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Black Star

Caltech have said that Nibiru may exist after all.



From Earth Sky.Org

“Caltech announced today (January 20, 2016) that its astronomers now have solid theoretical evidence for a giant planet – a 9th major planet in the outer solar system – moving in what they called a “bizarre, highly elongated orbit.” They’ve nicknamed it Planet 9 and hope other astronomers will search for it.

If it exists, the planet has a mass about 10 times that of Earth and orbits about 20 times farther from the sun on average than Neptune, which is currently the 8th major planet and which orbits the sun at an average distance of 2.8 billion miles (4.5 billion km).”


Just a few observations. Firstly, back in about 2009, one night I felt I contacted with a planet of enormous power beyond our solar system and since then I have kept a close eye on all things Tyche / Nibiru. The best way I can describe it is that it was incredibly magnetic and had a very dense ‘Iron’ type vibration.

Secondly, Caltech describe it as ‘The Ninth Planet’ but if you include Pluto in the mix, then it becomes the 10th planet. One of the theories is that it is not a planet but actually a second sun – a Binary Sun and our solar system is ‘Binary’.




Since I started discussing the first Moon landing in 1969 and ‘The Silence’, it’s all gone extra-terrestrial with the death of The Starman or David Bowman a few days later and the release of ‘Blackstar’.




Blackstar 1


She’s got a tail.




The Black Stars are boycotting the Oscars. Will Smith says ‘It’s all for the children’.




Butt does Will Smith have a secret ? Think of the Children.




And on the same night as the Black Stars Oscars boycott, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are back in the X Files. “I can’t do this alone”.



It’s Extra Terrestrial.




And Binary.


KP binary


Alien Sex – it’s out of this world. Click Mail Online.




“In Space No One Can Hear You Scream”. It’s time to let go the gravity of the situation. It’s all OK.




The yolk’s on you.



“Ha Ha Ha, Hee Hee Hee. I’m a Laughing Gnome ( Know Me ) and you can’t catch me”.


69 thoughts on “Black Star

    • The question The Human Project is asking the Children of Men is this: Y are men infertile? Y can men knot have babies any more? This is the unknown ‘X’ factor.

      “For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Sun is given” — Isaiah 9:6

      So what was it the ad-just-meant?

      Vik, the sponge was dry and so the small-fry fried.

      “As He neared death, Jesus said, I thirst. Now there was set a vessel full of vinegar: and they filled a sponge with vinegar, and put it upon hyssop, and put it to his mouth. When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost” — John 19:28-30

      Also for Vik: in the Epistle of the Sees-Aryan Section Chief (also known as the Gospel of Juicy Fruit and the Revelation of the Cuckoo), divine knowledge is imparted vis-a-vis The Combine and its role in making Jack pay out in silver dollars.

      For those interested, further information about Jesus’ betrayal of ‘the ghost’ can be found in Darkwater Atoms’ “Chronicles of Dirk”, which charts the ghost’s movements from the age of the ABBA-curse through to the emerge-and-see of the tele-come-union-eye-nations network.

      I refer you all to the below inter-sceptered NME intelligence about Mother and her assessment of the possibilities of reforming the ABBA-curse.

      Additional information about Mother’s role can be heard in Scott of Antarctica Control’s Holy Wood docu-drama about the evils of money lending. It’s accuracy can be cross-referenced with The Carpenter’s reality TV show about a thing discovered buried in eyes. It could be in any One of US and we wouldn’t Dr Know.

    • Hugo – do I not see what ? 🙂 The Laughing Genome needs to be activated.

      And you may like this Bowie subliminal I noticed. In the still from the Blackstar video SOS can be seen. Have a look at the S in the rock behind his head and the O in the helmet and S shaped tail.


