The Death Of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Or ’33 Weddings And A Funeral’.




The actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has been found dead in his bathroom in Manhattan, from a suspected drugs overdose.

In The Grammys, Katy Perry, Madonna and 33 Weddings, I hinted that something maybe coming :

At the 2012 Super Bowl, Madonna’s performance was followed by the death of Whitney Houston, and the Grammys a week later. This year we have a mirror with Madonna at the Grammys and the Super Bowl one week later.

’33 Weddings and a Funeral’ ?


The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman is a mirror of the death of Whitney Houston.

  • Both Philip Seymour Hoffman and Whitney Houston were found in a bathroom from suspected drugs overdoses.
  • Whitney Houston was a black woman and Philip Seymour Hoffman a white male.
  • They both die in the year of the Olympics
  • The date of death for Philip Seymour Hoffman is 2/2 and Whitney Houston 2/11 = 22 and both add up to 4.


But it is the mirror connection with Madonna, The Grammys and Super Bowl which made me think that there maybe a funeral to add to the 33 Weddings seen at the Grammys. In 2012, the Madonna Super Bowl was followed by the death of Whitney Houston and then the Grammys. With the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, we have the reverse as the Grammys precede the Super Bowl.

And if Madonna appears at one of these big media events, and you are a famous name then it’s better to go far away with people you trust. At the 2012 Super Bowl, Madonna pranced around the stage as Isis. This year at the Grammys, she appeared whilst 33 (masonic number) couples were married, dressed up in white hat and tails.






And with the 2012 Super Bowl, Madonna appeared to be conducting a ‘black mass’. With this year’s Grammys we had Katy Perry singing ‘Dark Horse’ with ghouls and demons dancing next to her, as she went all ‘witchy’. Not a good omen. ‘Horse’ is a slang for heroin and it is alleged he was found with ‘The Dark Horse’, a form of heroin known as the ‘Ace of Spades’.




From the normal topics on Merovee, I notice the connection with Truman, from Truman Capote and the link to the cold theme and his famous book “In Cold Blood”, and also the link to The Truman Show. His name is also another example of Go Sh – Seymour Hoffman – and ‘Eyes Wide Open’ – See More ( See-attle and See Hawks ) – which I bore everyone with.

Another recent death, of actor Paul Walker was preceded by an internet hoax claim that he had died, and the next day he was involved in the car crash. The same weirdness occurred with Philip Seymour Hoffman as his death was announced prematurely and his representatives had to refute the ‘hoax’.

From Mail Online:

“The news of the death of Hoffman comes just one day after representatives for the actor issued a statement denying he was dead after an internet hoax claimed the star had passed away on Saturday.”


It is not only the Grammys and Super Bowl which made the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman predictable. In recent years, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Brittany Murphy, Cory Monteith and David Carradine, as well as Paul Walker, (there maybe more), have met premature ends. Maybe Randy Quaid and his ‘Hollywood Starwhackers’ claim wasn’t so mad after all !



Postscript: one of the many bizarre themes I have been observing for the last few years is the connection between movie plot lines and ‘real life’ events. ‘Anon’ has observed another strange link with the movie ‘Final Destination 5’ and the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. The images from outside his apartment are very similar to a scene from the movie, and macabrely show a man killed after being inserted with needles. It is reported Philip Seymour Hoffman was found with a needle in his body. As well, the beginning of the video concerns a woman attempting to ‘See More’.




Philip Seymour Hoffman Manhattan apartment



Final Destination V scene



Final Destination 5 – needles


88 thoughts on “The Death Of Philip Seymour Hoffman

  1. Frank, this is absolutely crazy. I’d been expecting something after your comments on the mirror and 33 weddings and a funeral, but to see it being played out is very surreal and sick.
    I was only thinking about the actor on Friday as I liked his performance in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire as Plutarch Heavensbee. I was thinking, oh yeah that’s the guy that was in Synedoche (Synced ok) New York, a film I’d wanted to see. I couldn’t have told you he was in it by name, but randomly thought of him being in it for no apparent reason.
    What is the Superbowl going to hold for us?

    • Makky – I will be surprised if there is not something weird with the SB.

      In recent days, I’ve had two syncs connected with PSH. A couple of days ago I saw a man walking in a strange way and reminded me of the Bear in the Hoffmeister ( Hoffman ) advert. And yesterday, someone was pointing out a fish to me for a reason which I didn’t understand – Fish = Phi S H. And I’ve given up on coincidence !

      It’s very peculiar when these things happen but there is a pattern which can be read sometimes.

