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ISIS – Goddess of Magic




“So you wanna play with Magic”
Katy Perry ISIS


From the perspective of Merovee, the ‘Mindlines’ are becoming increasingly bizarre. Now, the Iraqi govt has requested that the US military bomb the crap out of ISIS.




From BBC News:

“Iraq has formally called on the US to launch air strikes against jihadist militants who have seized several key cities over the past week.

“We have a request from the Iraqi government for air power,” confirmed top US military commander Gen Martin Dempsey in front of US senators.”


And ISIS is now on Twitter.




Who would have thunk it ? The US govt dropping bombs on women and children.



Isis & Horus


There’s a surprise !


111 thoughts on “ISIS – Goddess of Magic

  1. yeah woman: the new face of terra ism according to those starred generals.
    why can’t a god or goddess ever be shown highly melanated?
    just sayin’….

    • Anon – I understand your frustration. Maybe its time to reclaim the ancient black Gods and Goddesses and bring them back to life !

      • Right on cue Frank as usual… here is the post I started a month ago and never bothered finishing until Roob gave me a kick up the Janus..that I needed…I feel like a Mormon having two wives now telling me what to do…just need a third one to make them into a triple goddess 😉 I am away to watch the footy and have a nice cold beer…the house is empty with no Isis or goddess’s in sight ahh now that is pure heaven….

        • Awesome, Doctor! I’ve written to you to say exactly how potent your shamble is…

          Enjoy the footy and the beer and the peace, you deserve it, I have some construction of my own to do…

          To A Void – this was the ingredient missing from Thor’s Day’s Lost Post…

        • TTN – great article. Janus is another mirror and the keys to the door are in our Mind.

          You have my sympathy re work and its constrictions. I think many of us feel the same way and its also difficult to connect with those who are unable to look beyound the next pay cheque and also what they are led to believe is the truth about ourselves and our reality. They just refuse to go there. Unless someone raises a subject I keep quiet and rely on the blog and e-mail to connect.

          The world seems very alien and strange these days to me and I probably seem alien and strange to it.

          • I have felt like that all my life Frank but even more so now I feel disconnected from everyone around me at the min…and I have disconnected myself to a certain degree from this world system..

            I have sold my house and and in the middle of selling my car and most of my possessions and am heading off traveling I will still be studying and teaching where I can and hope to help people through volunteering along the way…its a liberating experience having no ties…and breaking the hold that material possessions have over you..people look at you strangely when you tell them you don’t know where your going and you have no definite work lined up…it makes them feel very uncomfortable….

            I will still be connected to Merovee though whenever I can..and I will not be leaving for another month or so..exciting times ahead….my nickname when I was a young boy was the Wanderer…it certainly fits….as I have moved 17 times in my life so far this is the 18th move… I plan to return to the UK at some point…though..and no… Tennessee is not on my itinerary at least not until next summer…. 🙂

    • because she is waiting for our melanin to kick in …
      SHE is US …I IS US …
      surrender our claims on credit aint ours to begin with ..its only the credit entry to balance the mother’s claim on the usage of our vessel ..
      all leads back to US GOD we trust
      the holy grail ..the whole of the grail ..the mortgage of the womb is the what creates the dollar sign ISIS..a buy to let mortgage instrument with the credits created out of renting the vessel (product of the womb) as collateral.
      the mothers claim of credits for her labour when giving birth (debit entry for the inner temple in london..administrators of ROMAN matriarch trustees, )…creates an account receivable entered into the childs (vessels ) accounting book ..
      GOD is an invisible bill of exchange …ie the debit entry
      the templar code of banking based on the ancient khmet science black madonna and child
      teh new atlantis

      • TD – I see money as just another unreal symbol of our physical reality. Its a belief in the value of nothing or more accurately the belief in the value of Thing.

        • it is teh ignorance of how it works that is the cause of most problems…
 is also a test bed to see whether we can act upon the truth that we own nothing in this universe ..and that this earth is a temporary abode for our souls…
 is one thing to believe in it have faith ….but what completes it is WORKS ..acting upon that faith …are we attached to our labour credits …YES …is this the reason for the turmoil in this world ..YES…
          ..but even if we dont act upon it..this creates an increasingly distopian world where a lot of souls will realise the futility of this planet …
          you can see it in the eyes of the girl prostitute in ross kemp’s series extreme worlds…
          utube : roos kemp india..
          it is our debt consumption and (PLUS) refusal to take responsibility of the debt that creates teh distopia for individuals , that is a surety for the future if we take the same path created
          it is a choice :
          are we surety barons for the future debt distopia OR
          surety barons to a debt free world ..
          either way the superSOUL wins ..but in one we visit pain on others and in another we visit pain on our ego , killing it ..
          if its all a game and we dont like what we see …there is no harm in playing our strongest hand ..which we havent played so far ..and see where that takes the game…
          ONE thing is guaranteed ..they dont want us to play that hand

