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Lost Horizon, Pi Day And The Circle Of Life

Happy Pi or π Day on 3/14 or 14/3/14 . Pi = 3.14 etc, etc.

From Wikipedia:

“Pi Day is an annual celebration commemorating the mathematical constant π (pi). Pi Day is observed on March 14 (or 3/14 in the U.S. month/day date format), since 3, 1, and 4 are the three most significant digits of π in the decimal form. In 2009, the United States House of Representatives supported the designation of Pi Day.

In the year 2015, Pi Day will have special significance on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 a.m. and p.m., with the date and time representing the first 10 digits of pi.

Pi Approximation Day is observed on July 22 (or 22/7 in the day/month date format), since the fraction 22⁄7 is a common approximation of π.”




In recent posts, I have observed the similarity between the lost Malaysian Plane and the TV series ‘LOST’. But there is another movie which resonates strongly with the missing plane ( and Pi ).

“Lost Horizon” was the 1937 film which told the story of a group of airline passengers whose airplane is hi-jacked and ends up crashing in the Himalayas. The passengers survive and are rescued, and are taken to a secret and mysterious place known as Shangri-La, where the lands are verdant and no one seems to get old and everyone is in perfect health. In effect a ‘Lost Plane’ .

From Wikipedia :

“Before returning to England to become the new Foreign Secretary, writer, soldier and diplomat Robert Conway (Ronald Colman) has one last task in 1935 China: to rescue 90 Westerners in the city of Baskul. He flies out with the last few evacuees, just ahead of armed revolutionaries.

Unbeknownst to the passengers, the pilot has been replaced and their aircraft hijacked. It eventually runs out of fuel and crashes deep in the Himalayan Mountains, killing their abductor. The group is rescued by Chang (H.B. Warner) and his men and taken to Shangri-La, an idyllic valley sheltered from the bitter cold. The contented inhabitants are led by the mysterious High Lama (Sam Jaffe).

Initially anxious to return to civilization, most of the newcomers grow to love Shangri-La, including paleontologist Alexander Lovett (Edward Everett Horton), swindler Henry Barnard (Thomas Mitchell) and bitter, terminally ill Gloria Stone (Isabel Jewell), who miraculously seems to be recovering. Conway is particularly enchanted, especially when he meets Sondra (Jane Wyatt), who has grown up in Shangri-La. However, Conway’s younger brother George (John Howard), and Maria (Margo), another beautiful young woman they find there, are determined to leave.”




As it’s Pi Day, I can’t help but notice the ‘π H’ in ‘Horizon’ in the poster for the movie.

In 1973, a film musical version of ‘Lost Horizon’ was produced . Below is the first video that came up from my Google search – “The World Is A Circle”.



“The World is a circle without a beginning
And nobody knows where it really ends”


Happy Pi Day. The Circle of Life – it never ends and it’s irrational.



102 thoughts on “Lost Horizon, Pi Day And The Circle Of Life

  1. FRANK

    Pi is also represented as 22/7
    There were 227 passengers on the ‘missing plane’.

    I,m beginning to smell a rat !

      • Yes it is. And if you multiply the number of passengers……227 ( which is Pi ) by the number of crew…12
        Pi x 12 = 37

        Flight 370
        3 x sevens = Boeing 777

        • FAITH,

          Good spot.

          Add to that the number 8103 = 37 x 219

          And 219 = 73 + 73 + 73.

          And 219 = 2664 after permutating 219 and 219 is of course an anagram of 192 = 8 x (8+8+8) at the Olympic Games in London.

          2664 = 37 x 6x(6+6)

          2+6+6+4 = 6+6+6.

          227 passengers permutations = 2442 or 37 x 66.

          Looks like every permutation of a 3 digit number is divisible by 37.

          37 stands for the WORD of God in the Bible.

          • KEN

            And the …….Lost Horizon movie that FRANK alludes to, is a 1937 film.

            Yes, they’re telling us that an aircraft in Lost…..but is mankind also Lost. Continually searching for something better. Always trying to find happiness in material and earthly things. Dreaming of that pot of Gold that’s just over the rainbow.
            Always searching for ‘The Bluebird of Happiness ‘.

            But the Word of God clearly tells us…..” But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness;
            and all these things shall be added unto you ” (Matthew 6:33 )

            Instead of constantly searching……we need to surrender ourselves to God, who loves us, and cares about every detail of our lives…..” every good and perfect gift is from above ”


            • I disagree.

              We were designed to constantly seek out novelty. It’s how we evolve.