      For Jimmy – Help Me

      • SoS. Brilliant, Frank! Two daze ago I literally wrote “HELP ME” on here but didn’t send the comet because I didn’t want to whine. Still I chanted it all day. Help me help me help me. My re-tail job is killing me. It’s for me to make a move. My boss’ s name is Arithma’atic. I’m siriusly not joking. The numbers game is not my thang.

        The girl in the Bowie video has a mouse tail. Or maybe that’s a rat-tail. The moonwalker is dying…drained.

        I went back to Thang and bought a mask from seneGAL. It’s enormous and you can see each chisel the a free kan made in the wood.

        Rat a tat tat. That is the sound of the ka pit a list. Rat a tat tat. Rat a tat tat.

      • Frank, do you knot re-member Sammy Jankis? Osiris was dis-re-membered and, like the story of All The KIng’s Men and Humpty-Dumpty, ISIS had to play Detective and put all the pieces together again. Butt she came up short one piece…

        From John: “Now there was Set, a vessel full of vinegar: and they filled a sponge with vinegar, and put it upon hyssop, and put it to his mouth”

        Jesus said “Eye thirst” butt ‘vinegar’ is an odd thing to give to a thirsty man is it knot? So there was Set and he was a ‘vessel’ full of ‘vinegar’ and now we know what ‘vinegar’ he was thirsting for.

        Fade in:

        Spirit hovering over the face of the waters holding Philip K Dick. Close-up on Deep Blue move-eye reel for see-men come shot, the Figure Being from Outer Space move-eye reel-ed in on fishing line. Water water everywhere, butt knot a drop to drink when Uranus all at see-men…

        Circumcision cut scene to Dick Gently is Holistic.

        Voiceover: It’s time you started putting the pieces together bee-cause The Eagle Has Landed.

        “On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair”

        Voice-over: Eye know. Do you knot re-member? Have you still got the Abbacus?

        Voice-over: what Will happen to Attenborough’s Your-Ass-Is-My-Park if Father’s ABBA-curse is ‘lifted’ and the move-eye Figure is reeled-in to rejoin with Spirit hovering over the Roger Waters, covered in The-White-Stuff like a painter’s Ra-Dio? Did ABBA-Father do you on your knees?

        Cut to circumcision scene showing the US knot listening to Mother Mia’s a-cunt in the Daily Male. Bee-cause without the Y you have NO-THING.

        Cut to wear is the Philip K Dick? This is the Y (knot the X butt the Y) that see-pirates Neo from The Merovingian, spinning him to the Right round-baby-right-round like a para-shoot re-chord for the porpoise of re-entry. A re-chord bee-cause Apollo 15 did knot open its Trinity of para-shoots, the Beings re-chording an extra scene to support The Master-baiter come shots at the Moon.

        Cut to Inside Man “There Will Be Blood”, two tribes of Dan-Day and Lewis (evolution of Morse Code) says “I have this competition in me. I don’t want any One else to suck seed”. Y? Bee-cause Lewis was pregnant with a-lien, he killed his brother. Vicious strokes of the Cain killed A-Bell, causing Dr Who see-men calling forth from the Ground. The Force (the Vicars) bee-causes Lewis to repent: “Give me the blood, Lord, so eye can get out of here”.

        Cut to Carpenter’s Thing. We knot-see how Detective Lewis buried the Debt in Eyes Cold in Daleks and was John Thawed Morse Coded fade-out. The knot-see changes form. No One knows Dr Who it is Inside Man, re-choiring AIDS test bee-cause it’s in the blood. One bored the Nostromo, Apple Mac-Ready (in the Apollo-guise of Sign-Horny Knot-Weaver) attempts to burn the Debt.

        Cut to the Narcissus mirror image in an attempt to escape reality. Apollo, in his Sign-Horny guise, blasts the Debt into Space. Butt the Cancer Crab Facebook/Off hugger eggs are in the left behind following The Rapture on Primordial Earth. It’s a Social Medea Tragedy.

        Close up on Jedi John’s fear of Hellfire Missiles from Above the Below.

