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I Think I’m Going Back

I think I’m going back. But paradoxically going forward.

The Dark Horse promises a Fresh Start.




And the Mirror says ‘Out with the Old, In with the New’.


Out with the old2


2016 is a Leap Year and Spring is nearly here. Make a Leap of Faith and Jump for Joy.




At work we’re getting a new ‘Head Of Trading’. At present, Barry is the Head of Trading but on the 15th March the new Head of Trading starts and a week later, Barry leaves. The new HOT is called Colin. Which somehow mirrors the US Presidential campaign with Barry leaving and maybe being replaced by Colonel Colin ‘Feel the Burn’ Sanders. It’s finger lickin’ good. And there’s a joke in there about ‘Chicken Legs’ which only means something to me, so I won’t bother anyone with it.




“Meet the new Boss.Same as the Old Boss”. Are the Yolker – ‘I am the Egg Man’ – and Harley Quinn going to reveal themselves so we understand fully ‘Who Are We’ and ‘Who Are You’ and we won’t get fooled again ? The yolk’s on us.



Who is Dr. Who ? And who is his female companion who he travels throughout Time and Space with ?


Dr Who companions


Something’s coming down the track but we are always on track. Leave the ‘Blood on the Tracks’, ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’.



In Britain, on March 6th it will be Mother’s Day. ‘Mum’s the Word’. Go SH.

“I am your Mother, your Daughter and your Sister”. And vice versa with the masculine version.


mothers day





“I think I’m goin’ back
To the things I learned so well in my youth,
I think I’m returning to
The days when I was young enough to know the truth.”

When I was young at school, we were shown a movie called ‘The Jokers’. In the film, the Crown Jewels were stolen by two brothers whose surname was the same as mine – Tremayne. During the movie, I received a lot of joshing from the other kids. My brothers had both been to the same school but as well, I couldn’t understand how my red headed brother Charles appeared to be in the film played by Michael Crawford as Michael Tremayne and Oliver Reed had the same name as my Dad, David Tremayne.

Here is Michael Crawford as Frank Spencer in ‘Some Mothers Do Have Them’. ‘Incest is Best’.




Here are the Tremayne Bros.




Young Frank2


And our Father and Grandfather and also my Dad’s half brother.




My mum was married twice. But to confuse matters, she married her first cousin the second time around and so I joined with the Martin ‘Martian’ family as well.




And a journey into FAMILY wouldn’t be complete without a pic of my beautiful, beautiful daughter. I am so lucky. There are no words.




When I was young I was very close to Big Brother, Peter. There is a nine year gap age wise between us and my Mum and Dad were divorced so he was a quasi Father figure, I suppose. He is a very accomplished guitarist and one of the memories I have from my childhood is my love of a song which he would play on his guitar and we would sing the song together. And somehow it seems to connect everything together – ‘The Elusive Butterfly of Love’. By Bob Lind. Love is Blind.

“Love is like a butterfly. It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes.”



I’ll Never Find Another You.



Across The Universe.




It’s the thought that counts.

The whole FAMILY and I Love You. Whatever we think we did wrong, it doesn’t matter. It never did.


112 thoughts on “I Think I’m Going Back

  1. Beautiful, Frank. El pollo loco. 😀

    “The days when I was young enough to know the truth.”

    Beautiful again. Man, I heard that!

    The doctor I went to see where I met the young sole guy is named Dr. Wu. Wu are you? Wu, wu, wu, wu?

  2. Nothing like keeping it in the family…

    “Fifa’s 209 nations will gather in Zurich for what is billed as an “extraordinary congress”.
    “How to change the Fifa ‘mafia'”

    We’ve been made! From friend of mine to friend of ours. Possible contenders for the Godfather slot include Gianni Infantino, Jerome Champagne and Tokyo Sexwale. With names like that on the Dr Bill you know exactly what kind of ‘extraordinary congress’ it’s going to be. Bunch of w-eyes-guys with their Eyes Wide Shut if you ask me. Pass-key for the House is…?