      And re the 2 numerology, I notice 22/2 is the date of Crystal Palace v Man Utd. Maybe the date of the ‘death’ (not literally) of David Moyes ?

      • POSH. Port Outward Starboard Homeward. Or Posh Spice (the commoners version of Kate at Beckingham Palace). Or too Posh to Push i.e. Caeser, seizer, the Roman caesarian.

  2. I’m gutted by this news. Philip Seymour Hoffman was one of my favourite actors. His death is made more suspicious by an internet hoaxing of his death LAST night. RIP Philip.

    • Hi BB – in another article, Makky noted that the same happened with Paul Walker before his death. Another strange mirror – hoax and real.

  3. Frank, it is bizarre when the patterns come to a head, even if you are half expecting it. I noticed the bear in the advert was at the ‘oche’. Synced oche.
    That could very well be the game where his ‘fate’ is decided.
    I get the impression the passion isn’t there as it was with Everton and that he might not have responded well to elements of MK which I’m sure go with the territory these days.

    • BB – thanks. You can’t but feel there’s something ‘not quite right here’. I’ve added the relevant quote to the article.

      I’m sure Viktor would say that the hoaxes are The Program telling us they’re not real. Who knows .


    What is going on??!! Is it all coming out in the wash now? Other news from this rag includes scoops such as ‘cover up admitted…Princess Alexandra did accompany Savile to hospital of hell…’ and Obama’s infidelities have pushed Michelle to her limit.
    Of course they haven’t decided that honesty is the best policy…but I do wonder how far along they are with their game.

  5. I haven’t watched the Hunger Games series of movies. I’m wondering if there is an synchronicity with Richard Harris’s death after playing Dumbledore in the first two movies of the Harry Potter series.

  6. Philip means lover of horses.

    Capote in Simple Gematria Equals: 60

    Capote in English Gematria Equals: 360 = full circle.

      • FAITH,

        Thanks! I thought it was pretty good article too.
        Fortunately or unfortunately down here in Oz we were able to watch it all on Channel One which is the HD channel of Channel 10 I think. I didn’t watch it all but took note of many of the aspects mentioned in the article.
        Also saw the grey/white horse galloping onto the field.
        Sadly I have no idea of the rules of the game.
        I noticed that there was a row of 18 (6+6+6) laser lights behind the Red Hot Chili Peppers (6+6+6 letters) at half time. Possibly two more the same on the stage.

  7. Capote Ace Of Spades in Simple Gematria Equals: 154 or 77 + 77.

    Ace Of Spades in Simple Gematria Equals: 94 where 9+4 = 13.

    94 = 47+47 where 4+7 = 11.

    Ace Of Spades = 11 letters

  8. From 11/2/2012 (Whitney Houston death) to 2/2/2014 = 722 days or 1 yr 11 m 11+11 days.
    In the first date the digits add to 9. In the second date the digits add to

    11 thus forming a 911.

    1+1+1+1+1+1+1 = 7.

    7+2+2 = 11.

    722 = (19×19) + (19×19) which would seem to be very significant.

    EW Bullinger in “Number in Scripture” says of the number 19 that it is the combination of 10 and 9, and would denote the perfection of Divine order connected with judgement.

  9. Seattle Seahawks now leading the Denver Broncos by 35 to 0.

    Seattle Seahawks in Simple Gematria Equals: 169 or 13 x 13. Unbelieveable!

    The first three letters of both names are the same – Sea = 25 so 50.
    169 – 50 = 119 or 11th Sept.

    Denver Broncos in Simple Gematria Equals: 154

    Difference is 15 or 5+5+5.

  10. I believe the date was quite significant as well. And i felt it to be true as soon as i read it.
    At once when i heard of him dying this morning i knew it was no accident… I have been doing a lot of reading on occult, illuminati, MK Ultra, mind control… and so on

    Feb 1/2 according to pagan and wiccan beliefs which occultism is heavily steeped in it is a holiday that represents the return of the Goddess, and in some occult practices it they believe they need to make a sacrifice to the Gods and Goddesses in order to ensure Her return.

    RIP Phillip

      • Well Easter is around the corner. Easter, Ester, Ishtar… What goddess was Madonna trying to project at the 2012 half time show? Spring is around the corner too so I guess its all just an elaborate fertility ritual.

  11. Poor man, he died on the 33rd day of the year. From his bio:
    Does not drink alcohol. He became sober when he was 22 years old and says that he quit because, “I was 22 and I was panicked for my life.”
    It’s so rare for someone that young to develop such self control. With 3 young children and a career he seemed to have everything to live for. It makes no sense that he would in his later life jeopardise everything he had worked for.