              Whatever or whoever created us would never punish or want us to feel guilty for doing what it designed us to do.

              • Anon, the interesting thing about us is that our genome hasn’t changed much since the hunter-gatherer days, only the structure of our societies and the things we hunt and gather. We are genetically designed to hunt and gather but most of us sit on our a**** all day on a plantation somewhere so we have innovated and hunt and gather information now. 😉

  2. Brilliant Frank! I needed to see the PI symbol enough times for it to click!

    “A torii is a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine, where it symbolically marks the transition from the profane to the sacred.”

    This is the symbol that appears (where the diamond should be?) on the Airborne shield that was featured during the military tribute of the Super Bowl halftime show. At the beginning of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse video, she is seen on a barge with a torii design…

    (first post)

  3. Frank, a lost horizon can also be construed as a vanishing point:

    “In graphical perspective, a vanishing point is a point in the picture plane π that is the intersection of the projections (or drawings) of a set of parallel lines in space on to the picture plane”

    “…the vanishing point is the image of the point at infinity…”

    “Tighten your seat belt. You never had a trip like this before.”

    • Hugo – I see Lost Horizon as another metaphor for life – it just goes on and on.

      As well, ‘Vanishing Point’ starred Barry New Man.



    • Vanishing Point poster made me think of another movie poster emphasising the point on the horizon.

    • In drawing there is one-point perspective (you can count flatly to get there) and two-point perspective (changes everything) and so on and so forth. Flattening down space (and experience and meaning) in order to represent it on a plane (and page) is not an obvious skill. It is a learnt (constructed) skill. When they first start drawing, children draw multiple views of an object at once collapsing top, bottom, left, right views all onto each other in order to best convey (and grasp) meaning. We teach it right out of them.

  4. FRANK,

    Lost Horizon in Simple Gematria Equals: 171 or (3+3+3) x 19

    1+7+1 = 3+3+3.

    Very symmetrical

    Lost Horizon = 11 letters

    Added = 1998 or 666+666+666.

    19+98 = 117.

    Baskul in Simple Gematria Equals: 66

    1935 adds to 18 or 6+6+6.

    China in Simple Gematria Equals: 35 and 3+5 = 8.

    to rescue 90 Westerners or 30+30+30 Westerners

  5. March 14, 1592, at 6:53 AM and 58 seconds. Perfect Pi day……according to whom Frank? That is the question, and will you open the box? Absolutley love you, just keep it up. Your positive outlook has me hangin on!

  6. My comment on the Twilight Language blog about the MH370 and SXSW “sonic” syncs
    combined with the “McLuhan Through the Vanishing Point” video in Hugo’s comment (above) may lead to the message that we are in the final processes of going “through the visual world of the vanishing point of perspective to the ACOUSTIC world of multiple space and multi-sensual space” (McLuhan says this at 0:52 in the video).

  7. Prince ‘Georgie Porgie’ gets a Spanish supernanny for the OZ/NZ trip next month: google map the location of the Harlem blast at the address 1644 or 1646 Park Ave NYC and you see a Spanish Christian church and a store called Absolute PI-ano…with 88 keys for Gramma the Queen’s b-day…5 weeks from today!



  8. Tony Benn, RIP was aged 88 when he died on Pi day. Today is also the 1,880th day from 20th Jan 2009 (Pres Obama). It’s also the 72nd day of the year. I notice Mercury is occulting a star called u Cap which is in Aquarius’s left side. Last year when Oscar Pi murdered his girlfriend, the sun was occulting this same star. It’s not a u, it’s actually a greek letter that looks like a u.

    • Genesis 48, Joseph places his two children on each side of his father, Jacob/Israel for a blessing. The younger one gets a special blessing. The left side has some significance here.

      • Both Left and the Right yearn for ‘Utopia’ (based on their ‘truth’), particularly the Left with it’s ideals of fairness and equality. Each are brimming with the good intentions that we should know by now, always leads to just one place. It is something’s utopia, but it is not mine.

        • It might not be as simple as left and right, it may have something to do with bloodline or more likely tribes. I know very little on the subject except that the 12 tribes were the 12 sons of Jacob, so why are Joseph’s sons referenced here? Although left and right do seem to have some meaning too. I may do some further research about Capricorn upsilon, it may be a point of sacrifice perhaps or even some doorway. When Jesus was asked where will the sacrifice take place, he answered, something about a man with a jar of water and a door.

        • I was looking at this yesterday, Roob. Francis Bacon writing about his island utopia, The New Atlantis, with a research center on it called Solomon’s House.