        Voice-over: the former track-king de-head-in-a-vice, Caitlyn Jenner, keyed off my-crow-computer changes in his hair density. Did knot Doctor Bill (the Debt) tell him to see-men the Hair Doctor Strangelove on board the von Braun, the creator of the Saturn V RIng Piece Cycle? The Ra-Dio-Heads say Heil to the Thief and tell US 2+2 = 5. You have knot Being paying out Stand to Attention.

        Cut to Philip K Dick’s “James P Crow” for the truth-serum about the eye-Robots Eve-o-lotion of Pussy Juicy. Showing use of Gates’ Time Windows to see-men in McLuhans’ past-times-are-pass-times in the City on the Edge of For-Eva von Braun. The Carpenter’s Thing showing US that Windows froze when Sign-Horny Eva von Braun (in the Apollo-guise of Apple Mac-Ready) was a-tempted to burn a Debt. Ditching Gates’ Windows into the see-men and going to the Open Source results in fewer crashes of the Eye-Robots.

        Voice-over: Now that, Detective, is the Right question.

        Continuity come shots A Right Carry On below.

      • Fade in to Wrath of Farrakhan returning Inside Man Apollo, carrying Bridge of Eye-Spies. Then cut to pre-come shot of Apocalypso of Eye-Slam Farrakhan, eye-slamming Engineers vessel (the womb-man carrying millions of little debts headed for Earth) with own barren vessel, volvo grinding against volvo in Anonymous under-cover eye-spy Greg Dyke of the Knot BBC.

        Circumcision scene to a BEMEWS-ed Farrakhan holding on tight to the HANDEL control lever, ATTACK WARNING RED sounding, followed by circumcision to come shot bee-causing X-plosion of see-men to Fallout to the Ground.

        Flashback scene to Wrath of Farrakhan, showing Apocalypso King’s fun-the-mental hair-off ‘to-pee-or-knot-to-pee’ error allowing Captain Truman to exit stage right via Bridge of Eye-Spies. Re-winding and re-minding all-dio-ants of Prometheus pre-come shot ejaculation of Vicars on the Ground. Demons-rating Dr Who with Apollo-guising change of form from credit (male Y) to debt (female X) as 5 x 5 we’re-in-the-shit-pipe from second instalment of the Debt.

        Cut to flashback from second instalment of the Debt, showing helios-copter re-cue of Priory of My-Sion on Primordial planet pregnant with AIDS. This highlights the come-shot-sequences of knot burning the Debt. Close-up on The Merovingian’s Facebook/Off Social Medea Tragedy of John La Traviata, bee-cause the Cypher Spirit is only good for killing brain cells and de-Grease-ing engineers. Fade out.

        Fade in to Promethean Clash of Titans post-ejaculation Ground scene, womb-men dodging Goo-goo g’joob Glen Quagmire see-men Fallout left-to-the-right off centre. Vicars eye-slammed by Twin Tower horse-shoes of fat cock in her left behind to Rome Primordial Earth as Spirit. True Eye-Am-A-Bel-Eva von Braun dodges Fallout from qAtari bank-wank job. Terminator to scene of true Bel-Eva von Braun, Figure PIN-ed down by wait for fat cock. Massive burden of fat pen-is in throat chakra, lettuce-leafing no Rumours to breathe. Prodigy-ous problemos to inhale/exhale. Close-up hardcore shot on her struggles to breathe Under Pressure.

        Closing down of consciousness as eye-screams.

        Fade in to Narcissus escape-into-fantasy-world scene. Heroin hits F5 key to refresh hardcore eye-slam Can-D drug supply, hopes of post-wank job heist to helios-copter foiled by on-going present arms of a Debt. Also by survive-all-of-the fittest of banker-wanker Debt Engineer, his unexpected emerge-and-see from Will-Eye-Am Shat-nored remains of fat cock pen-is. True Bel-Eva von Braun uses Axis powers to cut to xXx ultra-hardcore money-shot of Debt engineer grappling with his own Debt, a Dr Who Are You ‘Crimea Seen Investigation’ as we appeal back-to-the-labia.