          • TD,

            Your ideals are noble indeed.
            If Works are what is required then it is a complete takeover of the banking system.
            The banksters have us all by the short and curlies. This is not by chance but by endeavour planned through the ages.
            Every country MUST borrow from them.
            It is a set up.
            We are slaves to the banksters..

            Years ago the Commonwealth Bank of Australia was able to fund the building of the trans Australia Railway without borrowing the money. They just created it. All they needed to complete the project was enough labour and enough materials.
            “By utilising Australian notes in this manner the Commonwealth Government avoided debt, interest charges, and taxation and before it finally entrusted the Australian Notes Accounts to the Commonwealth Bank, it made enough money out of that account to pay the greater portion of the construction cost of the East-West Railway, the remainder coming out of revenue.”
            In 1924 the CBA was effectively strangled.
            The Elite Illuminated ones do the bidding of their master, Satan.
            There is only one way to avoid being in submission to Satan!

            • while ISIS is attacking babylon ..
              lets see if u can see through mystery babylon …
              ur e almost there with ur example of teh commonwealth bank ..
              ….no one is getting paid …as there is no money ..only claims of payment ..creating claims of public debt when you laboured never got paid …someone owes you ..and this is transferred to teh public …u as a member of the public keep a record of it ..thats all …
              now ..haivng created a public debt when u exchanged labour of the John Doe entity..
              …which is the only legal entity that can reduce that debt …and from that argument all debt in the system..?
              when you answer that question ..u will then understand who is the surety of all claims ..and thus has surety rights over all other claims ( we call them bills) public entities ( and that includes private companies and banks …as they are all chartered and there legal title is held by the common public)

              can u guess which is the only legal entity that can legally reduce public debt?

                • our names , ie the trusts created at birth are the ones that have the power to reduce teh debt ..not even teh president of the US can reduce his corporations debt…but we have the power..
                  thats more power than teh kings and queens of this earth …
                  ..but we havent exercised it yet..
                  if you have any doubt ask teh national debt reduction department of the treasury of ur country ..even better ,ask the US treasury …
                  donate a one pound credit to ur treasury with instructions to reduce the debt ..they have to obey …they are beholden to ur instructions ..
                  …eversince the 1933 world bankruptcy when silver and gold was taken out of the payment system ..we’ve ahd that power ..
                  we were teh kings and queens and still are …
                  we just delagated the responsibility of running the public trust ie JOHN DOE and its credit to a banking system ..

                  • TD,

                    So, with all this knowledge of how the system works and the power that resides with you, why have we not seen the sensational tale on TV etc of how you have righted the system? Pray tell!

                    • …power resides with each one of us …not the TV..
                      ..i cant exercise your surety rights for you…it between you , the debtor (UK treasury) and its creditor..upon ur instruction the UK treasury will reduce the you acted as surety ..u have the right to the collateral backing the debt up on surety rights …u’re acting as surety to the credit card receivables you might as well read up on ..i cant do that for you
             the moment as a collective , all across teh planet ..we delegate the exercise of it to the public …eg : in UK its called national insurance u inSURE the nation’s health (credit rating ) ..we ourselves increase the debt inside the banking system and stand surety for that as well ( ie ..this is why you discharge the mortgage on ur house ..and credit card receivables ) …

                      so both in public and private ure increasing teh debt …
                      ..i cant stand in for your application contract with the public when u applied , agreed to be insurer to it s credit …
                      its your car …the fact that you choose instruct a driver(govt) and navigator( banking) to run it in reverse gear , by giving surety to it.
                      its your car , your set of keys..ur petrol (labour credits) …
                      not the TV’s , not mine ….
                      ..i know how i’m gonna exercise surety rights by offering my labour credits to the UK or US treasury (i’ll give them a choice) to reduce their debts …
                      thats because i have read up on surety rights ..
                      its a simple exercise ..just google…
                      ..quicker than waiting for the TV to drum up another russel brand rant ..
                      ..i cant play your strongest hand for you would be great if people form groups and realise this ..instead of wasting energy wining , going for strikes , being armchair revolutionaries …when it only takes a few emails with ur respected treasury …
                      ..i can only

