specifically arranged that way to drain us of our energy.

          They don’t want you to be alone, you are like a disconnected battery been alone, class you as a misfit…

          they want you out socializing, been part of the battery array 🙂



  9. ‘Live From Space’ will premiere in March (3/14 Pi month). A 2 hour live experience that will ‘literally’ take viewers on a global trip around the world. Brought to us by ARROW Media.


    It coincides with the follow up series to Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos: A Personal Voyage’, where Carl Sagan has been replaced by Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    I don’t know of Neil deGrasse Tyson, but his idea that the universe expansion is accelerating is interesting.


    It reminds me of our hunt for Pi and the fillip it received during the Atomic age.

    ‘The development of computers in the mid-20th century again revolutionized the hunt for digits of π.’


    Also from Neil deGrasse Tyson is his renaming of dark matter as ‘dark gravity’:

    ‘The current term for the force fueling this expansion, deGrasse Tyson explained, is “dark matter,” but he clarified that even that term implied that it has matter.

    “What it truly is is dark gravity. Boom,” deGrasse Tyson said.’

    Also in Pi month are the Oscars. What odds Sandra Bullock is successful for her role in ‘Gravity’?

    • RBD2,

      On Jan 7th I watched an interesting episode of the ABC TV’s Catalyst programme here in Australia.

      “Catalyst Special on the universe, examining some of the Big Questions, including answers from several of the world’s top astrophysicists.”

      Susskind was one of the astrophysists being interviewed. They were all very enthusiastic about their subject.
      Then someone mentioned Dark Matter. Apparently there isn’t a lot of it around but it is very, very important in the scheme of things. So important that the universe would not be held in place at all if it were not the precise amount that it is! And what amount is that? You don’t know? Well it was being said several times that it is 122 zeros after the point and then the first digit is a 1. An extremely tiny percentage of what else is out there. A critical amount that has been measured somehow. A question was put several times as to whether God might have been responsible for doing all this pecise balancing act. Oh no no no! They wouldn’t have that! Ha! Well no! Of course not! That would be an instant conversation stopper wouldn’t it. We need constant funding to explore more stuff like Dark Matter.
      One hundred and twenty-two zeros and several of them were on that TV programme.

  10. I used to work with a man, call him Jim. In his youth he was a great disciple of the occult, well read, and a compulsive utiliser of the tarot. It took over his life and he packed it in, got another job (the tarot had told him to jack the old one), and lived life “normally”.

    When 911 happened, and I was not really caring about much at all at the time, Jim was like a man possessed. He spent the whole day running in and out the staff room, watching re-runs of it. He told me that I did not understand what was really going on, or why, but it would become clear over time. Jim had been waiting for the moment..


  11. The thing that nags me about 911 is that it may be special and pivotal to a large portion of the western world but I’m not sure how pivotal it is to those outside of this exposure. I’m not being provocative here, I’m just not sure. Like perhaps a new technology or ritual or scientific, psychological and philosophical state for some resulted from the fall of the towers, or perhaps it ushered in a new kind of truth (or method for lying), but I’m not feeling it. If I’m not, aren’t millions not? What happens to us? Are we just Neanderthals too dumb to see?

    • In other words, I can name a dozen events more pivotal and dramatic and instrumental for me than 911. If I can do so, can’t many of us around the world? In fact, aren’t many of us at this exact moment of now here experiencing something more dramatic and direct than newsfeeds and replays of 911? Something that makes the latter look like childs play? Like RR, I’m trying hard to innerstand.

  12. Frank, excellent post. Very thought provoking.
    I remember seeing an interview with a New York resident shortly after the 9/11 attacks. He said the thing that scared him most was not the event itself, but how everything was now back to business as usual. Not only that but how quickly ‘back to normality’ had resumed.
    As you say it was obviously never going to be business as usual and would never be again.
    Except, in the confines of the illusion within an illusion, that is our ‘thriving’ plutocratic – neo-capitalist, militarised and corporatised working infrastructure – that we call society it had to be. It was full steam ahead with a massive rush of adrenaline. The world now had new agendas, but more importantly the mindset had changed even if we didn’t want it to. It was the catalyst for change and the shaping of things to come.
    We all remember that for a decade or so a semblance of peace during the 90’s occurred when it was all too good to be true and then boom, out of the blue, it was wake up time. Those who knew ‘peace’ wouldn’t last may at still been amazed at the magnitude of 9/11.
    The question is can our so called rulers keep us here in their manufactured reality of corporate slavery, while at the same time we remain enslaved within the constraints of the physical world that is only in our minds? Resistance may be futile to some futile, but it’s that very resistance or struggle that adds to the hysteria and quickens the pace to take us to the next point. There is absolutely nothing anyone can do to stop the unravelling, it’s only a matter of time.