        Circumcision scene to close-up the Female Genital Mutilation, analyse-a-pun as awe-full truth bee-causes once Rocky-hard pen-is to de-tumour-mess. The Light Brigade is knot Gilty or Golden. Space 1999 X-plosion Forces (Dark side of) The Moon from all-for-a-bit.

        Cut to eye-Robot scene. There is another vessel, another Volvo MacReady for take-two-tribes. The Merovingian taken A Prize by Her Majesty’s Surprize. Cut scene to Kubrick’s Discovery showing the US “Things to do in Denver when You’re All-MacReady Dead”. Eye-Robot is re-juiced to a Beavis-and-Butthead, The Man With The Plan. The blood Debt – the Critical Bill – is equal parts piss, pest-eye-side and USS Petrel-eum Jelly. Cut to finn-an-cycle orgasm shot showing Bel-Eva von Braun vessel, all-dio-ants looking on at the Ring Piece Cycle, as it blasts out of all-for-a-bit in search of Spock on the Gene-of-Isis Plantaganet.

        Fade out to The End titles and Doors of Perception.

        • Think I’ve lost it? Flipped my lid?

          “James Joyce was not only the greatest behavioral engineer who ever lived, he was one of the funniest men, rearranging the most common items to produce hilarity and insight: ‘Where the hand of man never set foot.'” – Marshall McLuhan

          That’s One small step for Man…

    • Funny, I just looked up the actor who played Victor in Beverly Hills Cop.
      It’s a guy named Steven Berkoff (jerk off?) who has a third eye. At least on the outside.
      Berkoff also played a general in the movie Octopussy (go fig) and Hitler in the show War & Remembrance.

      Maitland sounds like mate land.

    • Anon – Richard Feynman is somebody I would love to be able to chew the fat with.

      Eddie Murphy is another black male actor who ended up cross dressing. And is he Uncle EM ?

      • To stay in holy wood, black men must cross dress and portray black women with buffoonery. It’s a science.

        Rat a tat tat tat.

      • Frank, I was a kid and not much into theories and feces – I mean theses- and ashamed that I didnt care and was so dumb in the faces of all that brilliance, but I do remember thinking how nazi like the glassroom was when Feign man entered. I was sold he was a rock star. And who are we among rock stars? I mean, really. I couldn’t solve his math nor do I recall his questions, all I recall is how I fed the campus koi fish M&M’s at lunch, the CalTech motto “The Truth Shall Set I [I mean U] Free” and a giant unicycle the students made and we rigged around the joint. I also remember my sister and I befriending an Asian guy, possibly a Corean, who was 17 and wore shorts and flip flops and carried a brief case and the 3 of us being inseparable. Until my sister met a Poorto Rican. Lol! True story! In the re-taleing, I see how surreal my life has been!

  1. My separate customers today:
    A lady from Sudan (US DNA) named Omama (Mama Mia) and a man from Asia named Elvis. I said “Elvis has entered the building.” Building as a verb here. The word “silver” popped into my head too, not the other more facile anagram for Elvis.

  2. Hahaha, Frank….

    I LOVE YOU, man!
    You rock, I just wanted you to know that….!

    It’s not over…. In fact…..

    Whoa…. it’s just the beginning….


    • I saw that ‘2:S’ symbol the other night in a film. It was a brand on a neck of a character that eventually got his wings:

      Billy, you don’t have to tell me how fiction works – Nazi scientists linked lung cancer to smoking to please their Fur Ya! And 80 odd years later, misocapnics are salivating over the potential eradication of me.