      • Our melanin? It’s kicked in for many a crazy long time ago and they were/are slaughtered like rabbits for it, defined as “not fully human”. You talk about labor. What about out and out slavery over millenia? How’s that work on the mindlines. Google isis. She is a highly melanated goddess but has been REvised, like everything else post Rome. Rome might have usurped concepts but most likely they’ve failed to truly use them and understand them in full

        • I mean please, being asked to join people in their “5th dimension” when 100% of the new programming and imagery about that space consciously leaves out positive messages and experiences of highly melanated people. Would the new programming be titillating if it contained all black people, a black couple making love, black hero’s and heroines, black gods and goddesses for instance? My feeling is you, we wouldn’t give it the time of day? Do you/we follow the every move, snort, and dress color of any melanated royalty,? Or that’s not normative so doesn’t count (literally)?

            • What am I going to do? What we have always done. Rihanna and Beyonce are black blondes with hair purchased from China and rumored to dabble in Egyptian Magic cREme, hardly protypical. Today I was sent an article by a site called “wake up world” attacking the theory of humans originating out of African. The argument is that it is “counterintuitive” (you bet with all the media programming) and that Africans and aboriginal are only being coddled in response to their injuries during slavery. Sounds like a lot of new agers are just like the old agers. God forbid forgiveness means having to say you’re sorry. God forbid love doesn’t mean denial. What I won’t do is keep quiet.

          • this is why i’m tired of explaining..people need ot research ..
            so called black people are not the only ones who are melanated …everyone is ..its just that they have had to ( and still apply the same principles) to control the whole of humanity …they have to start off with the enslavement of the black mind
   balck people were not made free in hte 1830’s ..they were emancipated…its a legal term for transfer of ownership just got transferred to the Crown instead of the slave traders in west indies ..this is the origin of the legal term ‘BLACK’ = dead in the eyes fo teh law …which is what the name is ..its a dead legal entitity …they indebted that ,,( a rabbi called MOses montfiere and rothschilds loaned money to the \\crown to force teh emancipation through …) and this is the format that was used to eventually create the debt slavery system for the whole of humanity …but it is only slavery of the NAME ..not u …u are the surety of teh debt ..
            they jsut got you thinking you are the NAME balck or white ..or indian ( which by the way means balck slave , dog , thief) …u are not the NAME …that is crwon property that is consistently standing in for paying , sorry discharging of the national debt

            on a metaphysical level ..they are human energy cattle farmers..teh first step is to get you to be ignorant ..and emotional about their actions …study teh rules of teh game ….they farm melanin ( unobtanium …) controlling it via negative emotions , anger , fear , helplessness, frustration etc…and the place where they farm it first is where its most concentrated …ie …the original melanin man …
            once they feed into the matrix through the melanin transciever , the matrix changes and feeds into humanity as a whole
            utube : kite hit steel plane must
            see george bush and other vatican agents farm black children as a ritual to implant into the superconsciousness via mantirc chants of melanated children ..
            they implanted into the mind matrix the hoax story of planes hitting the twin tower s ..There were no planes , it was a controlled demolition , no one died …
            ..but the script was made real via heavily melanated children …
            in reality we are all melanated there is no division ..they got you programmed so much that you though i was talking about balck people when i said melanated …refer to scientific papers ..melanin exists in nerve tissues of all humans …
            this is not a black or white issue …this is a game and they know the doorway to an easier way to control the matrix ….this isnt new age either ..there is a reason why a pineal gland scultpture exists in vatican ..they know the techniques on how to control it ..

            • Thank you TruthDemon. I know you are tired of explaining but I am not tired of learning so please be patient. You just got here. I understand about the construction of race (in addition to black and white they’ve even sold us red, green yellow and brown) and that we are all melanated. It’s important to know that what looks like ascension for some is destruction for others and, ultimately, for themselves too since it’s all a ponzi scheme. That image Frank posted of Obama sitting on the Throne of Want in the Land of Got, looking like Nimrod the deerhunter with a threatening cross bow in the foreground and red, green and brown headless pineapples (pineal glands) in a bowl in the middle says it all.

              Please do not get frustrated here. We’re all working it out. I am committed to addressing my own responsibility in the structure rather than just whining about it. Your posts are incredibly valuable. Please be patient. Thx.