          “Bacon imagined research and experimentation into light and, in this passage, appears to describe telescopy, microscopy and film….

          We have also perspective houses, where we make demonstrations of all lights and radiations; and of all colours; and out of things uncoloured and transparent, we can represent unto you all several colours: not in rainbows, as it is in gems and prisms, but of themselves single. We represent also all multiplications of light, which we carry to great distance; and make so sharp, as to discern small points and lines: also all colorations of light: all delusions and deceits of the sight, in figures, magnitudes, motions and colours: all demonstrations of shadows. We find also divers means yet unknown to you, of producing of light originally from divers bodies. We procure means of seeing objects afar off; as in the heaven and remote places; and represent things near as far off; and things afar off as near; making feigned distances….We make artificial rainbows, halos, and circles about light. We represent also all manner of reflections, refractions, and multiplications of visual beams of objects.”

          – The New Atlantic, Francis Bacon

          The show must go on? Why would a utopia include the manufacture of (so much more) illusion?

  9. Pi is 3.14, which is pretty close to 3.

    In the Bible, there is an example of what seems to be the rounding down of pi to 3.

    While describing a temple built by Solomon, the Bible appears to imply that pi equals 3. This is 1 Kings 7:23:

    Then he made the sea of cast metal. It was round, ten cubits from brim to brim, and five cubits high, and a line of thirty cubits measured its circumference.

    The reason I mention this is the recent spate of three fingered salutes:

    Firstly, on the neo nazi Svoboda flags in the Ukraine:

    But hen even more weirdly in yesterday`s game between Spurs and Benfica, where the Benfica manager flashed three fingers to signify three goals and Spur’s manager Sherwood flashed them back.

    The Daily Mail even get in an anti-christian title “Jesus has no class” on the link to this article.

    Jorge Jesus is the name of he Benfica manager.

    “Angry scenes: Sherwood squares up to and then turns his back on Jesus in anger”

    Spurs of course are the Premier League’s north London based, Jewish supported team whose fans call themselves the yids and whose manager turned his back on Jesus in anger.

    Rather symbolic.

        • My husband asked me this morning if I’d had an camel syncs. The man is a complete sync-magnet. He’s a taxi-driver weekend nights (‘wet-work’ if you want to sync to Viktor’s vomit post – LOL).

          He had two separate people last night tell him about how they had been offered camels (for women). One at the start of the evening (a fellow driver telling him about a short-break in Egypt), the second at the end of the night from a passenger who had just been approached on the way to the taxi rank and offered 3 camels for this girlfriend.

    • ANTHONY65

      Good spot. And very symbolic.
      But this is how these ‘people’ work. They use news stories, names, places, numbers etc. which all have a double meaning…….I suppose it’s really another way of ‘cloaking’ what they really want to say to us, and what they really believe!
      Everything hidden, everything done in the dark, for fear that the light, will show their true colours.

    • The Benfica shirts have 2 x ‘three fingers’ (one vertical and one horizontal), followed by a circle.

  10. Way beneath the horizon is London’s secret railway, although the rails will have a vanishing point. The MailRail has 37km of track and I read in the construction press today that the green light has been given to transform it into a ‘tourist ride’. (as it London doesn’t have enough things for tourists to do)

    What is this need to turn over little thing into a monument or a tourist attraction? Animation or synthetic appearance of life is applied, like a zombie, but they are not alive and we’re encourged to pay homage and glory in them. Why?

    I came across another horizon reference this morning and a pun, on Merovee, via an Anon’s post on 1.23.14, link via here (also do look at Rodin’s Iris, Messenger of the Gods, also known as Another Voice, Called Iris).

    Smoke on the horizon. And Iris means ‘rainbow’.

    It is impossible to find the end of the rainbow (Utopia) on the horizon, whether you search to the left or the right.

    • 42° is the angle of the rainbow (Iris).

      42 is 6 x 7 or 7+7+7 + 7+7+7

      777 divided by 37 = 21 which is 1/2 of 42 as well as 7+7+7

      777 + 777 = 1554

      1554 divided by 37 = 42

      The alchemical symbol for tin and astrological symbol for Jupiter looks like 24 (mirror 42)

      The chemical symbol for Tin is Sn (tin/sin?).

      Tin melts at 232°C
      Its freezing point is 2270°C
      Its atomic weight is 50
      Its density is 7.31 (mirror of 137)
      Its formula weight is 118.7 (when is see a 118, I think of 11 x 8 = 88)

    • Scroll up to the excerpt about Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis, the island utopia with Solomon’s House of Productions.