    • I’m not sure whether 9/11 was the manifestation of energies breaking in, to to open the crack in the wall or 9/11 opened the rift. I don’t think it really matters as the result is the same.

      I’ve got it for some time and couldn’t understand why everyone was carrying on as normal but around 2009 I noticed a change as people started looking up from their desks and wondering WTF is happening which gave me the impetus to start the blog.

      But in the control room – media, government and corporations – it remains business as normal. It’s going to be interesting to see how this is dealt with. Most people I talk to realise it’s a crock of shit.

      • Normal as per International banksters and Corporations running the show except for a couple of rogue nations they want under control, namely Iran and North Korea.
        Bear in mind that nobody or group has been charged with the offences of 9/11 either and the evidence of the crime scene was immediately carted off to India for recycling.(all the metal beams with precision angled cuts caused by precisely placed explosives)
        Might as well forget and watch America’s Got Talent!

        • Ken, Iran and North Korea are under total control – they have been for a long time. It’s just horses for courses and feed him to the dogs or Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth etc.
          All the while hypnotised by the likes of AGT and reality tee vee.

    • MAKKY,

      Yes, 9/11 was pivotal and Bob Schlenker says that I, Pet Goat II tells us that there is going to be a second “9/11” coming soon and within the bounds of Obama’s second term. I posted the links but there was not a single comment. He is sure there will be a second major false flag coming fairly soon. Be warned. Especially all those with airey fairey ideas about reality. Those without a strong faith in God will be rocked.

      • Whatever is thrown at me I’m prepared for. You could say it was now ingrained into our psychological make-up.

        • I’m not prepared to watch people suffer – in whatever reality real or unreal, even in the movies. That’s my Achilles Heel though I probably shouldn’t advertise that here.

        • Here, here MAKKY, I’m in agreement with you. And too, I’m watching other things, like whats happening to our water and food supply. Water is being poisoned and food, especially fruits and vegetables are coming to us from our,(trusted) suppliers without seeds.

          “Heritage seeds” for the most part have all but disappeared as to where the average person who plants a garden or farmers who supply food to the populace are left with genetically mortified seeds. Has anyone noticed that fruits and vegetables do not have the shelf life that they used too have? There is a reason for this……………

          • I like the discussion about seedless grapes. “If grapes are seedless, how do you know you’re eating a grape? Through the seed you shall know the fruit.”

      • A second 911 coming soon? There have been 911’s happening every year before and since 911 for millions of people around the globe. I’m struggling to see why that bombing was pivotal. Because it was America? Again, not provoking, just stupid.

        • ANONYMOUS – 9/11 served many purposed for the parasitic psychopaths ….. and one of those purposes was to test the psyche of the American public if not the whole world. If they could pull this off without serious questioning from the populous, then they knew/know that they can tell the public anything and it will be believed. Masters in psychology of the average human mind, they are.

          • Maybe it was the largest vicarious experience shared by more people than ever before. Like simulated laughter on the telly. Vicarious suffering on a mass scale.

      • Perhaps this time people will have the courage to not act out violently in some kind of misguided quest for revenge but I doubt it.

        • R_R …. if anything there will be a break out of violence from individuals who have been ‘programmed’ to incite the violence. Infiltrators planted by the ‘system’ are always present and the innocent get caught up in it…everybody pays. Just look at what happened in Boston – everyone was on lock down. Look at the destabilization of the Middle East – it was/is all planned…..get a few programmed individuals to rise up, innocents join in because they think they can help set things straight and they killing begins. Etc.

  13. Agreed. Most people I know are just trying to put into perspective their current subjective code of survival. Resistance and resilience.
    On a different note, I’m going to watch Crystal Palace v United at the Craic In Tha Wa in town on 22nd Feb. Should be interesting.

    • Makky – prepare yourself . I went to Selhurst Park over Christmas for the first time in years. Just make sure you don’t want to relieve yourself if you’re in the Arthur Wait stand at half time or anytime to be honest ! It’s like a trip back to the 1980s but still fun.

      • Frank, the nearest I’m going to get to Selhurst Park is watching it on the big screen in the pub and I have to book that six weeks in advance. Sounds good though, and I do miss the away games but when you’ve been to places like Turf Moor it can only get better.

  14. Sorry to interrupt the flow of this thread but I just saw an article regarding the death of Sharon. In the photo there was some kind of dummy on a deathbed posing as the deceased Israeli PM, which was bizarre and awkward. Not to mention the Messianic prophecy uttered by a Rabbi for the things to follow after Sharon’s death.

    Can anyone make any sense out of this?

    • CG,

      Sorry to interrupt the flow of your post but I just saw a guy post on Merovee referring to an important article he saw but failed to include the link for others to see.

      I can’t make any sense of this!