  12. Strange two references to horses were sacrificed today. First Phillip Seymour Hoffman dies.

    The name Phillip means “friend of the horse.”

    The Denver Broncos were the obvious horse sacrifice of the evening!

      • Roob – the song ‘A Horse with No Name’ was banned in some areas as it was thought it was a heroin reference – ’cause there ain’t no one to give you no pain’ .

        And The Joker has to turn up . Lyrics from Ace of Spades by Motorhead.

        You know I born to lose, and gambling’s made for fools,
        But that’s the way I like it baby,
        I don’t wanna live forever,
        And don’t forget The Joker!

  13. just some thoughts, i am always intrigued when sky news start doing continuous coverage of a missing person or death, while watching sky with the cameras trained on hoffmans apartment, my 17 year old son walked in and said. oh youre watching final destination 5 again, no i said this is sky news an actor has died . really that is the same building where the guy got the acupuncture and died with all the needles in him. well when he said this my heart jumped, i then said omg they said this guy was found with a needle in his arm. i then went onto youtube and searched found this character is called issac he is getting his acupuncture by a chinese lady she leaves and a series of events lead to his gruesome death. anyway the part later where the friends are outside the building and they bring the body out ,i can say it is eerily similar to what i was seeing on sky news im sorry i dont know how to put in links and such but if on youtube you watch the final destination 5 trailer then in another tab watch the video on yahoo/sky showing the apartment of hoffman even down to where the police cars are parked and the private ambulance come is very similar i think there is more to this death. chinese year of the horse. are some celebrities caught up in some type of final destination scenario, and are we watching life imitate a very dark art.

    • Hi Anon – I don’t know how long you may have read Merovee but these strange movie connections have been going on for some time and part of what the blog is about is trying to understand what is happening.

      I’ve watched the trailer and it is weird. I’ll add a postscript to the article.

  14. As above, so below.
    Does anyone else see anything ‘Baphometesque’ about these photographs of Philip Seymour Hoffman?

    I hate to suggest it, but could PSH known what was coming his way?

  15. With regard to 33

    Truman was also the name of the 33rd President of the USA……..(Harry S Truman)

  16. Last night’s game was EPIC in a sense that it wasn’t a game at all. I couldn’t believe it was the Super Bowl at all. The halftime show as well as the game itself…there was nothing but also something had to show up. Evidently, it did…the commercials (Double 24 = Super Bowl 48!)!! Sure the kids singing before Bruno appeared said to “Prepare”…that was a bit sinister. Then came the spinning pyramids. The songs Bruno chose are a factor and Red Hot Chili Peppers saying to “Give it Away”…it’s something but not like it was with Madonna and Beyonce! I felt like this was the Broncos payback for giving up Tebow…and clearly it was to a lot of people!

    Aside from that, occult-wise…and it may be too early to say…but I believe it was the two women vs the two men: Madonna/Beyonce and Mars/RHCP. The females had the magical spells to cast out and the men…not so much. I’ve been saying it for sometime now…an androgynous female entity will enter the scene soon enough!

    As for Philip Seymour Hoffman, may he rest in peace…God protect his kids. The Groundhog Day connection is uncanny…see my last post:

    Since his last role will be in the Hunger Games Mockingjay films…this could also be a Phoenix/bird death ritual. I hate that he had to be the sacrifice…that there had to be one at all 😦

    We may have seen nothing…yet.

  17. Ken (and all),

    Pickwick condos address is 35 Bethune, zip 10014
    PSH’s condo was on the 4th floor.
    Philip Seymour Hoffman is 249 gematria as is Novus Ordo Seclorum.

    7/22 is the Royal Baby birthday (HRH Prince George of Cambridge) and one day before PSH’s.
    22 / 7 is also PI

    Capote, for which he received and Oscar was partially filmed in Winnipeg from whence Ian Fleming’s inspiration for James Bond 007, Sir William Stephenson, was born. William Stephenson had his spy HQ in NY where the telegraphic code name was INTREPID.

    Fleming (same as Ian Fleming) was the name of the singer of the national anthem at Super Bowl XLVIII

    Anyone dig into all the DOG and HORSE Ad references?

    One thing is for certain, there’s a lot of bets placed on a Super Bowl game.