    And as for Dr Bill…

    “The much-loved presenter waved goodbye to the show which he has presented for the last 15 years so he can spend more time with his family.”

  3. Steve asked me to look up the Euromillions draw numbers tonight and I thought they looked interesting – lots of double and tripling of numbers:

    Did we win anything? Nein 😉

  4. Trump’s wife’s name is Melania.
    Melanin, the trump card.
    She’s from Wugoslavia.
    She look like a man.

  5. Wu know what just occurred to me? That last terrowrist shooting in December 2015 in US occurred in the Count-y of San BERNardino.

    Feel the bern.

    San Bernardino. Bernie Sanders .

    Feel-y Delphia. I’m thinking oracle’s fire.

    • And wu know what’s really weird? Not too long ago three customers came in with a giant Saint BERNard god. Granted, they had him on a leash but that’s what gods are for. Lol! I hadn’t seen a Saint BERNard in like decades. It was stunning.

  6. Hi Frank thanks for sharing that.A Good looking family.
    Do you get on well with your siblings?

    • Anon – I get on fine with them but don’t see each other as much as we would like. One brother lives in New York and the other is a 2 hr drive away.

      • well your parents should be proud of all of you
        the Tremayne Bros turned out alright 🙂

        normally there is rivalry amongst brothers.
        I have a theory, you tend to connect better with family members of the same blood group

        have a great day Frank

  7. this scene is in my mind about a week, and you just pops it in your newsest article Frank.
    it is a urging feeling that i have some time, that we are nearing the end of something. I also experience separation in relationships, divorse with my beloved wife, complicated family relationship. But somehow, i found a inner peace, i know now that i discarted toxic relationships in my life, i found another love who is so much better for me. And i am hyppy again and everything makes sense.

    But i feel an urge to one thing …we HAVE TO go back. But where that would be, i dont know.

    • SH – recently I was told to take a picture of Marilyn Monroe back home. But we’ve never really left. We just imagine we have. I’ve been getting the message since Christmas. I’ve just been watching a rugby international on the television and the ‘message’ was ‘Carry Them Home’.

      And as something wants me to take a trip down memory lane. Probably not a lot of interest to anyone else, though !

  8. I talked to my Mom last night and she said she was watching a program on dreams as well as a tribute to Ray Charles. She said an aborigine had said our thoughts create the trees and that she was trying to understand that. I thought to myself how rich that concept is and how it’s unfortunate ‘we’ve’ lost connection to the rainmakers, dancers and shaman who used to be an integral part of the experience. My feet would have been better planted, my head more open and my heart more free if as I child I had that access. I sort of did in my travels but in between was shoved into box. Even grandparents and artists and various others can serve but they’re swept away…and I’m not just being sentimental and nostalgic. My Mom said in the program on dreams, Jung was said to have said that inside each of us is a billion year old man. I just love that image. Man or woman, not the point. A billion year old in each of us. What to do with him? He wants out. This for me is what to go ‘back’ to.


      Excerpt from the article.

      Our Spiritual Connection to Nature

      Science explores the outer world with a series of questions beginning with the basic query, “What is this? What is this world all about?” while spirituality begins with the question, “Who am I?”

      In the ancient world these two forms of knowledge were not in conflict but were understood to have a deep and subtle connection.

      Ancient wisdom describes human beings as having five layers of experience: the environment, the physical body, the mind, the intuition and our self or spirit.

      Our connection with the environment is our first level of experience, and one of the most important. If our environment is clean and positive, it has a positive impact on all the other layers of our existence. As a result, they come into balance and we experience a greater sense of peace and connection within ourselves and with others around us.

      An intimate relationship with the environment is built into the human psyche. Historically, nature, mountains, rivers, trees, the sun, the moon have always been honored in ancient cultures. It’s only when we start moving away from our connection to nature and ourselves that we begin polluting and destroying the environment. We need to revive these attitudes that foster our connection with nature.