            • TruthDemon, your post and the representation of ISIS as a goddess with fairer skin syncs with an earlier post on Merovee entitled ”Death of the Liberation Black Star” which corresponded with a brutal campaign ‘on the ground’ by the Angel of Doom predicted and advertised in a round-about subterfuge way on nodisinfo.

  2. BP thinks ISIS is connected to Armageddon as the armies are coming from the east and heading towards the Euphrates while Paul Begley thinks it may be Jeremiah 50 where God destroys Babylon and places a king over the people.
    ‘I, the Lord, will come and make the Babylonians run away suddenly from their city. Then the leader I choose will rule the nation. ‘

    David Cameron thinks ISIS will come and destroy Britain. Probably with their WMD.

    • USA trained ISIS fighters in Jordan…Members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, were trained in 2012 by U.S. instructors working at a secret base in Jordan, according to informed Jordanian officials. These officials are concerned this group could now be used against the King dom……

      Saudi Arabia were also involved in aiding the group as they wish to raise tensions between Sunni and Shia and against Iran.

      Well after all Amerika is called the daughter of Babylon…in some quarters…

      Typical I was planning to go to Jordan in a few months wanted to see all the archaeological sites before they blow them all to king doom come like they have done in Syria where thousands of years of history and culture have been destroyed…and more importantly .not to mention all the innocent civilians massacred at the hands of the evil empire.they carried this out before in Iraq…and still they get away with it and still the people in the West stay whats the Kardashians up to this week….

      Sorry needed a rant…..

      • TTN,

        It looked like you were replying to my post just above it but made no comment on it. Am I as confused as you appear to be? Ha!
        I read somewhere that many of these Isis fighters have US passports.

        • Lol sorry Ken you are right I am confused I put it in the wrong place sorry for the mix was probably because I was writing about Janus the con founder or the god of confusion…that I don’t know which way is up…. 🙂

        • According to that article, the reports come from some unidentified source inside Obama’s people. Let’s see some evidence/names, rather than hearsay. If we’re going to hold people accountable, it should be to the same standards we’d try them in court.

          • No, you’re right. Just because I don’t believe that Sandy Hook was real doesn’t mean I should accept unevidenced reporting. That would be like accepting the MSM reporting of Sandy Hook.

      • SM

        Why is KENS post promoting fear and suspicion?
        Many people on Merovee have posted about Sandy Hook being a hoax or false flag, and given links supporting that belief. I wonder why you single out KEN’s post ?………..Errrm…..let me guess !

        • I agree…I don’t think Ken id doing anything detrimental. He is trying to promote truth seeking… as we all do on here..

          • PR,

            Precisely and thanks. Besides which the Sandy Hook issue received tons of coverage here at the time and many people have claimed it was a hoax! Crikey Solis, you are so out of touch. You really do need to pay attention.

    • I wonder if that’s true. I like the site but it’s known as a “Conspiracy” site…. (Before It’s News). I am about to read it….

      • Did you see anything even close to resembling “news” in that article? The headline is completely misleading.

  3. It really does get weirder and weirder. The Twitter photo looks straight out of Raiders of the Lost Ark and if you look in the lower right corner, there is an indistinguishable icon with some Arabic writing and the words AWASINTIMEDIA, I think.
    Of course no AWASINTIMEDIA popped up in my search, just Inti Media based in Peru, which specializes in multi media story telling. Still wonder about the icon.

    • Speaking of $$ and ISIS syncs… check this out:

      I saw this within the last couple of years and wondered about it since it just seemed strange plus the Conspiracy/Bible theorists are always squawking about the end of the world and a moneyless system.. that is becoming more and more a reality and is neither here nor there anymore… But the syncs/coincidences are still there…

    • all leads back to US GOD we trust
      the holy grail ..the whole of the grail ..the mortgage of the womb is the dollar sign ISIS
      the mothers claim of credits for her labour when giving birth …creates an account receivable entered into the childs accounting book ..
      GOD is an invisible bill of exchange …
      the templar code of banking based on the ancient khmet science black madonna and child
      teh new atlantis

  4. ISIS is in french EIIL (Etat Islamique En Irak et au Levant), that is heard like “elle”, meaning “her”…
    Overlord is back (6/6/44) ! Ready to throw the trident (Neptune OPERAtion) again !
    The chess game is going on: the queen is attacked.

    • Anon – maybe some Christians are a bit paranoid and scared of women and female sexuality. Here’s a quote from the article :

      “When the proper time arrives, she will preside over the human sacrifice of many Christians and actually drink their blood poured into goblets from their gawking, decapitated heads and gushing uselessly from their headless necks.”

