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Lost And Found

This article is only relevant if the Lost Plane is ‘Found’ but in for a penny, in for a pound.



Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, but now I’m found.
‘Twas blind, but now I see



Yesterday, I discussed my problems with the Internet. In short, I experienced a ‘Lost Connection’ due to the Foundation.









JJ Abrams – ‘LOST’



JJ Abrams – ‘Fringe’
Peter the Bishop – In the Machine



The Black Rock – LOST



The Black Rock


Found ? – The Rocky Island


No Man Is An Island.



45 thoughts on “Lost And Found

  1. One of the characters in ‘The Langoliers’ is blind. She’s travelling to Boston for an operation to give her sight.

  2. Frank, I think the script is now veering towards the plane somehow being found. Kuala Lumpur (K L 11 x 12(3) = 33), is where this all started and is the Heart Of Malaysia.
    After reading John 316ME’s thread on GLP about the heart then seeing the image of MH 370 in the candlelit heart shape, I can’t help thinking, strike at the heart of Malaysia. I also saw a well wishing message from the Petronas Buildings in the capital which read – #Pray for MH370 from the twin towers, which I thought was odd.
    Then we have the two possible arcs, or corridors that the plane may have flown on – half Pi?
    The other main topics in the news today were the Ukraine obviously and a story from Paris, as motorists are being told to drive their cars into the city once every two days. The Ard De Triomphe was shown which reminded me of Pi.

    The pilot of the plane, being the crafty fanatical political activist that he is – was pictured wearing a T- Shirt with the words Democracy is Dead on the front, which I read as D.I.D, Dissociative Identity Disorder. No need to dissociate, No Man is an Island.
    The plane itself during flight is rumoured to have made a ‘sudden ascent then dive’, as in coming up for air then going back under, or SAD – Why So Serious?

    • Good spot on the D.I.D., Makky. The Pi-lot is a man of many hats
      who knows how to use his fingers and plot them along a curve(s).

    • The Arc:

      arc (ärk)
      1. Something shaped like a curve or arch: the vivid arc of a rainbow.
      2. Mathematics A segment of a circle.
      3. An electric arc.
      4. Astronomy The apparent path of a celestial body as it rises above and falls below the horizon.
      intr.v. arced (ärkt), arc·ing (är′kĭng), arcs
      1. To form an arc.
      2. To move or seem to move in a curved path: the stars that arc across the sky.

      Communicate. Coming up for air.

  3. As long as a person believes they are a person an individual.then they are trapped inside the mind prison.the person or individual lives behind a veil.for example a person believes in thought,but a thought can only think.therefore everything a person thinks is not true it’s fiction that is the veil.the problem is a person cannot unthink themselves cos the person doesn’t exist.if u know wot I mean.this website can continue forever and no answers will ever be found.for the replies will by thinkers of thoughts and thoughts are not proof in essence their is no proof.any ways peace and no one wrote add up your numbers and look for things but u or anyone will not find an answer cos no one exists.xxxxxxxpositve negative that’s all

  4. I haven’t caught up to the updates but the t-shirt the pilot was wearing made me wonder…is it a coded message?

    DEMO = DOME?
    CRA(IS)CY = Thanks to MAKKY’s post above…possibly ARC?
    The word IS…in between the A and C makes it two separate words/phrases…ISCY = I SEE or ICY?

    I see dead arc/dome?
    Icy dead arc/dome?

    Overthinking it maybe but the rainbow/prism, Cold War and the Days of Noah terms can’t be ignored.

    I really wonder if it’s biological!

    DNA in both words…

    ISLANDS = DNA ISLS or LISS…meaning LIST?!

    NO MAN IS AN ISLAND…from a biological event!

    Does anyone remember the phrase appearing at the 2012 Olympics? It was in newspaper print at one of the ceremonies! I can’t find it anywhere!

    Everything I posted above will trip you out NOW…see the Sochi medals!!

        • On 22/23 Mercury will be battling Neptune, Rev 12, Michael and the dragon perhaps. Does the Kraken fall into the sea because the dragon in Revelation gets thrown down and causes a flood. It’s also a month from the date they predicted Ragnarok. Maybe the prediction was a month out. It will also be when the moon will be seeing McFly’s underpants too. Another way of looking at that is Gen 3:15, the seed of the woman, Lovejoy is bruising the head of the serpent while the moon, Satan, is bruising the man’s heel. If I were to choose a time, it would be midnight or dawn, both frequently mentioned in prophecy and Scriptures.

    • Thanks Dream – lots of water stuff around. There’s a thread somewhere on GLP about Neptune and the Trident which is quite interesting if you can find it.

      • Frank, I saw this trailer in the comments of one of my regular haunts. The post is heavy on the flooding and water gags, mocking our Chancellor (GO).

        The black and white text is very pronounced and looks cheap (cheep!)

        12 Monkeys and Brazil prominent (doubly so for Brazil if you read the wiki write up, below), and I can’t help thinking that perhaps 12 should be 1/2.

        The Hero/Anti-Hero is bald and has no eye-brows. No even a Fringe 😉

        The official HD trailer is 2.27. Wikipedia tells us that there were 37 days of shooting. IMDb says it was released in the UK on 14th March 2014 (Pi day).

        ‘In an e-mail sent to production designer Dave Warren, director Terry Gilliam concisely stated the look he intended for the film: “Neo Rauch + Ukelele Ike = The Zero Theorem”.[21]

        Ukelele Ike (a.k.a. Cliff Edwards) was the voice of Jiminy Cricket (“When you wish upon a star”), the puppet boy’s con-science. He also had a No.1 with ‘Singing in the Rain’. and had 3 marriages and 3 break-ups. He died alone and unloved.

        Neo Rauch (smoke, fume) was orphaned when he was 4 weeks old, his parents were killed in a train accident. His paintings ‘mine the intersection of his personal history with the politics of industrial alienation‘.

        I selected one of his ‘Para’ exhibition images at random because para is a personal sync for me, and it was attached to a critique with this observation:

        ‘In his work at the Met, he seems almost deliberately to set back the clock, not only in terms of history, but also in terms of his development.’

        • Roob . What can you say about the video – it looks awesome and just my cup of tea . Not sure what the reason for the baldies is but in Matt Smith’s Dr Who final episode, Dr Who turned bald, as well. It maybe just another Mirror with Fringe and Hair.

          The Zero Theorem fits with the ‘Message from the Dawn Of Time’ or ‘Year Dot’ or Zero.

            • The film does look good, and Brazil is also one of my favourites.
              Terry Gilliam is also 73, born 11/22/1940.

    • FAITH…the Tintin story in the DM link I posted above about my dream…the plane he was in was supposed to arrive in Sydney before it was hijacked!

      • JOHN316ME

        Thanks for that. It’s all very strange. I doubt we,l ever get to the bottom of this ‘ mystery ‘

    • And France! I know they have territory in the Pacific but it looks incongruous in the context of the rest of the 15 countries.

  5. Another couple of characters in Lost…….are a married couple called Bernard and Rose.
    Christian Bernard is the so-called ‘Pope’ or ‘Imperator’ of Rosicrucianism…( aka Rose Cross )

    This article shows links between this fake Christan Cult and the series Lost.

    A secret story embedded within a larger story. Is this what they’re doing with Malaysian Airline ‘story’

  6. RBD2…….thanks for the link
    Yes……..Lost, is definitely being pushed to the forefront of people’s minds at the moment.
    Never watched it myself.

  7. …so busy following the ‘program’ you forgot to create your own and actually change the world with your own code. I am sure they will press the ‘fight’ button soon so everyone turns on each other.

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