      • “The sculpture, created by Israeli artist Noam Braslavsky, depicts Sharon propped up in bed with an IV drip attached to his arm, looking pale and sunken and wearing a blue hospital shirt.

        The figure’s eyes are open and its chest rises and falls, as if he were breathing.”

        This is beyond C R E E P Y……………

        • DDNA – it’s not a pretty picture. To go with Michael J Fox, another ‘Sick Joke’.

          Actually, it’s close to what a dead person looks like. Once the life force has left we see the body in its true perspective – lifeless without the spark.

      • That article was written on 10 20 2010 or in Europe, 20 10 2010. That dummy probably served as the real Sharon for years.

      • The author of the article, Philip Caulfield started writing for nydailynews.com in 2010. His likes the weird events like the Trayvon Martin case, the Boston Sham, the Four Loko College Craze and East River monsters washing up in Manhattan.

        Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/authors#ixzz2qJC5Yh2X

        Caulfield is probably as real as that Sharon dummy.


    Listen, especially to the first two minutes & 38 seconds 🙂

    George Carlin -Question Everything

      • So true…………… They do not want people to realize that it’s all about “NOTHING.”

        Which by the way I think is what you and I have figured out that’s it’s all about “nothing”, and why too, we are losing interest in their game and those who continue to want to play it.

        • I’m pretty sure I have unrealistic expectations about humanity and if I just accepted that fact that certain things will never change I’d be much more content.

          For me personally, even if it is all about ‘NOTHING’, that’s still no excuse. We have a duty to existence to conduct ourselves accordingly, not for something, not for nothing, we have to do it because it’s RIGHT.

          Sometimes it seems like the world has become full of excuses for people to not do the right thing.

          And you’re correct about it being a game…it’s called ‘Who can tell the biggest lie?’ and it’s progressive.

  16. Hi again, this post has given me much food for thought. I have remembered that the way the earth energy lines are behaving fits in with what you say here. I do some very amateur dowsing and know people far more skilled than me. The behaviour of energy lines can be dowsed into the future, this is not like predicting the tide times and moon times which is done by maths. Dowsing is done by using the spirit within us. For anyone that doubts it, underground water can be found with greater accuracy using human dowsers than by any machine. I have a dowsed chart for the energy lines for 2014 and what is happening is that the smaller earth energy lines are slightly changing their patterns to be a little bit more like the larger lines.
    Maybe this is part of a slow progression towards greater harmony. At present all the lines fully harmonise for a few hours only 4 times a year at equinoxes and solstices. If the earth energy lines continue to change their patterns, there may be a point in time in several years when the harmonies happen more frequently for longer periods, and maybe eventually a continuous harmony at one fixed time/place window, the point towards which we are heading.
    I think the question is, who will take control of that window of opportunity? Will it be the force of Big Brother, or is it an impossible task to defeat the human spirit as they are trying to do? If there is enough of our collective spirit left, I think it will be an eye opening point for humanity.
    I don’t think we have lost any spirit, it is just very heavily locked up.
    The energy lines have much power, and like everything else, the power can be used with good or bad intent. I personally think the power of Mother Earth is a very important factor in how things work out, and we need to treat her better and connect more to her.


    • SULI,

      Mother Earth and Sister Sun
      Worship them since Time begun
      Trash and mock God’s Holy Book
      Till He comes back and takes a look
      And what He sees will horrify
      He doesn’t stop but passes by.

    • KEN…. your post in the dark side of gloomy!

      SULI….. I believe it’s impossible to defeat the spirit of all mankind….what I’m saying is the spirit of mankind could certainly come close to extinction.

      However, as long as one human hangs on, “their” plan to pull humanity away from it true source will not have been a complete success. Not to worry – people are often a bit groggy when they are first awaken but, they do wake up.

  17. never heard of the author but one of the books i was reading referred to it, ages ago. i’m defo gonna get it an read it one day. hope your well mate an nice work keep it up xxx

  18. Frank, hope all is well with you? You have often commented on your ’98 experience and here you say “In 1998, I got ‘zapped’ and made a connection with ‘something’.” I am genuinely interested in this experience you had. It sounds abit like psychosis (and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way – RD Laing etc made connections between psychosis and transcendental spirituality) or was it, instead, a connection WITH meaning – but perhaps a marginalized/ individualized / unique sense of meaning (as we all have)? I am just curious, but in a wholly sympathetic way I hope.

      • Frank, no need to email! “I might add that in ancient China, too, there was a similar doctrine that the fully accompished, “true” man had the option whether to live this roe in the Son of Heaven as a ruler, or that of the sage who would instruct the ruler and the people in the “way of nature”, the Tao.” – John Weir Perry, Trials of the Visionary Mind. (p. 78 re Laing)

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