  3. If the world is flat and there is no matter, there are no planets, new nor old.
    What are planets but extraterrestrial bodies .
    And if there is no body and there are no bodies, then there are no bodies anywhere… even in Space.
    So Nibiru is a meta war for watt?
    A peace of the co(S)mic conScience pi?

  4. Video killed the RaDeo Star and Re Tail killed the Moonwalker.

    Amen Ra is it or Amen Re?

    top ra men rat a tat tat

    the hor moorses go tap a tap tap and the police go a do do dah, Cause.

    Every little thing she does is magic…

    strait talk of hormooses.

    • Don’t think me unkind
      Words are hard to find
      The only cheques I’ve left unsigned
      From the banks of chaos in my mind
      And when their eloquence escapes me
      Their logic ties me up and rapes me

      De do do do, de da da da
      Is all I want to say to you
      De do do do, de da da da
      Their innocence will pull me through
      De do do do, de da da da
      Is all I want to say to you
      De do do do, de da da da
      They’re meaningless and all that’s true

      Poets, priests and poiticians
      Have words to thank for their positions
      Words that scream for your submission
      And no one’s jamming their transmission
      ‘Cos when their eloquence escapes you
      Their logic ties you up and rapes you

      De do do do, de da da da
      Is all I want to say to you

      -“De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da”

  5. Further con-text-you-all-german-shepherds follow.

    Fade in.

    First instalment of Debt. Golden shower scene inside Nostromo vessel shit-pipe. Womb-man navigator trapped by Debt in shit-pipe, the Debt a-cock-roaching with Giant pen-is extended for cop-you-alsatian Debt implantation. Cut away to double-helix ladder of Jah-corn-on-the-cob scene for Debt implantation mind-fuck and eye-scream fade out of consciousness.

    Fade in to Debt (now Dr Who-ed in Apollo-guise Y form) lying in eyes bath, showing Detective Lewis performing Debt bury-you-all prior to The Thing and Nor-fucking-way-jah-gotta-be-kidding-me signs-team re-Discovery of the Debt and John Thawe fade out into Space Odyssey. Re-cue con-temple-alsatians on the meaning of the Critical Bill.

    Cut to second instalment of Debt showing UB40 ‘theres-a-rat-in-my-kitchen’ scene as re-winded in ‘Glorious Basterds’ anal-opening scene: The Eagle Has Colonel Landa-ed. Rats in kitchen are see-men-quenchly come-shot for porpoise of Master-Baiting, butt lettuce-leafing the Debt (here in Shoshana-Skank Redemption X form) to crawl through shit-pipe and escape for sub-see-men-quench come-shots. Loo-Tenant has-been on There Can be Only One real My-Sion, all other My-Sions alien-Being simulated My-Sions. Hear we see that the Loo-Tenant Gore-man definitely has a corn-cob up his ass.

    Cut to in-conceivable Inception xXx ultra-hardcore anal scene showing the Deep Impact ass-the-droid strike of Cob’s mind-fuck Debt implantation de-Troying all Attenborough’s Your-Ass-Is-My-Park on Earth.

    Cut to Fight-with-bone-Club basement scene, showing the Loo-Tenant approaching the Debt. The Loo-Tenant beats (Master-Baits) the Debt, Dr Who golden-showers the Loo-Tenant with blood wile eye-screaming “You don’t know where I’ve been Loo, you don’t know where I’ve been”. Bee-cause Loo-Tenant reel-eyes the Debt has A-seed for blood and is now pregnant with AIDS. He gives per-My-Sion for the Debt to ‘use the fucking basement’ for further Inside-Man-on-Man anal come-shot scenes. Fade out.

  6. In Fight-with-the-bone-Club, the Debt’s night job is splicing frames of pornography into Family double-helix move-eye reels to trigger sub-see-men-come-sequences of A-Seed flashbacks. Diamonds are For-Eva von Braun. Butt in any Tiffany Case, this is the Debt’s day job. It starts with Charlie Sheen-ing breaking the Fourth-Wall-Street.

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