      The Monument to Victor Hugo -of which the Iris Messenger of the Gods sculpture is a part- is also known as the Apotheosis of Victor Hugo. Apotheosis = culmination, climax. Orgasm. Have we come full circle?

      • My take on it is: “ The Gates of Hell” being opened for ‘the powers that be’, simply because more & more people are beginning/remembering to think for themselves by using “The World of Thought” that’s been hidden/locked within them for so long.

        • To the extent that we are still chasing their rainbows, DDNA, we are not free. More people have spent more time in the last few days factualizing and dimensioning lies than they have going within. This catches up.

    • KEN

      Fantastic article & Link.

      Article states: “Right now this country is completely against any more illegal occupations and nation building. We are tired of it all and want our government to focus on fixing our nation and actually helping to improve the prospects of our futures.

      Well, that won’t do. It’s contrary to globalization which demands a race toward the bottom and an expansive nation crushing campaign to spread the neoliberal sickness to as many victims as quickly as possible.

      It is starting to appear that the narrative crafters have decided this plane will never turn up but instead it’s likeness will be used sometime in the near future to galvanize the American public behind yet another Shock and Awe event like the one carried out on 9/11. That event will boost support for another Iraq style invasion (probably Pakistan) and distract people from the ever dwindling resources right here at home…………………

  11. The Life of PI and HRH Prince William and Kate…
    Now on vacation in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean

    Royal Wedding on (4/29/12) to HRH Prince George birth (7/22/13) is 449 days
    HRH Prince George birth (7/22/13) to missing flight MH370 777-200ER (3/8/14) is 449 days

    4/29 is day 119
    This year 4/29 is the annular Solar Eclipse which will be visible to areas just below Kuala Lumpur to Antarctica.

    Initial official report is that plane took off at 12:41am and disappeared at 2:40am 119 minutes later.

    • Damn, no edit… Change the second 449 to 229

      And using the digits of the missing… 239 as a date, 9/23
      It is 429 days from Prince George birth to 9/23

  12. Frank, with your 2 becomes 1 theme, I was thinking,
    we see it all day long.
    It has to do with time, but not time travel

    the two hands of the clock, merge into 1 hand only for a minute
    24 times a day, 2 hands becomes 1 hand

  13. Something’s been bothering me about MH370 and the response to its disappearance, and I think I’ve just put my finger on the spot. The easiest way to explain it is by highlighting the point that MH370 inhabited two quite separate environments: the natural environment of our atmosphere and the artificial digital environment that encases the natural environment, in effect turning the natural environment into a child or satellite of its digital parent. MH370 was surrounded not only by air but also by a thick invisible soup of electronic signals and telemetry, comprised in part of some of its own electronic emissions. The consternation surrounding its disappearance is, in my view, focused less on the consequences for passengers and crew and more on the apparent failure of our artificial sensory extensions to shed light on the mystery of its current location. So much so that telemetry and satellite data has been called into question and the search itself reduced to a basic human level: observers with binoculars. In fact, we’ve travelled backwards in time as far as the search effort is concerned and now find ourselves somewhere in the early 20th Century.

    Obviously this isn’t the first time a plane has disappeared in peculiar circumstances. However, the difference between MH407 and, for example, Air France 447 (which crashed in the Atlantic) is that the latter continued to transmit telemetry: ACARS data from the aircraft informed us that there was a problem and it was more-or-less self-evident that the aircraft had gone down. By contrast, it’s the sudden, complete and thus far totally unexplained disappearance of MH370 that has really caught the public imagination. How can this happen in a world of total interconnectivity, a world in which everyone is connected and involved with everyone else? A world in which an aircraft enthusiast can track the precise location of any airliner in the world from the comfort of his own sofa? What MH370 has done is turned the plane crash into a Facebook ‘unfriending’ event: it was chattering away happily one minute, then gone the next. We simply can’t understand why it stopped sharing its existence with us. Did we offend it?

    The McLuhan video I posted above (specifically, his comments about just switching off) really gets to the heart of the matter. Flight MH370 just switched off and vanished from the matrix, and the immediate assumption is that the absence of its digital presence equates to the absence of its physical presence also. The natural/physical and electronic/digital have merged, and we’re increasingly unable to determine where the boundary of one ends and the other begins. I think our fascination with it also has something to do with the possibilities it represents, i.e. that by flicking the off switch we too can disappear from the matrix as if we simply never existed. The off switch is the blade that severs the umbilical cord linking us to, and keeping us dependent on, the electronic womb that has nurtured and programmed us from birth.