    • FAITH,

      Blood Sugar Sex Magic in Simple Gematria Equals: 195 or 15 x 13 or 5 x (13+13+13)

      Blood Sugar Sex Magic = 18 letters or 6+6+6 letters

      Give It Away in Simple Gematria Equals: 122 or 11×11 + 1

      • Kiefer Sutherland worked with River Phoenix & Brittany Murphy and J.T.Walsh and Chris Penn & Ron Silver…Keanu Reeves also worked with River Phoenix, Robert Urich, Patrick Swayze, John Ritter and Maury Chaykin…all dead before their time. Craig T.Nelson worked with John Ritter and Dominique Dunne, Farrah Fawcett, Heather O’Rourke, Chris Penn, Ron Silver and Paul Walker…If your an actor ya might want to avoid working with them guys….

  18. Sorry I hit post before adding …
    Blood Sugar Sex Magik with the veiled swastika and rose cover was released on 9/24/91

    • Hi SE – here’s some more numerology on the death of PSH from Ellis Taylor:

      I don’t have the time to do much more than add this to what Frank has written:
      Philip Seymour Hoffman had two major tracks to negotiate in his life – 8 and 5. The numbers that would barrel towards him were 6, 7, and 9; and they would conjoin at certain points in the double 2, or 22.
      8 is about force, systems, law, finance, reliability, efficiency, repetition, moving from one state to another, stress. (For more aspects of 8 see Ringmasters and search the other articles on my sites – facility at top of page). 5 is to do with activity, languages, freedom, sport, addictions. Both 5 and 8 have issues to do with weight.
      He died 722 days after Whitney – which is the numbers approximate to pi and also the date of the Feast of Mary Magdalene, 22nd July. The last day of Cancer and the 203rd day of the year – matching his birthday number. It is also the day before his birthday (23rd July – 1st day of Leo)
      As 19×19 it is sxs, which is an acronym for side by side.
      As in Whitney’s sacrifice Philip’s was associated with 911 and two very significant, and associated numbers. Her death was 153 days after 11th September 2011. (153 is the number of the sacred feminine, fish catch etc See: Philip’s was 144 days after 11th September 2013 (See previous link). – Ellis

      Regarding the horse and heroin, the Ace of Spades could be seen as The Dark Horse, as spades are black.

  19. Phillip Seymour Hoffman starred in the movie………The Master, which many believe to be a parody of Scientology…..and L Ron Hubbard.
    Christopher Evan Welch was also in the movie….he died young, after a sudden illness.

    Church of Scientology also aired a creepy advert during Super Bowl 2014.
    In Mission Impossible 3……..the character played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman was killed by Tom Cruises’ character .

    For some reason Phillip Seymour Hoffman was reluctant to talk about the movie ‘ The Master ‘ relating to Scientology.

    • Hi Rebecca – it’s ok to lurk in my view ! Your link fits in with the weirdness. Also I notice ‘Phishing’ is an internet fraud term .

  20. 2/2/2012 is actually 222 or 3 2’s or 322.

    The Ace of Spades is the Alpha and Omega card. It is an Acorn, representing the winter or cocoon stage of the mighty Oak, death/rebirth.

    “The Ace of Spades represents the secrets that lie behind what appears to be the truth. It represents the veil that separates the material and spiritual worlds and the power that we have to make a personal transformation to a higher level of consciousness.”-Robert Lee Camp

    The single Ace is on the box of BI-CYCLE playing cards, and the manufacturer’s mark is on the Ace of Spades.

    In 1893 Olney H. Richmond gave many secrets in his book The Mystic Test Book or The Magic of the Cards-

    Casino Royale Opening

  21. hiya Frank, I have to point out the bath link again. Maybe I just see everything through bath eyes, I dont know, maybe everyone just sees everything through their own surroundings. Or maybe there is something in particular about Bath since it is a hole up for the elites out of London.
    Gravestones in Bath often say DIED IN BATH, or DIED AT BATH. Sometimes graves say DIED IN JESUS. It is as if Bath and the bath and death and Jesus are all part of the same something.


    • Hi Anon – whenever I read the name Seymour, I’m always reminded of the headmaster in The Simpsons. And PSH starred as ‘The Master’.

  22. The Seymour SeeMore trend and the needle reminds me of that famous quote about a blind man and the Eye of the needle…

  23. Fascinating post. Very much appreciate your work in connecting the dots. However, there is another possibility. Phillip faked his death. I am certain now that Whitney and Michael Jackson faked their deaths. They are all merely following a script, the meaning of which is only beginning to come into view.

    • Anon – it’s possible. One the topics I’ve discussed is that many of the events are ‘not real’ in the sense either they have been acted out or that we are literally just seeing images from the media that have no basis in reality and are just flickering images on the screen, which we are told have occurred – see Sandy Hook, Boston and Woolwich.

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