      It’s all nuts to me.

      • FRANK,

        Yes, I’m not sure at all why the author of an otherwise very good article about these female music (?) celebrities goes off on such a weird tangent either.
        Likewise I’m not sure why in your first comment you quizzed that “maybe some Christians are a bit paranoid and scared of women and female sexuality.”
        I’m not sure whether you mean all women in general or Christian women in particular.
        There is a mass of evidence that women and girls have been manipulated by the Elite programmers so that they become unattractive as a long term spouse. Have a look on Henry Makow’s website. He has a special section devoted to feminism and its dreadful consequences.
        The destruction of the Family is the target.

        • Ken – we’re not going back to the 1950s nuclear family. The Universe sees only One family and doesn’t care about the physical attractiveness or unattractiveness of anyone. It just doesn’t see the 3D Body or anything in our physical reality.

          I’ve had a few e-mail exchanges with Henry Makow in the past and like him but all the recent articles on ‘feminism’ have been about these sexually voracious, money grabbing women who we should be aware of and keep in their place. It just doesnt chime with my experiences. I like women 🙂

          • FRANK,

            You may be correct that we are not going back to the 1950’s nuclear family – then came the 60’s! The permissive 60’s with the aid of electronic technology promoting all sorts of alternatives to what was previously acceptable. However, the family has been the building block of society. Not only that but it is ordained by God in His Word. Those that have chosen to follow another way usually end in a big mess. A Devil if a big mess you could say. That is the Devil’s plan is it not? To destroy THIS order and from it will emerge Phoenix-like the New World Order?

            I’m not quite sure what you mean by. “The Universe sees only One family….”. What is this ‘Universe’? Stars, planets, comets etc? Would a Christian like me call your ‘Universe’ God?

            I think that Henry’s own articles about feminism and those from contributors sum up the overall situation very well here in the West. Obviously different countries experience things differently and to differing degrees. Isn’t the ultimate plan though to take reproduction out of the hands of the individual and control it in a laboratory controlled by the World Government in the name of population control and the conservation and preservation of Mother Earth?

    • I think it’s that we have different interpretations of the word ‘prostitute’, A Void:

      Do you know the episode of the Simpsons when they go to Itchy and Scratchyland? Homer had a wallet-full of cash and he converted into the amusement park currency, which turned out worthless. What did we exchange for currency before money was the only currency to ride the amusement park rides? And did we lose everything? Perhaps we have something of the key, we just don’t know we have it yet because we’re trapped by the attractions and distractions. Homer and Marge were reliving New Year’s Eve over and over again (so reminds me of the Overlook’s ballroom, or maybe just the Shining), robots turned menacing and the family had to work as a team to survive. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but wasn’t the key short-circuiting the currency of the creatures? The Simpsons found the key to it, a camera flash, kinda shiny, third-eyey.

      Oh and the other thing about that episode I remember, like Bart I don’t buy the multitude of signs to a BORT. Nah, we’re on the right track here.

      Frank, the HONDA ad I posted on Sophie’s Selfie. Hon. Honourable. Da with added r is House of Peace. To dream the impossible dream … So Merovee ❤

        • Will do A Void. Just need to retrieve it from my mind palace after physically crafting it and then losing it in the space of 4 hours last night. As Homer might say, … ‘D’OH!’

          What a Newb!

          I’m being sanguine about it though ‘cos the experience revealed a missing but vital ingredient and, fingers crossed, I’ll have that available to me add today…

        • A Void, I’ve left a link to TNT’s invitation to visit his laboratory, above.

          I work in construction logistics and I am a Logistician’s Logistican – how’s that for a handle ;). We’re referred to as ‘the oil in the machine’ but I think of us as a living thing, like a human body’s circulatory system, because we do more than make things go smoothly, we help build by connecting…

    • all leads back to US GOD we trust
      the holy grail ..the whole of the grail ..the mortgage of the womb is the dollar sign ISIS
      the mothers claim of credits for her labour when giving birth …creates an account receivable entered into the childs accounting book ..
      GOD is an invisible bill of exchange …
      the templar code of banking based on the ancient khmet science black madonna and child
      teh new atlantis

  5. Here’s a very interesting article about Codex Magica…..linking…….Isis, goddess, Egypt and magic ….to TRIANGLES!
    Virtually all organised religions, have Triangle or Hexagram ( two triangles….one point up/one down) symbolism on their flags, places of worship, or on their garments, statues or paintings.
    The triangle is also ‘revered’ in Freemasonry, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism etc.
    In Egyptian religion the triangle represented ISIS
    The geometrical god of Freemasonry is the triangle ……( great goddess )
    Of course the 3 angles of a triangle = 180 degrees…….= 666

  6. People search for the truth for they believe that when found it will make them feel better.However there is no truth in a hologram illusion ,reality is a persons unique perspective ,therefore a collective reality does not exist period. .the only thing to find is self love .love is all you need! Simple. The eyes look out wards but they also look inwards.heal thyself physician.