    From a ‘techno-mind’ perspective, I wonder what ‘The Machine’ makes of all this? I imagine that the thought of being blind and deaf in respect of MH370 fills it with an electronic equivalent of raw terror. If we view MH370 as a kind of cell or polyp joined to the machine – part of its body so to speak – then it must feel doubly alarmed at the prospect of being rendered partially disincarnate at the mere flick of a switch. What if we all decided to follow suit? Again, I can’t help but wonder whether this is the real driving force behind our apparent headlong rush into a union between man and machine, with the ultimate aim of making a switch-off either unthinkable or physically impossible. If we really understood ‘our’ technology and what it’s doing to us then perhaps, as McLuhan suggests, we might be better off pulling the plug now while we’re still able?

    • DDNA,

      “On August 21, 2012, The Boeing Company applied for a change to Type Certificate No. T00001SE Rev. 30 dated June 6, 2012 for installation of an onboard network system, associated line replaceable units (LRUs) and additional software functionality in the Boeing Model 777-200, -300, and -300ER Series Airplanes. The Boeing Model 777-200 airplanes are long-range, wide-body, twin-engine jet airplanes with a maximum capacity of 440 passengers. The Boeing Model 777-300 and 777-300ER series airplanes have a maximum capacity of 550 passengers. The Model 777-200, -300, and -300ER series airplanes have fly-by-wire controls, software-configurable avionics, and fiber-optic avionics networks.Show citation box
      The proposed architecture is novel or unusual for commercial transport airplanes by enabling connection to previously isolated data networks connected to systems that perform functions required for the safe operation of the airplane. This proposed data network and design integration may result in security vulnerabilities from intentional or unintentional corruption of data and systems critical to the safety and maintenance of the airplane. The existing regulations and guidance material did not anticipate this type of system architecture or electronic access to aircraft systems. Furthermore, regulations and current system safety assessment policy and techniques do not address potential security vulnerabilities, which could be caused by unauthorized access to aircraft data buses and servers.”–300-and–300er-series-airplanes-aircraft-electronic-system

        • HUGO

          Earlier in the week – I remember reading something about one of the passengers had given his wife his watch and ring, (I think those were the items) and told her to keep them in the event something happened to him. Almost like he knew something was going to happen.

          • Ken, yes it’s difficult to make out at the video’s resolution but Dahboo7’s video shows the flight path of another aircraft (9M-MRQ) rather than the aircraft that disappeared (9M-MRO). He clearly thought that MH370 designates a specific aircraft rather than a flight.

            It doesn’t explain the flight scheduling discrepanies for 9M-MRO though: the two main flight tracking sites show different flight schedules for the aircraft, and aircraft data for 9M-MRO on FlightRadar24 has now vanished completely.

            Why does Flightaware show two flights from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on consecutive days for 9M-MRO, with no flight back to Kuala Lumpur to explain the second flight? Why does (or did – the data is no longer available online but I took a screenshot on my original visit) FlightRadar24 list the first flight to Beijing as cancelled yet provide a ‘wheels-up’ departure time for this flight, but with no corresponding landing time at Beijing? This flight pre-dates the actual ‘disappearance’ flight by 24 hours but FlightRadar24’s data seems to suggest that 9M-MRO disappeared twice!

          • Ken, interesting to note that Dahboo7’s video shows the altitude of the other plane (9M-MRQ) rising to 49,000ft at one point – no way ATC would authorise this and it’s well over the aircraft’s service ceiling.

            The new data released today for 9M-MRO shows a similar anomaly, with the aircraft ascending to 45,000ft shortly after its transponder was switched off. Again, this is in excess of the aircraft’s service ceiling: 43,100ft.

        • I contacted FlightAware about flight MH371 Beijing to Kuala Lumpur as I to am trying to figure out how the planes got to Kuala I was told and I quote “We don’t track that flight because it is not in an area we cover” Which is messed up because FlightAware tracks the new flight MH319 that replaced MH371. I don’t know if they are helping to cover something up or if it’s just some strange coincidence.

          However what I found by other means is that it looks like Flight MH371 MRO on 3/7 did fly from Beijing to Kuala where it later became MH370. The STRANGE thing is that I also found MRQ was taken into Kuala on March 5th as MH371 also and it never flew out until it took over for the missing plane and become MH370 on 3/9. It was normally flying every day until they pulled it in and apparently held it there, There is something strange with MRO though right before this happened it apparently squawked from 2 places at the same time., I don’t know if this is known I didn’t read the whole thread I’m up to my ears in these two planes I got the info from

    • “Wheeler’s installation is thoroughly selfie-proof. Any attempt to take a photo (which is prohibited anyway) is rendered totally lame….”