      Above all, we need to be able to experience our world with an open mind that is free from stress, and from that place we need to create the means of protecting our beautiful planet Earth. For this to happen, human consciousness must rise above greed and exploitation.

      Spirit Of The Forest….go back to touching and being in tune with nature…Become Grounded Again.

      Very happy to have grown up in the country…near the forest and am still a country girl in heart and mind.

      • If you really want to go back – first I think is: you have to connect with nature. I’m not saying one has to do what Sarah did, etc.

        Back to Nature

        Case in point: Wild By Nature… by Sarah Marquis

        The incredible story (and selfies) of the woman who walked solo AROUND THE WORLD for three years

        There’s something about amazing about connecting with nature and being that close to it – you forget about everything else and don’t care if things happen that aren’t part of your original plan.’

        ‘As soon as I start walking, however, I let go. “That isn’t to say that it isn’t difficult, and that things don’t go to plan – quite regularly.”

    • Speaking of communicating with nature and all things other than ourselves who live in it.

      Here’s a beautiful ahh haa moment.

      This is the heart-melting moment a vet comforts a scared puppy coming off anesthesia by covering her in kisses.

      ‘I know, I know,’ he whispers to her, before he starts giving her kisses on the head. ‘It’s not too bad, puppy.’

      Don’t just use them for your pleasure

      Talk to the animals, etc., and listen.

    • Great stuff.

      And I think you will appreciate this.

      A few days ago this story appeared in the Mindlines. It’s natural. No Intoxicants.



      And on the same day, Gnorman the Gnome also showed up. No intoxicants.
      A garden gnome seized by police has taken gardening leave from his day job to take up a post with police.

      The gnome was picked up by officers after being mistaken for a small child when a man was reported walking along the M60 with him in tow.

      Nicknamed Gnorman, he has been seen in a police car and taking a breath test with Greater Manchester Police.

      Introducing their new recruit, the force tweeted: “Gnorman has asked to work with us.”

      He has also been given his own version of GMP’s force crest.


      ‘You look like a Rolling Gnome’.

        • The I Ching plays a big part in ‘The Man in the High Castle’ by PK Dick.

          And I’ve a new alter ego – Inspector Dick from Scotland Yard 🙂 Don’t ask !

        • ANONYMOUS

          Speaking of ‘wu’

          Miriam Wuolou, of Eritrean origin…mother to be…dead at 34 years of age. [I don’t know what it means or if it means anything…her age equals 7…the unborn baby was in it’s 7th month – 77]

          [wu o lou]

          Grieving Pope Francis brings twelve white roses to his seven months pregnant receptionist found dead in Rome ahead of the funeral.

          [Interesting] She had worked as front-of-house at Pope Francis’ home, a priests’ guesthouse Santa Marta for years, acting as a kind of gatekeeper for the pope as well as for the bishops and cardinals who stay there. Her brother found the body on Friday after he had not heard from her for several days.

          A mother to be… 7 months pregnant…’receptionist’ and a kind of gatekeeper…now dead.

          She had worked as front-of-house at Pope Francis’ home, a priests’ guesthouse Santa Marta for years, acting as a kind of gatekeeper for the pope as well as for the bishops and cardinals who stay there.

          [She was a diabetic and may not have taken care of herself properly…absent from work for several weeks…and no one from where she works checked or call on her?]

          What’s the message here? Mother of a 7 month old fetus waiting to be born, she a ‘receptionist’ receiver of call/messages and a kind of ‘gatekeeper.’

          (the Department of Scientific Carabinieri) and the coroner who inspected the body: apparently produce no obvious signs of violence. But only an autopsy, say with certainty what caused his death.
          The magistrate also ordered the DNA testing on the unborn child.

          Note* The name Miriam is a Hebrew baby name. It means: Rebellious. In the Old Testament, Miriam was the sister of Moses and Aaron.

          • In addition:

            Long Live Miriam Wuolou and her unborn child.