    • Truth and Justice are of extreme importance. We were given free will and a Maker’s manual to follow. It appears that enormous injustices are a way of life and that truth is of the least concern to many and especially many of those entrusted with our governance and those who wield enormous influence behind the scenes.
      So what hope is there for the bulk of humanity? None at all. The guilty ones go free and are not prosecuted.
      Is there ANY hope at all? Yes there is because God has told us that all will ultimately face the Judgement seat of Christ. The guilty will face judgement and will not escape punishment.
      This is the ONLY available solution to our dreadful predicament.
      Those who kill babies in the womb for the convenience of the mother will not go free.
      Those who mass murder either through war or in person will not go free.
      Those who cheat and lie will not go free.
      Justice will be done.

  7. Freja told me once “The heart is a garden you must till yourself.” Was profound to me, at the time.

        • Roob I have been thinking…. this choice that we are being given between the blue and the red….it all feels a bit con trived to me like we are being forced to choose only two paths….as you know I have been banging on about a third path/way/choice…a slip road or a narrow path to a void the pi le up ahead I think was the terms I used….and its also a bit like the choice between the blood thirsty goddess and the tyrant king….matriarchy and patriarchy….maybe there is another way where we are equal and work together and none of this domination of the other…just a thought…

          • But there is Tin Man, purple … the elite have been hoarding this pathway forever … for MRS REGN, purple is G for Growth, all living things grow … the ‘e-lite’ (fake light?) use the illusion that they are bigger than us, so big that they can tell us what to do because they own us … if mother is red and father is blue then the future lies in the purple path(s) between … that why I hate the High Priests and Priestess of the Religion ‘For the Cheeldren!’, they are claiming ownership of the purple path and using it to control adults and fiddle with the future, steering by the e-lite of state endorsement, with their template maps to plot the course. That, my sweet Shiny, is child abuse pure and simple. In our faces…

            This revelation comes from my blue smokers universe, deposited here in this red para universe. I’m hoping with a little mixing some purple results.

            As for the structure, that’s the Lion’s fault, Hugo or Huge-O (i.e. growth) explored the Matrix and Memento with me and that kind of set the terms at red and blue and purple thread or path to follow or grow into something so big that’s she is quite unimaginable yet…

            I dunno Shiny, you asked me once if I had a key. The colourful MRS REGN is a kinda key… and I told you my hair has turned silver …

  8. ISIS now on Twitter ?

    Twitter symbol is a bird.
    Isis in myth is a bird goddess who is said to transform herself into a Kite………( bird )

    Someone pointed out in a previous post, that Malaysian Airlines tail logo looks like a Kite.

    I wonder if there’s any connection between the disappearance of MH370 and this so-called ISIS group.

    • FAITH,

      Good spot on Isis and the Kite and Malaysia Airlines missing Flight MH370.
      I have been thinking of a possible link from 8/3/2014 and when ISIS came on the scene but it is hard to tie down a date.
      I can’t recall ever having heard of them until a few weeks ago.

      Make of this what you will –
      “The ISIS™ Crisis: U.S. Helicopters, Corporate Advertising and now… Central Bank Financing”

      • KEN

        Interesting link.
        And like yourself, and probably most other people, I,d never heard of this ‘ ISIS ‘ group. It seems to have appeared all of a sudden, and is being portrayed in the media as a very dangerous terrorist group!

          • KEN

            Excellent video, and definitely makes sense.
            Can’t help thinking also that there’s lots of Sun Worship symbolism going on also.
            Maybe the ‘ elites’, in their warped minds, are making sacrifice to their sun goddess in order to further their satanic agenda.

            Isis the Egyptian goddess, is mainly depicted wearing or carrying a solar disk on her head.
            The terrorist ‘ Isis ‘ are on the side of the …….Sunni Islamists…….( Sunny)
            The Biblical ……Land of Shinar……( Shiner)…. is were the Tower of Babel was built…….which is in Iraq!

            I always remember this scene from the movie The Shooter…….apologies for bad language used.

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