    • “I think of art, at its most significant, as a DEW line, a Distant Early Warning system that can always be relied on to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen to it.”
      –Marshall McLuhan

  14. Crowley (who knew): … “Let him not seek to try: but one cometh after him, whence I say not, who shall discover the Key of it all. Then this line drawn is a key: then this circle squared in its failure is a key also. And Abrahadabra. It shall be his child and that strangely. Let him not seek after this; for thereby alone can he fall from it.”

    You cannot square the circle (a mathematical curiosity), and in that failure is the key.

    Oscar Pi (circle radius squared) vomitted in court again today.
    Astronauts today discuss the “vomit comet”
    Lada Gaga SXSW show today featured black vomit.

    Black Vomit:

    Welcome to The Program.

    • Viktor – there’s an interesting sync with Lady Gaga. It’s not only about puke but pigs ( Pi G ) as well. Pi = Pi and G = Gravity.

      From Sky News : “The controversial singer, whose last album ARTPOP saw poor sales figures, began her appearance in Austin, Texas, by roasting herself on a spit like a pig.Her dancers appeared to baste her with barbecue brushes while she sang the song Swine.” And then mentions Lena Dun Ham“SXSW is a week-long music, technology and film festival which has attracted many stars including Lena Dunham and Kanye West.”

      On a personal note, you’ve been posting some interesting links lately which seem related to me, so keep going but not too many vids 🙂

      • There was another kind of crash at the SXSW music festival, this time of a Car.

        “Authorities have not released names of the dead, but they were a Dutch man on a bicycle and a local woman on a moped.”

        Oh Ok.

        “MaSSiveMusic, a music agency with offices around the world, posted a statement on its website and Facebook page identifying the company’s Amsterdam-based creative director, Steven Craenmehr, as a person killed Thursday in Austin.”

      • Interesting, Frank. Bullocks Gravity won an Oscar for a Reason.
        Everybody excuse my ignorance but is Gravity Planar?

    • Viktor, does the vomit have anything to do with Venus being in Capricorn’s throat? And if so, does it mean we can look forward to other references when she exits at the other end at the end of the month? Gaga does appear to have an affinity with Venus from her previous antics.

  15. Regarding …..Pi

    The first 144 digits of Pi add up to 666
    144 is an important number in certain Satanic/ occult groups ……particularly Rosicrucianism.


        Plenty of books in the Library…….or even just a click of the button on your computer.
        There’s a wealth of information out there, about these cults !
        Why not read up for yourself if you need to know more.

  16. Not sure if this has been mentioned but they are now looking at the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean for the missing flight MH 370.

    From KL Int Airport to Andaman Islands is 777NM.

    You wouldn’t have thunk it would ya! 777NM, Boeing 777. Duh!

    Stock Market plunged 777 points on 29/9/2008

    From 29/9/2008 to today 15/3/2014 = 1993 days or 5Y 5M 5+5+5D

    19+93 = 112 = 7 x (8+8)

    1+9+9+3 = 11+11

    In 5 days time it will be 1998 days or 666+666+666 days and date of 20/3. What then?

    On 20/3/2013 QEII, the DUKE and Kate visited the London Undeground and 49 (7×7) days earlier Charles and Camilla visited the underground.

    Underground? Darkness? The Pit?

    On 20/3/2013 Obama visited Israel.

    On 22/3/2013 Obama stood in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and it was exactly 1,260 says from 9/10/2009 when he was the Nobel Peace Prize.
    1,260 days is the Biblical 42 months or 3 1/2 yrs calculated on the Biblical 360 day year.

    Keep tuned!!!

  17. While Kate was visiting the underground in London on 20/3/2013 the staff gave her a “Baby on Board” pin.

    Baby On Board in Simple Gematria Equals: 99 or 9 x 11.

    Charles and Camilla visited the Underground on 30/1/2013 and went to Platform 9 3/4 made famous by Harry Potter.

    9 3/4 = 9.75 when added = 21 or 7+7+7.

    9 3/4 = 39 x 1/4 and 39 = 13+13+13.

    From 30/1/2013 to 22/3/2014 is 414 days or 1Y 1M and 11 + 11 D

    414 D = 8 x (13+13+13+13)D

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