            According to Josephus, Miriam was married to Hur of the tribe of Judah — the same Hur who, along with Aaron, supported Moses’ arms in Israel’s battle with the Amalekites (Exodus 17:11-13).

            Miriam went on to travel with Moses and Aaron and the Israelites for almost 40 years in the desert. She died shortly before Aaron, near the end of Israel’s wanderings, at Kadesh (Numbers 20:1). Like her brothers, Miriam did not enter the Promised Land, and was buried in the wilderness. Thus ended the life of this talented woman of courage, faith and firm resolve, who, alongside Moses and Aaron, rejoiced in the triumphs and suffered the trials and dangers of God’s calling in the wilderness of Sinai.

            ***[Miriam did not physically enter the Promised Land…however, it is my belief that her Spirit resides in the Promised Land.]***

          • DDNA – it makes sense to me . It’s very bizarre but what’s new.

            Anyway, the moral of the story is she’s got a fever and is HOT . And it’s to do with Hot n Cold and Katy Perry and a wedding and blood sugar. I will soon be working with Katy Perry. This is so nuts.

            And Black n’ White.

            It’s all converging in a ‘Lost’ kind of way.

  9. A lovely article, Frank. I was thinking about the ‘train’ being a ‘train of thought’, as many folks seem to be having remembrances.
    Yesterday the US media was all about the unicorn Juliette meaning ‘youthful’, who ran wild in Kali. She made a valiant attempt to reach the orchard (garden). Christian myth says the unicorn was expelled from the garden with Adam and Eve.

  10. “In the beginning was the Word…” and we’ve come to the end of the script, like Vik says.
    Mag article: “Rihanna repeats the word “work” in her single until it becomes unintelligible: it’s post-language….”
    Lesson 57 Re-view
    My mind is part of God’s. I am very holy.
    As I share the peace of the world with my brothers, I BEGIN to understand that this peace comes from deep within myself. The world I look upon has taken on the light of my forgiveness, and shines forgiveness back at me. In this light I BEGIN to see what my illusions about myself kept hidden. I BEGIN to understand the holiness of all living things, including myself, and their oneness with me.
    A Holy Trinity of Beginning.
    “The Glorious Unfolding”
    “Lay your head down tonight
    Take a rest from the fight
    Don’t try to figure it out
    Just listen to what I’m whispering to your heart
    ‘Cause I know this is not
    Anything like you thought
    The story of your life was gonna be
    And it feels like the end has started closing in on you
    But it’s just not true
    There’s so much of the story that’s still yet to unfold

    And this is going to be a glorious unfolding
    Just you wait and see and you will be amazed
    You’ve just got to believe the story is so far from over
    So hold on to every promise God has made to us
    And watch this glorious unfolding”

    Should I give NOT-ICE? Perhaps begin again as a starving artist for my “birth” day?

    AM I a Skull & Crossbones slayer? Or AM I an angel blowing her trumpet? The chickadees were hopping around my back deck, trying to get my attention to refill the birdfeeder… and I NOT-ICED that my angel of white lights, which in the dark looks like she’s firing a gun, but in the light you can see she’s just blowing a trumpet, had fallen over. So after I fed the birds I set her back upright… People got upset about the Old Williamsburg ad about American History on the Super Bowl because it showed the Twin Towers falling…. They don’t want people seeing that clip without the blinding emotion that the sight used to arouse, because now 15 years later, now with no emotion you can “see” plain as day that it was a controlled demolition. Who demolished the Two towers, plus the hq of the inside job to destroy all the evidence? Follow the money. Who benefited, made millions from the “act of God”? SShhhhhhh.

    And I KNOW NOTHING. It is all plain as the nose on your face.
    I think Stephen mentioned ordering new opening credits, the night after I NOT-ICED for the first time that it starts at Ground Zero! At the Freedom Tower! And the building with the feathered serpent is clearly seen behind it, watching…I swear I didn’t notice until now!

    So what is my art?


    Trinity’s real name is Carrie. I AM “Carrie” in Home land, exposing the real terrorists, fighting the secret war on terror….”Adrian” Brody (WTF) got hung up and is not in the picture anymore…. I picked up what I think will be my last bottle of Red Rooster with the gold star red wine last night. As I left, the guy looking so sorry for me, I heard the lyrics playing: “You never know your lover until you let her go. And you let her go.” And I burst into tears heading to my car…

    And as if it’s confirmation that it’s finally over, I retrieved my mail this morning and there was a pink envelope with my own return address label on it, from my next-door neighbor who walked over to greet me when I was moving in and warned me not to talk about anyone in town because “they’re all related.” He was the only neighbor in my hometown who welcomed me when I arrived in 2000. He was replying to an American Heart Association fundraising I had agreed to do, with the hope of connecting to my neighbors. But it never made it out of the local post office in the village. I guess they decided it was ok to let me have it. It’s dated 2010. Bob wrote that it was nice to hear from me, that he wouldn’t be contributing because it’s a low-rated foundation, but that he had plenty of rhubarb and to let him know how much I’d like.

    I was shaking as I read it. Cupid struck US on my son’s birthday 13 years ago. He touched my arm a few months later when we said hello at the local diner, me with my X and my son. IT was the day of the Super Bowl.

    It’s finally over.

    Everything’s “coming together.”

    Death. Completion. Full circle.

    John gave me “America Again” for Christmas.
    “Number ONE (1!)
    “Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t.”

    Rebirth. The two parallel train tracks are be coming ONE. Two in to one.
    Both painful and orgasmic.

    Morpheus: Trinity, we’ve found him.
    Trinity: I hope you’re right.

    Two exes.
    Two “10”s
    “If we get torn to pieces, I’m blaming you!”

    • Trinity, I took off work before they could fire me. It was approved by the wuniverse and they are stunned because now I can always go back. In fact I can dip in and out if I want because that’s what wudu. Speaking of switch, that’s what I used to get called at work: woodoo, just because I don’t believe like them in jesus. In hindsight, it’s all so brilliant. At any rate, I spent all of yesterday on my balcony making things with the music of the birds and my tulips reaching toward the sun. A lady named Carrie from the rental office came up and we had some words. I say do it. Psychic starvation is the real death. The lyrics are to a song by a band called Passenger.

      You are a passenger on a train. I wish you all the best! You can do it! ❤

      • Anon – actually in my reply to your e-mail I was going to suggest maybe resigning but decided against including it. Its a very powerful statement.

      • Thank you Anon!


        I’m back on the phone. Completed my post just in time before I got booted off at the library 😃

  11. “I think I’m going back but paradoxically going forward”

    This (& Hugo’s Head transplant ref) ties into a thought I had t’ other day …

    Why don’t we have eyes in the back of our heads? a strange question but…

    Our skulls(schools) have holes in the bone to allow for forward facing eyes
    Why not have something similar in the back?
    we can use our other senses to alert us to danger coming from behind
    (our ears etc) but we are essentially blind to what is coming up behind us

    It’s a mirror image of life.
    (Just like we can never really see our own faces except in reflection as a mirror image)

    In life we can “see” what has gone “before us” (though we actually mean what is “behind us”) we are aware of the past (what’s past us) but we are essentially blind to what the future holds (what is in front or before us) (except if we use our other senses to extrapolate)

    So in life, we can “see” behind us” (history) but not what is in front of us (the future)
    which is a mirror image of our physical selves who can see what is in front of us but not what is behind us. Strange eh?

    Of course/off course, we can use our other senses to feel what “lies a-head.”
    Hope that made some kind of sense

    or perhaps we’re all going M.A.D (which JC & friends have rightly been campaigning against :

    • And it was tracked down in Madera (MAD Era) with its horn (trumpet) still attached. It was stabilized (lured to its stable) by a horse it knew. I wonder if it was a D Ark horse.

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